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Vision and Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019

From the Head of School & Chairman of The Board of Trustees


wise Chinese proverb states that any great journey begins with a single step. The Stanwich School took its first bold step in 1998 with our founder’s vision to establish an exemplary learning environment in which personal excellence was valued, where being mindful of others was encouraged and practiced, and where deliberate action to improve the world would be the continual call. Stanwich has taken many important steps in its first 16 years. In 1998, we opened our doors to 72 students in kindergarten through Grade 2. Today we are a premier educational institution serving 350 students in PreK through Grade 12. While much has changed, however, our mission has remained the same. The Stanwich School provides students with a firm foundation of core intellectual skills as well as the moral grounding to lead purposeful and meaningful lives. As we eagerly anticipate the first Stanwich School graduation, we embrace the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. This Vision and Strategic Plan provides the blueprint for our school’s growth over the next five years. The plan identifies the four priorities that shape our vision and the goals that we will achieve to address those priorities. This plan reflects the input of all members of our community including trustees, students, parents, faculty and staff, and alumni. It is also informed by the comprehensive review of our program undertaken in connection with the NEASC accreditation process in 2012. We welcome your collaboration in implementing the goals articulated in this strategic plan. We look forward to working together with you as we continue to build an exemplary community of learning for the Stanwich students of today and tomorrow. Our Stanwich journey continues, and the promise of our future is bright.

Daniel Klebes Chairman, Board of Trustees

January 2014

Paul G. Geise Head of School

The Stanwich Vision and Strategic Plan 2014-2019 The Stanwich School has established itself as an outstanding Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 independent, coeducational, college-preparatory school with a distinctive values-based mission, grounded in Judeo-Christian principles and traditions. With a proven educational program, committed faculty, staff and families, ownership of a permanent home on 41 acres in Greenwich, and approved plans to construct new buildings on our land, we are prepared to embark on the next phase of our growth. Within the next five years, we will further enhance the student experience, elevate the professional community, advance the Stanwich story, and continue to develop our campus. The Stanwich School will advance as a preeminent educational institution that prepares students to lead purposeful lives.

Stanwich’s Four Strategic Priorities Enhancing the Student Experience

Elevating the Professional Community

Advancing the Stanwich Story

Fully Utilizing, Improving, and Expanding Our Greenwich Campus

Priority One: Enhancing the Student Experience

The Stanwich School will ensure that its rigorous and balanced educational experience, delivered in accordance with its unique mission emphasizing Judeo-Christian principles and traditions, resonates with each student and maximizes each student’s growth. Goal 1: Academics The school will maximize the intellectual growth of its students and prepare them for college. Goal 2: Balance  he school will provide students with a variety of high-quality athletic, artistic, and social activities to balance their T academic experience. Goal 3: Moral Leadership  he school will refine and expand its distinctive values curriculum and inspire students to become moral leaders T within a global context. Goal 4: Measuring Achievement  he school will regularly evaluate student learning and the effectiveness of the educational program with the goal T of continually refining the learning experience for students.

Priority Two: Elevating the Professional Community

The Stanwich School will continue to recruit, support, and retain exemplary faculty and staff who embrace the mission of the school. Goal 1: Professional Development  he school will identify and support meaningful opportunities for professional development that not only emphasize T best practices, but also enhance the learning experience and intellectual development of Stanwich students. Goal 2: Assessment  he school will implement formal, measurable protocols for the observation and assessment of faculty and staff T performance, and will connect these observations and assessments with its professional development practices. Goal 3: Culture The school will preserve and foster its mission-aligned professional culture. Goal 4: Compensation and Benefits The school will offer competitive salaries and benefits benchmarked against other independent schools in the area.

Priority Three: Advancing the Stanwich Story

The Stanwich School will be widely recognized as a dynamic educational institution with an authentic mission-driven culture. Goal 1: Marketing The school will strategically market the school’s assets, accomplishments, and ambitious plans for the future. Goal 2: Communication  he school will effectively communicate with its constituents and the larger community so that they understand, T support, and advance the school’s story. Goal 3: Enrollment Management  he school will continue building and maintaining a body of qualified students who will thrive in and make T meaningful contributions to the school. Goal 4: Parental Roles  he school will encourage parents to positively impact their child’s education, while broadening and deepening T parent support for the school.

Priority Four: Fully Utilizing, Improving, and Expanding Our Greenwich Campus

The school will make annual improvements to its existing buildings and grounds and open an additional academic building by no later than the 2018/2019 academic year. The school will operate within its existing facilities during the initial years of this strategic plan until adequate funds are raised to begin new construction. Goal 1: Full Utilization of Existing Space  he school’s full PreK through Grade 12 program shall be offered on its Greenwich Campus, comprised of the 41-acre T facility at 257 Stanwich Road and Wildwood Cottage leased at the adjacent property located at 247 Stanwich Road. Each year, the school will make incremental and visible improvements to the buildings purchased in June 2012, and increasingly integrate the school’s 41-acre Greenwich campus into its educational program. Goal 2: Fundraising  he school will fortify its financial resources in order to fund its strategic priorities, including the renovation and T improvement of existing facilities and grounds, and the construction of additional buildings. Goal 3: Construction of New Buildings In order to accommodate additional students, particularly in Grades 9 through 12, the school shall build one or more new classroom buildings by 2019. Goal 4: Safety and Security  he school will operate and maintain its facilities in a manner that creates a safe and secure environment for its T students, faculty, and staff. As the campus evolves, the school will update and refine its policies, procedures, and capital expenditure plans.

Our Mission The Stanwich School is a caring community that offers a balanced, rigorous education, infused with values emphasizing Judeo-Christian principles and traditions, which inspire students to be their best, help others be their best and make God’s world a better place.

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The Stanwich School Vision and Strategic Plan 2014-2019