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I like to watch my older brothers play on the computer.

I like to watch my younger brother play Minecraft.

I like to watch YouTube videos with my sister.

One day, my mom saw that I was feeling sad. She asked “Why are you sad Teddy?”.

I told my mom that I would like to use the computer and play Minecraft too. I was sad that my body wouldn’t let me do what other kids did.

And do you know what my mom did? She went on the computer and found me lots of different tools I could use to help me.

First she found an AcuPoint. I just stick something to my forehead and it knows what I’m thinking - it follows my head movements to see where I am looking– very cool.

Next she found a CameraMouse. This is like the AcuPoint, but I don’t have to stick anything to my brain. Instead I just need to put a camera on my computer that can see me move my head or fingers and it acts like a mouse.

The last thing she found for me was called Cyberlink Interface. This one really can read my mind. If I put on a headband, it can read my mind. My brain and my body send signals to the headband and it can do the rest for me. I can play video games or watch videos. I think I like this one best; the name makes me think I might go into outer space one day and meet an alien.

Thanks mom!!!!

Alternative mouse devices by L. DiDomenica  
Alternative mouse devices by L. DiDomenica