Policies and Procedures

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(Rev. 7/09)

Policies and Procedures I. LCTV Ludlow Community Television is a Public, Education, and Government (PEG) cable access television station, serving the Ludlow, Massachusetts community. LCTV is a non-profit organization, managed by the Cable Operations Manager and governed by the Board of Selectmen. The Ludlow Cable Committee serves as an advisory board to LCTV. The mission of LCTV is to help Ludlow citizens and organizations realize their full potential through community communication and to serve as a vital communication link between Town Departments and the community. LCTV operates on Charter channels 5, 19, and 20. The organization is funded through grants from Charter Communications.

II. LCTV Staff The Cable Operations Manager and LCTV staff provides technical assistance to community members and are responsible for the day to day operation of the facility. The primary roles of the LCTV staff are to train community producers, maintain equipment and facilities, schedule programming, and bring community members together in an environment that will foster the best use of public access television. Management reserves the right to schedule equipment and the facility as needed to perform operational requirements.

III. Location, Hours of Operation, and Contact Information LCTV is located at 500 Chapin Street, Ludlow, MA 01056. It is located in the Ludlow High School building. Regular operating hours are Monday through Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm or by appointment. LCTV can be contacted by phone: 413-583-5654, fax: 413-583-2228, or email: lctv@ludlowtv.org. The LCTV website is www.ludlowtv.org.

IV. LCTV Community Bulletin Board A. LCTV’s community bulletin board is used for Ludlow non-profit organizations and community groups to publicize activities and events.

B. Bulletin message forms are not required but can be found on the LCTV website (www.ludlowtv.org).

C. Forms should be submitted 24 hours prior to requested air date. D. Bulletins will air for no more than 3 consecutive weeks, unless otherwise specified.

E. LCTV staff reserves the right to edit, re-format and/or refuse any message.

V. Training and Certification A. LCTV offers basic and advanced level workshops and courses in various areas of studio and field television production, fees may vary. B. Individuals wishing to register for workshops or courses must register with LCTV staff at least one week prior to the class by calling or coming into the studio. C. All training classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served, nondiscriminatory basis. D. Upon completion of required courses, the proper certification(s) will be issued. E. Experienced producers may demonstrate technical proficiency and be exempt from training classes at the discretion of the Cable Operations Manager.

F. LCTV reserves the right to revoke certification if, in the opinion of LCTV staff, the individual is unable to demonstrate sufficient working knowledge of the equipment or unable to follow LCTV Policies and Procedures.

VI. Facility and Equipment Use A. LCTV equipment and facilities are available for use by any member of the Ludlow community or any non-resident LCTV member. B. Anyone wishing to use LCTV equipment or facilities must have received the necessary training and certification prior to use. C. LCTV equipment and facilities are to be used for producing programs for cablecast on LCTV channels. Use of equipment for personal or commercial purposes is prohibited. D. All productions using LCTV equipment or facilities must be cablecast on LCTV channels.

E. Equipment and facilities are available to individuals providing: 1. 2. 3. 4.

They have filled out an LCTV Program Proposal for each program. They have read and signed the LCTV Statement of Compliance. They have read and signed the LCTV Policies and Procedures. They have obtained approval from the Cable Operations Manager.

F. Scheduling: 1. Scheduling of LCTV equipment and facilities must be approved by LCTV staff in order to be valid.

2. Producers must have a filled-out and approved Program Proposal form before scheduling equipment or facility usage. 3. Equipment and facilities are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis subject to availability and consistent with LCTV activities, hours of operation and programming guidelines. 4. Producers under the age of 18 must have a signed consent from a parent or guardian for each program proposal and equipment reservation. Minors must also have approval from the staff before taking equipment on their own. G. Care of equipment and facilities: 1. Individuals are responsible for loss or damage due to theft, negligence or abuse while equipment is checked out to them. 2. Any damage to equipment or facilities due to misuse or carelessness will be charged to the user. Loss of equipment or facilities privileges may result from such abuse. 3. All equipment defects, damages, and problems must be reported to LCTV staff upon check-in. 4. No food, drink or smoking is allowed near equipment, on LCTV premises, or while using LCTV equipment in the field. 5. Equipment may not be kept in a car overnight, left unattended, or exposed to elements, which could cause damage. 6. Facilities must be left in a clean condition and equipment must be properly stored. 7. Repeated failure to take proper care of LCTV equipment and facilities will result in loss of privileges. H. Personal property is not the responsibility of LCTV. I.

Personal equipment or property used at LCTV must not create a hazard to anyone or anything.

J. Rights and Obligations: 1. All programs must adhere to copyright regulations. 2. Any person producing programming using LCTV equipment retains ownership of the copyright to that program, as well as full responsibility for any disputes, which may arise. 3. It is the responsibility of the producer to secure all releases of copyrights and talents. 4. Producers may identify themselves only as volunteer public access television producers, not as staff, employees, or in any way representing LCTV.

K. Copies of any show are available on DVD upon request. A fee of $3 per copy will be charged, unless a blank DVD is provided with the request.

L. LCTV retains the copyright of any program content produced in LCTV facilities or using LCTV equipment, unless other agreed upon conditions are discussed with the LCTV Manager.

VII. Cancellation of Scheduled Equipment/Facilities Time A. Cancellation of equipment and facility reservations must be made 24 hours in advance, except in cases of emergency. A user who is more than 30 minutes late picking up equipment will be considered a no-show and the equipment may be released to another person. Repeated last minute cancellations or no-shows may result in loss of privileges.

VIII. Request for Cablecasting (Imported Programming) A. All requests for channel time on LCTV will be processed on a fair and equitable basis.

B. A Cablecast Request form and Statement of Compliance must be filled out and signed prior to the program’s being cablecast.

C. Programs produced outside LCTV may be cablecast if they meet the technical and legal standards specified in the Policies and Procedures and Statement of Compliance form. D. Programs submitted for cablecast will be granted one cablecast. Any repeat showings will be scheduled at the discretion of LCTV staff. E. LCTV retains the right to schedule programming at its discretion.

IX. Program Content A. The producer of the program accepts all responsibility for the content of the program and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify LCTV staff, volunteers, The Town of Ludlow, Cable Committee members, and Charter Communications. B. Presentation of the following material on the community access channel is prohibited:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Any program containing commercial advertising. Direct or indirect solicitation of goods, services, or funds. Promotion of lottery or illegal gaming. Material that is obscene or indecent. Promotion of illegal activities.

C. While the freedom to express one’s opinions, interests, and beliefs is encouraged, all program content must still follow FCC regulations. D. Obtaining any necessary releases is the responsibility of the individual producer or organization.

X. Rules of Conduct A. Proper respect and care of LCTV equipment and facilities must be maintained at all times.

B. Possession or use of any illegal substance, drugs, alcohol, or weapon on LCTV premises is strictly forbidden. C. Smoking is not permitted in any LCTV premise. D. No one will be allowed to operate equipment or remain at LCTV facilities while exhibiting unacceptable behavior. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

1. Using or appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 2. Harassment or intimidation of staff, community producers, volunteers, or committee members. 3. Abusive language or actions, as determined by LCTV staff. 4. Inability to handle equipment safely and properly.

E. LCTV telephones and computers are for LCTV business only. F. Time spent at LCTV is to be used for producing programs, training or specific volunteer services. G. Violation of the rules of conduct will result in dismissal from LCTV premises. Repeat violations may result in permanent loss of privileges.

XI. Appeals A. Public access producers are encouraged to resolve grievances on the staff level.

B. Grievances regarding disciplinary actions, workshop space assignment, LCTV staff or volunteers, facility/equipment availability, or any other matter must be immediately discussed with the Cable Operations Manager.

C. If an adequate explanation or solution cannot be reached with the Cable Operations Manager, producers/volunteers have the right to and are encouraged to make a written appeal to the Board of Selectmen for a final ruling on the matter.

Agreement with Policies and Procedures By signing below, I do hereby acknowledge having received and read Ludlow Community Television’s Policies and Procedures and state that:

1. I understand the policies as written. 2. I do agree to abide by the policies and understand that failure to do so may result in suspension, revocation of privileges, or expulsion from Ludlow Community Television. 3. I sign this document of my own free will. ______________________________ ________________ Signed Date ______________________________ (Print Name Clearly) If under 18, a parent or guardian signature is required. ______________________________ Parent/Guardian

________________ Date

______________________________ (Print Name Clearly)

Received by:

______________________________ LCTV Manager

________________ Date

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