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Sex Education in Schools

Real Opportunities Project Donna Harris

Amy Pole

The Project….. • Works with young people to increase participation in social, learning, volunteering and employment opportunities. • Services are available to young people aged 14-19 years of age who have severe and complex needs, including a learning disability and / or autistic spectrum disorder. • A multi-disciplinary team offer a tailored package of support to meet individual needs

5 Pathways in the Transition to Adulthood Lifelong Learning

Leisure Opportunities


Independent Living


Psychology Support • 1:1 work – appropriate behaviour, relationships, confidence, self esteem, anxiety, phobias, anger management. • Agored Cymru courses – Understanding Sex and Relationships, Bullying, Confidence, Friends, Anger Management, Internet Safety, Safety with Strangers

Understanding Sex and Relationships Agored • Delivered in Special Needs schools, and Resource bases within Mainstream schools. • To date 245 young people have completed the accredited course with Real Opportunities. • Highlighted by Estyn as ‘sector leading practice’ in November 2012.




Reproductive Organs

Menstrual Cycle

Sexual Intercourse and Appropriate Touching


A contraception kit is used to show participants different methods of contraception and how they are used. Participants are given the opportunity to practice condom application.


Sexually Transmitted Infections • STIs are discussed - examples are given as well as symptoms, how they are treated and how they can be prevented.

• Glove game can be used as a practical demonstration of these principals.

Things to consider… • Effective joint work with partners from the local health board and youth service enabled the development and delivery of course. • Borrowing resources • Linking young people up with specialist services e.g. The Basement (an information drop-in centre for 11-25 year olds).

Working with families • Parental consent is always gained before delivering the course. • Work can be undertaken with parents looking at how to discuss sexual health and how to address related problems.

More information: Workbooks and other resources are available on our website:

Sex education in schools