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Video Blog Module Overview A lesson in video journalism and video blogging techniques, with a focus on interviewing skills, production and design; ending in the production of weekly video blogs around a salient topic.

Objectives Integrate an understanding of video blogging, interviewing techniques and the post-production workflow to create weekly video blogs for school website. 

Explore the various roles in a professional production crew

Learn interview techniques / Conduct interview and b-roll shoots

Learn the production / post-production workflow and basics of CMS

Activities 

Screen and discuss video blog examples and online tutorials

Experiment with camera angels and filming techniques

Practice Interviews in class and rotate through production roles

Organize a production crew, conduct interviews and gather b-roll

Edit footage into 1-2 minute video blogs (ideally 1 per week)

Example Topics for Video Posts 

Post Sandy Recovery Efforts/ Initiatives (method: citizen journalism)

Civic Processes and how they were disrupted by Sandy (method: stop motion animation, interviews)

Interviews with students about their experiences during/after the storm

Strategy Encourage each student to contribute content (photos, videos, narratives, etc.) and offer opinions and critiques. Ensure that all students rotate groups and positions in the production workflow.

Media Education | Grade 6-12 Fall 2012

Materials 

Cameras / Tripods

Computer / Non-linear Editing Software / Projector

Microphones / mp3 Recorder


Internet Access

External Hard Drive

Resources A detailed curriculum guide will be provided by BRIC Arts | Media to be used by teaching artists. Participation by teachers is welcome and affords professional development opportunities – video/sound production skills including use of nonlinear editing software. Students should be prepared to do independent research, and bring props to production shoots when needed.

Final Productions All productions will be uploaded and available to view on the BRIC Media Vimeo Channel. Final production may be shown on the BCAT Network and showcased on the BRIC website.

Evaluation Student work will be evaluated per class and assignment based on participation, application of curriculum topics and quality of final productions.

Video Blog Module


Video Blog Module  
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