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CONTRIBUTORS Alex Messina, Haley Huzzey, Marisa Incremona, and Sarah Cummins Taylor Smith Education House Outdoor Recreation Ashley Butcher Tomie Barrio Criminal Justice Psychology II Business

table of contents 03 English RLC Goes Out on the Town 04 English RLC Goes Out on the Town Continued 05 A Ghoulish Get Together 06 Photography Collage 06 Outdoor Recreation Plays in the Snow 07 Health and Human Services Health Assessment Workshop 08 Criminal Justice Meets an Officer 09 Criminal Justice Goes Rock Climbing - Photo Collage 10 Psychology II Advising - Photo Collage 10 Business RLC Visits Bigfoot BBQ

Sue Belatti

assistant director of residential learning communities

With Spring Break nearly here, I am reminded of a fun quote in the movie Finding Nemo that went something like . . . “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Why would that phrase come to me at this time of year? Most likely because the spring semester often feels twice as long as the fall with few breaks from the college routine. The key to keep in mind is that the journey you are making now in college IS part of the experience. Focusing on strictly the end goal of graduation, although important,

may impact the overall experience that college has to offer these next semesters. The lessons you learn along the way and the skills you develop with each stroke forward are laying the foundation not only for your graduation but for the life you build beyond college. By embracing the experience, you’ll find yourself navigating the “river” of college with a lot more enjoyment. So our advice to you at this time in the semester is to embrace the swim and know that the end goal will be here before you know it.

English RLC goes out on the town Writers Alex Messina, Haley Huzzey, Marisa Incremona, and Sarah Cummins

uring the fall semester, the English LC bonded quickly and attended many events together. First, we attended a poetry reading (by NAU faculty) in Winslow. Next, we attended the Andrea Gibson, a well-known slam poet, presentation. After her performance, we were invited to a private workshop with Gibson the

next day. We held our faculty dinner in November in order to coincide with NAU Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Those events were specifically successful because of our attendance. 16 students showed up for dinner with 6 different English Department Faculty members. -Alex Messina

itting in a lecture hall and listening to one of the most amazing slam poets read us her work was amazing. Andrea Gibson captivated the hearts of everyone in that room, those who had heard her before and those who were hearing her for the first time. She spoke truths that others hardly spoke of and captivated our hearts

with what she had to say. To be able to hear my favorite slam poet in person was an experience that I will never forget and I am so glad to have had that opportunity. It was wonderful to hear some of her newer pieces and to hear some older favorites. -Haley Huzzey

English RLC continued Writers Alex Messina, Haley Huzzey, Marisa Incremona, and Sarah Cummins

AU’s production of Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” was absolutely fantastic. The acting was amazing and the modern twists that were added were received extremely well by the audience. It was great to experience this with the Learning Community; we all had so much fun! -Marisa Incremona

oing to NAU Theatre’s “Romeo & Juliet” with all of the friends I had met through the English Learning Community was an unforgettable joy. The play was well-done, the atmosphere fun, and overall it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of that semester. -Sarah Cummins

he poetry reading in Winslow was our first outing as a Learning Community and it was so much fun. We not only got to experience great poetry by some wonderful writers, but we were all able to bond as a community. I think this outing really helped jump-start the camaraderie that is still felt throughout our Community. -Marisa Incremona

A Ghoulish Get Together The five learning communities that reside in Sechrist were joined together at the Halloween Social for fun, food, and games. Here we have students and community mentors alike, decorating cupcakes with frosting, sprinkles, and candy while enjoying some spooky soundtracks. Costumes were optional, and some students seen here opted to dress up for a shot at winning the costume contest. -HRM Mentor Taylor Smith

Ed House

Outdoor Recreation plays in the snow

Health and Human Services health assessment workshop

Writer Ashley Butcher

he health assessment workshop was one of the best experiences I could have asked for. I am a nursing major, and so the types of assessments we did were vitally important to know. To have the chance to learn this in person with one-on-one direction was so intriguing. Vitals, head, eyes, and the heart objective assessments were my favorite because we assessed each other and were taught exactly how to do it as well as the normal and abnormal assessment findings for each. My absolute favorite of those were the heart assessments because being able to count the heart beat and listen to each sound and learn why there is a “lub-dub� to the beat was so interesting. Amy was such a huge help when she was helping my friend Mackenzie and I because she would tell us exactly how to assess something and what we needed to look for. All I kept doing was smiling and jumping when I realized I did something right and it would amaze me how accurate everything was. The stethoscope was the most interesting instrument because there was a double headed one we were able to use. Amy had the other side and would point out different information. I am so happy I got the experience of these assessments and if given the chance, I would do it all over again!

Criminal Justice meets an officer

Writer Tomie Barrio

eeting an officer of the law is very rewarding. We got that opportunity tonight at our Criminal Justice Learning Community meeting. NAU PD Officer Cordova talked about her history and background of being a patrol officer. She answered questions such as the worst situation she’s seen or encountered, boring duties, and much more. NAU PD and Flagstaff PD work hand in hand because the number of officers in northern Arizona comes close to only 150 officers.

She also mentioned information about paid internships, including University Safety Aids. For this internship, the duties include escorting, building checks, and more. She brought activities with her, including drunk goggles and beer pong, along with tape to walk a straight line. Also there were tests like holding your foot in the air at 6 inches and counting to 30. All of these needed the use of the drunk goggles and boy it was tricky.

Criminal Justice goes rock climbing with faculty

Psychology II

advising and stress busters

Business visits Bigfoot BBQ Writer Business RLC he Business Learning Community went to Bigfoot BBQ in downtown Flagstaff to enjoy an evening with good friends and good food. We walked to the restaurant which is located underground in one of the stores. We ordered, talked about life, made

jokes, and just enjoyed the great company that was present. In the picture starting on the left and going around clockwise are Sarah Nicholas, Jacquie Rozan, Andrew Furphy, Ryan Wilson, Jonathon Walker, and Alex Hayes.

LC Voice Spring 2013  
LC Voice Spring 2013  

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