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November 2010

Policy Recommendations by: Anna Laurence

As part of Stand’s constant effort to keep its policy recommendations current and salient, the Stand policy team has elected to highlight its recommendation that the Canadian government increase its support of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)’s implementation. To highlight this policy recommendation Stand has moved it to the forefront of our advocacy efforts for the months leading up to the vote on South Sudanese independence, a vote that the CPA stipulates must take place. By pushing this policy recommendation for the next three months Stand hopes to greatly increase the Canadian government’s awareness and willingness to provide support throughout the referendum’s process.

In light of the obstacles faced by the January 9th referendum and its potential fallout, it is critical that this vote receive all the democratic support available. The Canadian government has the ability and a responsibility to contribute to this effort in a number of ways. As stated in Stand’s policy recommendation, we urge the Canadian government to assume its responsibility by putting pressure on the Sudanese government to repeal restrictions on free speech, increase transparency in the electoral process, diminish logistical barriers, and fund voter education programs. In addition, Canada has within its power to take more immediate steps, including providing training of domestic election observers as well as sending its The necessity for a referendum to be held on own contingent of election observers. Finally, the the question of South Sudanese independence is Canadian government needs to ensure that the stipulated in the CPA along with other conditions. study deployed by its Foreign Affairs and InterThis referendum on South Sudanese independence, national Development committee on the potential to take place January 9th 2011, has become a focal ramifications of the referendum is completed in a point of Stand’s policy for two reasons. First, due to timely manner so that Canada is prepared to react the lack of transparency demonstrated during the to whatever situations may arise post referendum. Sudanese elections that took place in the spring, Stand feels strongly that only with supervision and While the referendum has serious implicalogistical support will this vote be carried out in tions given its importance and the international ata democratic manner. Without transparency and tention it will receive, it also is a unique rallying opfairness Stand feels the likelihood of a negative out- portunity for Stand. With concerted and vigorous come from the referendum is increased. Second, advocating around this policy, Stand has a great opany negative outcome of the referendum could be portunity to affect important change and potentially severe, involving a high risk of renewed violence in improve the situation of a many lives. As such, it is region. As Stand’s primary objective is improving essential that Stand coalesce behind and prioritize the lives of those on the ground and maintaining sta- this policy recommendation in the coming months. bility in Sudan such an outcome must be avoided. [-1-]

STAND is the new GOOGLE! by Elham Bidgoli

STAND Canada search is powered by Yahoo, Bing, Google or Federated, so you get the same results you are used to, but now every search raises a few cents. Which may not sound like a lot, but if you have ever paid for a cup of coffee in pennies and dimes, you know that those cents do add up. Funds raised from this tool will allow us to keep 1-800-Genocide running and contribute to conferences and resources for our advocates and chapters.

We are a Google nation. Search engines have become an integral part of our lives, whether it is researching for a paper or looking up that hilarious youtube video someone mentioned in class. In the past, looking for the answer to a question required books, libraries, maybe even meeting with an expert, and lots of time. Nowadays, it takes a couple taps on the keyboard and milliseconds.

The best part is, users are not required to download anything to participate - just use the page as your main search page, and you are supporting our cause with every search. But wait – do you also love the rush of competition? Because the tool also allows you to recruit people to use it. And this month, we are encouraging chapters to share the tool by offering an awesome prize to the chapter who recruits the most users. Just click on “Invite Recruits” on the main page to get started.

We are also a multi-tasking generation. We email on the bus, do our homework on the train, juggle classes, volunteering, part time jobs and friendships. We like to maximize our time and use it efficiently. Give us a phone that is also an organizer, video player and lets us play the bubble popping game at the same time, and we’re set.

Multi-tasking at its finest. Get started now.

Enter the Stand Search engine. For students, this is a perfect fit between our Google citizenship and our love of doing multiple things at once. Stand search is our new fundraising tool that enables you to contribute to Stand every time you search.

Check it out today!

-Elham Bidgoli is Principal Director of Stand Canada and once googled “The Caramel Secret” to figure it out once and for all. Questions or concerns about the search tool? Email her at


STAND UNITED: A Conference Re-Cap by Lindsay Broadfield Over the weekend of October 2-3, Stand held its annual national conference. Similar to last years’ conference, it was held at the University of Toronto campus, and as with last year, it attracted some amazing people! Over two days, we all met, mingled, got to know each other, and got to know Stand. We had several amazing guest speakers, and had a few of our very own directors speaking over the weekend. Here are a few of the highlights of an amazing weekend!

• This year’s Stand for the Dead Campaign was presented by our STFD Director Aneil Jaswal • University Chapters Director Laurie Drake gave a crash course on the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, filled with an interesting but chaotic history • Byrne Furlong, a consultant with Daisy Consultant Group, offered tips and tricks on developing relationships with our politicians, and on how to be a good lobbyist

• Principal Director Elham Bidgoli starting the conference off with a run-down on Stand – who we are in terms of personnel and organization, and what we stand for an organization • Kyle Matthews visited us from Montreal, representing the Will to Intervene (W2I) project. As the lead researcher of the project, he offered some great insight into how our government could better deal with the conflict in Darfur, as well as other conflicts around the world • Scott Proudfood, the Director of the Sudan Task force spoke to the delegates about Canada’s interest in Sudan, and offered a lot of historical background of the conflict in addition to insights on the upcoming referendum • Stand’s Policy Director, Luke Kujawa, detailed Stand Canada’s 3 policy recommendations, ensuring we are all on the same page for the rest of the year

Amongst the wonderful presentations and discussions, time was spent with chapters integrating and meeting each other, each sharing their experiences and ideas. Mingling opportunities were plenty, allowing delegates to get a better glimpse at what Stand is all about – a network of amazing, inspiring, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable people who are working towards a common goal: bringing an end to the conflicts in Sudan. If you weren’t able to attend the conference – don’t worry! There is a conference each year, and you will have the opportunity to join us next year. If you want to learn more about the content that was covered this year, there is a conference wrapup package with details about each of the speakers and presentations given. If you would like a copy of this, please email Lindsay at to have one emailed to you.


Stand and Falling Whistles by: Michael Schneider

Falling Whistles gives a small window into our world’s largest war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Beginning with just a journal written about young boys sent to the front lines of war armed with only a whistle, readers forwarded it with the same kind of urgency in which it was written and demanded to know –what can we do?

The Falling Whistles campaign launched in response with a small whistle and a simple plan : make their weapon your voice and be a whistleblower for peace in Congo. From humble beginnings in a Los Angeles garage, Falling Whistles has been built upon stories of sacrifice - people doing what they can with what they have to speak for peace. Falling Whistles recently partnered with the University Of Toronto’s Stand chapter and held an event on their campus, showing their new documentary film “Peace Is The New Frontier,” which can be seen online at The video shares the story that today in Congo over 6.9 million men, women, and children have died as our world’s largest war continues. While people continue to die at rates of 1,500 per day, the international community sits quietly – largely responsible for a war they know nothing about. To read the story, and get more information on Falling Whistles, please head to their website,


We’d like to give our big shout-outs to Western and McGill for their generous donations to STAND! THANKS GUYS!


November Chapter Digest  

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