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Quality of Life through Economic Opportunities

Speakers Policy

The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce is recognized for its outstanding business events - much of our visibility comes from the politicians and business leaders who have accepted our invitation to speak. While it is important for local business people to hear directly from our political leaders—it is equally as important for us to have the opportunity to speak to them and inform them of our business concerns. As a business organization, the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce seeks to foster the rigorous intellectual development of its members through a lively exchange of ideas and to promote constructive engagement of diverse ideas and perspectives. As a business organization, the Chamber strives to embody the vision of Quality of Life through Economic Opportunities by sustaining a community wherein each member is treated by courtesy, humility, kindness, and respect. To attain our vision we must entertain a full range of ideas. The Chamber has nothing to fear from engaging the wider view in an open and unconstrained search for different ideas. It is the Chamber’s responsibility to engage and debate views in conflict with its core values, so long as the partners in that debate are respectful of the persons whose views may differ markedly from their own. Disagreement over ideas should never degenerate into attacks on the fundamental human dignity of one’s intellectual adversaries. The challenge for the Chamber is to remain faithful to all aspects of its vision, especially in those situations where the various elements of that mission appear to be in conflict with each other. To this end, the following guidelines should be observed when inviting outside speakers or sponsors of events: 

As a business organization, the Chamber has an obligation to promote the free discussion of issues which may be controversial in nature. Presentations that have business merit, including those that may be deliberately provocative, are acceptable. Presentations that are gratuitously offensive or overtly and insistently contemptuous of the values and sensibilities of the business community are not.

It should be made clear that sponsorship of the speaker or the event does not imply an endorsement by the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce of the views expressed by that speaker or that event.

In extremely rare circumstances, the Chamber may determine that a presentation or event should be modified in format, postponed, or even cancelled. Such decision must involve open and respectful consultation within the event sponsor and must be guided by the principle that the remedy for controversial speech is more speech. Rather than restricting legitimate business expression, the conversation could be broadened by providing an open forum after a speaker’s presentation in which multiple viewpoints and voices can be heard; the deliberate inclusion of qualified speakers who can articulate alternative perspectives on the contentious issue; or the sponsorship of speakers who hold opposing views. Ultimately, however, the Management Committee of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce will have final authority in making these difficult decisions.

Prominent CEO's and business people that deliver necessary information on emerging trends, business opportunities, and variable financial and economic conditions Political Speaker - Prominent politicians that provide insight into the changing political climate and how businesses can take advantage of or mitigate their impacts. Must meet the following criteria:

 Sitting ministers of the party in power  Leaders of any party that has official party status  MLA’s – defined as: A person elected to represent the Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo electoral district in the Legislative Assembly  MP – defined as: A representative elected by the voters of Fort McMurray-Athabasca electoral district

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Governance Policy

HOW TO BECOME A SPEAKER/PRESENTER?  Proposed or solicited by the Chamber  Expressed an interest or opportunity  Speak in the context of a sponsorship *A “Request for Speak/Present” form must be completed TRAVEL EXPENSES Speaker understands that he/she is responsible for his/her own expense and hotel and travel arrangements. AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT Speaker agrees that the standard audio visual set, including sound system with microphones; LCD Projector with projector screen, laptop equipped with Microsoft Office is available upon request 15 days in advance of the event. Other audio-visual equipment requirements will be at the expense of the speaker. NO COMMERCIALISM POLICY Speaker agrees to adhere to the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce no commercialism policy. Speaker understands that the program is not the appropriate place for promotion of his/her company, product, service, or solution except where such a reference is relevant in the context of the presentation. Speaker will avoid making such promotional solicitations. They share their experience and insights only. CONSENT TO PUBLISH REFERENCE MATERIAL Speaker authorizes the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce to publish all print and electronic materials provided by Speaker relating to the presentation in any form (print, electronic, email, web, etc.) AUTHORIZATION TO RECORD SESSION Speaker authorizes the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce to record, duplicate, and offer Speaker’s speech/presentation and any portion of Speaker’s participation in the event. Speaker hereby waives any and all rights and claims resulting from the recording, duplication, and sale of the recordings. INDEMNIFICATION Speaker warrants that all authors are properly credited in all Speakers’ presentation materials. Speaker has the right to make the grants to the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce complete and unencumbered. Speaker also warrants and represents that none of the material presented in Speaker’s speech/presentation shall infringe any person or entity’s copyright, invade any right of privacy, contain any libelous material, or infringe or violate any other right of any other person or entity. Speaker will indemnify and hold harmless the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce its employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, affiliates, or subsidiary companies from any claim, suit, damage, loss, or expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of any breach of any of the above warranties and representations. TIME ALLOCATION

Speaker/Presenter will conform to the time allotted as per the Request to Speak/Present form. This policy shall be accessed in two (2) years from its effective date to determine its effectiveness and appropriateness. This policy may be accessed before that time as necessary to reflect organizational change.

Jon Tupper, President Attachment: Request to Speak/Present

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Governance Policy

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Speaker Policy  

Guest Speaker Policy

Speaker Policy  

Guest Speaker Policy