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DreamBound is a bi-weekly magazine offering a signature mix of reporting and commentary on politics, international affairs, popular culture and the arts, science and technology, and business, along with fiction, poetry, humor, and cartoons. The magazine is available in print at newsstands and by subscription. In addition, digital subscribers have access to our complete archive, which includes a digital replica of every issue of the print magazine, from 1925 to today. We also offer an E Ink edition for Kindle and Nook, editions through Zinio and Texture, and an audio edition of selected pieces from Our Web site,, features the full contents of each week’s magazine, plus every- thing we’ve published since 2010 and select older m a g a zine stories. The site also publishes more than fifteen daily dispatches from DreamBound writers and artists, as well as podcasts, videos, slide shows, interactive graphics, and the Cartoon Caption Contest. Five articles per month at no charge before being asked to subscribe.

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of DreamBound Literature is not always the most popular entertainment form of choice, so DreamBound seeks to engage potential readers by sharing the literary journey and interests of their favorite stars.


Lily Collins has had a busy year, appearing in Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes biopic Rules Don’t Apply and Netflix’s biggest feature film yet, Okja, and starring in one of its latest indie films, To the Bone (streaming now – the story of a girl dealing with anorexia). I caught up with her on a warm Tuesday afternoon at the Corinthia Hotel in London. There’s common ground here: you studied journalism right? Yeah I went to USC. Broadcast journalism and communications. It made me wonder - see, for me, I’ve always ultimately wanted to be directing and I’m trying to segue into that - with you, was it the case that you studied journalism and did a little after college, but the hope was always to go into acting? Yeah, I always knew that I wanted to act. But I was always super intrigued about asking questions and seeing human nature and human response and knew it would better inform me as an actor. And then, taking that on camera, I could better understand my angles, what it was to edit, how edits happen and how to take direction.

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“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.� - John Green

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Omnis vir Lupus


Morning Star

by Pierce Brown

Wander through a whole new world on a planet not too far from our own...

Get lost in DreamBound’s BOOK OF THE MONTH

After being captured at the end of book two Darrow is now being held by the Jackal (who is now ArchGovernor) as a prisoner “on loan” from the Sovereign. He spent three months in interrogation then another nine months in a box in complete darkness. As he is to be moved from the Jackal’s fortress back to the Sovereign for dissection the Sons of Ares are able to break him out. Though Darrow was believed to be dead, Sevro never gave up and finally found him. He has been leading the rebellion in Darrow and Fitchner’s absence which is near falling apart. Darrow’s family is alive as well as Dancer. They were able to also rescue Victra from the Jackal. Darrow’s integration back into the world is rocky,

and his body needs much healing. Tens of thousands of low color refugees have flooded near the Ares base. There are skirmishes all over Mar’s, and much of the Society is consumed with the Moon Rebellion. Roque leads the Sovereign’s fleets. After a time of recuperating Darrow is strong again and has been going on small missions. His first big job is to travel to a moon called Phobos that houses a Helium-3 station and a city mostly run by Quicksilver, a silver and the richest man in the galaxy. They are to kidnap him and bomb the station, throwing the economy into chaos. Sevro’s plans become reckless and when the group of Howlers reaches Quicksilver they find him with many powerful Golds, including Mustang, one of the Sovereign’s guards, and Cassius. The fighting is brutal, but they manage to kidnap Quicksilver as well as Kavax, Mustang’s friend. Darrow learns that Mustang may still be on his side and that Orion still has control of his ship, the Pax. As they escape Quicksilver’s building, Darrow takes leadership from Sevro for a time putting a wedge between them. When they reach the Ares hideout on this moon, Darrow and Sevro finally come to blows. They fight but in the end, they become stronger friends than before, and Sevro gives control over to Darrow. They learn that Quicksilver is a Son of Ares and leads the rebellion of high colors. Instead of abandoning the Reds and other low colors on Phobos they rally an army and broadcast across the entire society that Darrow is back from the dead and that they will rise together and break the chains. As the uprising continues, Darrow and Ragnar leave on a luxury vessel disguised as fleeing Golds. Mustang surprises them by showing up and requesting to come along. It is revealed that Ragnar had freed Kavax and asked him to send Mustang. They warily allow her to join.


Spotlight Character: Virginia au Augustus


Girl to watch out for as you are devouring Morning Star, by Pierce Brown, is Virginia au Augustus ( AKA “Mustang”). Mustang is known best for her genius level intellect. She is seen as something of a visionary at her age among the Golds, and has great political skill. She has keen social instincts and is able to befriend, charm, and work with others well, winning friends and allies easily. She is also highly empathetic and compassionate, though she is talented at hiding these traits so as not to show weakness. Mustang is very loyal to her family, even when they don’t demonstrate the same in return. Despite her father and her brother’s occasional scorn for her, Mustang does her best to ensure the strength and safety of her family, and works with them as far as her morals allow her. Politically, Mustang has always been a Reformer by Gold standards. During her tenure under Octavia au Lune, she wrote about fairer treatment of lowColors, though she still demonstrated a degree of prejudice against them. Mustang initially doubted whether The Rising could be effective. However, her time with Darrow, his family, and other members of The Rising helped her to understand their grievances and purpose, and she eventually chose to fight with them to overthrow the Society.

“Man cannot be freed by the same injustice that enslaved it.� - Darrow of Lykos



Wander issue 1- DreamBound Magazine  
Wander issue 1- DreamBound Magazine