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Fine Arts Academy


Welcome to the Fine Arts Academy! The Fine Arts Academy provides an excellent opportunity for your child to study the fine arts and other areas of interest through group or private lessons. Experienced teachers provide enhancement to your children’s lives, and convenience to yours, by offering all classes on the WCS campus. You may use one enrollment form for multiple students. Thank you for your interest in Fine Arts Academy. Feel free to contact Steve Elmore (634-0489 ext. 536 (w), 259-6413 (c), or with any questions or comments. May your children have wonderful experiences of creative growth and enrichment!

Fine Arts Academy 2010-11 Calendar FAA classes follow the WCS calendar and observe the same holiday and conference schedule. FAA regular semesters encompass 12 weeks for lessons/classes. Some classes operate on a modified schedule, so check with the instructor if you have any questions. Missed sessions may require additional time to be made up. Some fall classes may continue and some additional classes are available in a INTRODUCING the new MINI-SESSION: new mini-session which takes place between the regular semesters. Separate enrollment and fees may apply. Check the Mini-Session Supplement on a separate link for details.

FALL Aug 24 Sep 8-10 Sep 13-14 Nov 1-2 Nov 11-12 Nov 24-26 Dec 2-3 Dec 4 Dec 6-8 Dec 20-Jan 2

Back-to-School Fair, MPR, 9-12 FAA fall Wed-Fri classes begin FAA fall Mon-Tue classes begin NO SCHOOL PS-8, Parent Conferences NO SCHOOL 9-12, Parent Conferences THANKSGIVING BREAK FAA fall Thu-Fri classes end FAA Fall Recitals FAA fall Mon-Wed classes end HOLIDAY BREAK

Mini-Session (no classes during Holiday Break) Dec 9 Mini-session Classes begin/ some Fall classes continue Feb 2 Mini-session Classes end

SPRING Jan 3 Feb 3-4 Feb 7-9 Feb 10-11 Feb 25 Mar 21-25 Apr 22 May 3-5 May 7 May 9 May 13

Academic classes resume FAA spring Thu-Fri classes begin FAA spring Mon-Wed classes begin NO SCHOOL PS-8, Parent Conferences NO SCHOOL 9-12, Parent Conferences SPRING BREAK NO SCHOOL, Good Friday FAA spring Tue-Thu classes end FAA SPRING RECITALS FAA spring Mon classes end FAA spring Friday classes end

Fees Fees listed for most courses cover one semester of classes when paying by credit card. Fees in parenthesis include a 3% discount for those paying with cash or check. All FAA fees must be paid in full in advance. No FAA fees may be billed to your WCS account. Special Note: Dance classes taught by Andrea Finch and Audra Lee (collectively known as Footworks) are paid monthly through them to Wichita Collegiate School. See the Footworks’ brochure for pricing and payment procedures. Private Band Instruments lessons are paid monthly through Troy Fischer to Wichita Collegiate School.


Enrollment Procedure To enroll, print the form found at the “Enrollment Form “ link, fill in the required information and write the FAA class, teacher and fee on the lines provided. To use a credit card, print the “Credit Card Authorization Form” found at that link and fill in the required information. Return with full payment to: Steve Elmore WCS Early Childhood 9115 E. 13th St. Wichita, KS 67206

Lesson Escorts Students PS through 2nd grade will be escorted to their lessons/classes by an adult. Students of this age range who stay on campus after their class will be escorted to their next destination.

Cancellations/Rescheduling Lessons We understand that under some circumstances your child may not be able to attend his or her lesson. Parents are expected to pay for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the lessons unless there is an emergency. (See below) When the teacher cancels or the weather or calendar dictates an absence and a make-up lesson is not rescheduled, you will receive a reimbursement for the amount of the lesson. To reschedule a lesson, please observe these rules: (1) A lesson will be rescheduled only if the teacher is notified at least 24 hours prior to absence. (2) A lesson will be rescheduled at a time that is mutually convenient for the teacher, parents, and student, and when a facility is available. The 24-hour notice rule may be waived if the cancellation is due to an emergency or sudden illness (unless it becomes habitual), or at the teacher’s discretion.

Communication The Director is always available to discuss concerns or answer any questions. Please discuss any problem that arises during the semester with the teacher first, if appropriate. If you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to contact the Director.

Contact Information Phone numbers for teachers are included in this brochure for your convenience. Please keep them at least until the school directory is printed.

Discover your Creative Genius! 3

*Note: The first fee listed in the class descriptions is the amount due when paying by credit card; the fee in parenthesis includes a 3% discount for those paying by cash or check. All FAA fees must be paid in full in advance. No FAA fees may be billed to your WCS account.

Early Childhood Monart : First Steps Pre-School Art Program Kate Pepper/Tarah Spencer #103 Mondays, 11:20-12:05, LS Art Room #104 Tuesdays, 11:20-12:05, EC Art Room Ages 3-5, $283.25 ($275) FALL THEME: Sea creatures SPRING THEME: Farm life Want to improve your child’s fine motor skills and pencil grip? Join us and have fun creating art projects based on children’s literature which is read during class. Children experiment with different media while improving hand-eye coordination, problem solving and sequencing. The class is divided into two groups: Pre-K children will create more advanced drawings while Pre-school/Older Great Beginnings students will work with collage materials and participate in a short drawing session each week. Please feel free to call the Art Park with any questions regarding the program, 632-2500.

Mini Cheer Kimberly Farner #107 Tuesdays, 11:20-12:05*# #108 Wednesdays, 11:20-12:05*# #109 Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30+ Ages 3-6, $211.15 ($205) #Studio B (Rounds Basement) +Black Box Dance Room It is never too early to start! This is a cheer class for those students looking to begin cheerleading and/or get ready for school or competitive cheerleading. This class teaches the basics of motions, jumps, kicks, stretches, cheers/chants and sideline dances. Students will learn age-appropriate progressions of basics gymnastics, stunting and more specific motor skills. Students will also learn a high energy cheer/dance routine, which they will perform for friends and family at the end of the session! Appropriate attire for cheer class: shorts, top and tennis shoes. Hair should be worn in a pony tail. *This class is offered to accommodate half-day students either before or after their classroom time.

This class is offered to accommodate half-day students either before or after their classroom time.

Happy Feet Weekly Soccer Program Meurig Cundy #105 Fridays, 11:30-12:00, Ages 2-5 #106 Tuesdays, 3:30-4:00, Ages 4-5 $160 ($156) EC Annex 1 (EC Music Room) Happy Feet classes provide structured soccer activities with a ball and other fun props. Its curriculum ensures kids have an absolute blast while developing essential physical skills. Classes constantly build on each other and the coaches use the portions of the curriculum that are both age and skill-level appropriate. For more information go to .

Music: Instrumental #301 Private Guitar Aaron Epp Thursdays and Fridays, Times arranged Grades PreK-Adult, $293.55 ($285) Location TBA Aaron offers personalized guitar, teaching to the style his students enjoy most. He plays electric guitar and is creative in composition and improvisation. Mr. Epp will be on campus Thursdays and Fridays after school.

This class is offered to accommodate half-day students either before or after their classroom time.


#302 Private Guitar

#306 Private Violin

John Leddy Days and Times arranged Grades 1-Adult, $293.55 ($285) MS Room 13 (Leddy)

Chelley Graves Days and Times arranged Ages 5- Adult, $293.55 ($285) Location TBA

Students in the class will learn how to play the basic notes on the staff and how to strum the most common chords. We will do mostly kids’ songs to learn to play. If you have any questions call 744-9859.

Music: Piano

#303 Group Guitar

Group Lessons for Grades 1-2 Steve Elmore Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15 $211.15 ($205) + $25 materials fee EC Annex 2 (EC Piano Lab)

John Leddy Wednesdays, 4:00-5:00 Grades 5-8, $211.15 ($205) MS Room 13 (Leddy) Come join a group of soon-to-be friends as we learn basic chords, rhythms and notes in a group guitar setting. Students will experience mutual support as well as friendly competition, and will be encouraged to practice and grow in their skill together. I had a great experience as a child in a group guitar lesson and I am excited to offer the class at Collegiate.

#402 Piano Lab

Group piano lessons for up to twelve students. Curriculum involves playing the instruments, music theory and music games.

#403 Private Piano Helen Griffin Day and Times arranged Grades K-Adult, $293.55 ($285) MS Room 34-Old Counselor’s Office

#404 Private Piano

#304 Garage Band John Leddy Tuesdays and Thursdays, during 7th hour Grades 7-8, $211.15 ($205) MS Room 13 (Leddy) Mr. Leddy would like students who have some experience, but he will take motivated beginners. Students will work on reading music and playing for performance. Curriculum will focus on classic rock and any song the students want to perform that is within their ability. Audition times for specific instruments will be announced; contact Mr. Leddy for an audition form. Each band (up to three) will consist of at least one guitar (possibly two), one bass, one drummer, one vocalist, one keyboardist (optional) and one sax player (optional). Students may join for one or two semesters. Concerts will be in December for fall semester and May for spring semester, specific dates to be announced. Come and join the cool Garage Band!

Janice Hobbs Day and Times arranged Grades K-Adult, $293.55 ($285) Location TBA

#405 Private Piano Traci Hutchinson Day and Times arranged Grades K-Adult, $293.55 ($285) Location TBA

#406 Private Piano Kristin Karl Day and Times arranged Grades K-Adult, limit 6, $293.55 ($285) EC Room 9 (Karl)

#305 Private Band Instruments, Grades 5-12 Arranged through Troy Fischer, US and MS Instrumental Music Director. Contact him for details at 771-2324 or


#407 Private Piano Jonna Bolan Day and Times arranged Grades 1-12, $293.55 ($285) LS Music Room Offers a kind and gentle approach in which piano lessons are stress free and learning is fun. Helps students: • • • •

Learn the basic skills needed to begin a lifetime of enjoyment playing the piano, including basic music theory and terminology. Read music in both the treble and bass clefs Develop correct hand position Learn and practice exercises to maximize playing potential

#408 Private Piano Erin Sundquist Day and Times arranged Grades K-Adult, $293.55 ($285) Location TBA

#409 MS Enhancement Private Piano Erin Sundquist Day and Times arranged during enhancement classes Grades 5-8, $293.55 ($285) Location TBA

#410 Piano Tutoring Steve Elmore Tuesdays, 3:15-3:45; 3:30-4:00; 3:45-4:15 Grades K-Adult, $15 per session EC Piano Lab

#502 MS Enhancement Private Voice Kathleen Wisner MWF during music classes on a first-enrolled/first-served basis (25-minute lessons) Grades 5-8, $293.55 ($285) MS Room 34 (Old Counselor’s Office) These lessons may be scheduled during study hall or enhancement with Dr. Rai’s approval. Beginning, ending and other significant dates will follow the Fine Arts Academy calendar. To enroll, complete the Enrollment Form including all FAA classes you wish to take, and the appropriate form from the Middle School.

#503 US Traditional Private Voice Kathleen Wisner Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3:15-5:15 (half-hour lessons) Grades 9-12, $293.55 ($285) MS Room 34 (Old Counselor’s Office)

#504 Private Voice Traci Hutchinson Days and Times arranged Grade 3-Adult, $293.55 ($285) LS Music Room

#505 Private Voice Jonna Bolan Days and Times arranged Grade 5-12, $293.55 ($285) LS Music Room Helps students:

Not a piano lesson, but an opportunity for students to practice assignments from their regular lesson under the guidance of a trained piano specialist. Students attend for half-hour sessions on an as-needed basis.

Music: Vocal

#501 MS Traditional Private Voice Kathleen Wisner Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3:15-5:15 (half-hour lessons) MS Room 34 (Old Counselor’s Office) Grades 5-8, $293.55 ($285)

Develop the skills needed to sing and enjoy music of all performance styles. Learn basic vocal fundamentals for correct singing techniques and the health and preservation of the voice. Prepare effectively for college scholarship auditions, KMEA contests, music theater auditions, scholarship pageant talent selection and staging, and presenting church solos. Learn Classical music foreign languages.


Performing Arts: Dance #602 Footworks Arranged through Andrea Finch. Contact her for schedule and pricing details at (479) 685-1093 or

Performing Arts: Drama #702 Mini-Musical: Mary Poppins Jonna Bolan Thursdays, 3:10-4:10 Grades 1-3, $211.15 ($205) LS Music Room Hey all you boys and girls who love to sing and act! Come and join in on the fun staging a production of Mary Poppins. Children will learn stage directions, basic acting techniques, choreography and expressive singing. The final performance will be during the last class of the Fine Arts Academy semester. Some of the music included will be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Let’s Go Fly a Kite, I Love to Laugh and Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down.

Personal Development #801 Around the World Tanya Leddy Tuesdays, 3:15-4:15 PreK-Grade 2, $211.15 ($205) LS Science Room Grab your passport and get ready for an adventure as we have fun learning about different countries. Through stories, games and activities we’ll explore the culture and some language of the countries we visit. Some of the featured countries will be Brazil, Kenya, France, England, India, Vietnam, China and Japan.

#802 American Girls Tanya Leddy Thursdays, 3:15-4:15 Grades 2-6, $211.15 ($205) LS Science Room

#803 Spartan Walking Club Lori Primm/Pat Swearingen Mondays, 3:10-4:30 $222.60 ($210) LS Room 201 (Swearingen) This class is designed to make 2nd -4th graders aware of their body systems, what a healthy diet is and why exercise is important. We will have a health lesson each week followed by a healthy snack. We will then walk on campus, through buildings or around Lake Point. The final activity will be a family walk on a Saturday. The students will leave class with a notebook containing their health lessons and our healthy snack recipes.

#804 Kicking Kids: Karate for the younger generation John Leddy Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 Ages 4-7, $211.15 ($205) US Basement Kids will have an age appropriate workout as well as character education. Leddy Sensei has started a brand new program that rewards kids for positive behaviors and values. Every 1-2 weeks we will spotlight a new value, in which we systematically learn the value and have the students model that value for the class period and then through the whole semester. The students earn patches for performing the virtues during class and at home. Some examples are Focus, Discipline, Family, Confidence, and many others. Come and check us out.

# 805 Okinawan Go Jyu Ryu Karate John Leddy Mon/Tue/Thu, 4:15-6:15 & Sat. 9:30-11:00 a.m. $257.50 ($250) US Basement Okinawan Go Jyu Ryu is a traditional martial art which has practical self-defense as its main focus. It is not as flashy as some styles but every effort is made to teach techniques that are effective. Classes are hard work: we develop strength, endurance, coordination, balance and overall mental and physical discipline. All of these aspects may help students with ADD. Don’t worry about your physical condition; you will progress at your own pace and be as competitive or noncompetitive as you wish. Leddy Sensei invites you to attend as many weekly classes as you wish.

Come explore the worlds of the American Girl and the Girlof-the-Year dolls. We’ll do crafts, games and act out stories. Bring your doll and join in on the fun.


Okinawan Go Jyu Ryu Karate Junior Class John Leddy #806 Ages 7 - Beginning Adults, One or Two Days Per Week Attendance, $211.15 ($205) #807 Ages 7 - Beginning Adults, Three or Four Days Per Week Attendance, $257.50 ($250) Regular Classes: Mon/Tue/Thu, 4:15-5:30 & Sat. 9:3011:00 a.m. US Basement See description above.

#809 Healthy Lifestyle Laboratory Amy Dokken and Dania McCoy MWF, 3:00-5:00 Grades 1-12, $340 ($330) MS Room 10 (Dokken) We will explore organic, permaculture gardening. Participants will plant and tend their own garden as a seasonal rotation of vegetables, herbs and flowers. We will explore nutritious eating by experimenting with different food preparations using only ethically sourced (local, organic, fair trade) ingredients to prepare our own snacks daily. We will also explore ways to keep our body healthy practicing activities chosen by the group. Options include: Yoga, running, circuit training, dance and tai chi. Materials Needed: gardening gloves, spade and pruners ($37)

stunting will be taught. Students will also learn a high energy cheer/dance routine, which they will perform for friends and family at the end of the session! Appropriate attire for cheer class: shorts, top and tennis shoes. Hair should be worn in a pony tail.

#812 Power Cheer Kimberly Farner Mondays, 3:30-4:30 Grades 5-8, $211.15 ($205) Black Box Dance Room This is a cheer class for those students looking to begin, improve and/or perfect their cheerleading skills. This is a great class to prepare and practice for school and competitive cheerleading. This class will teach proper motions, jumps, kicks, stretches, cheers/chants and sideline dances. Ageappropriate progressions of basics gymnastics and stunting will be taught. Students will also learn a high energy cheer/dance routine, which they will perform for friends and family at the end of the session! Appropriate attire for class: shorts, top and tennis shoes. Hair should be worn in a pony tail.

#814 Parents’ Date Night John Leddy Fridays, Dates TBA Grades 1-6, $30, $10 for each additional child US Gym

#810 The Etiquette Edge Timi Caro Wednesdays, 3:15-4:00 $211.15 ($205) + $10 meal fee Grades 1-12, Location TBA This single-semester class will give children and teens the confidence that knowledge brings in all social settings. Kids really enjoy this fun-fact role playing, interactive class! Some of the topics covered will be introductions and hand shaking, table manners, utensil recognition, proper attire, phone etiquette and conversation and listening skills. There is even a meal at the end and the kids pick the menu! References happily supplied.

Take a night off away from your kids with Parents’ Date Night. On the Fridays listed above you may leave your student at school where they will be escorted from Kids Club at 4:00 or bring them back 4:00-10:00 for a night of fun and games. We will meet at the Upper School gym to play games, have some sort of dinner (pizza, burger, etc.) then have more games and activities. So bring your 1st-6th grader and head off for a movie or any other activity you prefer to do without children. Reservations required.

#819 Yoga for Kids

#811 Ultimate Cheer

Leigh Ann Ablah Tuesdays, 4:15-4:45 Ages 3-6, $211.15 ($205) EC Music Room

Kimberly Farner Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30 Grades 1-4, $211.15 ($205) Black Box Dance Room

We will read a story or two, do animal poses, breathe and greet the sun with Sun Salutations. A light and fun introduction to yoga.

Perfect for aspiring cheerleaders! This is a cheer class for students looking to begin cheerleading and/or improve their cheerleading skills. This class teaches the basics of motions, jumps, kicks, stretches, cheers/chants and sideline dances. Age-appropriate progressions of basics gymnastics and


Visual Art #1001 Monart: Getting Ready Drawing Program Tarah Spencer Mondays, 3:20-4:20 Ages 4-6, $283.25 ($275) LS Art Room FALL THEMES: Cartoon characters, mythical creatures SPRING THEMES: N. American animals, farm life Students learn the basics of drawing while experimenting with new media including design-quality markers, colored pencils, chalk and oil pastel and much more. This guided step-by-step method improves visual perception skills by breaking down the subject matter for young children to see and follow along. Parents and teachers report an improvement in fine motor skill development as well as handwriting.

#1002 Monart: Basic Drawing Program Charles Baughman Mondays, 3:15-4:15 Ages 7-12, $283.25 ($275) MS Art Room FALL THEMES: Greek and Roman mythology, mythological creatures SPRING THEMES: N. American animals, farm life

colored pencils, chalk pastel and much more. Instructor Charles Baughman is perfect choice for the student who wants to learn to draw realistically or who already has basic drawing skills and would like to improve. All skill levels accepted.

#1003 Art Adventure for Lower School Students Tanya Leddy Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15 Grades 1-4, $211.15 ($205) Location TBA Do you love to draw or be creative? Join me as we explore the wonderful world of Art! In this hands-on class we’ll try a lot of different techniques using different materials: paint, pastels, paper mache, polymer clay to name a few. We’ll learn about different artists from many eras in this fun-filled class.

#1004 Art Adventure for Middle School Students Tanya Leddy Wednesdays, 4:15-5:45 Grades 5-8, $211.15 ($205) Location TBA In this class we will explore the wonderful world of Art! We will try many different techniques and including: watercolor, sculpture, mosaic, collage and more! Bring your ideas as we adapt the class to what the students’ interests are.

Students will be improving visual perception skills while learning how to draw the world around them. We will experiment with new media including design-quality markers,

Teacher Biographies Charles Baughman is co-owner of The Art Park/Monart School of Art and former Friends University art instructor. His work has been shown in dozens of venues in the Wichita area and is sold in many gift shops. Charles’ favorite aspect of teaching is watching a student grow artistically and develop their personal style. Charles received his BFA from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and his MFA at Wichita State University. Jonna Bolan is the new LS music teacher. She attended Kansas State University for her undergraduate studies in music education and received her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from Wichita State University. Ms. Bolan has 30 years experience as a private voice instructor. Timi Caro graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio/Television. She has instructed at Patricia Stevens Finishing School, modeled in Dallas and Wichita markets, and was a T.V. and radio personality for Sub & Stuff restaurant commercials for five years. She received certification for teaching etiquette to children and teens from the International School of Protocol in Maryland. Meurig Cundy has played soccer for over 25 years and has been coaching soccer professionally for over 15 years. He is a member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) and holds a National Diploma. His specialization is with youth coaching.


Steve Elmore received his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Music Theory and Composition from Wichita State University, where he won several composition awards. He teaches Early Childhood music and serves as the Director of the Fine Arts Academy. Aaron Epp graduated from WSU with his Master Degree in Sociology, but music is his passion! He has studied guitar for over 12 years, plays in combos around the Wichita area, and also plays sax, bass guitar, and drums. From age 3 to 13 Andrea Finch studied classical ballet, tap, and jazz at Shuffles and Ballet II in Little Rock, Arkansas. She attended many workshops and summer programs throughout her training with such companies as the Jeffrey Ballet, Ballet Arkansas, Giordano Jazz, Dance Chicago, and University of Oklahoma Summerwind Youth Ballet. She studied jazz from ages 13 to 18 with Audra Lee at Footworks, Inc., in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and took ballet at the Jasinsky Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She continued training at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Festival Ballet for 4 years. In May of 2005, she graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ballet Pedagogy. Chelley Graves has been teaching violin for 22 years and plays first violin in the Wichita Symphony Orchestra and the Oklahoma City Phliharmonic. She earned her Bachelor’s of Music Performance from Wichita State University and is working toward an education degree. She performs throughout the area as a soloist and in a variety of ensembles. Her students are regularly accepted into Youth Symphony, District, State and KMEA orchestras, and some have received sizeable scholarships to universities. Janice Hobbs is an experienced piano with lots of patience and the ability to help students enjoy all kinds of music, learn theory and weave in music history. She loves passing on her love of music to students of all ages. Traci Hutchinson has been teaching private piano lessons for 17 years and private voice for 10 years. She has performed and been the music director for almost every performing venue in Wichita as well as venues in Massachusetts, New York and Texas. Her passion is music and she loves having the opportunity to share this passion with children. Kristin Karl is a traditional kindergarten teacher at Collegiate and absolutely loves it! She has been playing piano since she was in 2nd grade and played all throughout her years at Hillsdale College. She started singing in choirs at the age of 4, and is now a classically trained mezzo soprano with a love of both instrumental and vocal music of many genres! She looks forward to teaching your child in piano lessons! John Leddy is the 7th grade Latin teacher at WCS. He has played guitar since he was 9 years old and took private lessons in college for 4 semesters. He began his martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do at Wichita State University. Two years later, he began his study of karate, which he has pursued for 18 years, including 15 years as an instructor. He currently holds a fourth degree black belt. Tanya Leddy has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Friends University and has participated in the NYU Summer Study in London and Semester at Sea programs. She worked for USD 259 for six years and has been a teacher for Summer Explorations for 7 years. Audra (Ockerman) Lee graduated from Collegiate in 1985, and in that same year was honored with the Miss Kansas title which allowed her the opportunity to accompany the USO tour. She went to Oklahoma City University where she studied Music Theatre and performed in Music Theater of Wichita and Crown Uptown Dinner Theatre. Ten years ago Audra began her own Performing Arts School in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She has organized student summer educational trips to New York and Chicago through her school of more than 300 students. She has won numerous local and national choreography awards. Audra has returned to WCS several times over the years to choreograph different productions. Kate Pepper, co-owner of The Art Park/Monart School of Art and former WCS Great Beginnings teacher, developed First Steps Preschool Art Program. Mrs. Pepper’s fine art background includes printmaking, collage, Chinese watercolor and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Wichita and surrounding areas and she has been featured in the Wichita Eagle. Tarah Spencer graduated from Friends University in the spring of 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Tarah moved to California for the summer and worked in a YMCA summer camp leading many of the art projects. Tarah’s personal work includes paintings, drawings and sculpture. She has exhibited her work in several galleries in the Wichita area. Her hobbies include painting and spending time with family and friends. Erin Sundquist received a Master of Music degree in Flute Performance from Wichita State University and Bachelor of Arts in Music from Sterling College. She grew up in Hutchinson, KS and currently resides in Wichita, KS where she teaches private flute and piano lessons. In addition to teaching private lessons, Erin also lectures on Music History at Northfield School of the Liberal Arts in Wichita, KS.


Pat Swearingen has taught 3rd grade at Wichita Collegiate since 1996. She is continually innovating new ways to help students learn while having fun. Kathy Wisner has been a voice instructor for over 30 years, working with young singers as well as adults. While pursuing her Bachelor of Music Education degree from Wichita State University, she was actively involved as a soloist, performing in opera theater, working as assistant to the director of opera, directing and stage managing several community operas and musicals and serving as a children’s choir director. Many of her students have been involved in and/or had leads with Music Theatre for Young People, Music Theater of Wichita, Wichita Children’s Theatre, Augusta Arts Council, Center for the Arts and WCS musicals. Mrs. Wisner is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

FAA Teachers’ Phone List Teacher Wichita Collegiate School Bolan, Jonna Caro, Timi Dokken, Amy Elmore, Steve and Cathy Epp, Aaron Farner, Kimberly Finch, Andrea Fischer, Troy Gans, Diane Griffin, Helen Happy Feet

Phone #

Phone 2

634-0489 634-0489, ext 322 630-8424 634-0489, ext 416 634-0489, ext 536 640-2345 200-8025 (479) 685-1093 634-0489, ext 401 684-2848 685-9272 204-2684

620-899-6944 304-6666 259-6413

619-1164 636-9522 650-8789

Hobbs, Janice Hutchinson, Traci Karl, Kristin Leddy, John and Tanya Lee, Audra Leopold, Donell Mallard, Jessica McCoy, Danielle Monart Primm, Lori Sundquist, Erin Swearingen, Pat Wisner, Kathy

612-8286 648-2487 634-0489, x455 634-0489, x449 304-9664 992-7320 634-0489, x465 300-6496 683-2500 634-0489, x452 (620) 664-4858 634-0489, x404 683-3037

452-0232 744-9859


210-2207 733-9428

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