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F tM Fort McMurray M Ai Airportt A Authority th it March 29, 2012

Going Forward Together

We are Canada Canada’ss Premier Regional Airport, connecting the World to the P People, l Resources R and d Opportunities O t iti iin the Wood Buffalo Region

C t Expansion E i Project P j t Current

C t Expansion E i Project P j t Current

C tP j t Status St t Current Project  $198 Million financing secured  94% of construction scope committed.  Both major construction contracts awarded  Site Works Contractor is E Construction Ltd.  ATB Contractor is Ledcor Construction Ltd.  $4.6 $4 6 M of fC Cash sh All Allowances n sP Pending ndin (R (Revenue n P Parking kin S System, st m

ATB Millwork, ATB IT Systems, Landscaping). On track.  Site Works on schedule for Substantial Completion in 2012  ATB B on schedule h d l f for Substantial b l Completion l in September b 2013 01  Opening April 2014

P j t Update U d t – Site Sit W k Project Works

P j t Update U d t – Site Sit W k Project Works

P d B Project Update – ATB

P j t Upd t – ATB Project Update

H ld Holdroom Improvements  Existing Holdroom  Seating replaced  Walls Painted  New Carpet Installed  Temporary T mp H ld Holdroom m  Additional 85 seats  Awarded contract to Shelter Industries  Targeting June 2012 completion  Changes g to existing g ATB interior will be required q

H ld Holdroom Improvements

H ld Holdroom Improvements

M t Plan Pl FMAA Master  Completed December 2012  Catalogued existing airport facilities  Projected P j d future f physical h i l and d operational i l

requirements (typically 20+ years)  Includes development triggers and implementation timeframes (4 phases)  Provides basis for 30-Year Capital Plan Master Plan can be viewed on FMAA Website at

K Outcomes/Conclusions O t /C l i Key  Only 1 runway required during planning period  Extend to 9,000+ feet  Recover R c v 500 ft. ft displ displaced c d threshold th sh ld

 Increase aircraft parking and gates  Repurpose existing ATB post-2014 post 2014  Develop GSE/Cargo facility  Optimize Commercial Development Opportunities  Expand/optimize General Aviation facilities

Sh T Ph Short Term – Phase 1 (2012 – 2016)

Sh T Ph Short Term – Phase 2 (2017 - 2021)

F P Future Projects Rental Car Quick Turnaround (QTA) Facility  Combined facility for all rental car companies  Business Plan Q3 2012  Potential Construction 2013  Opening O i 2014

H l New Hotel  Market-Driven 3rd-Party Development  3 Potential Locations  3 – 4-Star 150+ Room Business Hotel  Meeting/Banquet Facilities  Restaurant  Pool/Exercise Area  RFP issued i dJ January 2012 and d closes l April il 2012  Potential Construction 2012 – 2014  Potential Opening 2014

H l Site Options New Hotel

G E/ F l GSE/Cargo Facility  Market-Driven 3rd-Party Development  GSE (Ground Support Equipment)  Located L t d immediately i di t l north th of f new ATB  Carriers, ground handlers, freight

handlers, airport maintenance

 Cargo Facility  Currently, all cargo trucked from Edmonton and Calgary  Envision demand for dedicated facility at airport  Link to Customs capability

 Expression of Interest – 2012  Potential construction - 2013

P E B Re-Purpose Existing ATB  Existing ATB represents excellent 3rd-Party

development opportunity post 2014  Current reviewing options  Business Aviation Centre including:   

Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) Cargo Offices

 Expression of Interest has been issued by Colliers


D l Commerciall Development  ATB Access Road (Landside Business Industrial)  Developer identified for Gas Station/C-Store/Car Wash at west end of new ATB Access Road  QTA at east end of ATB Access Road  Issuing EOI/RFP for lots along ATB Access Road in 2012  East Commercial Lands  Finalizing servicing strategy  Development on hold pending SAGD resolution  Potential short-term land leases

E Runway Extension  Potential extension from 7,500 to 9,000 ft.  Recover 500 ft. LDA due to Glide Path  Increases I range of f destinations d i i or aircraft i f capacity i  Supports increased cargo capability  Timing not confirmed

h Projects/Initiatives P / Other Highway 69 Intersection with ATB Road  Working with Alberta Transportation and RMWB to

finalize fi li requirements i t and d strategy t t  Must be integrated with RR85 Reconstruction  Design 2012  Construction 2013

G F d Together h Going Forward


Fort McMurray Airport 2012 Future Projects Summit Presentation  

Fort McMurray Airport 2012 Future Projects Summit Presentation