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Creating business card and website  on Adobe  Illustrator to give  people or potential  clients. 

4/8/18   5:00pm - 8:00pm 

I did 3 hours and I worked on adobe  illustrator and I  created the  business card and  website too.  Tomorrow I plan  on finalizing the  website and going  to keep making  sure it looks better  and good.  Hopefully on the  last day(event) I  will give out my  business card or  get  someone(clients) to  photograph 

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Professionalizing 4/9/18  business card at    Youmedia, an  3:30pm - 5:30pm  instructor helped  me align everything  to look neat.  

Today I went to Youmedia to  professionalize my  business card.  Matt, an instructor  taught me how to  make sure  everything is space  out equally with a  ruler on Adobe. I 

wonder how long it takes for someone  to know every tool  in Adobe  Illustrator? I just  started using it a  few months ago  and feel as if I only  know the basics.  6  7 

Meeting with auntie about an  event she wants me  to shoot and create  a promo event for a  grand opening of a  small business in  Austin. 

4/10/18   6:00 pm - 8:00 pm   

Today I had a conversation with  my Aunt and guess  what. I have my  first client, had a 2  hour conversation  about an event she  wants me to film  and I’ll be getting  paid for it.  Hopefully its a long  term thing and I’ll  be filming her  events and getting  more client.  Hopefully it will  lead to something  bigger 

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Picking up equipment,  checking to see if  everything works  perfectly fine. 

4/11/18   4:00pm -8:00pm 

Today I went to pick up  microphones and a  lavalier for the  interviews. I also  picked tripods that  were very heavy to  carry around.  Everything works  perfectly fine and  I’m excited for 

tomorrow! I wonder how people  carry around all  this heavy  equipment around  but anyways I’m  excited for  tomorrow!  11  12+ 

Day of event, shooting b-roll,  interviewing CEO  and important  people involved in  the organization.  Passing out  business cards to  potential clients. 

4/12/18   8:00 am - 1:00 pm   

Today I shot the AV72 event for my  aunt and it was  really fun and I got  make a lot of  connection and  exchange business  cards with people. I  interviewed a ton of  people for the  promotion video. It  was a great  learning  experience. I  question I have  about businesses  and freelancing is:  Do freelancers  have to reach out to  their customers  instead of  customers coming  to them? 

Vlog Planner  
Vlog Planner