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Die Gipfel und hohen Bergflächen im Schnee, die Täler hinunter graues Gestein, grüne Flächen, Felsen und Tannen. Es war nasskalt, das Wasser rieselte die Felsen hinunter und sprang über den Weg. Die Äste der Tannen hingen schwer herab in die feuchte Luft. Am Himmel zogen graue Wolken, aber alles so dicht, und dann dampfte der Nebel herauf und strich schwer und feucht durch das Gesträuch, so träg, und plump. The high mountains peaks and surfaces covered with snow, downwards the valleys grey rocks, green planes, stones and fir trees. It was damp, water was trickling over the rocks and down the road. The branches of the fir trees hung heavy into the clammy air. The sky was clouded. Fog was sweeping heavy and wet through the thicket, dull and clumsy. Georg Büchner, Der Hessiche Landbote



I studied old workwear and discoverd that aprons really interest me. People wear it to do all kinds of work. Aprons get dirty and destroyed and on the other hand people build something new while wearing it. Something grows and gets created. There is a connection between work and growth.


Urban G ardening

The garden is our last luxury these days. It demands the most precious things in our society: time, care and space.

Plants and grasses finding their way through the cities pavement. People planting crops on rooftops, in between skyscrapers and on small balconies. They all want to have a piece of nature to call it their own. The pattern on my shirt consits of plants containing a city map.



Motion means changing position with time in a coordinate system. What interested me most was the human motion in snow­boarding. I took sequences of snowboarders rotating in the air. I analysed their movement, body position and demanded space while moving. The created room of the upper-body movement was then integrated in the front and back of a coat. Thereby a special volume was generated. Snowboarders grab their board while rotating. I elaborated a sleeve inspired by a bent arm trying to grab the board.

Motion capturing with Lukotronic. Creating Paper Figures out of generated Volume.




Skirt and Trousers

The Alps I got inspierd by the structure of mountains and glaciers. The profil of ice, the cuts, lines and colors were my pattern. All kinds of blue, white, grey and black run together. The knit of the pants are made on a knitting machine and the upper part is similar to knickerbockers. I made a skirt that looks like a long pillow line on a wide and open mountain face or like ice floes in the Antarctic. It is soft and fleecy. You can wear it as a skirt or as trousers.

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