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August 2013

Luncheon Speakers Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon meetings are held at the Port Townsend Elks Lodge, 555 Otto St., at noon each Monday, federal holidays excluded. Everyone is welcome!

Aug. 5 - Jim Rough The owner of Dynamic Facilitation presents: Surprise! … Port Townsend is becoming a model of democracy in the world. Sponsor Kitsap Bank.

Aug. 12 - Heather Flanagan Flanagan, a Master Certified Coach, will discuss The Zen  of Sales: How to align your authentic self and core values with successful  selling. Sponsor First Federal.

Aug. 19 - Elaine Jones Director of the SBDC will discuss No-Cost & LowCost Resources for small businesses. How and where to reach out to supplement your in-house resources. Sponsor KMI.

Aug. 26 - Linda Kaahanui Senior Transition Specialist Kaahanui with New Seasons Move Management will share tips on making our places of business more senior friendly and senior safe.

Boat school projects take shape PBS commission raises school’s public profile The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock was recently featured in a 7-page cover story in the Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine titled “River Rush.” The school was commissioned to build three historic Whitehall boats for a reality-TV documentary for the BBC and Discovery Channel, replicating the journey that John Wesley Powell took down the Colorado River in his epic 99-day expedition in 1869. Instructors Ben Kahn and Jeff Hammond led two combined classes of about 20 students in the design and construction of the Whitehalls. Changes to the original design were made based on documentary evidence that Powell made modifications to help the boats withstand the force of a river run. Two replicas were built 21-feet long and one 16-feet in length. Ben Kahn is now physically training and will actually participate in the upcoming river journey this August, lending his boatbuilding skills to help keep the Whitehalls dry and functioning. You can read the entire Seattle Times article at pacificnw/2021315164_pacificptvboats14.html. “Sliver” is the working name assigned to the Boat School’s

The Traditional Large Craft program at the school is currently working on construction of a Forest Service scaler’s boat. This traditional Pacific Northwest boat historically was used to work around Puget Sound logjams. The design has been modified and now is a cruising boat. 62-foot contemporary wood composite day sailor designed by the renowned Robert Perry for a client here in the Pacific Northwest. Instructor Bruce Blatchley led students in the Contemporary Wood Composites program to begin construction in April, 2011. The School’s work on the boat will be completed July 31, 2013 after which Sliver will be transported to Seattle for finishing and painting. The boat has a strip-planked hull which students built on molds cut by Turn Point Design of Port Townsend. The hull is western red cedar sheathed in 24-ounce fiberglass. Asked about his participation,

Cooper Parish stated, “I’ve been lucky to work for two years on this project. Now I can use my skills in a lot of composite construction industries – rocket construction being one of them not just boat building.” Instructor Tim Lee leads the Traditional Large Craft program at the school, which is currently working on construction of a Hanson-designed Forest Service scaler’s boat. This traditional Pacific Northwest boat was used historically to work around Puget Sound logjams. Lee liked the craft so much that he redrew Hanson’s lines and extended the boat to 28 feet,

making it fit for use as a cruising vessel. Students began the project this spring and completed construction of the boat’s keel, stem, transom, steam-bent oak frames, and planking. Next year’s class will continue the construction and also begin another boat so that students gain experience with the entire process of boatbuilding. The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock provides three wooden boat building programs -Traditional Small Craft, Traditional Large Craft and Contemporary Wood Composite Construction. The school is unique as it is acContinued on Page 2

Wooden boats: Enrollment open for next year Continued from Page 1 credited nationally by the ACCSC and by the state of Washington to provide students an Associates of Occupational Studies degree after 12 months of intensive study - a degree that would typically take two years to complete. With a capacity of 55 full-time students each year, the boat school has a direct positive impact on Jefferson County’s economic development. Its placebased maritime educational programs are enhanced by the beauty of the waterfront campus in the historic district of Port Hadlock and its location on the Olympic Peninsula. The School is internationally renowned. Student’s countries of origin include Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, England, Ethiopia, France and Canada. Masaki Tabohashi’s journey from Japan exemplifies the motivation for students to attend the School. “I found out about the boat school online when I was in 8th grade in Japan. I wanted to build and repair wooden boats after reading a comic animation series that featured an island

with seven docks called “Water-7.” Every time they brought a boat in for repairs to one of the docks I imagined how I could fix it. Now I am 21 and ready to graduate from the Traditional Small Craft Program.” Students contribute over 3 million dollars annually to the local Jefferson County economy. Boat School graduates go on to work in boat yard repair and restoration, maritime museums, boat building, educational programming, musical instrument building, fine furniture making and even rocket construction. Many choose to settle in the regional area of the School after graduation and thus add their professional skills to the economic vitality of the region. Enrollment at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding is open for next year and classes will begin Oct. 1, 2013. The school is approved for Federal Student Aid and Veteran’s Benefits. See for scholarship information. For tours contact Pamela Roberts, Director of Education, at 360-385-4948 ext. 307 or info@nwboatschool. org.

Sliver is the working name assigned to the Boat School’s 62-foot contemporary wood composite day sailor designed by Robert Perry for a client here in the Pacific Northwest. The boat has a strip-planked hull which students built on molds cut by Turn Point Design of Port Townsend.

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Instructor Bruce Blatchley led students in the Contemporary Wood Composites program to begin construction of Sliver in April, 2011. The school’s work on the boat is scheduled to be completed July 31, 2013 after which Sliver will be transported to Seattle for finishing and painting.

Don’t cringe from sales - find authentic self By Heather Flanagan How many business owners cringe when they think of the “sales” efforts required to build their business? In my Zen sales trainings, I’ve discovered a simple way to reduce the cringe factor by changing three little words. When we think of sales, we are often influenced by the jargon from professionals in the field. Terms like prospecting, customers, and closing create a gap between us and the people we serve. They make it seem like sales is a competitive sport or analytical exercise. But sales does not have to be impersonal or superficial. In fact, the more connected and authentic we are the more effective we will be. Let’s see what happens when prospecting, customers, and closing are filtered through authentic connection. Prospecting: What do you think of when you hear this term? I imagine some giant business man shaking a sifter full of people and targeting the ones that remain on top.

This image turns people into nuggets of gold. For most of us, seeing people as potential walking ATMs just feels wrong. So we avoid prospecting. Let’s look through more authentic eyes. You have a product or service that people want or need. Both you and they benefit when you help the right people find you. So instead of prospecting, what if you think of it as providing guidance? Instead of sifting people through your prospector’s sieve, you simply offer assistance to the people you encounter, to help them get clear about what they want or need and how to find it. Maybe that’ll be you, maybe not. But your expertise is of value either way. And if you’re motivated to offer guidance, you’ll naturally gravitate to those people who can

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use it most. Bonus: if the guidance you offer is valuable, those people will send others your way whether they purchase from you or not. The result? Your business grows. Bottom line, prospecting is what you do to connect with those you are meant to serve. It’s more about the Golden Rule than nuggets of gold. Customers: Even the term customer can feel like we are objectifying another human being, turning them into transaction agents in your sales. But the people you serve have unique needs that you are in a position to meet uniquely. Maybe it’s the money thing that gets in the way. Isn’t it funny that most people feel more comfortable asking for money as an employee of someone else’s business than they do for their own true calling? Perhaps we long for simpler times. I am sorry but two goats and a chicken aren’t going to pay your mortgage! The people you serve know this also, and if welcomed, will feel gratitude that

is always a human being with needs. Closing: Closing refers to the act of getting to yes on a sale including a plan for money to exchange hands. Closing a sale can sound manipulative. In our Glengarry Glen Ross http:// tt0104348/ culture at one company I worked for it was common to say, “Did you close him?” It was as though closing was some devilish spell you cast on another person to get them to hand over their gold nuggets. Indeed, for many of the you can accept fair payguys (yes, they were all ment for what you have guys), that was the case. provided. I found that I got a lot So what to call them? more leverage by treating I like to try to get away our clients like human from the sterile term beings who needed our customers when I can. products to solve their For brick and mortar problems. Closing isn’t businesses, guests can sound much softer on the tricking another person ears and more accurately into parting with their cash. Closing is helping a express how you want person to say yes to havyour… well… guests to feel. Like guests! Clients ing a need met. You don’t need to close is another term that expresses respect. For a hip every prospect and turn them into a customer to twist try my peeps. The customer isn’t always right, but the customer

“If you’re motivated to offer guidance, you’ll naturally gravitate to those people who can use it most.”

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be good at sales. In fact, you will do more for your business in the long term if you only work with people who will get the most out of what you have to offer. So what if you manage to convince a chicken farmer that a coyote would be an ideal herding dog? While your powers of manipulation may be great, that chicken farmer is not likely to speak well of you to future potential customers. (Is there a market for coyotes?) As an authentic and connected business person, your job is to find the people whose needs you are most able to meet. Sales is important, good work no matter what terminology you use. Good luck!


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August 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter 3

New members

STEPHANIE GALE Stephanie Gale began working in the international bond markets in 1983 after graduating with honors from Barnard College at Columbia University. As vice president in the Global Sales and Trading Division of J.P. Morgan Securities, London, she advised European central banks, Fortune 500 pension funds, and Wall Street mutual fund managers on their investments. Her local firm, Gale Investment Management was founded in 2005. Located at 425 Washington Street, the staff of Gale Investment Management pride themselves on crafting unique strategies for each client based on their needs and goals and providing indispensible service. Stephanie Gale offers long-term financial planning, retirement plan services and intelligent investment guidance, bringing a wealth of knowledge

and experience to local investors. She is a worldclass financial professional who ensures that you don’t need to leave the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula or the community of Port Townsend to find an expert to help you plan and invest for your future. Face your financial future with confidence and give us a call at (360)3855044 to schedule an appointment today or for more information visit PUGET SOUND PARASAIL Parasailing is now available in Port Hadlock! Tickets are available at the Lobo’s Trading Post or online at . Parasailing is a fantastic way to enjoy your time outdoors and on the water, fun for the whole family and an awesome way to view the scenic Puget Sound. We offer daily parasail rides

(weather permitting) with single and tandem flights available. Our parasail boat “Airwolf” offers tandem and single parasail rides. Our rides have a smooth and easy takeoff and landing. You will be slowly lifted off of the back of the boat or the “flight deck” from the sitting position. You are required to wear a life jacket and will be buckled into a comfortable harness that has a swing-like seat strap. After your ride, you will softly land on the back of the boat in the sitting position. A “toe-dip” in the water is optional, but you will always take off and land from the boat…so you don’t have to get wet unless you want to! sail reservations or book Stop by any day of the online today. Our parasail week to make your paraoffice is located inside the

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4 August 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter

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Everyone’s invited to all county picnic Focus is on neighborhood safety Local 20/20 and Jefferson County Emergency Management are co-sponsoring the first annual all-county neighborhood picnic, to be held on Aug. 18, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at HJ Carroll Park in Chimicum. Come, have fun and learn easy steps to take to prepare your family, neighborhood and businesses to be “in place” prior to an event or disaster. This family-friendly picnic is full of opportunities to play and learn -- and shop! A Farmer’s Market and Craft Fair will be at the park that day! There will be free corn on the cob, games and sports (for kids and adults), live music, and a DJ dance party. Come and meet your neighbors! Learn about neighborhood preparedness and find out if your neighborhood is ready. Jefferson County

has over 100 organized neighborhoods. Learn how easy it is to get ready! Visit the Emergency Simulation trailer and experience a simulated earthquake. Listen to talks given by experts in the field of emergency management. There will be a ceremony honoring emergency first responders. Come and say hello. This picnic is meant to revitalize our local resilience in the case of a disaster. It is a fact that people survive disaster in far greater numbers if they know their neighbors. Our safety begins with our own readiness at home, in our neighborhoods and businesses. Businesses in Jefferson County will recover more quickly when workers can return to work. The sooner we know our

Port Ludlow 74 Breaker Lane Port Ludlow, WA 98365 secure, the 360-437-7863

Thanks to our top chamber contributors! Business investors Port Hadlock 69 Oak Bay Road Port Hadlock, WA 98339 360-344-3424

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families are more quickly we can focus on getting back *New loan requests only. Single family owner-occupied homes only. 80% loan to value; subject to current appraisal from a Kitsap Bank approved appraiser. 5 year balloon with loan payment amortization not to exceed 20 years. Must have auto charge to Kitsap Bank deposit to business and securaccount. Other limitations may apply. Limited time only. **On all loans over $50,000. ing the power of our local economy! If you would like to request a form for a market booth, contact Mike Mullin at: To request a form for an informational table/ booth, contact Judy Alexander at: lightenup@ Contibutions of finanacial and other support include, Port Townsend Paper, Jefferson Healthcare, KPTZ, Jefferson County Parks and Recreation, First Federal Bank, City of Port Townsend, Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce and many more. We are anticipating a large turn-out, so please car-pool or ride your bike, if you can. Sorry, no alcohol or dogs that day. Thanks.

Attend tourism roundtable, learn about visitor center Come join the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce for a discussion led by Karen Anderson, Port Townsend Visitor Center Manager, on how the Visitor Center helps Chamber members and county tourism. Business owners and

operators will learn how they can use the visitor center’s services to boost their bottom lines. The roundtable discussion is open to members and non-members and is set for 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22 at Peninsula Legal

Secretarial Services, 20 Colwell St., Port Hadlock. Drinks and appetizers will be served. Please RSVP to or call 360-385-7869 to assure your place at the table.

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Volunteers visit PS Express, Ravenscroft, Lobo’s 2012. It was given an exten- tic soaking tub, while the By Karen Anderson sive facelift with the help Rainier Room on the third A new business has of Dana Pointe Interiors to floor has a view of its namecome to Jefferson County bring it to its original Colo- sake and a small bistro style unlike any other in the nial design feel. sitting area on the Uptown area. Lobo’s Trading Post This eight room B&B side of the house facing (aka Puget Sound Parasail) has glorious views of the Ann Starrett Mansion. is a family run business Admiralty Inlet, Mount The Garden Level offers located in Lower Port Baker and Mount Rainier, dog friendly rooms, private Hadlock which specializes as well as historic Uptown entrances, and a cozy feel. in hand made harps and Port Townsend. Dave, a Dave, who spent sevother musical instruments, former electrical engineer, eral years working on his jewelry, music, dance, and and his wife, Carolyn, had culinary prowess, proparasailing. Passengers aboard Puget Sound Express are treated to all kinds of interesing sights. narrowed down their B&B vides an array of breakfast The combination is options to Port Townsend choices, from hot dishes eclectic, if not exotic. and shop. Then back on rates and another island location. to a European style buffet. The five Buntin brothers, wind less than 15 mph. the boat to explore the sea PS Express as the No. 1 Their choice to purchase While volunteers sampled a originally from the Olym- While waiting for your seat aboard the ‘Sea again. We learned a lot activity for visitors com- the Ravenscroft was almost delicious frittata, they spoke pic Peninsula, spent many Wolf’, the Lobo’s Tradabout the environs and its ing to Port Townsend. It wholly decided by their ex- highly of the B&B and were years traveling together is a wonderful way to see perience in Port Townsend excited to begin recomand from each place they ing Post offers numerous amazing inhabitants. fine, hand-crafted musical The boats are very and experience the Olym- as a place of community mending it calling it, “awebrought their families, support and festival heavy some,” and “first rate from they added to their trades. instruments, jewelry, and well maintained, comfort- pic Peninsula. Reservavarious collectibles. The able, and safe to travel tions are recommended. seasons. Dave and Dana the paint on the walls to the From Mariachi music in summer is still young! inside or out during the opted to keep as much pictures in the rooms.” The Mexico to hula dancing Get out above the water expeditions. They have PS Express • 227 of the original interior as Ravenscroft Inn has more in Hawai’i, they have padded seats inside and Jackson St. • possible, but updated many in store than just a remarkbrought all of their exper- with a safe and fun example deck space for Port Townsend • aspects to feature some of able B&B. Check their tise, including parasailing perience. Also see Lobo the more unusual spaces. website for details as they business, to Port Hadlock. del Mar’s musical troupe walking outside for view- 385-5288 • www. Rooms on the front side emerge. They laughingly com- perform at Free Fridays at ing or photography. Clean the Fort on Aug. 9! restrooms are available of second floor have access plained that they never too. The Ravenscroft Inn to the veranda which overRavenscroft Inn • had a day off in Hawai’i Lobo’s Trading Post/ Owner and Captain has been renovated and looks Port Townsend Bay. 533 Quincy St. • Port because the weather was Puget Sound Parasail • Pete Hanke and his crew reopened on July 5! Built in The Admiralty Suite on Townsend • 205-2147 always nice and people 64 N. Water St. • Port hand (his daughter Sarah) 1987 with a bed and break- the back side of the second • www.ravenscroftinn. always wanted to go out Hadlock • 360-344-2401 were friendly, knowledge- fast intention, Dave Petro floor features a view of com on the water. Captain bought the inn in March Mount Baker and a romanBart Buntin was generous • www.pugetsoundpara- able and experienced. They expertly narrated enough to show VIC vol- our entire trip and make unteers the ropes on their VIC volunteers were a mean blueberry buckle. parasailing boat, which Captain Hanke’s son is holds the world record for treated to the eight hour whale watching experistudying to be a captain the longest parasail (24 ence to Friday Harbor on the boats to conhours!). with PS Express. Visitor tinue the family tradiSix guests are allowed Center volunteer, Barry tion. Pete’s wife, Sherry on the ‘Air Wolf’ at one Truscott, had this to say runs all the details in the time; which leaves a treabout it: office. This family has mendous amount room to Visitors of all ages been giving tours in Port comfortably take photos coming to Port Townsend Townsend for 28 years. or maneuver to the parashould not miss this Tours run from 4 to sail launch pad for your adventure. It is an 8 hours to three days at 10 minute sail 300 feet in experience they will a time where they visit the air. The state of the art tandem bar allows for fondly remember. We saw Victoria, BC. Not only sailors of varying weights Orcas, Stellar Sea Lions, does PS Express provide whale and wildlife tours, to sail beside one another Harbor Seals, and many sea birds. The sea and but they also offer sailing on a level plane to view weather were perfect and adventures on the 84 foot the Olympic Mountain peaks, Indian Island, and we had a great day on the schooner, Martha, as well water as we chased the as yacht racing tours and the Admiralty Inlet. Orcas! Then we docked extended two week tours Puget Sound Parasail The Ravenscroft Inn has been renovated and reopened on July 5. Built in 1987, the inn at Friday Harbor for two to Desolation Sound in operates year round, but was given an extensive facelift with the help of Dana Pointe Interiors. hours to have lunch, walk Canada! only on clear days with 6 August 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter

Voila! Ribbon cuttings! At left above, Face of Grace staff and chamber members cut the ribbon on a new location. From left to right are Sigrid Cummings (Usana Health Sciences), Teresa Verraes (JCCC) and owner Julie Hoffman (with scissors) and friends. At left below, Jefferson County Library Director Ray Serebrin and associate director Meredith Wagner cut the ribbon at their Grand Re-Opening. Ambassadors Sigrid Cummings (Usana Health Sciences) and Cammy Brown (Peninsula Legal Secretarial Services) hold the ribbon. Other Ambassadors in red, Vi Koenig (PT Laundromat & Self Service Car Wash), Pam Lampman, Karen Anderson (VIC), Laura Brackenridge (Chamber). Above, Daily Bird Pottery cuts a ribbon at their shop with Sinead & Liam Cannon (Vasu Video & Curly Top Collectibles), Connie Segal (Connie Segal Natural Skin Care), Phoebe, Xoe and Darby Huffman (Daily Bird Pottery), Pam Lampman (Resort at Port Ludlow Marina).

Chamber contacts Chamber Staff Executive Director Teresa Verraes Event Coordinator Laura Brackenridge 385-7869 VIC Manager Karen Anderson (360) 385-2722 EXECUTIVE BOARD President Dominic Svornich Kitsap Bank President Elect Amanda Funaro NW Maritime Center

Past President Fred Obee The Leader

DIRECTORS Heather Bailey Jefferson Healthcare

Vice President, Records Molly Force N.D. Prosper Natural Health

Judy Cavett Fairwinds Winery

Vice President, Finances Jake Beattie NW Maritime Center Vice President, Outreach Jordan Eades Hope Roofing Vice President, Membership Cammy Brown Peninsula Legal and Secretarial Services

Debbie Wardrop Resort at Port Ludlow Jennefer Wood Maestrale Carol Woodley Hadlock Motel & Hadlock Realty

Suzy Carroll Uptown Nutrition Justin Jackson Middletown Dreams: A Pin Bar Austin Henry Altas Technologies Vi Koenig Port Townsend Laundromat & Self Service Car Wash Nancy McConaghy Coldwell Banker

Advertising Sara Radka The Leader 360-385-2900 The content of this publication is prepared by the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce for its members. We welcome submissions. Send articles and photos to or mail to 440 12th St. Port Townsend, WA 98368.

Mari Stuart Community Enrichment Alliance August 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter 7

8 August 2013 Jefferson County Chamber Newsletter

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Port Townsend Yacht Club Opening Day was celebrated by Sigrid Cummings (Usana), Pam Lampman (Resort at Port Ludlow), Laura Brackenridge (Chamber), Commodore Rick Rezinas, Fleet Captain Gerry Walsh, Rear Commodore Jim Quandt of the Port Townsend Yacht Club, Karen Anderson (VIC).

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Chamber Newsletter: August 2013  

The August 2013 newsletter from the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, as published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.