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propelled onto the international music scene. Just two years later, the widely acclaimed “Mi Sangre” overshadowed his former album’s success. This included hits such as “Volverte a Ver” or “Nada valgo sin tu amor” and the mega-hit “La Camisa Negra” which would again shoot to #1 in the charts but this time, in 43 countries. Incredibly, he would go on to expand on this success with his next album “La Vida es… un ratico”, which was released in more than 70 countries, not only becoming one of the world’s top selling albums but whose hit track “Me Enamora” remained the longest at the top of the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks. In 2010 he released his fifth and final album to date, “P.A.R.C.E”, in collaboration with British Producer Stephen Lipson, who started out as an engineer with the Rolling Stones. Ultimately, Juanes has enjoyed a career which has not only brought him great personal satisfaction but amazing professional success: more than 12 million albums sold, 17 Latin Grammy Awards, 18 MTV awards and 16 Lo Nuestro Awards; along with a circle of friends and fellow artists with whom he has collaborated such as Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Furtado, Miguel Bosé and Tony Bennet. But beyond the lyrics of his songs, Juanes has a strong social conscience and is known as a “global activist”. He started the “Mi Sangre” Foundation that provides support and rehabi-


litation to victims of anti-personnel mines, and led to a concert he performed before the European Parliament, to raise awareness for their plight. He is also the co-founder and advocate for the concerts “Paz Sin Fronteras” which aim to bring people together, irrespective of colour or creed, calling for peaceful solutions to end armed conflicts. The first concert of its kind brought together 200 thousand spectators, and its second, staged in Havana, turned into a huge demonstration in the name of peace and hope. His involvement in these and other humanitarian projects, has led his country’s President to name him as “Columbia’s Greatest Ambassador”. He has also been honoured by Sir Paul McCartney and awarded the title “Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters” by France, in recognition of his social activism: in Columbia he was awarded the prestigious National Peace Prize. Thanks to his fame and musical career, the Columbian artist is able to use his widespread popularity to spread his message to an all-embracing fan base, including those in the highest echelons of society. His is a fan base that has fervently supported him at each of the 800 concerts he has performed to date, making them a sell-out success and who purchase his albums, not only for their music but for what Juanes himself represents. This July will see him promoting his latest album in concert at Madrid’s Palacio de Deportes


ccording to the Los Angeles Times, to speak of Juanes is to speak of “the most influential artist in the Latin Music world”. And this is because not only is Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez a singer but a composer, producer and excellent guitarist, with a career in the music industry that spans almost a quarter of a century. Born in Medellín, Columbia on the 9th August 1972, from a very young age he was influenced by such diverse sounds as Soda Stereo, Carlos Gardel and Led Zeppelín. This eclectic mix of music gave rise to a rock star poet, whose lyrics not only speak of love but also touch on difficult social issues. Now that he’s a father, he takes stock of his life from a more relaxed perspective. Turning back the clock, at the age of just 16, Juanes already formed part of a rock band called “Ekhymosis”. During the nearly ten years they were together, he composed, sang, played the guitar and even produced their 5 albums. He then embarked on a solo career, releasing the album “Fijate Bien” which rapidly rose to the top of the Columbian charts, as well as being nominated for 7 Latin Grammy Awards. It was however his 2002 follow-up album “Un día normal” which brought him success both inside and outside his country. The single “A Dios le pido” shot to #1 in Columbia, Mexico and Spain and Juanes was


MADRID deluxe Summer 2011 Edition  

In the new installment of MADRID deluxe, you will find the highlights of summer 2011 in the city. The unique, exclusive cover of Juanes is o...