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LDOC Issue 06.02

free art Monday, March 21, 2016

Origins Photographs by Rachel Jump Rituals Poetry by Jennifer B. Larson

The Offering a hand sent from heaven to guide man extends a bouquet of bones which we propose will heal the world

Unfinished Theses by an Animal Stranded at Sea The horizon a mirror our future a speck on reflective glass stacked sideways solid spines & plates on a rack * Ripples unfold the ocean reveals her age * Our survival depends on the fish arching




ceiling tiles I recall from childhood & van gogh’s thick strokes of paint We hide under the tarpaulin to escape splashes of whales tails thrusting buckets of rain & miles away mouths murmuring blurred melodies * We wait like this every day. The sun is a striker-tower at a fair where an auctioneer dares you play

You Can’t Send for a Rainbow but you can always imagine a racetrack of light breaking through the clouds the place brilliant stripes crash into the ground The spectrum is static on your eyelid’s filmscreen * Gaia sighs crowns of trees open their fists greedy fingers outstretched for a meal unvexed by the wildfire’s rage She still yearns to wrap you up blot out your flames with a mountain range balance her belly upon your shell absorb the heat from your heartbeat listen to your pulse at work while you sleep

Rachel Jump is a fine art photographer living in the Chicago, Illinois. Her black and white images explore ideas of home, belonging, memory, and absence, and have been exhibited throughout the United States. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA PH’14), and received the Harry Koorejian Memorial Scholarship and the Haining Family Scholarship. Her photographs are a part of the RISD Museum Special Collections, where she was also a visiting artist in conjunction with the exhibition, America in View: Landscape Photography 1865 to Now. Rachel is represented by Alibi Fine Art in Chicago, Illinois, which held her first major solo exhibition in November 2015. Her work has also been featured in various publications, including LENSCRATCH, The Ones We Love, Whattaroll, LDOC, RISD XYZ, and Light Leaked. She has taught at the Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts and Maine Media Workshops + College. Rachel is currently working as a Tourism Marketing Assistant at the Art Institute of Chicago, and an editor for Aint-Bad Magazine. Jennifer B. Larson is a musician, writer, visual artist, and sound engineer who teaches special education in Chicago Public Schools. She holds a BA in creative writing from Loyola University. She also runs a webzine called Disappearing Media where you can find copies of her chapbook Rituals, as well as work from many other talented artists. LDOC is a free photography and creative writing publication featuring a new local artist and writer each month, creating an installment-based experience for the Chicago commuter. Find LDOC in red newspaper boxes at the following Red Line stops: Howard St., Belmont, Sox-35th, and 69th. LDOC is also distributed by volunteers at the downtown Red Line Lake stops every first and third Monday evening of the month.

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LDOC Issue 06.02  

LDOC Issue 06.02 / Artist - Rachel Jump, "Origins" / Writer - Jennifer B. Larson, "Rituals"