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Aims of the Charity The relief of poverty of the inhabitants of Louth and District by the provision of financial assistance to homeless people in need, irrespective of age, race, gender, sexuality, disability or religious conviction. Committee members:

Lesley Hough (Chair) Margaret Neale (Secretary) John Grasham (Treasurer) Richard Hampton Julie Barton Maureen Robinson Carolyn Phillips Patrick Purves Peta Hill

Contact us: Mobile Telephone: 07717 854889 LDHH, c/o Deanery Offfice, 6 Upgate, Louth LN11 9ET

Chair’s Annual Report 2012-2013 The financial report explains how we have allocated resources over the year, making grants and loans to people in need of financial help with such things as securing a tenancy, avoiding homelessness and with the equipment needed for daily living. That’s what we do. We expected a surge in applications for assistance over the year, particularly with the introduction of the bedroom tax, but that has not really happened, though we seem to have received more applications in recent weeks. We are rather puzzled by this. As usual, we have worked in partnership with the CAB, ELDC’s Housing Support Team and the Community Larder and know that they would have called on LDHH for support when it was needed. However, there is considerable evidence that there has been a massive increase in requests for food from the Community Larder, with more applications for second and third parcels. It appears that demand is increasing among families rather than individuals as in the past. In a place like Louth, this is really shocking. And that people have to request this help with something so basic is shameful in a society like ours. On a brighter note, the Advent Lunch in December 2012 was the most successful ever, both in terms of people turning up to eat lunch with us and in money raised. I think this was due to the enthusiasm of some of our new committee members, who not only know a lot of people, but got them to come along. A new feature was the book sale which raised money at the lunch itself and made even more when the remaining books were transferred to the Co-op for a few weeks. Thank you to all those who made donations over the year, including a number of ELDC councillors, a number of individuals, an appreciable anonymous donation and also Lincolnshire Co-op. They apparently tried to make a donation around Christmas 2011 but there was a muddle about it and they finally gave it to us this January. I would also like to thank those people who have repaid their loans over the years – unfortunately this is not always the case. I would like to thank Peta Hill, who has resigned from the committee and moved to a new job as well, for her valued contributions over I don’t know how many years. Also, many thanks to our sometime committee member, Fran Mitchell, who is retiring from ELDC, for her support for LDHH for many years and for the support and help she has provided for people in housing need across the district for a long time. And, of course, I would like to thank the committee who all give their time freely and energetically both at meetings and in the important work that goes on between meetings. Thank you all. As I am standing down as chair and leaving the committee, this is my last LDHH meeting. I wish you every success in the future.

Lesley Hough September 2013


By John C. Grasham - Treasurer

2013 Financial Report With a new treasurer at the helm for the past year the format of the annual accounts are slightly different to previous years. All the relevant and important information is still there and there is an addendum of individual housing loans for the first time. It may be useful to review some of the history, for those new to the charity’s activities. The original scheme was to give interest free loans to those seeking to rent affordable accommodation, where they were unable to find the sum of typically £700 for rent in advance, a deposit and an agreement fee. These loans are paid back at about £10 per month to replenish funds ready for other clients. In 2006 an anonymous donation of £500 (including the gift aid element) was made to allow the workers at the CAB to make small grants to clients, typically for bus fares to get to Lincoln or Skegness. This was extended from the main funds of the charity to allow similar actions by clergy and Housing Support workers, some of whom had been making such gifts from their own pockets. These small grant schemes for short term housing needs, including food vouchers, each with a nominal amount of £30, have been very active. They were extended with a scheme for greengrocery vouchers, and a further small fund to support the local “Nightstop” scheme for providing homeless young people with short term accommodation with volunteer families. The Community Larder scheme, set up in 2007, has been very successful and now needs essential full-time coverage as well as premises for storage. The administrative task and the accumulated fund were transferred to the Team Parish of Louth and are now based at Trinity Centre, supported by all the churches in the town as well as other organizations and of course LDHH. Client repayments have dropped considerably in the last financial year from about £140 per month to about £80 per month, this can be put down to fewer clients actively paying off their loans because they are not in a financial position to do so, because they choose not to or because they have fully paid off their loan. Loans that have had to be written off are £1,197 which is down considerably from £4,300 in the previous financial year. There have been nine loans made in the last year, they are predominantly for housing costs but there was one towards fuel costs. No-one has been eligible for help from the funds made available to us by the Howe Fund, restricted to the disabled or elderly. The Charity has no premises, paid staff or vehicle. Main administrative expenses have been due to registration with the Information Commissioner, and items such as the telephone and website. To cut costs the telephone has been changed to pay as you go from contract. The bank deposit account has been closed in the past year with funds split between the current account and COIF account. Around £2000 is now kept on current account for immediate needs, with a main reserve with COIF (Charities Official Investment Fund) at a better rate of interest (currently 0.671%, slightly down from 0.851%) than the usual clearing banks. It is not clear whether this rate of interest will continue. It is possible to take advantage of the “Gift Aid” scheme for recovery of any tax paid on funds donated by individuals, thus increasing donations by 20 pence (so far) for every pound given. We are most grateful to all who have supported financially this year. Bearing in mind that all our clients are, almost by definition, in a vulnerable situation financially, note should be taken that a small amount of “over-payments”, may sometimes occur. This has happened this year but the creditors have been traced and the money returned. We are asked to assess any potential risks affecting the charity. Four years ago we said that, based on the experience since inception, we were probably in a position to continue with support at the then current level even if all current loan clients ceased to repay. This is no longer the case, as demand is rising and donations have gone down. The amount held in reserve has increased slightly, and interest rates have remained very low. My thanks go to Keith Hemming who has independently examined the accounts and passed them as a true record and to James Grasham who has assisted in the preparation of this report.

Statement of Assets and Liabilities as of 30th April 2013 2013


Assets Debtors (Loans due from Clients) Lloyds TSB (00349734) Lloyds TSB (00072236) COIF Charities Deposit Fund Cash in hand Cash in ELDC float Cash in CAB float

£ 4,401.67 £ 2,938.86 £ £ 18,500.00 £ 1.00 £ 1.81 £ 30.00

£ 4,989.00 £ 1,380.30 £ 1,451.64 £ 16,259.67 £ 3.00 £ 59.78 £ 55.00

Total Assets

£ 25,873.34

£ 24,198.39

Liabilities Creditors (Loan overpayments due to clients)





Total Liabilities





Assets minus Liabilities

£ 25,873.34

£ 24,138.39

Statements of General and Restricted Funds Howe Fund CAB Fund General Total

£ 1,702.75 £ 80.99 £ 24,089.60 £ 25,873.34

Howe Fund Opening Balance Repayments Loans and Grants made Closing Balance

2013 £ £ £ £

CAB Fund Opening Balance Apportioned Interest Grants Made Closing Balance

£ 1,582.75 £ 185.99 £ 22,209.60 £ 23,978.34

1,582.75 120.00 1,702.75

2012 £ £ £ £

2013 £ £ £ £

185.99 105.00 80.99

1,462.75 120.00 1,582.75 2012

£ £ £ £

458.99 12.00 285.00 185.99

Statement of CAB and ELDC Floats

Opening Balance Cash paid in Grants made Closing Balance

CAB £ 55.00 £ 80.00 £ 105.00 £ 30.00

ELDC £ 59.78 £ 80.00 £ 137.97 £ 1.81

Balance Sheet for 2012-2013 Financial Year £ 24,138.39

Opening Balance Receipts Donations (Non-individuals) Donations (Individuals) Events Interest

£ £ £ £

1,509.67 1,203.00 725.50 136.66

Total Receipts



Grants Housing Loans written off CAB Grants ELDC Grants Community Larder Administration

£ £ £ £ £ £

159.00 1,197.00 105.00 137.97 39.44 201.47

Total Payments



Opening Balance + Receipts - Payments

£ 25,873.34

Closing Balance

£ 25,873.34


Statement of LDHH Debtors

Outstanding Loans 1/5/12

General £ 4,759.00

Howe £ 170.00

Total £ 4,929.00

New Loans Loans Written Off Repayments Overpayments Returned

£ 2,719.67 £ 1,197.00 £ 2,060.00 £ 130.00

£ £ £ £

120.00 -

£ 2,719.67 £ 1,197.00 £ 2,180.00 £ 130.00

Outstanding Loans 30/4/13

£ 4,351.67



£ 4,401.67

Statement of individual housing loans HL 119 132 134 143 151 185 193 194 195 200 202 204 207 208 212 213 214 215 218 221 224 225 226 228 230 231 233 235 236 237 238 239

O/B £20.00 -£60.00 £50.00 £107.00 £25.00 £510.00 £70.00 £415.00 £130.00 £170.00 £260.00 £425.00 £250.00 £110.00 £290.00 £330.00 £200.00 £320.00 £157.00 £230.00 £390.00 £280.00 £250.00 ££££££££££4,929.00

Loans Made ££££££££££££££££££££££££250.00 £100.00 £500.00 £300.00 £300.00 £300.00 £319.67 £400.00 £250.00 £2,719.67

Loans Repaid £££50.00 £££100.00 ££70.00 £120.00 £120.00 £££20.00 £80.00 ££10.00 £250.00 £120.00 £120.00 £10.00 £20.00 £20.00 £120.00 £50.00 £90.00 £520.00 £100.00 ££60.00 £100.00 £30.00 ££2,180.00

W/O £20.00 £££107.00 £25.00 ££70.00 ££££260.00 £425.00 £££290.00 ££££££££££££££££££1,197.00

Overpayments Repaid ££60.00 £££££££££££££££50.00 £££££££££20.00 £££££££130.00

C/B ££££££410.00 ££345.00 £10.00 £50.00 £££230.00 £30.00 ££320.00 ££200.00 £37.00 £220.00 £370.00 £260.00 £130.00 £200.00 £10.00 ££200.00 £300.00 £240.00 £219.67 £370.00 £250.00 £4,401.67


Louth & District Help for Homeless Report 2012/13


Louth & District Help for Homeless Report 2012/13