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digital mammography

Now available at Jefferson Healthcare

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Jefferson Healthcare is raising its standard of care by providing every woman that comes to us for a mammogram with a digital mammography exam. Digital mammography produces images that appear on the technologist’s monitor in a matter of seconds. There is no waiting for film to develop, which means a shorter time spent in the exam, and you most likely will get results the same day. We hope you’ll take advantage of the latest in digital imaging and call us today at 385-2200, ext. 2100, to schedule your appointment. • Superior images in just seconds • Uses 22% less radiation • Transportable • New attractive and comfortable waiting/changing room and plush robes.

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2 Health & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

You’d You’d travel travel far far and and wide wide to to treat treat your your cancer. cancer. But But you you don’t don’t need need to. to. With Olympic Medical Cancer Center, you get a top cancer treatment center close to With Olympic Medical Cancer Center, you get a top cancer treatment center close to home. In fact, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which includes Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research home. In fact, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which includes Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s, has selected Olympic Medical Cancer Center as Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s, has selected Olympic Medical Cancer Center as a network member. And that means that you have access to their expertise and leading-edge a network member. And that means that you have access to their expertise and leading-edge therapies. therapies. So you can look far and wide for the right place for cancer treatment, or you can find it in So you can look far and wide for the right place for cancer treatment, or you can find it in your own backyard. To learn more, call (360) 683-9895 or visit your own backyard. To learn more, call (360) 683-9895 or visit

The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • Health & Wellness


5/13/2010 4:56:26 PM

Inside Technology and dentistry. . . . . . . . . . .4 ‘Kick Ass’ tincture for colds, flu . . . . . . . . . . .6 New MRI, mammograms . . . . . .8 Hadlock’s free clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Acupuncture. . . . . . 14 Medical marijuana. . . . . . . . 18 Walk, run, bike. . . . 20 Mind, body, spirit wellness . . . . 23 Immunizations. . . . 26

Port Townsend Office 226 Adams Street • Port Townsend, WA 98368 360-385-2900 Website: Special Section Editor: Allison Arthur Lead Production: Chris Hawley Published continuously since October 2, 1889 Port Townsend Publishing Company Scott Wilson, Publisher • Copyright 2010

Technological improvements help keep you smiling By Scott Wilson Smiling has been part of being human since the beginning of time. So has chewing. But in recent years, the technology used in the practice of dentistry has improved rapidly, making it possible for dentists and specialists to do a much better job keeping teeth and mouths healthy. Three longtime Jefferson County dentistry professionals highlighted improvements they have been able to use in local offices to sustain those smiles.

dental implants

Dr. Henry Nichols of Port Townsend believes that “the most significant and beneficial technology in our lifetime is dental implants.” In earlier times, missing teeth – lost due to being knocked out or due to disease – were replaced with bridges, partial dentures or full dentures. These were often uncomfortable, temporary and sometimes unhealthy. Swedish scientists discovered in the 1950s that certain kinds of titanium were not only compatible with the human body, but were eagerly accepted. “They were discovered to be biocompatible,” said Nichols, whose practice is called Olympic Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. “The body accepted it as ‘self’. The research showed that the body not just tolerated (the titanium) but actually gravitated to it, in a way called ‘bio-active.’” Cells, including bone cells from the upper and lower jaws, grow onto the surface of the material. The Swedes were conservative in their discovery, using it quietly until the 1980s when they released the technology to the rest of the dental world. Nichols said it has completely changed the way

that missing teeth are replaced, and likewise changed how tooth replacement affects the structure of the rest of the face. Nichols described the dynamics of how titanium dental implants work. Various manufacturers produce the implants, and experienced dentists like Nichols attach them. The root part of the implant, the part below the gum line, is attached to the lower or upper jawbone in a surgical procedure. The upper part of the implant, visible above the gum line, is custom made for the patient. These Dr. Henry Nichols said no technology has been more important for are most often made dental patients than the development of titanium implants, which of porcelain or gold, restore teeth and salvage jawbones. Photo by Scott Wilson he said. tooth leads to a shrinking of the jawbone, The success rate through the decades has been remarkable, as that portion of the bone no longer has Nichols said. Attached to the lower jaw, to do the work of supporting a tooth. the success rate is 98 percent. Attached to “The jaw actually shrinks,” Nichols said. the upper jaw, with its slightly spongier “The face changes shape. It’s premature aging. By replacing the teeth, you are bone, the success rate is 95 percent. “You have a difficult environment to loading the bones, and they once again work in,” Nichols said, “because of the have work to do.” Nichols starting working with titabacteria in the mouth. Being bio-compatible, it (a titanium implant) is able to nium implants in 1987 and took three seal off, like a tooth does, the external years of specialized courses from the from the internal environment and is University of Washington in the early 1990s. successful in replacing teeth.” “I think I have as much experience as In addition, a good implant actually can save your appearance. A missing – ContInued on Page 24

Live well, get well: Many are here to help You only have one body and you only have so much time in a day. So it’s important to use the time you have wisely, especially to keep yourself healthy. How to do it? One way is to find good health-care providers and let them get to know you. In Jefferson County, those people aren’t

people you’ll only see once a year when you get a check-up. Odds are you’ll see your family physician dressed as a vampire on Halloween, holding hands with a little witch or fiend, trick-or-treating in downtown Port Townsend. You might see a nurse you saw in the emergency room on Friday night pick-

4 HealtH & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ing out vegetables at the Port Townsend Farmers Market on Saturday. Or you might see the doctor who helped you give birth at Jefferson Healthcare Hospital selling chocolates at the Food Co-op. Or maybe she knocked on your door and asked you to vote for her for hospital commissioner. All of those connections I mention

are real, because Jefferson County is a small county where you can get to know the people who care for you. So get to know them. Take a look at the advertisements in this section: They are windows to caring people who all want to help you stay well and get well. And take care. – Allison Arthur The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

face of grace

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Madrona MindBody Institute ... a moving arts studio with a groove! Created by Allison Dey, Aletia Alvarez and a community of wonderful people. Believing that wellness springs from conscious living and movement. Come. Dance. Smile. Play. Let go… and watch your spirit soar! Residential retreats, workshops, and drop-in daily Classes. Madrona’s certified teaching staff invite you to fall in love with moving and being in your body. (360) 344-4475 Bldg 310 Fort Worden State Park Port Townsend, WA

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Kick flu, colds with ‘Kick Ass’ Invented to help acting troupe go on with the show By Viviann Kuehl Kick Ass is a cold and flu formula that prompts people who spot the Port Townsend maker around town to give thumbs up and a wink as they say, “Kick Ass!” to her. Denise Joy of Mountain Spirit Herbal Company said she didn’t come up with the name; it just stuck. “Alone, each of these herbs can help with the cold and flu, but together they kick ass,” she explains. The formula wasn’t planned either, but was the unexpected result of meeting her customers’ needs. “A few years ago some players from the Shakespeare troupe came into my store,” recalled Joy. “They were desperate to get healthy. You see, they were to perform the next evening and had come down with what we so lovingly call the Northwest crud: sore throat, headache, cough, cold- and flu-like symptoms. I was asked to mix a formula that would cure them fast, so I mixed a very strong tincture.” Joy combined three of her combination herbal tinctures, or concentrations of plants infused in alcohol, adding some cayenne. It’s very spicy and recommended to be taken in a glass of water for that very reason. Because of its potency it’s not recommended for children under 60 pounds. “It’s very intense, because it has cayenne in it. Cayenne is very good for fighting off colds and flu,” said

Denise Joy and a few of the herbal products, including her specially formulated Kick Ass Cold and Flu tincture, she sells through Mountain Spirit Herbal Company. Photos by Viviann Kuehl

Jennimae Hillyard. “I think it works great. If I think I’m getting sick at all, I take a couple dropperfuls; I think I get rid of it before it hits. I have a lot of con-

Denise Joy in one of her fields with her specially formulated Kick Ass Cold and Flu tincture.

6 HealtH & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tact with different families that get sick a lot, and I don’t get very sick at all.” “It’s definitely a little bit intense, because of the cayenne,” agreed Ashley Kehl. “I like to drink Emergen-C [vitamin drink mix] with a couple dropperfuls. Then you can’t really taste it and you get the benefit of both. I recommend it. My father is an herbalist and he sells some of the herbs to Denise. I strongly believe in it because I know where the herbs come from. It works.” By the time the show went on the players were all feeling healthy enough to perform. They told their friends. Word got out. Now the Kick Ass formula is by far the most popular tincture of Mountain Spirit Herbal Co., selling 10 for every one of her other tinctures sold. “It will still take your body four to six days to recover, but you can function when you take it,” explained Joy. “It works fast. You get almost immediate relief.”

Joy makes 61 single herb tinctures and over 20 combination tinctures to promote health according to her own formulas, developed in the course of 42 years of herbal study. She began learning about herbal medicine at the age of nine, while visiting her great grandmother, then 98. Great Gran Fanny escaped the Ukraine under Stalin to live in New York City, where she took Joy to Central Park, a wild place in the center of the city, to study the herbs growing there. Great Gran Fanny died at 108. Joy went on to more study and now she teaches her own herbal classes and workshops, and runs apprenticeship programs. She also does personal consultations by donation and grows some of her own herbs. Mountain Spirit is celebrating 25 years of supplying herbs, tinctures, salves, oils, teas, soaps and related products. The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • Health & Wellness


New mammograms, MRI Teresa tested, approved By Allison Arthur Before Teresa Adams decides what equipment to buy for radiology patients at Jefferson Healthcare Hospital, she tests them. Personally. When the hospital decided to purchase a new digital mammography machine recently, Adams went to Portland, Ore. and checked out three different machines before recommending the Selenia from Hologic, Inc., which was bought thanks to a $233,000 donation from Chester H. and Elizabeth N. Johnson Trust. “It’s so much more comfortable. A flexible paddle conforms to your breast,” said Adams, director of radiology at the hospital. Adams’ dedication to patients stems from a promise made to her father, who once told her, “I want you to make sure that you treat your patients as if they were your mother or me.” “This is a passion of mine. I’ve been doing it for 20 years,” Adams said of caring for patients. She’s been at Jefferson Healthcare for the past nine years.

Teresa Adams, director of radiology at Jefferson Healthcare, tests equipment before recommending it be purchased with the goal of patient comfort and quality. Here, she’s showing how a new mammography machine works.

Jefferson Healthcare Radiology Department Director Teresa Adams show how a new mammography machine works and how a paddle on the machine conforms to a woman’s breast, which makes it more comfortable than with previous machines. Photos by Allison Arthur

Adams has had relatives who have been impacted by breast cancer, the disease mammograms detect. “I’ve seen what happens when you avoid it. It’s scary,” she said. “This test is going to tell them whether they have cancer. But this test can catch it early and get it treated.” Adams not only tested the equipment before recommending which machine to purchase, she planned on being the first patient to use the machine fresh out of the box this month. “I worked hard to get this so I’m the first patient,” she said. And she was excited about it for a number of reasons, mostly related to time and service to patients. She can rattle off the benefits of the new machine, but wrote them down as well: • The new digital mammography machine delivers a 30 to 40 percent lower dose of radiation to patients compared to previous screen-film machines • Technologists don’t need to leave

8 Health & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

“I worked hard to get this so I’m the first patient.” Teresa Adams the room to process film, which means they spend more time with patients • If a radiologist sees something that needs to be reviewed more closely using a needle it takes an average of 12 minutes, compared to 45 minutes with the old mammography machine • Because it is digital, all images are automatically backed up, which means images can’t be lost • And finally, because digital images are clearer, it’s less likely a patient would need to retake the mammogram test, as happened often with film Also, for radiologists reviewing the digital mammograms, it’s easier to zoom in and magnify any area of concern and it’s easier to adjust the contrast, compared with prior mammograms and measure.

Ultimately, for Adams, the bottom line is patient service. “So while a patient is in the room, I can check it and make sure it’s technically OK. And we have a radiologist onsite to do a quick review,” Adams said. Another goal is to ensure more women follow through with annual mammograms. Although pricing for a mammogram on the new machine wasn’t available at the time of deadline for this publication, Adams said the goal was to make it affordable. She noted that the hospital does offer a sliding scale and is generous with its charity-care policy. And she’s working with the state and Jefferson County Public Health Department to help bring a free mammogram program for low-income women to the hospital.


It wasn’t just mammography machines Adams tested this year. – Continued on Page 10 The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

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Theresa Adams: New MRI is not claustrophobic at all – ContInued FRoM Page 8

“We can only do so many a day because it takes an hour for a body part, but now it will take a half hour.” Teresa Adams The hospital also committed funds to buy a new stateof-the-art MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. MRIs are used to take a look inside the body to see how parts, including the brain, heart and muscles are functioning. It also is used in oncological (cancer) imaging. An old MRI unit was housed in a modular building just outside the hospital’s emergency room and could serve only outpatients, patients seen in the ER. The new MRI is planned to be built inside the hospital down the hall from the emergency department, able to serve both ER patients and those who have been admitted to the hospital. Not only is the new machine able to be used for more patients, it also takes less time than the old machine. “We can only do so many a day because it takes an hour for a body part, but now it will take a half hour,” Adams said of the new MRI. And there are other advantages, including being able to connect two MRI coils together so that two body parts – say a shoulder and a hip – can be screened without the need for the patient to be repositioned. For Adams – and yes, she tried out MRI machines as well – the biggest advantage of the Magnetom Essenza MRI is that it has a short tube, meaning people can have their heads outside the scanning bore, which is easier on people who suffer from claustrophobia. “If we do an abdominal MRI, the head and feet would be sticking out,” she said of the new MRI. In the past, claustrophobic patients had to

a s e r Te roved! p p A

A new MRI at Jefferson Healthcare will be easier on people who suffer from claustrophobia because it allows more of the body outside the machine than previous MRI units. Courtesy photo

be referred elsewhere. The hospital also has invested in a second radiologist to help read the increased

number of MRIs expected. In addition to Fernando Lamas, Dennis Lindfors is now on board.

Adams expects both machines to increase the number of people in Jefferson County who are served at

the hospital – something she said she’s looking forward to.

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Free clinic opens in Hadlock By James Robinson Those without medical insurance or who are unable to afford medical care now have another health-care option in East Jefferson County – the Jefferson County Medical Advocacy and Services Headquarters (JC MASH) free medical clinic in Port Hadlock. “Our main goal is to see that people’s immediate needs are taken care of – within our realm,” said Joan Cole, clinic manager and patient advocate. “We are not a primary care center. The main reason for our existence is to get people hooked into the system as it exists. We listen, assist them with paperwork and provide them with information.” The new clinic is in Kivley Center, at 121 Oak Bay Road. Like its counterpart JC MASH clinic in the basement of the American Legion Hall in Port Townsend, the Port Hadlock office offers walk-in services to those in need. Board members decided to open the Port Hadlock clinic in December 2009, Cole said, due to concerns that south county residents needing clinic services could not get to or from Port Townsend in the evening when the clinic is open. “The buses stopped running, access was the emphasis,” Cole said. Upon arrival, visitors must fill out a brief medical history form. Then, clinic medical staff will check the patient’s vital signs and assess the patient’s immediate medical needs. The clinic offers medical assessments; referrals to appropriate health services; limited, non-invasive primary care; emergency prescription cover-

Clinic Hours and Locations Port townsend American Legion Hall 209 Monroe St. 7 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays Port Hadlock Kivley Center 121 Oak Bay Road 4 to 5:30 p.m. Mondays

The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Nurse practitioner Ken Brown is the key medical provider at the Port Hadlock JC MASH clinic. The clinic provides free - albeit limited – walk-in medical care for those without medical insurance or who are unable to afford medical care. Although JC MASH is not a primary care center, the clinic helps connect people to medical care appropriate for their income and medical situation.

age when possible; and advocacy with appointments, paperwork, and financial information. Hyper-acute cases are referred to the hospital emergency room. Cases requiring other and/or continuing care are referred through the area’s existing health care system – limited care is usually available at the clinic. Jefferson County MASH grew out of concern among local church members for people in the county without medical insurance and/or the ability to afford medical attention, especially the underemployed, and those who earn too much to qualify for benefits but not enough to afford medical insurance. The intent was to help individuals get

“Our main goal is to see that people’s immediate needs are taken care of – within our realm.” Joan Cole clinic manager and patient advocate access to comprehensive care within the larger medical community by validating their medical needs and acting as their advocates. In August 1994, JC MASH opened at the American Legion Hall and has been seeing people there continuously for the past 11 years. The American Legion has provided space without rent and has

supported JC MASH in many ways. Volunteer physicians provided the initial staff. One of the founders, Dr. James K. Rotchford, continues today as board member and medical director. Although volunteers, staff, and board members change from time to time, JC MASH continues as an incorporated, nonprofit, 501(3)(c) company. JC MASH staff includes one paid registered nurse, volunteers (many with professional credentials), two medical doctors, and an allvolunteer board. All medical professionals providing services are currently licensed in the state of Washington.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • HealtH & Wellness


Peninsula Hearing has been serving Kitsap and Jefferson Counties with the highest quality hearing health care for 20 years!

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Ahhhhhhh Acu-land!

Surprise, surprise, those needles … By Allison Arthur

Acupuncture in a community setting

A statue in Barclay Calvert’s office shows meridian lines on the body. He uses the statue to show patients where the lines connect. Wife and business partner Jen Calvert, also an acupuncturist, drew the lines on the statue of a woman as a school project.

By Allison Arthur

Enter Barclay Calvert’s medical office in Uptown and you might wonder momentarily: Did Scotty just beam you over to China or are you still in Port Townsend? Jars filled with herbs line the wall behind the receptionist. Talk is soft, welcoming. Walk toward the treatment room and you’ll come to a warm, dimly lit room where soothing music is playing and eight recliners covered in blue blankets await patients. That’s right, eight recliners. Welcome to Calvert’s Community Acupuncture Clinic. “It’s really interesting to see four, five, eight people sitting. Not talking,” Calvert said, “I call it Aculand. It’s very relaxed. People fall asleep. There’s an occasional snorer,” said Calvert of the community clinic, where it’s not uncommon to find Barclay talking to a patient and inserting wire needles into a woman’s leg while other patients read, talk or nap. “I think in this country, it’s unusual. But in China or Japan, it’s not strange.” Inspiration for the clinic came from several sources. He has friends who needed affordable acupuncture treatments. That was a motivation. And he discovered a clinic in Portland called Working Class Acupuncture that is spreading the community-clinic model. “It’s how it’s done in China,” he said, “Maybe not in recliners though.” The idea is to make it more like acupuncture is practiced in China where the doctor will see many people at one time.” Although Calvert has been practicing acupuncture in both Port Townsend and Poulsbo for several years, the community clinic only recently opened in Port Townsend. And it’s become popular. The walk-in clinic is currently open from 2 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Fridays. Eventually, Calvert hopes to serve only Port Townsend and expand the community clinic. “Affordability and accessibility is what’s important,” said Calvert. While $65 to $175 per treatment is typical in a one-on-one setting, treatments in the community setting cost from $20 to $40 on a sliding scale, with the goal to get people to come as often as necessary to resolve whatever pain concern they have. “Come and pay what you can, so that you can come in as frequently as you like and continue on your journey to greater health,” is a statement on Calvert’s website at

More often

Frequent treatments is also the model in China. “In China, people are getting treated every day or every other day. That’s the way the model works there. In the U.S., that’s not possible,” Calvert said of how modern Western

14 HEALTH & WELLNESS • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Above: Barclay Calvert inserts tiny wire needles into a patient during the start of a community acupuncture session at his office on Lawrence Street in Port Townsend. Photos by Allison Arthur

medicine works on an appointment-only basis. He sees the potential benefit of more frequent treatments. Take shoulder pain, for example. “Let’s say it takes eight treatments to get rid of a shoulder pain. If you come in once a week (for treatments), it might take two months, but if you come in two or three times a week, you’re talking more like two weeks,” he said. As for privacy concerns, Calvert noted that he typically has a private initial consultation before people go into a group setting. “If someone needs to talk to me more privately we can go into a private room. Ideally I see someone one-on-one first to ask things like ‘How are your bowel movements?’ And the intake form asks a lot of questions. There are ways to make it confidential.”

Western medicine

Acupuncture has been used for 2,000 years in China to treat a variety of pains – from shoulder, back and neck pain to menstrual pain, insomnia, and digestive and stress-related problems. Calvert was quick to note that the Chinese suffered from wars and plagues and “how about those women who had their feet broken?” Acupuncture was developed to treat a variety of physical ills. And it often is used in combination with herbs, which Calvert also prescribes. “Whether it’s acupuncture or herbs, you are trying to rebalance the body. Instead of side effects, you’ll get beneficial effects,” he said. Take teenage acne. “The hormones kick in and it’s like rocket fuel for the body. The kid’s body doesn’t know how to react. It boils over to the skin. We call it heat. We use herbs to clear it. But the mom will come in and say ‘The skin’s a little better but he’s so much more calm.’” That’s the effect Calvert is looking for – people sleeping better, and being more focused and calmer. The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Will it hurt? Will it hurt? That’s typically the first question people ask an acupuncturist. “People come in and they say ‘Geeze, I really don’t like needles,’” said acupuncturist Barclay Calvert. “But once they’ve had an experience with acupuncture, they generally don’t say that again.” And the needles, well, they aren’t really needles. They are sterilized, oneuse-only, super thin, sharp wires that are bendable and “like a hair almost,” said Calvert. “Often, people don’t even feel it when they go in and rarely does anyone go ‘Ouch.’” There’s an appropriate touch for everyone. And to be a good acupuncturist, you need to do that,” Calvert said. Like a deep tissue massage, some people, including Calvert’s wife, Jen, who also is an acupuncturist, like lots of needles and can take 20 to 30. Others like gentle stimulation. Calvert met his wife Jen in acupuncture school and she is joining the practice. The two have two children, Lilly, 3, and Ethan, 1.

As a teenager himself, Calvert admitted if you looked at the books he read, “you would think I was going to be an acupuncturist.” Before earning his master’s in acupuncture and oriental medicine from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine in 2004, Calvert spent a summer following an acupuncturist in San Francisco and he also spent a year in Asia studying healing systems. “I realized that Chinese medicine is what attracts me. It’s subtle and curative. It’s not suppressing anything or cutting this out. It’s helping people be as healthy as possible.” And acupuncture, Calvert said, is “highly underutilized in this country. It’s kind of the biggest secret in American healthcare. It’s effective, inexpensive style of health modality. It makes people feel better.” The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

So does acupuncture hurt? Acupuncturist Barclay Calvert said it didn’t, but I’m a skeptic. So when he offered to treat an old hand wound for an amazing price – a free introductory treatment – I decided to give it a try. For the record, I’m one of those don’t-poke-me-with-a-needle people. When my eldest daughter has a routine blood draw, I walk out of the room. When I have to have a blood draw, I look up at the ceiling and talk nonstop to avoid seeing or hearing or, hopefully, feeling anything. But people were walking out of Calvert’s acupuncture clinic awfully relaxed. So why not give it a try? Besides, it’s something my teenager hasn’t done yet, right? After having me fill out a health history questionnaire, Calvert asked me to sit me in one of those very comfy recliners in his community clinic. I sank in it. We chatted. He asked me a few questions about my injury. It happened on a cold winter night 16 years ago in Astoria, Ore. A high school kid coming home from a swim meet forgot which side of the road was his and drove straight toward me. I swerved to the right to avoid a head-on collision. My right hand took the impact. It’s funny how some doctors treat the The little red needle stung just a bit when it went into my obvious wounds – my head was bleed- foot, but I didn’t feel the three needles that went into my ing – but ignore the injury that can’t be hand at all. seen. I actually had to insist on an X-ray for my hand back then. And a hairline fracture was revealed. It was far more painful than the head injury. Calvert felt my hand and found the area that I’ve complained about for years. He had me breathe in and out, and while I was breathing out he inserted one little red-tipped needle. No pain. Then another. Nothing. Then another. I looked down in wonder: My hand had needles in it, little skinny things. And I felt nothing. Now the foot. That was a bit different. I did feel that, I have to confess. It felt like a pinch or a sting for a second or two. And then he covered me with a soft blue blanket and left me to relax, alone, in a room that could be filled with seven other people. My mind wandered, but then it does that anyway. I tried to focus on words to use to describe the sensation. When the needles were in, my hand felt warm and puffy, as if I had an invisible mitten on. At the time, I also told Calvert it felt like my hand was “working” to feel better, like it wanted to heal. Calvert explained that the idea behind acupuncture is to improve the chi, or flow of things, and that there are blockages that need to be “unblocked.” Tragically, the needled hand is my writing hand so I couldn’t take notes on the procedure, although I did use my left hand to snap a fairly unremarkable photograph of my left foot with the needle inserted. After the acupuncture treatment, which lasted maybe 15 minutes – I lost track of time – he also offered a Chinese remedy called a moxa stick that looked like a large, illegal cigar. He lit the end, shaped like a pencil, and then had me hold the burning ember over my right hand. Since I was directing it, I knew exactly where the wound was and I could pinpoint the heat where I wanted. It felt warm and soothing. He also inserted a small silver ear pellet in my right ear in an area that acupuncturists find associated with the hand. Aside from it looking like a fashion statement my teenage daughter might envy, I’m supposed to be able to rub it when my hand hurts to achieve some relief. It’s hard to believe that my right hand, right ear and left foot are all connected somehow, and that needles can be used to get the “flow” going. But then again, they are all part of my body. So it makes sense. Acupuncture isn’t something I thought I’d ever try. Now, I’m open to doing it again. And I’m not just saying that because he gave me a free treatment. But back to the question I wanted to answer for myself: For me, acupuncture didn’t hurt. It actually felt good, which was a surprise. Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • HEALTH & WELLNESS


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The staff at Poulsbo Dental Care is ready to make your visit as pleasant as possible in our remodeled office in the woods.

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Medical marijuana The pot’s not all that’s sticky By Steve Patch of the Leader Medical marijuana? The benefits are widely documented, from relief of pain and nausea to control of seizures and multiple sclerosis. Yet even now, 12 years after Washington voters approved Initiative 692 – the so-called Medical Marijuana Act – Jefferson County folks in need of such benefits face typically daunting obstacles. Arrest and prosecution, for instance, and physicians unwilling to act on their behalf for fear of losing business. And, in any event, so many hoops to jump through that ultimately there’s no point in trying. “My mother finally had to give up and get it from friends,” said one local woman, asking to remain anonymous to protect the good name of her cancerfighting lawbreaker, now deceased. It’s the lawbreaker part that’s sticky, of course, for patient and law-enforcer alike. As the Port Townsend Police Department’s own Sgt. Ed Green reminded, the only thing preventing his officers from making an arrest if they come upon a growing operation is “authorizing” paperwork. And that paperwork may or may not look legitimate to them, because there literally is no conformity. “We rarely run into such operations,” says Green, “but when we do we have a difficult time verifying things. What would be nice is if there was something like doctors’ ID cards that officers would recognize.” Physicians too are frustrated. Said Dr. James Rotchford, a pain specialist of long standing in Port Townsend, “It’s illegal for a physician to prescribe marijuana. All he can do is ‘authorize’ its use.” What that means, added Rotchford, is the physician determines if the patient meets certain “state criteria” established not by the medical profession but by our lawmakers. “And when you start having legislators practicing medicine,” he said, “it becomes kind of weird.”

A special permit can be issued to allow patients to grow their own medicinal marijuana.

“Port Townsend has a liberal veneer but is sort of socially conservative.” Paul Richmond attorney And costly as well, if the matter winds up involving the courts, as it often does. “I’ve had better than 95-percent dismissal,” said Port Townsend attorney Paul Richmond, who figured he’s represented about a hundred Washingtonians in medical-pot-growing criminal cases, some of them here in Jefferson County. “But the person still has to go through an ordeal. It’s far from ideal. The law has a lot of ambiguities.” Richmond, who wants folks to know they can call on him if they need help with their medical-marijuana plight, characterizes the community as sort of surprising when it comes to the medicinal herb. “Port Townsend has a liberal veneer but is sort of socially conservative,” said the attorney, reminding that older people – of whom there are a number here – tend to get that way no matter how pro-

18 HealtH & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

gressive they may have been at one time. “And this county is not necessarily as bad as some, but it can be biased at times.” That bias, said Richmond, too often tends toward the belief that folks asking for medical marijuana are merely caught up in a “horrible gateway drug” and actually have no legitimate medical need. “But it’s not just a way to go and get stoned,” said the attorney. “Most are just incredibly sick people and dealing with chronic, even potentially lethal, conditions.” As for those sick folks fortunate enough to get a physician to “authorize” medical pot for them, their work has only begun. Unable to simply pop down to the local pharmacy to pick up what they need – the medicine in their case being illegal still and not prescribable – they must resort to growing their own (and facing the aforementioned threat of criminal charges all the same) or arrange a behind-the-scenes purchase.

a legal option

Among the latter options, alas, only

one is legal. It involves a Seattle organization known as THCF, for the Hemp & Cannabis Foundation, which basically sets up physicians in motels around the state to help folks get the kind of authorization that bears legitimacy when it comes to acquiring marijuana from distributors listed by THCF. Yes, some Jefferson County connects have been made, confirms THCF director Paul Stanford – though he isn’t at liberty to identify those involved, he added, citing doctor-patient confidentiality. Stanford too calls the current authorization paperwork confusing. His foundation’s solution was to spend $4,000 recently on a machine that makes holographic, laminated ID cards that seem to be helping law-enforcement distinguish the legit from the pretenders. How many folks have been THCF clients since the federation’s 2004 establishment? About 45,000, said Stanford, adding that roughly 3,000 of them are current. The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader


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Walk, run, bike to health Getting out and about is getting in shape By James Robinson of the Leader With miles of public beaches, Fort Worden State Park’s trails, historic architecture and tree-lined streets, Port Townsend is a biped’s paradise, where walking or running can be an enjoyable – and healthful – way to explore and experience the city. While both activities, when done on a regular basis, offer clear health benefits – including lowering blood pressure, prompting weight loss or helping with weight maintenance, improving cholesterol levels and increasing cardiac endurance, bone strength and muscle mass – pursuing one over the other is a matter of personal choice. In fact, studies show that when it comes to overall health and physical fitness, running does not necessarily trump walking or vice versa, and some fitness enthusiasts choose to mix up their workout with a bit of both. Whichever activity you choose, the result is that you’ll be able to explore Port Townsend’s parks, neighborhoods and beaches while getting in shape at the same time. However, before you begin route planning or creating a new workout plan, the wise walker or runner will first visit their doctor. Beyond that, there are a few other factors to consider including time available, fitness goals and your current physical condition.

Burning calories

Mile for mile, running and walking burn approximately the same number of calories. But minute for minute, the faster your speed, the more calories you burn. That fact alone gives running the calorie-burning edge, but walking faster than 5 miles per hour can actually burn more calories than running at the same speed. This is because speed walking is not easy. In fact, it’s much easier to run at a faster pace than it is to walk at the same pace.

With wide sidewalks, bike lanes, and forested trails and beaches, Port Townsend offers a wide variety of terrain for walkers and runners of all types. Photo by Barney Burke

Time management

Whether you walk, run, swim or cycle, budgeting time for a workout poses challenges to everyone. Running has its advantages, as it’s possible to pack intense physical activity into just 30 minutes, but it also requires changing into suitable clothes, and, depending on the workout, may require a shower afterward. Walking, on the other hand, can be tackled in one long block of time or spread out into shorter bits over the course of the day. Walking can also be incorporated into the day’s regular errands such as a trip to the post office or grocery store: All that’s required is appropriate shoes.

Risk of injury

Studies show there is a lower risk of injury associated with walking than running. However, the injury risk increases when a walker, or runner, increases the intensity and duration of his or her workout or isn’t properly conditioned. To avoid injuries, a good rule of thumb is to avoid increasing your mileage by more than 10 percent per week.

20 Health & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Proper warm-up and stretching will also reduce the risk of injury. At least five minutes of warm-up and stretching is recommended for either activity.

Start slow

People who haven’t exercised regularly in a long time may want to begin with walking and then progress to running. Additionally, people with orthopedic conditions or those who are more than 20 percent overweight should consult with their physician before embarking on a running regimen. For those who are overweight or have other health concerns, walking may be a better choice, because it is a lower-impact activity than running. Runners typically hit the pavement with an impact equal to three times their body weight. A walker’s impact is about half that.

Getting a complete workout

To get the most from your workout, whether you choose to walk or run, try adding strengthening and stretching exercises. Strength training the upper body and torso is important since they don’t get much of a workout during

regular running or walking. Strength training your lower body is also important because it will enhance your walking and running performance and lower your risk of injury. Additionally, regular stretching – especially important before and after your workouts – will help loosen muscles and prevent injuries.

Fitness just out your front door

The best thing about walking or running for health and fitness is that it is relatively inexpensive (plan on investing about $100 for good shoes) and can be done just about anywhere – there’s no membership to buy and no need to drive to a pool or gym. Fitness beckons just beyond your front door. In fact, it’s hard to beat the thrill of leaving your house or apartment on a walking or running adventure – one that’s limited only by your fitness level, stamina and imagination. Running or walking in a new city when you’re traveling or when you have recently relocated can also be an exciting, healthful way to explore, see the sights and learn the city. – Continued on Page 22 The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

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PROVIDER PROFILE Business Name: Port Townsend School of Massage Owner/Manager: Susan Sherman Address: 1071 Landes Court, Port Townsend, WA 98368 Phone: 360.379.4066 Email address: Website: Year Business Started: 1996 Areas Served: Students have come from all around Washington State, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, California, and Alaska Services Offered: Port Townsend School of Massage provides a thriving learning community which fosters excellence in natural therapies. The commitment to recognizing, supporting and enriching each individual is an integral part of our program. The three areas of emphasis are: the best traditional and innovative massage techniques; an extensive holistic knowledge of the human body; and an embodiment of the highest professional integrity. Both formats of our Professional Licensing Program for Massage Therapy exceed the state requirement of 500 hours. The 9-month Weekday Program is 650 hours and meets Monday-Wednesday. The 14-month Weekend Program is 525 hours and meets every third weekend Friday - Sunday. Classes begin every September and March. Upon completion of all courses, the student is awarded a school certificate, and is eligible to take the National States Licensing Exam and apply for their WA State License.

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Viva J. Tapper, Ph.D., ARNP, Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Jeffrey T. Collins, MD, Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Shena Kellewea, MN, ARNP, Child Behavior Specialist & Family Therapy We extend our sincere appreciation to Shena for her work with us. Her excellent training and 25 yrs experience in inpatient and outpatient settings as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner endows our community with a much needed specialization. After consult service in the Department of Psychiatry at Children’s Hospital, Shena served the school district through Jefferson Mental Health’s Safe Schools/Healthy Students Program and Jefferson County families through the Health Department’s Maternal Child Health Program. She is clearly devoted and gifted in her work to children, adolescents, and families. Thank you for joining us and continuing to serve the community.

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Walk, run, bike: Explore – ContInued FRoM Page 20

Port townsend routes

Walking or running in pairs or groups can be a great way to stay motivated and fit. Photo by Barney Burke

Low cost options for local foot care Proper foot care plays a vital role in a person’s overall health and well-being. As individuals age, or other health problems such as diabetes or back pain become apparent, proper foot care becomes even more important. The key to long-term health – regardless of your age or medical history – is to put your best foot forward and be kind to your feet. Poorly trimmed toenails and wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly can lead to foot health problems. Sometimes foot problems, such as dry skin or wounds that don’t heal, are the first signs of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and nerve or circulatory disorders. One easy step that can help with improved foot health is to put your feet up when you are sitting down, this helps keep blood moving to your feet. Stretching, walking, gentle foot massage and warm footbaths are also helpful. Those intent on maintaining healthy feet should avoid sitting or keeping their legs crossed for long periods. Smoking is tough on the body’s circulatory system, and in addition to other health problems, can lead to or exacerbate existing foot problems. While a regular visit to a podiatrist is vital to maintaining proper foot health, daily feet checks, routine maintenance and preventive care can go miles in ensuring happy, healthy feet. In Jefferson County, there are three low-cost, basic foot maintenance options at community centers in Brinnon, Quilcene and the Tri-Area – appointments are necessary. And look for foot care options elsewhere in this guide. They’re there!


Foot clinics are offered on the first Tuesday of the month. The cost is $15. Call 796-4350 for an appointment.

Walkers and runners of all stripes will find plenty of suitable terrain in Port Townsend. For trail hounds, Fort Worden State Park offers innumerable options, from zigzagging single track beneath dense stands of Douglas fir and cedar, to wider, more open trails along sandstone bluffs with stunning views of the North Cascades and Pacific Ocean. Those willing to mix it up, can combine trail segments with heart pounding stair climbs, scrambles up and over historic army bunkers, through tunnels, along old rail beds and across open meadows near the Chinese Gardens. A classic Fort Warden outing would include bunkers, beach, meadows and forest. For the urban-oriented walker or runner, Port Townsend’s historic downtown, Morgan Hill and Uptown neighborhoods offer chances to visit scenic city parks and view much of the city’s most noteworthy architecture. Lastly, any Port Townsend walker or runner worth their salt – salt water that is – will find innumerable options on area beaches. From Point Hudson Marina and north to Point Wilson, walkers and runners will find plenty of terrain. For those keen on a grand traverse, walkers

and runners can begin at the Point Hudson Marina, traveling north to the lighthouse at Point Wilson, then around the point to North Beach County Park and back downtown via Fort Worden and Morgan Hill – epic. Walkers and runners should take careful note of tidal activity before embarking on any beach excursion. Although there’s enough terrain in each environment, city, trail and beach, to satisfy the distance needs of most walkers and runners, a quintessential Port Townsend walk or run would incorporate a little of each. To help you create your own walking or running loop, or for those new to the area, the City of Port Townsend offers a full color walking map, complete with a legend indicating trail locations, streets with sidewalks, public beaches and more. The map also offers six suggested walking or running loops, with shading indicating routes accessible to those with disabilities. Walkers and runners can obtain a copy of the map on the third floor of City Hall at the department of public works. The city also publishes the map online at

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Foot clinics are offered on the second Tuesday of the month. Call 765-3321 for appointment and cost information. Foot clinics are offered every Wednesday. The cost is $20. Call 732-4822 for an appointment.

22 HealtH & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010


485 W. Hendrickson Rd. • Sequim, WA 98382

The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader






















Offering holistic guidance to individuals, couples, and families who are struggling to handle psychological stress. Specializing in traditional and body-based psychotherapy, relationship issues, and recovery from addictions.



Compassionate Counseling Services


Our new premises on W. Sims Way and Howard Street

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C 20/25 N


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(parking behind building off Howard St.)

Robert Davis does what he calls lifecrisis coaching.

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If mind and body are related, then how about body and earth? Robert Davis, who does life-crisis coaching, has written a book “A Personal/Planetary Awakening Kundalini Style: DBA Spiritual Emergency” that talks about the relationship between people and the planet, and the crisis both seem to be undergoing. “The earth is alive and we are alive,” Davis said of the connection he sees between people and the earth. Davis also sees a crisis boiling within the earth. He argues that climate change, political crisis and other earth traumas are linked to the problems that people face daily that make them sick. “We are looking at probably 90 percent of the population in discord of some kind,” said Davis, who moved to Port Townsend two years ago after living on nearby Whidbey Island for 18 years. A natural foods designer and skin-care product creator, Davis created a tofu hot dog, Light Links, in 1982 and also developed an organic non-dairy soy and rice ice cream, Believe, as well as a hemp cheese, HempRella. While he still is developing food and sells an organic body serum called Sattva on the internet, he also has started Light Transitions, a life-crisis coaching enterprise in Port Townsend. “Mind and body and spirit are all connected, and not all illnesses can be treated by external – Continued on Page 25 The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • Health & Wellness


Dental technology – ContInued FRoM Page 4 anyone in the country,” he said. “We do focus our practice on restorative work.” As biocompatible as titanium implants are, coming down the road in a few years is something the patient’s body will like even more. Work on the human genome is likely to produce the prospect of growing new teeth back from the patient’s DNA material, using tooth buds from the patient’s own cells. Nichols said, “If you lose a tooth, we can take that and grow your own tooth.” Testing is already started; he said this might be perfected in the next decade. But despite those technologies, Nichols (and other dentists) take special pride in developments in the area of prevention – always the first concern of dentists. Here, many dentists are happy to see sugar substitutes making their way into the mainstream. The reduction of high-sugar foods will do wonders to help people resist tooth decay and periodontal diseases, he said. Gum, mint or granule products containing xylitol, a sugar substitute, are already available at places like Uptown Naturals and the Food Co-op.

Custom-made teeth

Consider the crown. In the old days, a dentist would do the drill work and then put a temporary crown in place. The patient would dutifully sign up to come back in a couple of weeks for the permanent replacement, to be shipped from some distant laboratory. According to Dr. John Barrett of Port Hadlock, those days are gone. Thanks to advanced, computer-aided technology, today a porcelain crown can be measured, designed and manufactured while you wait in the dentist’s chair, and can be put in place in about 30 minutes. It all happens right there in the dentist’s office. “We prepare the tooth,” Barrett said. “We take an infra-red picture. We build the crown in a computer with CADCAM technology,” creating a three-dimensional digital model of the crown. The model captures the original tooth in its natural state and adjusts the design accordingly for a good fit into the mouth. Barrett continued, “Then we wirelessly send that design to the milling unit,” located in a box the size of a microwave oven right there in the office. The machine has four or five axes that carve the restoration out of a block

Dr. John Barrett shows the computerized manufacturing unit in his Port Hadlock office. It creates a custom porcelain crown from start to finish in about 30 minutes. Photos by Scott Wilson

The Velscope operated by of Admiralty Dental allows to search for signs of oral fore symptoms appear on the mouth. His “patient” is Thompson.

Dr. Ed Savidge trained dentists cancer long bethe surfaces of employee Janna

of porcelain. Sometimes the porcelain crown is baked. The new and improved porcelain crown is then glued in place. “It adds a half hour to the appointment, but not two weeks. You don’t leave with a temporary crown,” explained Barrett. One benefit, he said, is that the instant custom replacement allows the dentist to keep more of the original tooth than might be possible if a temporary crown were used. “We have more conservation of the original tooth,” Barrett said.

Straight teeth, no braces

Another new technology allows teeth to be straightened without braces, Barrett said. Called Invisalign, the technology uses clear plastic aligner trays that fit over the teeth like tooth-guards, except they are virtually impossible to see. The clear plastic units come out only for eating and occasional cleaning; otherwise they stay in place for 22 out of 24 hours. “It allows you to move teeth without braces, to do orthodontia without braces,” Barrett said. The aligner trays also rely on laser measurements and CADCAM design, he said. Exact impressions are made and then sent to a central laboratory. There, computerized manufacturing uses precision lasers to produce many different aligner trays. Barrett works with the technicians to adjust each set of aligner trays to the specific needs of the patient and the desired outcome.

24 HealtH & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Each aligner tray is designed to be used for two weeks, then replaced by another tray that will further move the teeth into their desired position. A protocol that requires 11 months of aligner trays, for example, would have 22 different aligner trays – one for every two weeks. With the final tray in place, the teeth will have been moved to their final positions. “Sometimes you must shave the space between the teeth” to fine-tune the alignments, he said. The technology, Barrett said, is about 10 years old. He’s been doing it in Port Hadlock for four or five years, with great reports among patients. “Both from an aesthetic, functional and cleanability standpoint, it improves dental health,” he said. And it generally takes less time than braces. “You can move the teeth wherever you want,” he said. “You can push teeth into the socket. You can pull them down. You can move them around in an arch. You can do all kinds of things with them. It’s kind of a minor miracle.”

oral cancer detection

For Dr. Ed Savidge, technological advances in detection equipment are allowing dentists to make much earlier diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer. Before, dentists could only rely on a visual inspection of the tissue of the mouth, looking for discoloration and swelling on the surface of the tissue. “We were limited to a visual surface exam,” he said. In some cases patients were asked to rinse their mouth with a dye that might identify abnormalities. “It was messy and not so effective,” said Savidge. But a new tool called a Velscope, which arrived in his Admiralty Dental Center in September 2009, has changed that. “The Velscope can penetrate below

the surface,” he said. “I look for tissues below the surface tissue, a mass, anything that would show up as abnormal.” The technology, which has won FDA approval as a cancer diagnosis tool, uses infrared light. Normal tissue shows up as one color but abnormalities – even those below the surface – show up as grey or black, he said. “Before, we were often diagnosing oral cancer at a very late stage because those cancers develop down deep and work their way up,” he said. “With early diagnosis there are more successful outcomes.” Statistics indicate that patients with oral cancer caught late in its development could expect a 22 percent survival rate, said Savidge. Patients who catch it early expect an 80 percent survival rate. Admiralty Dental is one of the first using the Velscope for early detection, said Savidge. His office was on a waiting list and received the first unit on the Olympic Peninsula. Patients have received the technology well, said Savidge. “People need to know how to prevent oral cancer, and how simple it is to diagnose it now,” he said.

technology – and skill

The technological improvements in dentistry are impressive. But as Dr. Henry Nichols noted, it’s not all about technology. Just as important, or more, is the skill and training of the user. “The technology is good,” Nichols said. “But all of it is based on the skill and judgment of the clinician. Any technology can be successful or can end up with poor results. Experience, skill and judgment are the key factors that make any technology successful.” The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Wellness – ContInued FRoM Page 23 forces such as pills or machines,” he said. “Ultimately, our healing system is moving. We are realizing there is not only a physical body but a mental and emotional one as well.” Davis has experienced life crisis, which is what led him to write the book. In addition to going through a divorce, he was diagnosed with a number of illnesses that he said he didn’t have, including chronic fatigue, which he said is a catch all for “I really don’t know what it is.” “The practitioners I saw were all at the top of their game and all looked at it from their unique perspectives and treated with their legally-dealt supplements,” he wrote in his book, available on “I look back, smiling at the ordeal I experienced in the hands of what many describe as leading alternative doctors in their respective fields.” Davies discovered ayurvedic science and used it. He also said it wasn’t until someone told him he wasn’t ill that he could feel better. He realized he was finally “allowed to heal.” Davis has a diverse background. He studied urban planning and was interested early on in solar and wind energy and how the “planet was functioning and my role in it,” he explained. He worked at the Solar Energy Institute in Washington D.C. and graduated from Goddard College. He has a master’s of arts degree in planetary development. Davis also works for a hemp foods company in Portland and suggests hemp is a logical, natural, all-purpose material that can be used to make everything from fiber to food. “People in different chronic conditions are often stalled in their process of healing because of drugs being administered or therapies applied,” he contended. Davis also noted that people have to want to be helped. “I cannot assist someone who doesn’t want to accept help,” he said.

The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • HealtH & Wellness


To immunize or not State eyes requiring parents to get info before opting out By Libby Urner Like all states, Washington requires immunizations for children attending school. But Washington has historically had one of the highest rates of immunization exemptions in the country, and Jefferson County has one of the highest percentages of exemption rates in the state. While the state average for children exempted from required immunizations is 2.5 percent, over 10 percent of Jefferson County families have opted not to fully immunize their school-age children. In the Port Townsend School District, the exemption rate is even higher.

Currently, Washington law is fairly unrestrictive, allowing parents to “opt-out” of required immunizations simply by signing a form indicating that they have “a philosophical or personal objection” to immunization. Parents choosing not to immunize have found it easy to comply with the law just by signing an exemption form. State lawmakers are starting to take notice. House Bill (HB) 2706 would have added language that any parent seeking exemption from required immunizations must have “a statement to be signed by a health-care practitioner stating that he or she provided the signator with information

Jefferson County has one of the highest immunization exemption rates in Washington State, shown in red, in a state Department of Health chart.

about the benefits and risks of immunization.” Health-care practitioners permitted to sign the form are physicians, naturopaths, physician’s assistants, or advanced registered nurse practitioners. The bill passed the state House, and is currently in committee with the state Senate, though it will not be considered again during this session.

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26 HealtH & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So what does this mean for Jefferson County parents? There’s a concern in Olympia that at least some parents seeking exemptions are doing so for reasons of convenience, not out of genuine objections to immunization. Testimony in favor of HB 2706 stated, “We must make sure that our exemption process is being used only for medical reasons and issues of conviction, not convenience. [Under the current system] we have made it easier to get an exemption than to get a vaccination.” Sponsors of the bill hope that by requiring parents seeking exemptions to discuss immunization risks and benefits with their health-care providers, more parents will ultimately choose to immunize. Dr. Thomas H. Locke, health officer for Jefferson and Clallam counties, saw a larger benefit to increased immunization rates.

“We know that immunizations benefit individuals. But there’s also a community benefit, a ‘herd immunity’ when immunization rates rise above 93-94.” Especially for highly contagious diseases like measles, low immunization rates leave a population vulnerable to rapid outbreaks, he said. Lisa McKenzie, communicable disease program coordinator at Jefferson County Public Health, points to programs like twice-weekly walkin vaccination clinics and the state’s Children’s Health Immunizations Linkages and Development (CHILD) Profile immunization database as ways public health officials are working to lower barriers to immunization.

Records easy to keep

Immunization program coordinator Jane Kurata wants to make it easy on parents. “Every health-care provider in Jefferson County can now input a child’s records into

CHILD Profile, and every public school secretary can pull up an immunization history and print it out for a parent,” Kurata said. “Not having immunization records handy really shouldn’t be a reason to request an exemption.” Would HB 2706 make it harder for parents with genuine objections to vaccination to request exemptions? Locke says no, that the new rules balance protecting public health while still protecting parents’ rights to make healthcare decisions for their families. Allowing families to get input on the risks and benefits of immunization from healthcare professionals works for everyone. “This is an important decision, with a lot of ramifications. Don’t make it all by yourself,” said Locke. The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 • Health & Wellness


1,000 open-heart surgeries Choose well.

28 Health & Wellness • Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Health & Wellness 2010  

The 2010 Health & Wellness magazine, as published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.

Health & Wellness 2010  

The 2010 Health & Wellness magazine, as published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.