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Fort McMurray Food Bank Association – Candidate Questionnaire Amy McBain, Alberta Liberal Party 1. Several provinces have set in motion ambitious poverty reduction strategies. Does your party have a plan to address hunger and poverty in Alberta? The Alberta Liberals have several proposals that seek to address issues surrounding poverty and hunger. There is not one simple quick fix for these challenges, so we are offering a range of policies that will start addressing these issues across society. The strengthening of communities is a starting point; and to help do this we have proposed a Municipal Heritage Fund, 25% of which will go directly to community organizations to turn their priorities into reality – this can be anything from a new community centre, to social programs run at the community level The Alberta Liberals will also establish schools as community hubs. By developing new schools and redeveloping old schools to house community services, medical centres, community centres and libraries, education becomes better supported and neighbourhoods more united The Alberta Liberals will initiate a school lunch program so no child needs to learn on an empty stomach; and will create access to safe, quality preschool and non‐profit day care And for seniors, the Alberta Liberals will double the funding of home care so seniors can be supported in their own homes for as long as possible; and we will provide high‐quality, non‐profit long‐term care beds 2. Welfare rates in Alberta are far below the poverty line. What will you do for people with disabilities and for people in general, living on social assistance? It is the government’s responsibility to protect our most vulnerable. We will fight for every Albertan to have the best possible opportunity to succeed. 3. What is your party’s platform on food security in Alberta? We do not have a program costed in our platform specifically dedicated to food security however if it and when it should ever become an issue the Alberta Liberals would take a pro‐active approach to ensuring there would never be a food shortage in Alberta. We believe in preventing problems, rather than fixing them. 4. What is your party’s platform on affordable housing in our region and in Alberta? Our platform supports municipalities with our municipal heritage fund and our green transport initiative. Each community is guaranteed money through that heritage fund to which they can use accordingly. I would work with community leaders to best distribute those dollars to the areas of concerns in Ft. McMurray. We

are also committed to providing a huge increase in funding to home care to keep families together and soften the financial burden that seniors carry. 5. If elected, what will your party do (or, what is your party doing) to enable welfare recipients to enter the workforce successfully? The Alberta Liberal platform includes a number of initiatives to make and education more accessible to Alberta Students, and overcoming the cost barrier – an investment in our people is the best possible investment we can make. The Alberta Liberals will: Cap and lower tuition for undergraduates Create a post�secondary endowment fund to reduce and ultimately eliminate tuition at our universities, technical schools, and colleges Forgive 5% or $1000 of student debt each year a student stays and works in Alberta Delink parents income from loan criteria Expand distance learning so people can stay in their community while acquiring the knowledge they need to succeed 6. It has been commented that some parties may be planning to privatize social assistance and child welfare? is this something your party plans to do? No, this is definitely not something the Alberta Liberals will consider doing. 7. If elected how do you and your party propose to assist nonprofits and charities to spend less time raising funds and more time doing the work their organizations were created to do? It is essential that the organizations delivering services to Albertans, especially those delivering services to the most vulnerable communities, are properly supported by government. For example, the Alberta Liberals have committed to providing $140 million over 5 years in new funding to organizations providing settlement services to new Canadians.  

Fort McMurray Food Bank Candidate Questionnaire-Amy McBain