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Story Treatment It’s April, 2011 in the kitchen of the Mortellini house in Staten Island, New York as MAMA (also known as Maria) has been slaving away over a piping hot six layer lasagna and a delicious tray of chocolate torte for the last four hours for her husband, PAPA, and her son VITO just like the Sunday before and the Sunday before that. The two men are expected to arrive in a few short minutes. Mama frosts the torte and is dusting it with powdered sugar as Papa walks in the front door with his briefcase and his wrinkled tie flipped back behind his neck. He expresses his hunger and thankfulness for the wonderful meal to come to his wife and kisses her lovingly on the cheek as she brushes him away while blowing stray strands of hair out of her eyes. He pops down on the couch and watches ESPN until the food is ready in order to get out of her hair. Just then Vito walks in scarfing down a Krispie Kreme doughnut from the vender down the street while arguing with a client on his cell phone. When Mama complains that his appetite will be ruined, he charms her with his boyish charm like he usually does and tells her all about his new girlfriend, JULIA. Mama isn’t ever pleased with anyone in Vito’s life because she wants his love and affection all to herself. The three sit down at the pine dining table while Mama lights the candles and shuffles back and forth between the dining room and the table, bringing in plate after plate of carbs and more carbs. Mama and Papa continue to try to convince Vito that this girl is no good for him. Papa has met her once before and explains to the table that he thinks she is comparable to a two dollar hooker. Mama agrees even with Vito protesting in the background. All of the sudden, the room gets dead quiet after Vito and his Dad are bantering back and forth about why Vito doesn’t just stop dating Julia and trade her in for a respectable girl who can cook like Mama. Then Vito sheepishly tells his parents that it is because Julia is pregnant. His parents think that he means that she cheated on Vito and is pregnant with some other guy’s baby. When Vito corrects them, Mama and Papa just sit at the table for a minute

in utter shock and silence. Suddenly Mama starts bawling and shoving chocolate torte into her mouth while Papa gets so furious at his son that he begins to throw the dinner plates and the food at him from across the table. Ultimate chaos breaks out in the Mortellini household as Vito throws all of the chocolate torte at his father but misses and it splatters all over his Mama’s face and the white wall behind her. She screams for Vito to get out as he runs out of the house and down the street to his black BMW, speeding off with tires smoking behind him. Mama and Papa stand in the now destroyed kitchen staring at one another and the pig pen around them in utter disappointment and disbelief. They make comments regarding the shame that Vito has brought to their family and that they didn’t raise this type of son. Papa is slumped over in the dining room chair with his head hanging heavy in his lasagna-covered hands. Mama is half cleaning the kitchen and half shoving chocolate torte off of the wall into her mouth while her body shakes with sadness and snot is dripping down her face.

Story Treatment  

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