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NOVEMBER 7, 2010


Learning about Chemical and Physical Changes has been so much fun! No School ThursdayVeteran’s Day!

Curriculum News Math- We are continuing to study the place value of large numbers and how to be clear and concise when solving problems. This month we will learn the traditional US algorithm for subtraction. This is difficult for most students at first, but our curriculum


presents the algorithm in a manner that really helps students understand the procedure. We will continue to practice all strategies, including the traditional algorithm all year.

Science- We will finish our unit on Chemical and Physical Change this Friday. Be sure that your child’s Glogster is completed on or before that date. Projects will not be accepted late! If your child will not be at school Friday, they need to turn in their project Wednesday. They simply need to tell me that they are ready and we will link their project at school. No need to print!

Reading- We are currently reading books of choice and discussing various comprehension strategies. We will begin reading the novel Lyddie together on Monday Nov. 15th. Please be sure that your child has the book by that date.

WritingThis week we learned about the Writing Traits, six areas to think about when writing an essay. We will be using one of the mini-mysteries that were written earlier as a means of learning about the process of producing a narrative using the Writing Traits. The students are learning about organization, sentence fluency, word choice, and voice as traits that a good piece of writing would contain. We will complete this process and edit our narratives over the next couple of weeks.

November 8,2010  
November 8,2010  

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