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Dimensions In this file: 1. Quantitative analysis of the Zara’s Floor Plan, and its impact on my design As I did not managed to get floor plans of more than just a one shop (Zara - thanks to Beatriz as she works there and helped me), I have decided to use Zara’s dimentsons when generating the dimentions for my floor plan. 2. Requirements of the retail space such as wheel chair accessible (Dimestions which has to be considered while designing a suitable space for human beings) The fitting rooms issue - the importance of their design 3. The inportance and psychological impact of ceiling height on people. Why the retail spaces usually have very height ceilings? -

Zara , West Quay, Southampton - Floor Plan

Zara , West Quay, Southampton Quantitative Analysis of the space

Chart generated from Zara’s Floor Plan (Southampton, West Quay)

Female area Male area Kids area Fitting Rooms Storage Others

Chart generated from my final floor plan

Female area Male area Kids area Accessories Fitting Rooms Storage Central area

Coffee shop and Foyer


Staff Room and Office

I researched the ideal ceiling height for the fashion store (from the psychological point of view)



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