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DECEMBER 1, 2010



WORK EXPERIENCE TRAVEL MARKET AND IAPA ANNUAL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! The Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference provide a unique cost effective business-to-business opportunity for senders and receivers serving all aspects of cultural exchange, au pairing and work experience.

WETM-IAC delivers an exceptionally targeted forum for your organisation to establish and strengthen sector-focused partnerships, gain industry intelligence and tap into emerging global markets. Work Experience Travel Market benefits:       Pre-scheduled business appointments ✓ Exclusive to Senders and Receivers in cultural exchange, work expe✓ rience and au pair industries   Trusted trading partners, proven products   ✓ Sector targeted world-class expertise   ✓ Develop and maintain customer relations   ✓ Accelerate speed to market of products and services ✓

CONTENTS IAPA Annual Conference 2011 Get your early registration discount Chairperson’s Message Jack Hompes Membership Survey Have you completed it? 2010 Quality Campaign Workshops Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and China National Association News 10 year anniversary of the Au Pair Society in Germany ECAPS Meeting - Berlin European Committee for Au Pair Standards Au Pair of the Year Award Send us your nominations

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Member Survey

“Dear IAPA members and colleagues, The IAPA Board has been very busy on your behalf. Our recent board meeting in Quito, Ecuador was followed by the launch of the 2010 Quality Campaign. Three very successful workshops were given to au pair agencies in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Immediately prior to WYSTC a similar workshop was also provided to Chinese agencies in Beijing. In total the IAPA Quality Campaign workshops were attended by over 100 participants. As the Quality Campaign workshops have proved to be such a great success the IAPA board has agreed to continue the campaign into 2011. The preparation for WETM-IAC in Brussels, Belgium is in full swing. Registration for the au pair event of the year is now open and we will be providing you with a great balance of sector-focussed seminars, business appointments and networking events. I look forward to meeting you in person in March! In December we will be closing this year’s membership survey. If you have not yet have completed the survey please do so as soon as possible. Warm Regards,” On behalf of the IAPA Executive Board, Jack Hompes - Chairperson. WWW.IAPA.ORG

Have you completed it? The International Au Pair Association is conducting its fifth annual  survey of the IAPA membership to collect and collate vital  industry information. The 2010 IAPA Member Survey takes only a few minutes to complete and is of course completely anonymous; please take the time to assist the International Au Pair Association in gathering this important information. Please click here to complete the 2010 Member Survey. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any further questions regarding the survey please do not hesitate to contact the IAPA Secretariat.


DECEMBER 1, 2010

QUALITY CAMPAIGN WORKSHOPS Ecuador - Peru - Colombia - Beijing The IAPA Executive Board launched the 2010 Quality Campaign at the last IAPA Annual General Meeting in Miami, USA. This campaign aims to offer structural assistance to National Au Pair Associations (NAPA’s) to support them in the provision of improvements in au pair placements worldwide. With the establishment of many new NAPA’s in recent years, IAPA is dedicated to actively helping NAPA’s in both sending as well as receiving countries, to increase quality and professionalism in our niche industry. Changes in economic circumstances, to sending and receiving markets and to visa procedures over the past years have driven the need for international cooperation to ensure the continued high standards of au pair programmes. To this effect IAPA hosted four one-day Educational Workshops in Quito, Lima, Bogota and Beijing. Over 100 participants joined us to learn more about the world’s leading au pair trade association, the importance of National Associations and how to increase quality and drive your business forward.


Click here to view photos from this year’s quality campaign workshops.


NATIONAL ASSOCIATION NEWS 10 Year Anniversary of Au-Pair Society e.V.

Jack Hompes Chairman S-Au Pair Intermediate The Netherlands Goran Rannefors Treasurer Cultural Care Au Pair (EF Education) United States Patricia Brunner Board Member Munichaupair Germany Michael McHugh Board Member InterExchange United States Laura Daly Association Manager WYSE Travel Confederation The Netherlands

The German Au-Pair Association Au-pair Society e-V. celebrated its 10th Anniversary on the 29th of October in Berlin. It was attended by IAPA, the European National Associations, a wide range of German au pair agencies and the Minister for Development, Mr. Dirk Niebel. A host of speeches and presentations culminated in the prize giving by Mr Niebel for the inbound and outbound German Au Pair of the Year. The day concluded with a dinner for all those present. Click here to view photos from the celebrations.

ECAPS UPDATE European Committee for Au Pair Standards meeting, Berlin, October 2010 An ECAPS meeting was held prior to the 10 year anniversary celebrations of the Aupair Society. A wide range of National Au Pair Association representatives attended from France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands. Issues discussed included current developments in Europe, the upcoming IAPA Annual Conference in Brussels, developments in the individual countries, definitions and standards and assisting in the formation of additional European National Au Pair Associations. Click here to view photos from the meeting.



DECEMBER 1, 2010

LAUNCH OF 2011 AU PAIR OF THE YEAR AWARD Every year thousands of young people from all over the world embark on a special journey by becoming au pairs. Leaving behind the familiarity of their homeland, family and friends for long periods of time, au pairs travel to distant countries, where they are welcomed into another culture as a part of their host family. For many au pairs this is their first experience of a new country and culture. The “IAPA Au Pair of the Year” award is one way of giving au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve and to enhance the public’s awareness of this demanding yet undervalued cultural experience. The event generates wide international media coverage, benefiting not only the Association and its individual members, but the au pair industry as a whole. HOW DOES IT WORK? Nominations from host families ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

IAPA Members ask their host families (i.e. families that have received an au pair through an IAPA member) to nominate outstanding individuals (au pairs) who, if selected, can act as a spokesperson for au pairs around the globe. The host family is asked to provide a written essay describing why their au pair should be considered for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award. The essay should be from 500 to 850 words. Submissions from the host families are reviewed by a selection panel comprised of IAPA Board Members and the Association Manager and the au pair finalists are selected.

Au Pair Finalists In order to qualify for the award, each au pair finalist must write in their own words a short essay detailing ✓ his/her au pair experience. Essays are evaluated by the selection panel and a winner chosen. ✓ The winning au pair is required to attend (all expenses paid) the award ceremony which takes place every ✓ year during the IAPA Annual Conference and Work Experience Travel Market. The Au Pair of the Year Award will be presented in Brussels, Belgium in March 2011. THE NEXT STEPS? Simply send the information below to your host families requesting them to nominate an Au Pair. Once you have received all their details and essay, please completed the Nomination Form. Click here to download the accompanying information for the host family nomination. Click here to complete the nomination form. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IAPA Secretariat.

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IAPA Newsletter December 2010  
IAPA Newsletter December 2010  

This issue contains information on amongst others, the IAPA Annual Conference and the launch of the Au Pair of the Year Award.