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Andiron Wanda Easy Cut Koja orange squash TEFAL

Computer sketches sketches 3d

Macro-photography silver process graffiti

Exploit the friendly and unifying aspect of fire and food through the use of mineral accessories for chimneys.

SKETCHES Research around shape, usage and technical aspects.

THE WORK Adaptable andirons thanks to their sizes. Upper part made to cook food or to hold a metal grill for a more traditional cooking. Lower part made to support logs. Fi b r e - r e i n f o r c e d concrete to enable a soft cooking and to prevent the food.


Design a storage unit suitable to the brand FLY, easily manufactured and targeting a broad range of customers.


24 cm

THE WORK Shelf in lacquered steel and painted. Independent boards linked to each other like a hinge. Variation of patterns and colors in order to maximize the concept of adaptability.


Tableware, to develop a touch related to cutting food while preparing a meal. Long-term project for the brand Mastrad.

SKETCHES Preliminary sketches of handle.

THE WORK Mastrad is a brand synonymous with quality and accessibility (product, use). Range of ceramic kitchen knives for beginners. Instinctive for a good handling and to facilitate the cutting gestures.


A bench to evoke the brand Bleu Nature, respect of their identity, using characteristical materials (wood and metal), premium customer product.

THE WORK Cosy bench without being cut off from the world. Beech wood shining with age to reinforce the idea of a caban. Slats spaced slightly to observe the outside world without revealing any presence.

THE BRIEF Workshop 4 days, reinvent the juicer and find a way to preserve better the fruit pulp and vitamins.

THE WORK Press and squash system to avoid splashing and loss of juice, possibility to drink directly the juice from the container. Make it fast and healthy.

THE BRIEF Draw the graphic design of the ÂŤCooklight Âť range to revitalize it (Spring 2011). Targeted to young beginners in the kitchen, desiring to cook healthy meals.


Research around textures, graphic design in microcosms, with a macro-photographic scale.

Shooting and developing (only black and white films).


When an industrial designer becomes a graffiti artist for a day (legal wall, in Nantes, France).

I’m looking for a 6-month internship in industrial design starting from September 2012. Will you be interested to work with me?

Léa Bailly- Portfolio 2012  

My work in Industrial Design.

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