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May 2013

Luncheon Speakers Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon meetings are held at the Port Townsend Elks Lodge, 555 Otto St., at noon each Monday, federal holidays excluded. Everyone is welcome!

May 6 - Jake Beattie

The Executive Director of NW Maritime Center talks about education and economic development and gives an update from The Northwest Maritime Center.

May 13 Robotics Team

The Sequim team will be discussing the FIRST Robotics Competition, highlights of the 2013 season (their best yet!), and the relevance of this program to the future of our local economy.

May 20 - Bill Graham

The PUD’s Resource Manager will provide an update on the broadband project in East Jefferson County. There will also be a representative from NoaNet.

May 27 Memorial Day

No chamber meeting. JCCC observes all federal holidays.

Chamber, YP involvement made the difference in journey of Hope By Jordan Eades Suzy Carroll, owner of Uptown Nutrition, shared in our last newsletter how our business leaders are facing the challenge of redefining their businesses. As a young professional, I am beginning my journey, adjusting to my new role as a business owner and constantly striving to strike the balance between motherhood and family, professional life, community service and life on the Olympic Peninsula. I didn’t come to Jefferson County with dreams of owning my own company, much less a roofing and construction company. I came because I was looking for adventure; and this place, with its majestic beauty and unique community spoke to me. I landed in Port Townsend a couple of years after graduating from college. Armed with a degree in marketing and experience under my belt, I was confident that this was a place where I could make my mark. I breezily thought that with my credentials and enthusiasm I was a shoo-in for employment. If only it had been that easy. Before I became co-owner of HOPE Roofing & Construction, and before the Chamber created the Young Professionals Network, the road to establish-

Living in Jefferson County offered the quality of life that I had always desired, and I wanted so badly to put down my roots and make this my home. However, because of the lack of connection and the divide between doing what I had to do, and what I really wanted to do, I always felt like I had to have one foot out the door. Teresa Verraes, our ED, recently asked me what would have happened without the Chamber’s creation of the Young Professionals Network. The answer is easy. I wouldn’t be here. I would have left for the city. I wouldn’t be experiencing the amazing opportunities that I have today. Zach and Jordan Eades, co-owners of Hope Roofing, say they benIt just took one person, efitted from involvement in the Jefferson County Chamber’s Young Chamber’s former Executive Professionals Network. Director, Jennifer McGillionie to reach out and say, “Jordan, ing a career path was similar of ways to become a business I would like you to join our to climbing Mt. Rainier -- long owner myself. Chamber board – we’ll need and difficult. Because I felt passionmore young professional repI tried everything to find the ate about staying in Jefferson resentation,” to change everyright fit. Like many, I had to County, I kept searching for hold down several jobs “just to ways that I could become more thing. It was the “hand up” that I had been so desperately waitpay the bills.” Feeling frusconnected to our community. I trated, I kept thinking, “I can dreamed of a future where I not ing for, and that put me firmly on the path to owning my own do more than this. I should do only had a “job,” but a career more than this.” In my heart, I that let me utilize my best skills business. With sweaty palms and a felt that I was meant for greater and challenged me to develop racing heart, I shared in my first challenges. Inspired, I started new abilities. I envisioned a Chamber board meeting my a consulting practice. I wanted place where I could learn from to use my marketing savvy and the best of the best and then put dreams of a support network for Young Professionals. I explore my growing passion for that knowledge to work as a Continued on Page 2 small business, often dreaming leader in my field.

Hope: Chamber, YP support key Continued from Page 1 explained how we felt frustrated by our isolation and that we wanted to help create a place where our entrepreneurial spirits could be nurtured. After a resounding, and somewhat surprising “yes” by the board, the Jefferson County Chamber’s Young Professional Network was formed. Through Chamber’s YP programs I began developing critical relationships with our community leaders, business mentors and support organizations like the EDC, LION and Rotary. Wanting to explore a new industry, and looking ahead to the possibility of one day owning the business with my husband, Zach, I started to take a more active role in HOPE Roofing & Construction. I admired Zach’s passion for his trade, and was inspired to learn all that I could about our industry. When the time came for Zach’s parents to retire from the family business and for us to carry the torch, we were ready. Our community had answered

our request for connection, guidance, education and support. We could finally fulfill our dreams of becoming business owners. As the new owners of HOPE Roofing & Construction, we are proud and thankful to have successfully made it through our first year. We faced more growth and challenges in those first 12 months than we could have ever imagined. In an optimal world, we would have had the opportunity to face our challenges one at time, methodically perfecting our methods and systems. However, reality moves much quicker and we often find ourselves searching for balance. After bedtime stories with our two-year old, Zach and I have had countless late night discussions about goals. We ask ourselves, “What are we trying to accomplish?” Our vision isn’t just to keep “doing business,” but how to cultivate and grow an amazing business. Part of our mission is to demonstrate leadership in our field, provide


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outstanding service to our clients, give back to our communities and continue to be a sustainable source of employment. Both Zach and I feel that it all starts with our team. Fortunately, we have amazing employees who are extremely dedicated to their craft and to our customers. As we grow, we look at not only the creation of more jobs; but the creation of more careers. As owners, we challenge ourselves to create an environment where our employees feel empowered, and support their desire to bring innovation to our business. Crucial to our achievements in this first year has been the utilization of the business support programs that are offered by our organizations. With a variety of business mentors now within my reach, I can pick up the phone and say “I made a mistake, how can I fix it?” or “We have a vision for innovation, how can I turn that into reality?” Additionally, it is our family, friends and customers who have rallied around

us as young professionals, saying “Yes, you can do this. We will support you.” That has made us what we are today. Next December will mark my 10 year anniversary of living on the peninsula. Having kept some of my Midwestern accent, folks will often ask me “where are you from?” I still have an affinity for the land of dairy cows and the green and gold, but this is my home now. I may have grown up as a child in Wisconsin, but living in Jefferson County has helped nurture and support the development of the adult and business owner that I have become. I have learned that being a business owner takes courage, fortitude and passion. And, I think that choosing to do business on the Olympic Peninsula requires even greater dedication. But, despite our unique challenges, I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else. This journey has been an incredible gift, and I am so thankful to be a young professional and business owner in Jefferson County.

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2 May 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter


Key City thespians to greet cruises When American Cruise Lines docks in Port Townsend on Wednesday, May 1, the passengers will be entertained by none other than Key City Public Theatre. Broadway star and Sequim resident Carol Swarbrick will sing a selection of Broadway show tunes for the visitors with piano maestro Linda Dowdell backing her up. “We hope to share with the cruise passengers a little of the talent we have right here in Port Townsend,” said KCPT’s artistic director, Denise Winter. The ship will dock at Union Wharf on Wednesdays around 5 p.m. and leave early Friday morning. Here is the updated Cruise Ship schedule: May 1 arrival, May 3 departure; May 8 arrival, May 10 departure; May 15 arrival, May 17 departure; May 22 arrival, May 24 departure; May 29 arrival, May 31 departure.

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cushion made, buy your quilting supplies, bop next door for vitamins and lotions, go across the street for your weekly veggies, over for Zumba, across for photo copying, stroll down for a haircut, go up for WYB (work your body), go in back for some dead lifting, roll on over and have your bike fixed, grab your files and get your taxes done, have your food delivered, stop for a movie, get your teeth cleaned, get your teeth fixed, have your back aligned, muscles massaged, and needle your way to health, fix those shoes, watch a bow being made, eat, eat, eat, support our land, read a book, see Victorian homes and remember to stop and smell the roses! Viva La Uptown!

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chocolate fondue to mini makeovers, beer and oysters, foot massages, wine, food samplings, free samples and more! And of course, no party would be complete without a raffle for a basket valued at over $800. Is the ultimate goal to increase customer traffic and boost our Uptown businesses? One would think so, but even more important is the possibility of new friendships, knowing your neighbor and that it is true - with enough hands, you can move anything. Together, this group is moving Uptown to the forefront of minds everywhere! Uptown is home to 63 businesses. Grab coffee, sip a beer, have a house designed and built, dance, pick up your garden and home accessories, have a

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invited to share results of a signage Way Finding project. Signage is on its way. Mission accomplished! Next, the group began its next mission, to change habits back to Uptown! Together, with the help of The Printery, a beautiful post card was designed and mailed to households and businesses within a twomile radius with special offers to many Uptown businesses. The post card also included a “save the date” for the next collaborative effort: Foolin’ Around Uptown - Party! , May 14, 5 to 7 p.m. Meetings have evolved to solely focus on planning this fun Uptown Party. Each participating business will be offering in-store/ in-business events from

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Uptown merchants are collaborating to bring people back to Uptown Port Townsend and to introduce new folks to all that is available there. A party is planned for May 14.

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Collaboration is the act of joining together to make possible that which cannot be accomplished alone. With enough hands you can move anything. This is the driving thought behind a group of business owners determined to bring awareness and customers to an area of town that they live, work and play in – The Uptown historic business district. This collaborative effort has not been complicated. It has simply been conversation that has led to implementation. There are two clear goals in mind: to create camaraderie and raise awareness of all that is wonderful about Uptown. One business owner invited business neighbors to a meeting to simply talk and meet each other. The meeting was launched with ‘ground rules’ of not pointing fingers or placing blame, but instead taking a positive look at what these business owners can do together to affect change. Out of conversation two concerns emerged. There’s a lack of signage pointing to Uptown and the lengthy Aldrich’s building retrofit project led to people changing their shopping habits. As one person said: “I used to stop by Aldrich’s for my groceries and then swing by Vasu Video. My shopping habits did change during Aldrich’s closure and retrofit.” Staying with the positive approach, Rick Sepler, City Planning, was

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Uptown is ‘Foolin’ Around,’ party planned for May 14

May 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter 3

Searching for grants? These tips could help meandering maze that may lead to grants, I need to go back to those aforementioned donations from individuals. If your organization isn’t receiving significant financial support from people who care most, beginning with your board of directors, you’ll have a difficult time convincing any foundation to support you. Assuming you are getting that support, or can “make it so” as Captain Picard used to say, please read on.

between $595 and $795 plus filing fees ranging from $400 to $850. Being a “keep your business close to home” kind of guy, if you need help my recommendation would be to consult an area attorney who specializes in business. You’ll find quite a few listed online or in the old fashioned but still useful telephone book.

petition recently unveiled by the Jefferson County Community Foundation. It calls for two organizations already partnering for a project or purpose, or two who might want to do so, to compete for a $6,000 grant. The proposal deadline is April 15 with the award being made May 9. The great thing about this approach is that many, if not all, of the competing duos seem likely to go right on partnering even if they don’t come away with the cash. Kudos to our Community Foundation.

research is of the utmost importance. In addition to the Data Book, the public library and the Foundation Center are very good resources. Once you’ve identified the foundations you want to approach the task of writing the letter of inquiry and/or cover letter and the proposal begins.

The compensation question Several times recently I’ve been asked, as have many of my colleagues, if I would write a grant on spec, accepting a percentage of the grant award. The Fundraising Code of Ethics explains why I have to say “no.” For the reasons listed in Do it yourself the previous paragraph we believe grant writers or call for help? Why we love deserve to be paid for their Can members of your expertise as well as the foundations fundraising committee time and effort spent on a The wonderful thing and/or board of directors about foundations, be do all that? Yes, they can. project whether the grant The one thing you they private, corporate or It will be time consuming is received or not. Even need for sure community, is that they and could be a tad tedious the best researched and written proposals can fail The way grants work have to disperse a minibut it can be done. In as a result of how many is that you, like famed mum of 5 percent of their Broaden your addition to on-line “how bank robber Willy Sutton, assets annually. Your job search area to score grants” resources other proposals the foundation has received, and go where the money is. is to convince them they There are about a there’s a plethora of from whom; the feasibility In this case, those are should give a chunk of it dozen other foundations in books, even one called of the project, whether it foundations. Practically to your favorite organiza- Jefferson County, roughly Grant Writing for Dumeveryone knows that, but tion. I know it’s tempthalf of them private, mies, to guide you. A good meets a clear community a fair amount of folks con- ing, but unless you’re a but with 114 non-profit format for the proposal is need and whether it has well-planned general sidering starting new non- personal friend of Bill and organizations seeking sup- the Minnesota Common operating and, if necesprofits don’t know you Melinda Gates or Paul port expanding your grant Grant Application Form, need a 501c(3) to qualify Allen or someone of their search beyond the county which you can find online. sary, project budgets; the non-profit’s track record for a grant. That’s the ilk (and if you are please line is essential. AccordThere is a Washington and financial history and document that establishes contact me immediately) ing to the Washington Common Grant Applicathat your organization is don’t even think about Foundation Data Book, tion Form but few founda- many other factors beyond the grant writers control. tax exempt so donations approaching their founda- 7th edition, there are 2,311 tions require it and I find are tax-deductible. tions. The first thing big foundations in our state. the Minnesota version I’ve worked with time foundations want to They fund 26 categories easier to use. Happy trails to you groups that filed for and know is who supports you ranging from the arts to Should you hire a Searching for a grant received a 501c(3) uslocally. Aren’t there any youth development to professional grant writer? writer isn’t nearly as diffiing good old fashioned foundations in your area mental health and public Your call, of course, but cult as searching for a grant. volunteer power but it you can turn to for fundsafety. Many of these I can assure you that no The Puget Sound Grantwritcan be quite complicated. ing? Sure there are. foundations are geographi- matter who you hire your ers Association alone lists There are online services An especially excellent cally specific (Gig Harbor, grant writer will do every- 431 of them. Somehow the that will do it for you, example of creative local Pierce County, etc.) thing in his or her power ones from the 360 area code but they’re pricey. One grant making is the Partand many don’t accept to make sure you sucseem the most impressive well known one charges nering for Impact comunsolicited proposals so ceed. Your organization’s to me. No matter what you success is their success. decide, to do it yourself or Because they make it a go with a pro, I wish you point to keep up to date the best as you go in search • Pre-Need Arrangements • Affordable Secretarial Services on what’s happening on of grants. Happy hunting. • Personalized Funeral & Memorial Services • Legal and Business the grant making scene, Grants are elusive creatures, • Cemetery Markers & Monuments • have developed relationwhich makes bagging them • Notary Public • On-Site Crematory • ships with staff people all the more sweet. • Paralegal & legal documents assistance at many foundations, • 30+ years experience in many areas of Cammy Brown written successful grants, Roger Doughty is a law and medical fields and have references to grant writer and fundraisOwned & Operated Peninsula Legal Secretarial Services, LLC prove it, there are obvious ing consultant. Contact by the Robles Family 360-344-3200 • 20 Colwell Street, Port Hadlock, WA 98339 advantages to hiring a pro. him at wordsmithcorner. (360)385-2642 Then there is the matter of com or by calling 360“If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can!” compensation. 774-1892. 1615 Parkside Dr., Port Townsend WA 98386

By Roger Doughty So how’s that sequester thing working out for you? Perhaps you haven’t even noticed it, not yet anyway, but the staff and volunteers of most area non-profits began gearing up for it long before the deficit-devouring behemoth breathed its first belt-tightening breath March 1. Since a big percentage of the local population volunteers for one worthy cause or another, a whole lot of worried people are searching for ways to come up with the cash needed to keep their favorite charities afloat during these troubled times. Based on phone calls I’ve been getting lately, many seem to feel grants could be the answer. As everyone who has suffered through Fundraising 101 knows, grants, along with earned income and donations from individuals, should be an integral part of every nonprofit’s funding plan and for many that‘s true. But considering the number of people who have inquired how grants “work” and how to go about getting one I offer some basic--in some cases very basic-information that hopefully will be helpful. Before I attempt to guide you though the

4 May 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter

Renewals Peter C. Davis, Location Research Consultant Peninsula Sportsman Guide & Outfitting Service Cabin at Tree Frog Woods United Good Neighbors Chimacum Corner Farm Stand Subway Ajax Cafe Harborside Inn Port Townsend Brewing Co. Bungalow on the Bluff Gooding, O’Hara & Mackey Ludlow Bay Massage & Wellness Spa Friends of Fort Worden Aladdin Motor Inn A Suite at the Fountain Don’s Pharmacy Platt Irwin Law Firm Christine Burnell Family Nurse Practitioner Inhealth Imaging Conservatory Coastal Home Marathon Wealth Management Sea Dreams Cottages Silverwater Cafe Port Townsend Laundromat & Car Wash Korean Women’s Association DM Disposal Jefferson County Library Rhody Drive Self Storage Nancy Scott, CPA

Olympic Peninsula Young Professionals meet and greet at the 7 Cedars Casino The 7 Cedars Casino in Blyn will host a networking event for Jefferson and Clallam Counties young professionals, held at the resort’s Club Seven from 6 to 8 p.m. May 1. The evening will bring together the North Olympic Peninsulas’ premier Young Professionals Networks; the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network and the Peninsula Young Professionals Network. Following the event, Club Seven will feature their regularly-scheduled FREE Comedy Night Wednesday. Both groups have served the North Olympic Peninsula since 2009; however, this will be the

first collaborative event. Brian Kuh, current Chair of the Peninsula Young Professionals Network, explains that, “Living and working as a Young Professional in our rural communities is a shared experience, so we’re looking forward to connecting with our Jefferson County peers to network and engage with them. We share the same love of our community and desire to thrive there, so we’re hoping this joint mixer event will be the first of many opportunities to interact with the Jefferson County YPN.” The evening will allow the attendees to extend and freshen up their network in a fun, social environment. “This is an

incredible opportunity for young professionals from Jefferson and Clallam counties to meet each other, share best practices, and network with potential vendors, clients or customers they may not have met otherwise,” explains Dominic Svornich, JCCC President and member of the JCCC YPN. “This will be a great relationship to foster for the future, and will help businesses throughout the peninsula to expand their impact and reach.” Membership in either group is not required to attend the event, and those interested in joining either organization are encouraged to attend. The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Young Professionals Network (YPN) is comprised of young entrepreneurs and business professionals within Jefferson County. Through a variety of different programs, YPN helps participants to build business networks and community. To learn more please contact the JCCC; The Peninsula Young Professionals Network (PYPN) is committed to providing young professionals and emerging leaders the opportunity to enhance local personal and professional development that will ultimately create a stronger, more vibrant community. To learn more, please email

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Briefly May 1 -- YPN & PYPN are co-hosting an event at 7 Cedars Casino 6 to 8 p.m.. May 7 -- Coffee Talk, 8 to 9 a.m. at the Resort at Port Ludlow, 1 Heron Road, Port Ludlow. Walter Braswell, USPS Business Solutions Specialist, will discuss direct mail marketing. May 8 -- Executive Board meeting - 8 to 9 a.m. at VIC, 440 12th St., Port Townsend. May 14 -- After Hours Mixer - 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Uptown Nutrition, 1002 Lawrence Street, Port Townsend. May 15 -- Board of Director’s meeting - 8 to 9 a.m. at Peninsula Legal Secretarial Services, 20 Colwell St., Port Hadlock. May 16 -- Ambassador meeting - 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Sirens, 823 Water Street, Port Townsend. May 30 - YPN Test Lab at The CoLab, 6 to 8 p.m., 237 Taylor St., Port Townsend.

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YMCA seeks support for community programs There are essentials every child needs most to thrive: family and community, education, health, and economic well-being. Here in Jefferson County, where 18 percent of children under 18 live in poverty, and food insecurity affects one in four kids, many children don’t have what they need to thrive. The Jefferson County Family YMCA is a local non-profit that focuses on building a strong community, primarily by providing a safety net of programs so these children don’t fall through the gaps. The three pillars of the Y mission – Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility Leprechaun traps were part – form a natural support system for attending to the YMCA program. unmet needs of youth in our working families need help county. with in order to achieve The Y helps working greater economic producfamilies by providing affordable childcare, by keep- tivity and prosperity now and in the future.” ing kids safe and healthy The Y assists local after school while many schools by providing free parents are still at work, and by offering financial aid for tutoring programs that help close the achievement all programs. gap, after school snacks Families living with that work to address food poverty are spending a greater proportion of their insecurity and youth mentoring programs that reach income on child care than out to kids who need stable families with incomes relationships with caring above the poverty line, as high as 31 percent of fam- adults. By partnering with local School Districts, the Y ily income according to Who’s Minding the Kids?, offers fun and educational opportunities – from LEGO a study published by the MindStorms robotics to U.S. Census Bureau in August 2010. Y Kids state- learning to play the guitar – licensed childcare accepts that wouldn’t otherwise be available in our county. DSHS, enabling lowThe Y makes fitness income families to pursue classes available for all ages more work opportunities and alleviating some of the and abilities and incorporates healthy living skills burden of childcare costs. such as the importance According to the Ameriof an active lifestyle and can Center for Progress, “child care is an extremely culinary arts classes into important issue that many its youth programs. The Y 6 May 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter

Thanks to our top chamber contributors! Business investors

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*New loan requests only. Single family owner-occupied homes only. 80% loan to value; subject to current appraisal from a Kitsap Bank approved appraiser. 5 year balloon with loan payment amortization not to exceed 20 years. Must have auto charge to Kitsap Bank deposit account. Other limitations may apply. Limited time only. **On all loans over $50,000.

of the fun recently during a also partners with Jefferson Healthcare to bring new wellness offerings to the county such as Exercise & Thrive, the first co-ed posttreatment fitness program for cancer survivors in Jefferson County. Creating these partnerships allows us all to deliver more bang for the buck – more youth served by these programs, more unmet needs getting addressed. When we choose community-wide solutions, what emerges is a vital, engaged citizenry. The act of shaping our future together is a social prosperity that benefits each of us, and ultimately the strength and vitality of our local economy. Take action with us: spread the word, volunteer, become a Y community partner, or contribute to the Community Campaign happening now.

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Familiarization tours travel to Uptown PT the popular bakery, Pane D’Amore. A pretty common question of tourists in the VIC is, “I read about a bakery here, where is it?” Linda Yakush, owner and recipient of the 2011 Tim Caldwell Business Leader of the Year Award, brought us into the bakery where the magic happens and talked about how she has been blown away by the amount of national press Pane D’Amore has received. With good reason. They don’t just make 22 different kinds of bread and deliver it all over the Quimper and Sweet Laurette’s is our French favorite for breakfast North Olympic Peninsula, and lunch, and now Laurette they are also master pastry is serving dinner Thursdays makers, and have all of the fixings for a little picnic in through Saturdays, too. the park. They also have The café is light and airy a 100 percent no-waste and always smells divine. policy. Leftover bread is Though the café has seen different configurations over donated to the foodbank, the homeless shelter and local the years, this is the 12th year in the Lawrence Street soup kitchens. If there’s more to go around, it gets location. Things never get fed to animals at local farms dull with Laurette. She’s in trade for farm eggs and a woman who believes in cheese. For such a small continuing education. She bakery (but with an addimakes a point to travel to tional location now on BainFrance every couple of bridge Island), Linda does years and takes cooking phenomenal business. They classes whenever she can. have also started Bakers’ She also teaches cookChoice on Mondays, allowing classes to those who ing their bakers to show off would like to learn the art of French cooking. “Never their creative bread baking. Check their FaceBook page say you know it all,” is Laurette’s advice to herself Sundays to find out what the Bakers’ Choice is for and us. She supports the Farm to Table movement as Monday! Pane D’Amore · 617 90 percent of her summer Tyler St., PT · 385-7111 · produce comes from local farms. Her dinners are designed by what she sees Suzy Carroll, back from at the Farmers’ Market. She Mexico and full of vitamin is a family run operation. D, was excited to talk to Stop by her espresso bar VIC volunteers about her and have a cookie in her fabulous seven years at courtyard on a warm day. Uptown Nutrition, and to Sweet Laurette’s Café & Bistro · 1029 Lawrence quash any rumors about St., PT · 385-4886 · sweet- Uptown Nutrition just being your local store for ments and all natural skin Just around the corner care. from Sweet Laurette’s is All four employees of By Karen Anderson Historically, Uptown Port Townsend has been the place of families and locals, not tourists. So we needed to find a way to help get tourism to climb the steps into Port Townsend’s charming Uptown. We all know the best way to find out about a business is to go there, so we visited five different Chamber member businesses and spoke with their owners about what they do and why they love Uptown.

store you’ve seen before. It has three other businesses in it aside from housing of over 18,000 movie titles and video games. Curly Top Collectibles, Dragon Fire Soda Shop and Bombazarian make this shop a highly organized, type-A personality dream. This mighty talented family, who not only rents movies and sells antiques, but also creates collectibles to sell to even the finest connoisseur, has recently taken up the sale of Victorian clothing. And what better place than Port Townsend for that? Co-owner, Sinead said that she’s been wearing Victorian clothes since she was in fourth grade and used to tailor all of her own The popular Pane D’Amore Bakery in Uptown Port Townsend was one of the stops for dresses. Though residents Visitor Center volunteers recently. may only recognize her in her leather jacket from Uptown Nutrition compleknow about the Uptown just to steady themselves, her sword making days (is ment each other with Pub and Grill. It’s your so Christel decided to rent there anything this woman credentials around their neighborhood hangout and out the Uptown kitchen. doesn’t do?), she has taken specific crafts. A certitavern with its lacquered bar Fortunately, she got a fied nutrition consultant, and pool table. But when taker very quickly. The Blue up the Victorian wear again, and now sells skirts, shirts, a licensed esthetician, the owners sold it to long Moose has settled in quite licensed massage therapist time employee Christel Hil- comfortably and established vests, pants and bloomers. The Dragonfire Soda Shop and certified food healer debrant last year, it began its their second location. It’s a sells Butterbeer to the most have all found their place in own evolution into a cozy good match for them both die-hard Harry Potter fan, the little shop on the corner place tourists and locals can as they’ve been received and the Vasu portion of the of Lawrence and Tyler. Up- relax together over a beer or a tremendous amount of store has game stations for town Nutrition has evolved glass of wine. support from the Uptown people who want to try out over the years from the The Uptown Pub still community. new games or just pop in to Victorian Grocer into what offers the things that have The Blue Moose will play. So invite your whole it is today, but Suzy says made it a local success over still be in Boat Haven for family to the Steampunk it’s going through another the years: good beer, darts, everyone during breakfast Hootenanny and make sure exciting evolution. In adpool, ping pong, karaoke, and lunch, but they have to hit up Vasu. You can dition to vitamins, suppleopen mic, trivia, a variety of developed an entirely new ments, massage, nutrition, live music each week and menu to begin serving lunch get dressed for the event and leave the kids with the and other services, Suzy is surly barmaids, but Christel and dinner at the Uptown games! now offering educational changed a couple of things Pub. Congratulations Vasu Video/Curly Top classes during the shoulder to really put her stamp on Christel and Tana on your 1030 LawCollectibles and off seasons from system her new business. One of new partnership! • 379-1033 • rence St., PT cleansing to menopause. those things is the three new Uptown Pub & Grill/ Stop by her shop to find out flat screen TVs. VIC volun- Blue Moose Café · 1016 what your next opportunity teers got an eyeful watching Lawrence St., PT · 385New winery, Marmay be! the first appearance of the 1530 · Vineyards is set Uptown Nutrition · 1002 new Pope, Francis, while townpub. to open May 4th. Judith Lawrence St., PT · 385waiting for the second big and Kenneth Collins gave 3290 · uptownnutrition. (really big) change Christel Our final stop was VIC Volunteers a leg up by com. made. Even in places people Jefferson County’s last offering them a private, premay have worked for years independent video store, opening tour. Judy and Ken If you’ve been in Port before owning, new owners Vasu Video. This video Continued on Page 8 Townsend for a bit, you frequently have to cut back store is unlike any video


May 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter 7

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Volunteers: New winery unveiled Continued from Page 7 bought their acreage a few years ago with no intention of beginning a winery. As they settled in to their new land however, they began to see the potential for something special that isn’t done too often on the western side of the Cascade Mountains, grow and operate their own vineyard. Western Washington isn’t exactly ideal for grape growing, so they began to research other vineyards in the area and also took some classes at WSU, one of which culminated with a vineyard tour in Italy. But growing grapes is a long process and aging wine makes that process even longer. Though their vines are still too young to produce fruit, Judy & Ken are pleased that their vines are maturing nicely. Currently, they are purchasing their wine making grapes

Judith and Kenneth Collins gave VIC Volunteers a private, pre-opening tour of their new winery. from Sedro Woolley and the Willamette Valley, with a plan to phase those grapes out as their own Marrowstone Island grapes come in. The rest of their processing is on site and neighbors have been excited to offer their help. Judy and Ken’s newly built

facility is reminiscent of a barn over the sea, and its clean lines and airy flow (and lack of animals) have attributed themselves nicely as an art gallery for local artists and gorgeous venue for weddings. Marrowstone Vineyards plan is to keep things small and

be your local boutique winery, selling direct and to local restaurants. They are thrilled to be part of a fantastic community of wine makers! Marrowstone Vineyards • 423 Meade Rd., Nordland • 385-5239 •

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8 May 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter

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Chamber Newsletter: May 2013  

The May 2013 newsletter from the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, as published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.