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The Ruland family (clockwise from top left): Ellie, Elizabeth, Henry and Scott

Meeting Our Criteria

ByScott & Elizabeth Ruland


hen it came time to make a decision on where to send our children to elementary school, we approached it as any engineer couple would…with research and a strong belief that each of our upbringings was the best. We were raised at opposite ends of the education spectrum. Except for 4 years of small town high school, I attended private or parochial school from Kindergarten through post graduate. Scott was exactly the opposite, as he attended public school from Kindergarten through post graduate. My parents were extremely active in my education experience; Scott’s not so much. Our criteria: strong academics (smart teachers with high expectations), diverse (we were in the ethnic minority at our daycare and preschool), high awareness of teaching challenges (studies of classroom/teacher preferences of boys and girls, teacher compensation, etc.), and preferably faith based. We interviewed our local public grade school as well as several private and parochial institutions. Sion was the only school that met all of our criteria. What we have learned is that Sion offers more than what we thought we needed. We have a community that watches out for our family. My best example is in the chaos of the Fall Festival as children are headed off in forbidden directions, there is always someone – a parent, another student, or a teacher—who will call them back to safety. We are also surrounded by faculty and families that have similar value systems around academics, parental involvement, faculty respect, and discipline. A friend recently said, “You know you’re at a Sion kid’s birthday party when the presents are books and games instead of toy guns and video games.” The culture is one where Ellie (6th grade) and Henry (2nd grade) have thrived and enjoy daily. Performing well in both behavior and academics is considered cool, never nerdy and no matter what grade, the students know one another. The teachers have just the right balance of coddling and asserting the need to be self-reliant. Our research led us to the right school but the relationships and growth of our children – academically, socially, and emotionally have kept us here. We trust Sion.

Fall 2011


otre Dame de Sion School, an independent Catholic school, continues to build on a history of nearly ten decades of academic excellence. Sion ensures our students learn in the nurturing environment established nearly a century ago by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion. From a heated indoor swimming pool to a state of the art science center, from a powerful curriculum of reading, writing and math to a foreign language and culture program that begins in preschool and continues through middle school, Notre Dame de Sion prepares your child today for the world of tomorrow.


Grade School Campus 3823 Locust • Kansas City, MO 64109

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Kansas City, MO Permit No. 4787

s t n e v E l o o ch S e d a Gr November 30 Open House Book Fair & Taco Dinner

December 15 Holiday Concert January 20 100th Anniversary Feast Day Celebration

January 25 • Multicultural Marketplac February 3 • Chinese New Year March 4 • Sion Basketball Spirit Day March 7-11 • Dive Deeper Week

January 18 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm For more information or to schedule a tour contact Carla Maloney 816-753-3810 ext 2112

LEsprit Fall 2011  

Sion Grade School Publication for parents and prospective parents.

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