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Fashion Design and Realisation Portfolio

Lauren Dean 2014

This work is a live illustration brief for Urban Outfitters. It shows illustrations drawn by hand and on Photoshop. Above is my final piece on the walls of the store.

For the Responsive group project we created a campaign to raise awareness about the use of sweatshops in the production of highstreet clothing.

This is a trend project from my first year. It was based on the theme ‘Industrial Evolution’.

These are images from a life drawing class I completed. Charcoal and pastels were the materials I used.

This garment was created using organic cotton and bamboo.. It was coloured using natural plant dyes.

This is an illustration I drew using pencils for my internship postcard.

These images are sketchbook pages from my ‘Heritage/ Geometric’ project. I created the print in Photoshop by altering images of architecture and arranging them to form a kaleidoscopic pattern.

For this brief I created my own trend ‘Rise Of The New Eve’ for AW 15/16. It was based on a post-apocalyptic world, where women have assumed control.

I used military-style garments mixed with heavy knits and distressed fabrics to convey a feeling of conflict and survival.

These pages show my line-up and range plan for ‘Rise Of The New Eve’.

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Portfolio 2014  

2nd Year Internship Portfolio