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WORLD YOUTH STUDENT & EDUCATIONAL TRAVEL CONFEDERATION STAY WYSE is a Sector Association of the World Youth Student & Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation. The Confederation was founded in 2006 with the merger of the Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations (FIYTO) and the International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC). The Confederation's mission is "to increase international understanding through the promotion of travel and educational opportunities for students and youth". Members of the Confederation work through specialist sector associations such as STAY WYSE to provide a range of valuable services and products for young travellers around the globe including Student Identity Cards, Language Travel Experiences, Work Exchange and Au Pair Experiences, Student Flights, Youth Accommodation and Travel Insurance. In addition to assisting with the provision of these services and products, the Confederation is committed to understanding the ever changing characteristics, motivations, and needs of young travellers. The Confederation gathers, analyses and shares important research data and market intelligence with its members, academics, corporate and government decision-makers, and the general travelling public. Accommodation providers with less than 100 beds have their membership of the WYSE Travel Confederation subsidised. All accommodation providers with more than 100 beds are required to become members of the WYSE Travel Confederation.

TYPES OF MEMBERSHIP There are two types of voting Members and two types of non-voting Members according to type of organisation. Voting members are! entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and help set the strategic direction for the STAY WYSE Association. This is typically held every September during the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC). VOTING •

Type 1: Accommodation Providers Any specialist organisation that is primarily an owner or operator of facilities for youth and student accommodation services. Type 2: Service Providers Any specialist organisation that has a proven involvement in youth and student accommodation services e.g. booking agent etc


Type 1: Affiliate Members Any organisations that is not a specialist in youth and student travel services but!supplies goods or services to the youth travel accommodation industry e.g. insurance, cleaning, catering services, etc. Type 2: Official Organisation Official tourism organisations such as tourism authorities, governments and non-government organisations.

All STAY WYSE members are required to abide by the Constitution and regulations for the Association.



STAY WYSE Information Pack  
STAY WYSE Information Pack  

Containing information on STAY WYSE membership, the latest STAY WYSE newsletter and the executive summary from the latest annual youth trave...