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Would you rather have a regular degree or a fruitful university life with AIESEC?


Part-time and Fulltime functions information Application deadline: 30th of April

Content 1. Discover – the world Exchange Career orientation Work environment International conferences National conferences

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2. Discover - your passion AIESEC Passion i. Accelerate your growth ii. Develop a global mindset iii. Expand your network iv. Enjoy participation

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3. Discover – your potential Responsibility


Full time responsibilities Executive Board i. Local Committee President (LCP) ii. Local Committee Vice President (VP) iii. Incoming Exchange (ICX) Coordinator iv. Make a Move (MaM) Coordinator v. Outgoing Exchange (OGX) Coordinator

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Part-time responsibilities vi. Outgoing exchange team vii. Make a Move team viii. Incoming Exchange team

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4. Discover – a way to stand out Benefits for your future Interaction with Talent Partners

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5. Application information and dates Application Procedure More information Important dates

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1. Discover – the world Exchange With AIESEC we let young people experience other cultures by facilitating exchange of students all over the world, as we are present in 113 countries. At one city – in AIESEC terms called Local Committee, or LC – there are internships acquired by the Incoming Exchange team, at another Local Committee students are to be matched for these exchanges by the Outgoing Exchange team. So, every local committee all around the world has these two teams that make exchange happen. There are two types of exchanges: 1. A Global Internship Programme (GIP) experience is an opportunity to work at a company abroad. 2. A Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) experience is an opportunity for students who want to volunteer and do a project abroad. An example for the Outgoing Exchange project we have set up for students of the University of Wageningen is a project in Uganda:

‘Uganda is one of the countries most affected by HIV cases. The Ugandan Project raises awareness by giving Ugandan people holistic support about HIV/AIDS and its consequences, as well as prevention talks to the population. You can make a difference by going there and helping those who need the most. Someone can certainly change the direction in someone’s life by helping.’


An example of the Incoming Exchange is that we have last month welcomed two international students that will do their 11 month internship at a company in Wageningen. The incoming exchange team arranged the first contact with the companies, got contracts signed, found the students in our network, matched them to the companies, handled the formalities and picked them up from the airport. Now we can go and eat haring with them:

Alan from Brazil eating “Dutch Sushi”

Career orientation Make a Move is a brand of AIESEC the Netherlands. Next to the exchange and board experience, it is used to help bridging the gap between the students and their future. Current activities are: 1. Leadership training: For board members of different associations. 2. The Application and Assessment training: for the students who want to practise an application procedure. 3. The Career week: a major career event with 250 participating students and around 15 renown companies Every year there are several new activities. So there is a lot of freedom to develop new products that fit the needs of the students from Wageningen.

Work environment Within AIESEC you will experience a challenging and professional work environment. This consists firstly in having meetings with your team and contact with external parties representing AIESEC and Make a Move. Also, we have an office at which you can do your activities and meet the other AIESECers. 80% of what you learn is by doing. You have a lot of freedom and get to enjoy responsibilities that would take years to get in your future career. Since we are students, we still have to experience a lot. Sometimes things don’t go as planned or intended, and in this system of constant coaching and feedback you can only learn from your 3

mistakes. We are convinced that true creativity and growth is only possible when there is room for error as well. As a member you will work in teams with people from different backgrounds to achieve a common goal. You have the chance to learn a lot from different perspectives and different cultures.

International conferences Every year AIESEC worldwide organizes more than 470 international conferences. Every member of AIESEC is able to attend these conferences. The special thing about such a conference is that you are able to interact with hundreds of students from all over the world. Nearly every conference consists of sessions about personal development, leadership and functional specific subjects. It is an unique experience to learn more about other cultures and countries together with students who do the same work for AIESEC but in a completely different country and reality. Next tot that it is wonderful to meet so many people from all over the world, in the meantime building a great international network. AIESEC Wageningen, for example, went to Switzerland last year and will go to Sweden in April.

National conferences During these two-day, twice a year organized conferences in the castle of de Breckt in Baarlo all the AIESEC board members gather together, to get to know each other and to share experiences. There are plenary sessions, where we have policy sessions, where everyone thinks about the short and long term strategic direction of AIESEC the Netherlands. The rest of the days consist of team-based and functional sessions, where you go into detail of urgent matters. During the night between the two days there is a big theme party, because we like to live with the sentence: ‘work hard, play hard’. And most of all, it is all about fun and getting to know new people!

All AIESEC fulltime boards from the 10 cities together in Baarlo


2. Discover – your passion AIESEC AIESEC is a unique organization that was founded in 1948 by seven economic and business students of Western Europe. With the idea of recovering the relations between European countries after the Second World War, the founders of AIESEC set up the following goal: no more war! They believed they would achieve this goal by giving individuals the experience of living and working abroad themselves. By facilitating cultural experiences for people, they would create mutual understanding. Students would not only get aware of different cultures, but learn a lot during their internship as well. Your experience becomes much more intensive if you really work and live abroad The vision of AIESEC is: “Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential” The means to this vision are formulated as follows: “Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society.”

Passion As every organization, AIESEC has his own way to operate. To structure our operations in a certain way, we think we can help students connected to AIESEC to find their passion. This is what makes AIESEC unique:


Accelerate your growth Professional work environment Learning by doing Personal feedback & coaching Personal and professional development of board members is an AIESEC focus point. Through our (international) network, contacts in the business world and a drive to improve, we are constantly setting ourselves up to deliver high quality services to our clients. Within AIESEC you will experience a professional work environment. As a board member you will have the opportunities to learn in this environment and enjoy the responsibilities that come with it. To make the most of a board position, AIESEC offers you trainings, personal coaching and feedback sessions to grow further. Accelerate your growth personally and professionally. We believe that most growth comes through a process of learning by doing. We see success as well as room for error as important factors in achieving results.

Develop a global mind-set International work environment Opportunities abroad International conferences AIESEC is an international student organization located in 110 countries. Worldwide some 60.000 individuals are active AIESEC members. AIESEC offers an international work environment with numerous opportunities to get in touch with different people and cultures and develop a global mindset. There are opportunities to collaborate with international colleagues, meet up with AIESEC interns doing internships in the Netherlands and have regular contact with AIESEC offices abroad. The possibility to participate in one of the 470 international AIESEC conferences organized during the year is another unique option. Finally, AIESEC offers you opportunities to go abroad. Take the next step and do an internship or project abroad, help other AIESEC entities or apply for an AIESEC board membership in another country.

Expand your network Team work National and international involvement Partner companies Globally, AIESEC is the largest student-run network. You have the opportunity to expand your network and meet people. Within AIESEC you will work in teams. Throughout a year you will build friendships on a local, national and international level. Apart from this professional interaction with clients and partner companies, AIESEC offers opportunities to get in touch with prospective employers and discover the many opportunities present. 6

Enjoy participation Celebrate success Open-minded people Work hard, play hard Besides a learning experience, an AIESEC board year means loads of fun. You will enjoy participation in many social activities. These include team weekends, dinners, team building activities, conferences, weekly drinks and more. You will get to know and work together with many open people. At AIESEC we aim to celebrate results, achievements and success. Therefore, an AIESEC board year can be characterized by a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality: we aim at providing our services as professional as possible but we strongly acknowledge the value of pleasure and fun during and after work.


3. Discover – your potential Responsibility As an organisation we believe that most growth comes through a process of learning by doing. As a board member you will have opportunities to learn in this environment and not only perform your tasks, but enjoy the responsibilities that come with it. We see success as well as room for error as important factors in achieving results.

AIESEC and Make a Move have a team based structure and within every team a fulltime coordinator. All team members work by responsibilities instead of tasks, so there is room for every individual to schedule their (team) work at their best time, as long as the responsibilities are met. Within your team, you will elaborate on a suitable time to have your weekly team meeting (this year, all the teams had their meeting Thursday evening). With the whole Local Committee you will meet every other Thursday evening at CafĂŠ Daniels. This year the meeting started from 20h00 and took about two hours. Since every member has much responsibility, there are also some expectations. We expect from members mainly to: -

Be pro-active Be motivated to work for AIESEC Be committed and open for learning Be team players Be ambitious Have good social skills Join for the minimum of one year

To have an appropriate learning curve in your responsibility with first the transmission from your predecessor and then your performance and learning and afterwards the transmission of knowledge to your successor, we expect people to join AIESEC for the minimum time of one year. This also 8

contains the whole process of growing as a team. If there are contrary circumstances, and you can explain why you should join for a shorter period of time, we are happy to listen to that in the application procedure.

Full time responsibilities Within AIESEC Wageningen the fulltime members together form the Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of 5 people working fulltime for AIESEC Wageningen: The Local Committee President, Vice-President, Outgoing Exchange Coordinator, Incoming Exchange Coordinator and Make a Move Coordinator. They are mainly responsible for the development of AIESEC Wageningen as an organization and they coordinate all the projects AIESEC offers. As a fulltime board member you will spend an average of 45 hours a week on AIESEC. Additionally, you will participate in local and national events during weekends. After a short description of the responsibilities of the Executive Board, the different positions within the fulltime board are described. Main responsibilities:        

Keep track of the continuity of AIESEC Wageningen Create a strategic plan for AIESEC Wageningen and ensure implementation Decision making on a general level Lead, motivate and support the members of AIESEC Wageningen Link to the national board of AIESEC Represent AIESEC Wageningen nationally and internationally Decision making and strategic thinking on a national level Contact with external relations: university, companies, students


Executive Board (EB) Local Committee President (LCP) The Local Committee President gives direction to and supports the whole AIESEC team. He or she ensures the continuity of AIESEC Wageningen and will form a key figure in coordinating and representing the local committee. The LCP leads meetings of the Local Committee, the Executive Board, and with external relations. The LCP serves both as an overall support for all members as well as the person who keeps track of the strategy of the whole LC. A LCP also has frequent contact with AIESEC on the national level and with the other committees in the Netherlands. Main responsibilities:  Human Resources  External Relations  Communication & Coordination  Strategy & Planning Availability: The application deadline for this function has pased. Official start at July 1st 2013.

Last year the (vice)presidents and other board members were invited by BCG to write their strategy together with a top consultant. Up for the challenge?

Local Committee Vice President (VP) The Vice President works closely together with the President. He or she is responsible for ensuring the financial situation of AIESEC Wageningen now and in the future. The VP needs to make decisions about investments and budgets. Next to that, the VP is responsible for external relation exploration and relationship management. He or she keeps close contact with the Local Advisory Board, Sponsor group and university related connections. Finally, the VP makes sure that the information systems in the office are up to date. Together with the EB the VP will discuss strategic issues concerning the whole Local Committee. The VP will also have regular contact with VPs of other local committees in the Netherlands and the national committee. Main responsibilities:  Finance  External Relations  Marketing  Management Information Systems 10

Availability: The application deadline for this function is 30 April 2013. Official start at July 1st 2013.

Incoming Exchange (ICX) Coordinator As an ICX coordinator you are responsible for the Incoming Exchange program. It is your goal to create and raise quality internships and receive foreign interns in Wageningen. This goal will be achieved together with your team members. You will work closely with your team and the Executive Board. On a regular basis you have contact with your Dutch counterparts of other Local Committees and Coordinators of the National Board. Apart from this you and the board will discuss and implement strategic plans concerning AIESEC Wageningen. Main responsibilities:  Motivate and support the ICX team  Achieving the targets and goals set  Make a strategic plan on how to improve AIESEC Wageningen  Implement the strategic plan in the ICX team  Manage and expand relations with local companies  Preparing and leading the weekly ICX team meeting  Holding the final responsibility for receiving and supporting foreign trainees who come to Wageningen (on a formal and a social basis) Availability: The application deadline for this function is 30 April 2013. Official start at July 1st 2013. Last year our partner and a trainee were so happy with each other, that he decided to come and live in Wageningen with his girlfriend to continue working there after his study. Also want to have impact?

Make a Move (MaM) Coordinator As a Make a Move coordinator you are responsible for organizing, coordinating and realizing the Make a Move Career Day and the trainings that precede the Career Day. Regarding the Career Day you are responsible for making sure that all participating students (approximately 250) and companies (around 15) are satisfied and that the event runs smoothly. Furthermore, as an EB member you will think strategically on how to improve AIESEC Wageningen. You will also frequently have contact with Make a Move coordinators from other local committees in the Netherlands and the national committee. Main responsibilities:  Motivating and supporting your team members  Responsible for the strategic and financial policies of Make a Move 11

  

Responsible for the further development of Make a Move activities Responsible for the Career Week Preparing and leading the weekly Make a Move team meeting

Availability: The application deadline for this function is 30 April 2013. Official start at July 1st 2013.


ady to top that? Ready to top that?

top companies at career day

Outgoing Exchange (OGX) Coordinator As an OGX coordinator you are responsible for the Outgoing Exchange program. This involves sending students from the University of Wageningen abroad and guiding these students in the process of going abroad. You are responsible for reaching the set targets and goals. You lead, support and motivate the OGX team. Together with the EB you will discuss strategic issues concerning the whole Local Committee. You will also regularly have contact with OGX coordinators of other local committees in the Netherlands and the national committee. In addition, you will keep contact with foreign AIESEC committees. Main responsibilities:  Motivate and support the OGX team  Achieving the targets and goals set  Make a strategic plan on how to improve AIESEC Wageningen  Implement the strategic plan in the OGX team  Manage and extend the contact with the University of Wageningen and AIESEC committees abroad  Holding the final responsibility for all students going abroad (on a formal and a social basis)  Preparing and leading the weekly OGX team meeting Availability: The application deadline for this function is May 2nd 2013. Official start at July 1st 2013

New international partnership with AIESEC Vietnam. Will you expand the borders?


Part-time responsibilities The part time members within AIESEC Wageningen have their own responsibilities which are functional based. In every team there are different responsibilities to be filled to let the team perform well. To meet your responsibilities you will spend about 5 till 10 hours a week working on it on average, next to the team meeting and LC meeting.

Outgoing exchange team (OGX) Main activities of the team As a member of the OGX team you are responsible for the outgoing exchange program. Together with both your coordinator and the other OGX team members you select, support and prepare students who wish to go abroad with AIESEC. What is the best part of being in the OGX team? The best part of being member of the OGX team is being able to guide a person in going abroad and to realize you have made this happen. Also, you will learn how to select suitable students and it will be a challenge to continuously find an appropriate internship for these students. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to contact people from Kenya, India, Finland, Ghana, Peru or any other of the 113 countries in which AIESEC is situated.

Last year the OGX team organized a stunt in which WUR students could hold fire. What will your ideas be?

What are the different part-time functions within the OGX team?  Online positioning manager o Responsible for the online visibility of OGX, such as facebook and the website. Your function includes marketing and brand awareness online.  International affairs manager o You will keep contact with AIESEC cities abroad and create international partnerships with interesting parties. Additionally, you are aware of the supply and demand in the AIESEC database so we can keep offering students the best internships in the future.  Marketing o Being responsible for the entire marketing process of OGX. You will think about target groups, the message and innovative channels of promotion. 13



External relations o You are responsible for the External Relations. These relations include mostly contacts within the university (faculties, study/students associations). Process manager o Organising information sessions, scheduling all interviews, responsible for the selection and coaching of students before they go abroad and when they come back. In other words, structuring the OGX process.

Availability: The application deadline for this team is April 30 2013. Official start at July 1st 2013.


Make a Move team Main activities of the team The Make a Move team yearly organizes several activities to prepare students for the labor market. In order to achieve this you will organize career related spring activities, application and assessment trainings and on top to that, you will get the chance to organize the Make a Move Career Event. The goal of the Make a Move Career Event is to offer students the possibility to orientate generally or more specifically on the labor market. This year we will apply an entirely new and state of the art business concept to achieve this goal! In comparison with the exchange teams, Make a Move is more business minded and deals with event management. What is the best part of being in the Make a Move team? The Make a Move team offers you the opportunity to work on several large projects and so experience working in an intensive team with challenging deadlines. You will organize one mid-size event and you have the freedom to organize another event. With these events, you can prepare yourselves for the biggest event of your year: the Career Day.

Do you feel the confidence to suit up?

Main Responsibilities  Marketing o The person who is responsible for marketing makes sure that every event gets as many subscriptions as possible. For every event, you are responsible for designing the flyers, posters, program booklets and so on. You can spend a lot of money to make sure that Make a Move is visible for students and to convince students to enroll themselves for the Make a Move events.  External Relations o External Relations is responsible for maintaining contact with external parties and looking for new contacts that Make a Move can benefit from. You maintain contact with students and the university and you have the freedom to search for new parties to cooperate with to make sure that Make a Move is visible at the university.  Account Manager (2x) o A Account Manager is the person who is doing acquisition for the Career Week and make a move online. You can use your sales skills to get as many companies at the Career Week as possible. You will get in contact with the recruiters from local, national and international companies. Besides acquisition, you are also going to contact companies for promotion during the Career Week.  Logistics o You take care of the logistic things of all Make a Move events. For example: finding a location, getting sponsoring from local companies and arranging lunches and drinks. You make sure that there is a scenario for every event and all the days are going smoothly. Since you can make decisions about important things that have to be arranged for an event, you have a lot of influence on every event. 15

Special projects o Being responsible for the spring activities and the application and assessment training of Make a Move and the extra activities at the Make a Move Career Events. Make a Move online manager o You are responsible for the online platform of make a move ( Which means that you work together with marketing, external relaions to promote the platform and with the account managers to get companies involved. Also you are involved in the development of the platform.

Availability: The application deadline for this team is April 30 2013. Official start at July 1st 2013.

Incoming Exchange team Main activities of the team As a member of the ICX team you are responsible for the incoming exchange program. Together with both your coordinator and the other ICX team members it is your responsibility to create as many quality internship opportunities as possible in Wageningen and surrounding areas. In addition, you are responsible for receiving and supporting foreign interns who come to Wageningen for a internship. What is the best part of being in the ICX team? Being part of the ICX team offers you a two sided glance of being an AIESEC-er. On the one hand you get to implement your commercial skills when getting into contact with companies and convincing them an international intern is of added value to their company. Also you will learn to work professionally and keep good relations with our partners. On the other hand you will get in touch with the international aspects of AIESEC because you are responsible for the reception of the foreign interns.

Will you meet people from 113 different AIESEC countries?

What are the different part-time functions within the ICX team?  Acquisition manager As an acquisition manager, you are responsible for keeping close contact with the companies that wish to receive foreign interns. In this function you need to “sell” our interns, so developing in your professional skills will be a big part of it!  Account manager 16

As an account manager, you will continue the work that has been done by the acquisition manager. You will search for suitable candidates for the internships by contacting abroad AIESEC offices and searching in an online database, arranging formalities to ensure that a foreign intern can come to the Netherlands and receiving and supporting the interns who come to Wageningen socially and formally.

Availability: The application deadline for this team is April 30 2013. Official start at July 1st 2013


4. Discover – a way to stand out Benefits for your future Why would an organisation choose for you instead of one of your fellow students who has the same age, goes to every lecture together with you, has followed the same minor and has the same marks as you? These are criteria by which most top companies select recently graduated students:  My courses’ mark is on average > 7  I have commission/board-experience (5-20 hours a week)  I have commission/board-experience (>20 hours a week)  I have done a study-related traineeship (>3mth)  I have had a study-related job  I have experience abroad  I have experience in a professional sports environment  I have my own company  I have participated in an Honours programme  I expect to finish more than one master at university All the demands of the companies imply pro-activity. You can divide the demands in two categories, (1) can be accomplished individually and (2) have to be performed within an organisation. This is on November 27th and 28th of 2012 acknowledged: AIESEC has been acknowledged Enabling Youth Mobility by Adecco and the European Alliance of Skills and Employability

Interaction with Talent Partners During nationally organized events from AIESEC the Netherlands members of AIESEC have the opportunity to enjoy interaction and training with Talent Partners of AIESEC. The opportunities consist of: -

Training at national conferences Training at international conferences Training at national training days (NTDs) Specially for AIESEC organized in-house days, every company once a year 18

By this contact you can discover what kind of people are working there, and to see what the company is like and what knowledge they have behind the doors that are normally closed for students. This can be the start of a traineeship at one of the respected companies:

On a local level, the Executive Board of AIESEC Wageningen wins advice from CEOs and top managers of the following companies:


Application information and dates Application Procedure To confirm your application, send 2 documents to before 30st of April 23:59: - Your updated CV (with mobile phone number) - Letter of motivation

Your motivation letter must contain the answer of the following questions: - Why do you wish to take up a board function within AIESEC? - What do you expect from an AIESEC year? - What function has your preference and why? - Why would you be of value to the team? By sending in your application, you will apply for AIESEC in general and/or you can indicate your preference for a certain position. To confirm your application we will call you on the mobile phone number on your CV. Then is the opportunity to clear any questions and we will schedule the interview(s). The interviews will be held between the 1st and the 15th of May. Interviews are about an hour each. For the part-time positions there is one interview, for the full-time positions two. The results of the interview, in combination with your motivation, will result in an acceptance of your application of not.

More information This information booklet contains a lot of written information together with experiences. If you want more information, there are several options 1. Browse the web for and and the ‘Aiesec and Make a Move Wageningen’ Facebook site. 2. Drop by at our AIESEC office (Generaal Foulkesweg 37) in the lunch break during working days. 3. Send an email to with your questions or request for a meeting. 4. Approach one of the AIESECers on campus in the dark blue shirts/hoodies 5. Come to one of our activities (see dates next page) a. Summer projects b. Info drinks c. Surprise evening


Dates Date




April 2nd 18:00 – 19:00

Exchange info evening

All students interested in going abroad (this summer)

Forum, C103

April 18th 19:30

Info drink

All interested students

Café Daniels

April 25th

Surprise evening

Highly interested students and friends

Via mail:

April 30th 23:59

Deadline part-time and fulltime applications

All applicants

Via mail:

May 1-15


All applicants

Generaal Foulkesweg 37

May 14th

Career day

New MaM mebers can take a peek if they want

Junushoff, Wageningen

May 15th

Announcement team ’13‘14

All applicants

Via phone or personally

May 16th

National take over start (NTOS)

AIESEC Wageningen team 2013-2014


We are looking forward to your application!

On behalf of the AIESEC Wageningen board, Marieke van Deelen Local Committee President 2012-2013


Your discovery!  

AIESEC parttime and full-time board positions info booklet