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Call for Nominations Board of Directors The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce has been supporting business and strengthening our community since 1906. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by actively supporting business, economic growth and diversification. The policies and programs of the Chamber are determined by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership. Each elected Director will serve a two-year term, sit on at least one committee or task force and are expected to be active participants of Chamber events. Nominations for the 2014/2016 Board of Directors will close on February 20, 2014 – Networking Luncheon. Nominations are being accepted for: President (2 year term) 2nd Vice President (2 year term) 5 Director’s (2 year term) Candidates for election shall be members of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce in good standing; shall agree in writing to stand for election; and shall be nominated in writing by a member of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce in good standing. ** Members who represent an association may not be nominated for the Board, as only business members are eligible.

HOW TO NOMINATE OR BE NOMINATED: 1. Download a nomination package - - “About Us” 2. Pick up a nomination package at the Fort McMurray Chamber office, #304, 9612 Franklin Avenue (Tamarack Village Shopping Centre – Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. 3. Attend the February 20, 2014 General Networking Luncheon and nominate a member in good standing from the floor. **Reservations are required

TO BE NOMINATED REQUIRES: Completion of the Statement of Nomination **page 2 • Delivery of the completed nomination form to: Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, #304, 9612 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2J9 Or • By e-mail to: by 4pm – February 19, 2014 Or • Attend the FINAL CALL FOR NOMINATION LUNCHEON – February 20, 2014. **Reservations are required **Voting will occur at the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday, March 27, 2014. **Reservations are required

Statement of Nomination As per article 7:7.1 of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce Constitution, notice is hereby given to the membership of the opportunity to nominate for vacant board positions. Nominations must be in writing with the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce T 708-743-.3100 ⎮ F 780-790-9759 ⎮E ⎮ W

Nominator’s signature and Nominee’s signature to be valid. Any current Chamber member in good standing is eligible to nominate or be nominated.

Statement of Nominee Nominee Name Title Company Address City


Phone (w)

Postal Code Phone (cell)

E-mail Nominated for:


2nd Vice President

Director (5 - 2-year terms)

I, _______________________________________________accept the nomination and confirm that our firm is a member in good standing of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce. Date: ______________________________________

Statement of Nominator Nominator Name Title Company Phone (w)

Phone (cell)

E-mail Signature


*By signing this nomination you are confirming that your firm is a member in good standing.

DIRECTORS’ RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS The most important qualification of your role as Director is the mandatory attendance at the monthly


Board meetings, held at 4:00 pm on the 2nd or 3rd Monday of each month.

ATTENDANCE AT CHAMBER FUNCTIONS: One of the reasons for an individual to join the Chamber is the networking opportunities that exist. Attendance by the Board of Directors shows support for the Chamber and gives the membership a chance to air views about Chamber operations, municipal affairs, and life in general.

DISCRETION AND CONFIDENTIALITY: A Director is often exposed to confidential information during in camera session at Board Meetings, during committee meetings, or in conversation with members, officials, other Directors etc. Please be aware of the confidential nature of some information and respect that confidentiality.

ORGANIZATION OF COMMITTEES: A Director may have, by appointment, a committee responsibility. The Director is Chairperson of this committee and is expected to drum up support by recruiting volunteers from the membership and Board of Directors. The President and CAO are members of all committees and will assist in any way possible to achieve the goals set forth by the Board.

MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT: The best source of leads for new members is the Directors themselves. It is hoped that each Director will provide leads for new members.

Chamber of Commerce Directors are an important force in the growth of the community. Keeping up to date with current affairs, especially as they relate to the community, is one of the Director’s most important responsibilities. If you have specific areas of knowledge that would benefit your Chamber of Commerce, please advise the President or a member of the Management Committee.

AMBASSADOR OF GOODWILL: Chamber of Commerce Directors are regularly asked to attend openings, cut ribbons, participate in community events, and spread goodwill in the name of the Chamber. In many cases, a Director will be planning to attend the function anyway, and the Chamber asks only that you wear your nametag and be visible as a Chamber representative.

A COMMITMENT OF TIME: A Director can expect to devote approximately 6 – 10 hours per month of his or her time to the meetings, programs, and duties of the Chamber. This time commitment is the minimum to be expected, and depending on the individual, can be must more extensive.

MEDIA RELATIONS: Chamber Directors are regularly approached by the media for comments on current issues. The Chamber has a standing policy that the President or predetermined designate is the only acceptable media contact on any issue.


Director’s Code of Conduct

Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce T 708-743-.3100 ⎮ F 780-790-9759 ⎮E ⎮ W

1. Although a Director may be drawn from a specific interest group, Directors as a whole must represent the interests of the entire membership. 2. Directors shall maintain confidentiality of the details and dynamics of Board discussions, as well as those items designated as confidential. 3. Regardless of their personal viewpoint, Directors shall not speak against, or in any way undermine Board solidarity once a Board discussion has been made.

7. Director’s interactions in meetings shall be courteous, respectful and free of animosity.

4. Directors are expected to attend all Board meetings. Directors shall be prepared to commit sufficient time and energy to attend to Chamber business.

8. Directors’ shall know and adhere to the Chamber’s governance policies. 9. Directors’ shall be prepared for meetings, having read pre-circulated material in advance of the meeting.

5. Directors shall avoid, in fact and in perception, conflicts of interest and disclose to the Chair, in a timely manner, any possible conflicts.

10. Director’s shall participate in ways other than attending Board meetings, such as committee work, Chamber and community events.

6. Directors’ contribution to discussions and decision making shall be positive and constructive.

11. The CAO is responsible to the President. Consequently, no single Director or committee has authority over the CAO. 12. Directors’ shall conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner at all times.


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