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Things you should know about Residential Learning Communities (RLCs)

• Located within Freshman Connections residence halls • Provide mutual classes with others in your RLC • Connect with others who have similar academic majors or areas of interest • Increase access to professors and staff outside of the classroom setting • Only available to freshmen students

Community Mentors are upper division students who have a similar academic focus or area of interest as you. They work with your RLC and help guide you through the transition to college, form friendships, and introduce you to the campus community.

Number of Community Mentors (CMs) to help you succeed

Number of events CMs hosted for RLC students

Percentage of RLC students who return to NAU as sophomores

Each RLC sponsors academic and social events that bring the community of students together on a weekly basis, such as faculty dinners, field trips, and informal advising.

RLC participants are retained to their second year of college at 80% compared to 70 % of non-participants.

Total RLCs in a variety of subjects for you to choose • Biological Sciences • Biomedical Professions • Business • CAL Secondary Education • Chemistry & Biochemistry • Eco House • Education House (Elementary) • Engineering • English “Language Lair” • First Scholars • Forestry “Tree House” • Global Village • Health & Human Services • Honors

• Hotel & Restaurant Management • Justice • Leadership • LGBTQIA Studies • Olson Scholars • Outdoor Recreation • Physics & Astronomy • Pre-Law • Psychology • Secondary Education Science & Math • SEED • STAR • Visual Communication

Important statistics about RLC students

• Better prepared for class • Utilize computer labs, interact with professors, and attend seminars and lectures more regularly than non-RLC students • More confident in their educational future • Feel their residence hall climate is more supportive of their academic and social lives than non-RLC students

Percentage of RLC students satisfied with their adjustment to college life

On our annual Learning Community Survey, 92% of RLC students agreed/ strongly agreed that the programs offered helped them adjust to college and learn about resources at NAU.

Steps to joining your RLC

1. Submit your enrollment deposit to accept your admission offer. 2. Apply for housing at 3. Request an RLC from the options listed on your housing application.

RLC Brochure 2014-2015  
RLC Brochure 2014-2015