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Specialty Workshops

Event Planning 101 - All the tools you need to plan a successful event!

Specialty workshops allow students to explore special interest topics.

Location: Dwinelle, 209 12:50pm-1:50pm: Educational Session #1 2:00pm-3:00pm: Educational Session #2

Risk Management for Student Events Location: Dwinelle, 215

12:50pm-1:50pm: Educational Session #1 2:00pm-3:00pm: Educational Session #2 Andy Goldblatt, UC Berkeley

Monica Duran, ASUC Auxiliary This workshop is for members of student organizations who plan events on campus. It outlines the basic process of planning an event, and goes through tips and tricks to get you through it. This workshop will also cover Event Services at the Student Union; going through the different venues and services we can offer.

The last thing any student organization needs is a claim or lawsuit stemming from one of its events. This workshop is for event planners and other student leaders who want their events to run smoothly and without incident.

Look Beyond Your Wall: Exploring Diversity as a Student Leader

Leadership Skills for Service Leaders: Ensuring Your Service has the Impact you Envision Location: Dwinelle, 145

Location: Dwinelle, 229 2:00pm-3:00pm: Educational Session #2 12:50pm-3:00pm: Educational Session #1 and 2 Craig Alimo, Division of Equity and Inclusion Kelly Lough, LEAD Center Danny Kodmur, Disability Access Services Jana Hiraga, YWCA Berkeley This workshop engages student leaders in discussions regarding who we are as leaders and who others around us are when facilitating a leadership process. This is an introduction to an exploration of individual and social identity and how it may shape leadership processes, how leaders can meet and learn from others' perspectives, and how students can get involved to learn more.

CalGreeks' New Member Summit Location: VLSB, 2050

12:50pm-1:50pm: Educational Session #1 2:00pm-3:00pm: Educational Session #2 Christina Hernandez, LEAD Center The Summit serves to introduce fraternity and sorority new members to the foundations of fraternal life and to equip them with the knowledge and connections they need to be successful, proud, and well prepared for the experience of a lifetime. New members will learn about the history of CalGreeks, our common values/pillars, strategies for success as a new member, and the ability to begin bonding with the other members of the new member classes. CalGreeks wants to welcome the newest members of the community and hope to provide knowledge and information that will assist them to create a strong foundation in which they can build upon within their chapter.

Megan Voorhees, Cal Corps Public Service Center Adena Ishii, Berkeley City College Service Community Are you planning to lead a community service or social justice project this year? If yes, whether it is for a day or all year, this workshop will help you plan a successful project. You will also learn about the many different resources (funding, advising, trainings) available to you on campus and network with other students.

Choosing the Right Professional School Location: Dwinelle, 183

WELCOME ADDRESS 12:00pm- 12:30pm Kelsey Finn Executive Director of the ASUC Auxiliary Kelsey Finn is the Executive Director of the ASUC Auxiliary. Kelsey joined the Cal community in July 2012 with over eleven years of experience in higher education and a wealth of experience in the management and leadership of student union environments. She is responsible for supporting the development of programs and services that promote community, individual growth, and responsible citizenship of UC Berkeley students.

Educational Session #1

Eric Abrams, Diversity Director for Haas School of Business Ever been in conversations about graduate school that begin with the phrase "I heard..." ? Would you like to know the facts? Attend this session and leave equipped with the tools to help others make the correct decisions--and better prepared to embark on your own graduate school journey.

Leading With a Renewed "Invisible Hand" Location: Dwinelle, 228

12:50pm-1:50pm Fundraising & Development for Student Groups: putting the FUN back in FUNdraising Location: Dwinelle, 187 Brittany Murlas, Business Development @ Piggybackr Andrea Lo, Founder/CEO @ Piggybackr Fundraising is hard. And while there is no shortage of resources and products to help you fundraise, how can you possibly sift through them all? We’ll take you through the basics of fundraising and development: discussing why people really give, how to utilize social media, what the grant process is like, and the importance of building partnerships. You’ll leave our workshop with your own development plan in hand!

Solidarity in Action: Bridging the gap between me and my community

Nils-Michael Langenborg, The Sustainable Adam Smith We provide a "compare and contrast" view of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments to identify their differences. We will engage the audience in creating an equal distribution model of the "necessaries of life" using food as the example. Equally, we will challenge all attendees to question the "value" of exchange and redefine what money represents to our global society as part of a new type of leadership.

Success without Stress Location: Dwinelle, 247

Location: Dwinelle, 246 Sarah Ducker, Alternative Breaks Chika Kondo, Alternative Breaks Danielle Ngo, Alternative Breaks This workshop is designed for students who are already involved in social justice or service organizations. We will discuss what it means to have strong community partnerships that are conducive to direct, impactful, accountable service in the communities we serve. Some of the factors we will discuss are community wisdom, cultural humility, solidarity in our service, and soliciting and incorporating feedback from our partners. You will leave this workshop with concrete strategies to improve your relationship with community partners and the quality and breadth of your service.

Pratiksha Ahuja, Art of Living This session is intended for student leaders and students who want to learn about living life effectively and skillfully. It features a discussion on what prevents us from being effective leaders, and ways we can increase our energy and capacity to lead. We will also cover simple relaxing and energizing breathing techniques and do a meditation as a group.

Cal LGBT Ally Workshop

The Gift of Giving Feedback

Location: Dwinelle, 179

Location: Dwinelle, 250

Carmen Jovel, Gender Equity Resource Center In this interactive workshop, participants of all sexual identities and gender identities are presented knowledge, insight, and an open and safe discussion which allows for the promotion and creation of a safer and move inclusive environment. By discussing the workings of homophobia, transphobia, heretosexism, and cisgenderism in our society, participants are given the tools to be better leaders and community members, as well as allies in their organizations and communities to create and promote positive change.

Damaris Olaechea, Cal Facilitation Team Amber Gonzales-Vargas, Cal Facilitation Team Is your team or student organization finding it challenging to communicate expectations? Do some team members volunteer for tasks, but not follow through? Do other team members follow through, but not in the way that others or the leadership team had envisioned? If these situations sound familiar, but you are unsure of how to address them, then this workshop is for you! In The Art & Gift of Feedback workshop, team members will learn an effective step-by-step process for delivering feedback in a nondefensive manner. Workshop participants should walk away with improved skills for effectively addressing conflict situations in teams.

The Olive Tree Initiative--Dialogue Across Difference; Engaging Conflict on Campus

The Only Constant is Change: Strategies for Supporting Fellow College Students in Transition

Location: Dwinelle, 251

Location: Dwinelle, 254

SHANNON THOMAS, OLIVE TREE INITIATIVE SAMUEL METZ, OLIVE TREE INITIATIVE In Dialogue Across Difference: Engaging Conflict on Campus we will emphasize the importance of education and engagement of difference as integral to being an effective leader. We will be working on skills such as facilitating dialogue, active listening, and learning how to engage those who hold different perspectives than one's own.

Toastmasters Blazing a Trail to Leadership Location: Dwinelle, 255

Allison L. Hall, M.A., UC Berkeley The transition to college is huge. But once you get here, you still undergo transitions, including individual transitions, relationship transitions, and work/school transitions. As a student leader, it's important for you to be aware of the different types of transitions college students go through, so that you can better support your peers who are undergoing them. This workshop introduces student leaders to Schlossberg's Transition Theory and encourages them to think about the different transitions students may experience while at college. Participants will learn about the Moving In, Moving Through, and Moving Out Framework, and they will leave with strategies that will better equip them to support their peers. What's at Stake for Students and the Communities We Serve in the November 2012 Election Location: Dwinelle, 258

Jacquelyn Deloatch, Michelle Richardson Imani Robinson, Anthony Penn

Mike Bishop, Cal Corps Public Service Center Jesus Galindo, UC Berkeley

The workshop will provide leadership skills that were mostly developed from being Toastmasters. Toastmasters teaches communications skills, leadership skills, speaking skills, listening skill, time management. and more. Toastmasters' is for all ages.

This workshop will examine local and state issues that voters will decide in November 2012. We will briefly look at national level politics before spending the bulk of our time looking at state and local -- county and city-wide -- issues that voters will determine. This is a great opportunity to inform yourself about the issues on the upcoming election, as well as explore the power of students voting, and the politics of elections such as voter registration and suppression.

Educational Session #2 2:00pm-3:00pm Giving Effective Presentations Location: Dwinelle, 187

Andrew Green, Career Center Most individuals live in fear of standing in front of an audience of strangers and having to make a clear, coherent presentation. Don't let that be you. The ability to approach this challenge with confidence will make you a much more effective leader and provide you with opportunities to shine when others shy away. Learn how to prepare and deliver effective presentations; a lifelong skill that will benefit you now and in the future.

Ways of Making Change to Benefit the Public Good Location: Dwinelle, 228

Conflict and Compromise in Leadership: How to effectively manage difficult situations as a student leader Location: Dwinelle, 179 Sarah Crass, Saint Mary's College of California This workshop will focus on conflict and compromise in leadership. Many student leaders are faced with conflict negotiation at some point in their positions, and this workshop will give them skills and ways to communicate effectively and respectfully. We will review group dynamics and negotiation processes for student leaders as well as role play several situational conflict resolution case studies.

How to Get Individuals Engaged: A Look at Poverty and Education in New Orleans Location: Dwinelle, 183

Mike Bishop, Cal Corps Public Service Center Ever wonder how to increase the power of your social action by entering into coalitions with other groups? This workshop is designed to help students identify the type of social action project they are leading -- and make it easier to enter into coalitions -- by asking participants to reflect on WHY their group exists and HOW the group works in the community. Through this highly interactive workshop you will explore the the different ways/levels of making change, from the individual, organization, coalition, alliance, and examine how the service your groups i engaged in intersects with the work of others…movement building needs movement thinkers!

Leading From the Heart: Alternative Knowledge to Navigate Academia and Building Leadership

Nazanin Salehi, The Magnolia Project Rebecca Fisher-McGinty, The Magnolia Project With 44 school districts and 80% of public schools recently chartered, students in the New Orleans education system face grave disparities. In this workshop, we’ll explore how poverty is connected to certain specific demographics being “left behind” by independent educational institutions. At the same time, we’ll discuss how to best get individuals engaged in discussions about sensitive social justice issues, such as education and poverty.

Resume Writing: From College to Career Location: Dwinelle, 250

Location: Dwinelle, 246 Lupe Gallegos, Chican@/Latin@ Student Development Office Irvin Rodriguez, Multicultural Community Center CLSD Liaison Hugo Guillen, Chican@/Latin@ Student Development Office

Stephanie Thomas, Cal in the Capital Brynna Quillin, Cal in the Capital Sarah Lewis, Cal in the Capital

The workshop will contain a space to dialogue about the concept of "Sentipensate" (feel-thinking) which focuses on bringing the heart and head together in higher education. In this discussion, we will address how different identities intersect, clash and flourish in higher education and their impact on students when they take leadership roles on and off campus. The main target audience would be students who are interested in establishing and maintaining self-care while being scholars and community leaders.

Looking to take your resume to the next level? Whether you're looking for a job after college or applying to graduate school, Cal Corps' Resume Writing workshop will help you tailor your leadership experience for any application. By revealing insider tips, Cal in the Capital and Cal in the Local Government directors will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed. This workshop is open to all grades, freshmen through graduating seniors. By the end of the workshop, you will know how to create a professional, one-page resume for any job or graduate school application.

Servant Leadership: It's more about WE and not ME! Location: Dwinelle, 251

Strawberry Creek Watershed Stewardship Program - Protecting the Environment: Leaders Wanted Location: Dwinelle, 254

Marlon Blake, Office of Student Development The workshop Servant Leadership: It's more about WE and not ME will allow students to reflect on their own personal perspective and how that affects the world around them and how that impacts the student organizations they are a part of. The workshop will be engaging and reflective and nothing but a good time!

The Era of Mass Incarceration and Your Role in its Deconstruction Location: Dwinelle, 255 Sean Flores, Teach in Prison/ Human Rights of the Incarcerated Jax Harris, Bears Beyond Bars/ Human Rights of the Incarcerated The Human Rights of the Incarcerated Coalition is pleased to facilitate a workshop on the issues surrounding America’s prison system. As the workshop will address how racism, poverty, immigration, and social injustices are interconnected through mass incarceration, anyone interested in these topics is invited to attend. Participants will leave the workshop with the tools to spread awareness of prison-related issues and impede the negative impact detention facilities and policing have on their communities.

The Key Leadership Skill of Empathic Listening Location: Dwinelle, 258

Bento Leal This workshop teaches the communication skill of Empathic Listening developed by Dr. Bernard G. Guerney, Jr., in his nationally-recognized, research-based program titled Relationship Enhancement. The Empathic Listening skill is excellent (even essential) for leaders in any arena, as well as in improving communication within couples, families, organizations -- anywhere where want to truly understand the other.

Carolyn Orson, University of California Berkeley: Office of EH&S Katy Nomura, University of California Berkeley: Office of EH&S Veronica Chew, University of California Berkeley: Office of EH&S The Strawberry Creek Watershed Stewardship Program's "Protecting the Environment: Leaders Wanted" is designed for students with an interest in environmental sustainability work. Whether or not they have had experience as a leader, the goal is for students to learn about their style of leadership. Students will think about their style's strengths and weaknesses, understand effective ways to communicate, connect with and inspire those around them, and apply their skills to environmental issues.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER 3:10pm-4:10pm Heather Hiles Founder & CEO of Pathbrite

Heather has committed her life to closing the education and employment achievement gaps for youth and adults. Her leadership experience spans more than 20 years, during which she founded and led several private and public sector organizations. Her roster of leadership roles includes: Commissioner, San Francisco Unified School District; Executive Director of Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2); CEO of Hiles Group (a philanthropy consultancy firm); Co-Founder of EARN (Individual Development Accounts program); CEO of SFWorks (NGO to place women from welfare into careers); and COO of Break the Cycle (K-3rd grade tutorial program). Heather received her B.A. from UC Berkeley and her MBA from Yale University.

Leadership Symposium - Sneak Preview  
Leadership Symposium - Sneak Preview  

LEAD Center’s Leadership Symposium offers students just like YOU the chance to explore one's own leadership style while building upon new an...