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Kadir Topbaş: “İstanbul gibiyim” Herkes için bir


Özlem Süer’den Gerilla Mağazacılık Aşk Şehri


George Clooney CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Gösterişli, etkileyici, kusursuz...



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GEORGE CLOONEY Gösterişli, etkileyici, kusursuz Brilliant, fascinating, perfect


KÜLTÜR SANAT Venedik Bienali / Venice Biennal

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KADİR TOPBAŞ “İstanbul gibiyim”/ “just like Istanbul”


YAŞAM Yeni Gözdeler / New favorite


ŞEHİR TURU Herkes için Nişantaşı A Nisantası for everyone


GURME Maximillian Thomae


SEYAHAT Gizemli ve romantik Cartagena Mysterious and Romantic Cartagena


MODA Özlem Süer


MODA ÇEKİMİ Boğaz’da Gündoğumu Sunrise at Bosphorus








he Formula 1 will continue to speak Spanish in the years to come. Because Spain produces phenomenal drivers. The latest gem is Dani Clos, a 23 year old from Barcelona who began in the kart world at the tender age of 7. In 2006, he was proclaimed champion of the Italian Formula Renault 2.0 and is currently the sole Spanish GP2 driver. His dream: racing with the big boys. And he’s certainly not lacking the drive or talent.

were championship contenders, and, towards the middle of the season, I had an accident in which I fractured a vertebra. They had to operate, and I missed two races. Even so, it was a pretty good year. I finished fourth, just one point away from third. This year (his third in GP2), while I had more experience, certain decisions and changes within the team meant we had problems tuning the car and with tyre wear early in the season. We wound up losing quite a few points, and this proved costly.

How would you sum up your career through GP2? I’ve always been crazy about motorsports. I started driving karts when I was young, around 7. Then came championships in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and the world until I moved into open-wheel cars, with which I’ve competed in several categories.

Will you continue in Racing Engineering? You never know. We’re currently studying a number of options, in both GP2 and the Formula 1...

Describe a normal day in the life... My daily life consists of both physical and mental training. Although it seems we (the drivers) only move the steering wheel and pedals, races are long, and you lose tonnes of

Which specific sporting activities do you practice? A driver needs to be an athlete and have skills in all sports. Cycling, swimming and running are fundamental. Working on balance and reaction is also important. At 300km/h, you need to react very quickly. What’s more, maintaining accuracy at these speeds is extremely complicated. Nutrition is another important aspect... Of course. I don’t adhere to a strict diet, but I eat very healthy, low in fat. And my body thanks me for it. You have been the subject of our first male editorial. How was the experience? Very positive. I’m not used to posing and I felt very comfortable. The team’s been great. You’ve treated me phenomenally and I must say I’m grateful


You’ve spent three seasons in the GP2, the prelude to the Formula 1. Your first year you finished 21st. The second you came fourth, and now eighth. How do you explain these changes? The GP2 is one of the world’s most challenging championships. Your first year is always difficult. We endured a lot of accidents, some caused by other drivers. Last year we

Your big dream must be to take that leap into the Formula 1... The Formula 1 is my ultimate dream; it’s what I’ve worked for my entire life. I’m ready, thing is, unfortunately, it’s extremely complicated. While you might have excellent results, the team needs the driver to have money.

liquid. We have to be extremely well prepared, and, as we have virtually no time to train with the car, we spend session upon session in the simulator. I also like to study languages and spend time on my hobbies.



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