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George Neare

(646) 244-2124 Skype: george.neare

In a short period of time, we have become the fastest and most effective collector and compiler of recently filed Internal Revenue Service and State tax liens in the United States. We can do this because we created several unique, ground-breaking and proprietary software programs which allow us to scrape State and County websites – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows us to gather an IRS lien the second it has been filed online, then immediately get a phone number for it, and immediately send it to you. It’s all about speed. Experion, Dun & Bradstreet, Goloeads... we beat of all of them – hands down – on speed (being 1st), volume (providing the most), and get them to you faster than your competition (again, being 1st). Talk to the business or individual with a tax lien first, and more than likely you’ll have a new client. Whether you're a tax resolution firm, or law or accounting firm, our leads, the phone numbers, and the speed with which you get them - can provide you with an enormous advantage over your competitors. Anyone who has been involved in the resolving of back tax issues for some time knows that this industry has changed a great deal. With companies like JK Harris, Roni Deutch, and other major firms taking the lions share of negotiating back tax problems for businesses and individuals, the only competitive advantage anyone has anymore is the speed with which you get in touch with a business or individual with a tax lien. The days are over where clients simply fell into your lap. The industry has evolved and matured. Therefore, the only way to survive is to adapt. Being involved in the tax resolution industry for the last twenty-five years has led us to the firm conclusion that utilizing IRS and State tax liens is all about speed.

Ø You need a steady, consistent and reliable supply of leads Ø The leads need to be minutes – not days – old Ø The leads need to be affordable Ø The leads need to convert into clients We offer all four of these. What separates our leads from anyone else’s in the country is our unique and proprietary software which enables us to gather, compile, put an accurate phone number to the lead, and get it over to you quicker than anyone in the country. Guaranteed. No company in the country in the data business is as confident in their product as we are. For good reason - We deliver. Every lien comes with one or more phone numbers for your marketers to call. This process is also fully automated, ensuring you the highest quality. We also automate the assigning of phone numbers to all tax liens. Whether your business needs 100 liens a day or 10,000 a day, we can provide them to quickly, effectively and consistently. Lien Coverage Our tax lien database contains all 50 states.

Costs: Ø Leads + Phone Number: $.50 each

The great advantage of these leads is the speed and consistency with which you receive them. The majority of these businesses and individuals know they have a tax problem, but have no idea a lien was even placed on them. You can now be the first to talk with them and solve their problem. Business is about seeking out competitive 2

advantages over your competition. This is – without question - a huge advantage over everyone. We guarantee you’re going to love our leads. Call me today and start using our leads TODAY. We’re certain you’ll be a client for life.

George Neare

(646) 244-2124 Skype: george.neare


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The great advantage of our leads is the speed and consistency with get them and you receive them. The majority of these businesses and indi...