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MRS. DAVIDSON’S CLASSROOM NEWS SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 Upcoming Events Montgomery Trip Next Tuesday, September 28th our will be our class field trip to Montgomery. We will visit many state government buildings, meet our state representative and visit the civil rights memorial and exhibits. It is always a great experience for the students. You will need to bring your child to school that morning by 6:50. We will meet in the cafeteria and load the buses to leave at 7:00. We will return to school at 4:30. Please be there promptly to pick up your child. Your child may bring a snack, a camera and a water bottle. They will also need a sack lunch and drink. Camp McDowell We are hoping to attend Camp McDowell this year instead of Camp Cosby. The teachers at other schools have highly recommended the programs there and we are currently awaiting formal approval of our trip. There will be a meeting with the directors of Camp McDowell at SSC on Monday, Oct. continued on page 2 18th. Math We are finishing our first unit on multiplication and division. However, we will continue to learn about these operations all year and we will continue to improve and refine our computation skills. We are learning the underlying concepts that explain how multiplication and division work and are related. We are problem solving daily and becoming more accurate and efficient in our computation skills.

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Reading assessments have been completed. I will be sharing these with you in our parent conferences next month. We will begin a unit on Mysteries next week. This is always one of our favorite reading units in fifth grade. We learn new reading responses to use when reading mysteries.

We will soon begin quick writes focusing on mysteries. We will use these quick writes to create our first writing piece which will be a narrative.

Language Arts We are continuing our study of the parts of speech. This week we are focusing on adjectives. There will be a test on adjectives Monday. Your child has lots of information about parts of speech in his binder in the grammar section that he may use to study.

Finally... Study skills, organization and responsibility are essential skills for any successful student. They are just as important as academic skills in preparing your child for his future academic career and his later life.Everything that you do at home to promote these skills will benefit your child. Thank you for your support, together we can help your child have a wonderful, successful year!

September 24  

Class news

September 24  

Class news