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Winter 2011/12 Edition


A wonderfully tranquil photo of the Lune Aqueduct as the stonework gets a facelift

The Lancaster Canal Trust (Registered Charity No.240957) Affiliated to the Inland Waterways Association

EVENTS 2012 21st April 25th April 5th/7th May 26th/27th May 2nd/4th June 27th July/3rd Aug 29th/31st July 25th /26th August 13th September 14th September 27th October .

Coffee Morning Garstang IWA Meeting (see advert page 6 ) Canalway Cavalcade, Little Venice, London Country Fest, Westmorland Showground, Crooklands Trailboat Festival, Stroud WRG Summer Camp, Stainton (see page 11) IWA National Festival, Burton on Trent IWA Campaign Festival, Preston Westmorland County Show Kendal Torchlight Coffee Morning, Silverdale

A warm welcome awaits all members who visit the stand/coffee mornings - so do come and say hello if you are attending or wish to assist at these events. Please put the dates in your diaries now and if you feel you could help for an hour or two (or a full day) at any of the events please contact Beryl Bowcott on 01772 863418 or

A plea from our Membership Secretary E-mails and telephone calls are the quickest and cheapest way to contact our members. So that we will have more funds for the restoration process we are intending, in addition to this Magazine, to make email or telephone the preferred method of contact with members. This will then save ever increasing postage costs. We cannot do this without knowing your email address or phone number so, may we ask those members who are on email, to please confirm or inform the Membership Secretary of your Email address by emailing or telephoning on (01204)521031. Thank you 2

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Dear Members. Welcome again to the latest issue of our Trust Magazine. Although it seems to have been a relatively quiet winter season so far, particularly after the great deal of work and events reported in the last issue, much work has been done especially in regard to the Canal Head restoration and with the Summer Camp of the Waterways Recovery group who have very kindly agreed to spend two weeks to undertake an extension of the Canal at Stainton. Thanks to the encouragement & support of Mr & Mrs Broomby who own that stretch, the Trust now hope to rewater that dry section of the Canal between the two bridges we recently restored to a clean bill of health. There will be much to report in the next but one issue of this journal. We now have a new member, Mike Macklin, who has very kindly come forward to raise some serious money from the Your Heritage lottery fund. Peter Jones is leading a project group which includes members Chris Mansley, Mike Macklin and Paul Shaw given the task of planning the work for the summer. A pre-application has gone in but there is much work to be done to see this through successfully. Keep looking at our web site for the latest information. By the time the next issue comes out British Waterways will be just a memory and we will have the new Canal & River Trust, in its place Fortunately for the Trust, the same personnel are being retained as were at BW and we look forward to continuing our happy cooperation, albeit under a new name. Thanks guys! We have somewhat reined our attendances at summer shows and fetes; a lack of sufficient man/girl power is the main reason We would always gratefully accept any help from members both new & old. Beryl Bowcott is the one to contact on(01772) 863418 or at Finally, it would be great to receive more letters, old photos etc., that could be worked into an article of interest to members Please contact me and we can discuss how best to proceed if you don’t have the software to do it all yourself. Regards

David Currington. Editor 3

Chairman’s Report years in the Lune Aqueduct steering group has come to fruition with the HLF-funded enhancement works now well on the way to completion. We should also look forward to some major events coming up in 2012. First and arguably most important is the transfer of British Waterways to the Canal & River Trust. At the time of writing the arrangements still have a number of uncertainties, including the date and the financial deal. What is certain however is that the role of volunteers will take on a higher profile in the new set-up; indeed BW have already enlisted the help of canal societies across the country to help them identify and modify all the BW signs and rebrand them as CRT. It strikes me that if the Government wants volunteers to run sections of the country’s infrastructure they are going to have to reduce the burden of bureaucracy involved in doing so. Our ever-popular ‘Complete Guide to the Lancaster Canal’ is being edited and updated for a new print run which should be available in April. While the proposed development of a new canal head in Kendal continues to go like a roller coaster from periods of genuine optimism and excitement to moments of deep despair, [see report from our

The start of a new year is a good time to look back at some of the activities of 2011. There were two impressive human powered expeditions taking place on the Lancaster Canal; in May Peter Woolsey set off from Stainton on his epic 16 day kayak trip by canal to London and in September the British Rowing tour had 70 oarsmen and women from clubs all over the country traversing the canal from Preston to Tewitfield. A team of teenage volunteers from Young Cumbria descended on Stainton in August to build a small landing stage which will be a valuable asset for trip boat charter passengers as well as the many canoe and dinghy owners who launch at the end of the watered section. Our restoration work focussed on Stainton bridge where, despite various administrative hurdles, we were able to rebuild the failing parapet walls with the help of our colleagues from Waterway Recovery Group (WRG). The events team carried the canal message to the general public at several local and national shows, braving some appalling weather in the process. Meanwhile, our trip boat Waterwitch had a mainly good season with the August Saturday running proving successful. Our involvement over the past four

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President Hal Bagot on page 7] at the other end of the dry canal we have signs of some real progress. In July and August we will have two weeks of WRG summer camps preparing the canal bed at Stainton for the not-too-distant day when we can actually extend the length of water in the canal. At the other end of the canal, September 2012 sees another Preston Guild and the IWA Canal Festival at August bank holiday weekend. This will bring a lot of visiting craft to the canal and it is our opportunity to show off what we know and love about it. Most of these events are reported in greater detail in Waterwitch, past, current or future editions, so go forth and enjoy the variety of things happening on the Lancaster Canal. Working Party email Circulation Every month I send an email about working party activities to a list of members (currently 77) who have at some time indicated their interest in taking part in our working parties. Many times there’s one that bounces back with an ‘undeliverable’ message and I can do nothing but delete the address from my list. What to do about it? If you are getting my emails (the last one was 4th January) and want to get more – do nothing. 5

If you used to get them but haven’t received recently or have changed your email address, and you want future details – please send me a brief message with the subject line ‘w/p please’ and I’ll put you back on the list. If you are getting my emails but don’t want to hear about working party activities in future – please send me a message with the subject line ‘No more w/p’ and I’ll take you off the list. Don’t take this action lightly – I hope that you will be able to get involved at some time. It’s no more difficult for me to send whether it to 7 or 77. Send to Richard Trevitt at this address. Richard Trevitt

Want to avail yourself of a pleasant rest whilst walking on the Towpath? You can find our new benches at the following locations. Location Description Millness Bridge Farleton Aqueduct South of Spinney Culvert Opp Holme Coke Ovens Holme Mills New Mill Aqueduct

Bridge Nos OS Grid reference (SD) Parish 164 160 154a-154 149-148 147-146 145

53670,83050 53846,81692 52884,80295 52625,78564 52465,77882 52367,77241

Preston Patrick *(see pic) Beetham Beetham Holme Burton in Kendal Burton in Kendal

An illustrated talk on the subject of 'The Lichfield and Hatherton Canals the current status of on-going work and how it was achieved.' By David Moore of the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust Wednesday 25th April 2012 at 7.30pm at Kirkland and Catterall Memorial Hall. PR3 0HR The evening has been arranged by IWA North Lancs and Cumbria Branch Anyone is welcome to attend, there is no entry charge hot drinks are available in the interval. 6

UPDATE ON THE CANAL HEAD RESTORATION By our President HAL BAGOT This means that the Canal Head former terminus, now under the Gilkes factory, would then not be available to be restored to its former use, and so the subcommittee has been investigating the alternatives with SLDC, and Gilkes. The current proposal is for a resited terminus basin some 90 metres south, on the line of the canal, at a point where there is scrub woodland currently underused. The implications of forming such a terminus at this location are currently being discussed with Arup, our Consultants, and SLDC. It is still planned to submit a Planning Application shortly on behalf of LCRP for the rewatering of the line to include this basin and up to Gilkes own Planning Application line and down as far as the southern outskirts of Kendal, and we are working hard towards this. HB

Discussions have been taking place between a subcommittee of the LCRP Executive and Members and Officers of SLDC, and also with Gilkes. During this period, a Planning Application for a superstore on the Rugby Club site at the North of Kendal has been refused for a second time, and may go to appeal. A superstore is also essential to Gilkes’ aspirations on a site next to and south of theirs at Canal Head, and will form part of a Planning Application yet to be submitted by them. It is, however, clear that as part of this scheme, Gilkes wish to redevelop their own site as a modern factory where they would remain, with a car park on the present SLDC depot immediately to the east of their factory.

The Trust is to hold a

Spring Coffee Morning on

Saturday 21st April at

Garstang United Reform Church, Croston Road, Garstang

10 -12am 7

Boat Operation Manager’s Report booking of two in October and one in November. The November Charter was a most pleasant event with warm sunny weather, a picnic lunch on Waterwitch as part of the 80th birthday celebrations of a Trust Member and his family. We now have two charter bookings for 2012. For charter enquiries or bookings please phone Sheila Bamber on 07504 710351. VOLUNTEER BOOKING CLERKS: Two boat booking clerks are needed to work from our canal side base at Crooklands, working as part of the boat team taking bookings from the public, advising them of trip times, liaison with the boat crew, small sales items, promoting the Canal and the Trust and all the clerical work of the day. You would be on duty for approximately six hours and need to commit yourself to six or more scheduled days usually Sundays through the Summer Season. If you are interested or would like to know more please contact me, my details are at the back of the magazine.

It was a wet Summer, passenger numbers were less than expected, 1 day was cancelled and a few others finished early with few or no passengers carried. 32 Scheduled Days 6 Charters , 1375 passengers, Donations £2188 By comparison, the figures for 2010 were 1,701 passengers and £2523 donations. Let us hope for better things this summer. WATERWITCH is now at Millness Yard and winter maintenance has commenced. Training of new crew members will commence mid April, charter availability from late April and public trips from 6th May. This year there will be a few public trips to Stainton this is a most pleasant trip with attractive scenery and a total journey time of 1hour 30 minutes. The Canal in the region of Peasey Beck Feeder has become rather shallow making navigation difficult, this year there will be no passenger trips to Millness and the boat will turn at the coal yard. CHARTERS It was a good year for charters with a surprise

Alan Mather Boat Operations Manager.


underwater rubbish which was taken away in two full skips. There will be Working Party another visit to Preston in June for Report more preparatory work prior to the Festival. See the following report from Trisha Our major project in September, Buzzard on this matter plus her working with WRG to restore further update on the progress to Stainton bridge, was reported in the dat e o f the Prest on Guild last Waterwitch. arrangements Since then we A small gang undertook part of turned out in the underpinning December to do work at Stainton the annual check Aqueduct in on the benches October, work we installed last that we had had winter on the to postpone in towpath between September Burton and because of high Millness, (see page flow in Stainton for locations if you The underpinning work needed at Beck. This was happen to be out Stainton Aqueduct o nly part ially walking and need a successful and we rest), and also to will be revisiting clear an area of the aqueduct in brambles from the the summer. dry canal bed at November saw a Stainton – part of large team from our preparation LCT, IWA, LC for the WRG Boat Club, summer camps. Preston City From November Council and local to January one of residents doing a massive clean up in our authorised chainsaw operators, the canal at Haslam Park, Preston. Trevor Cotton, spent a considerable This is the site of the amount of time at Hincaster Horse IWA / Preston Guild Path dealing with maintenance of Canal Festival next trees in the hedgerows either side, August - which will be under our 5 year management all the more successful (Continued on page 10) for the absence of the 9

(Continued from page 9)

agreement with BW and English Heritage. On one such visit in January he found several trees felled by the gales blocking the path and was able to cut them immediately and re-open the path. All this activity left a considerable amount of brash to Many of the trees are in very poor condition

Making sure it falls where it should! Above: The general extent of the clearance work on opening up the Horse Path

Trevor Cotton (left) and Paul Shaw confer on progress.

Above: Many of the offending trees are felled

Evidence of the extent of decay (Continued on page 11)


(Continued from page 10)

be processed and the working party in January had a big bonfire to do just that. The big event in the summer will be the work camps run by WRG in the weeks commencing 21st and 28th July. We are planning for some serious earthworks and lining works in the section from Stainton to Sellet Hall as a major step towards restoring water to this length. In the next couple of months our working parties will be making various preparations to enable the WRG camps to be most effective. See page 12 for a report from Peter Jones who is one of a small Group of members, with particular engineering skills, who are co-ordinating the planning and work assisted by the essential work of our new Fund Raising officer Mike Macklin. You can find out more about the WRG camps and enrol to take part

by visiting their



Another Plea This time from our Chairman We urgently need some additional help from members to deliver supplies of our new Guide to outlets. If you feel you can help with task which does produce some good income for Trust funds please ring Richard on (01534) 846303 or at (

The next edition of ‘Waterwitch’ will have details of how you can take part in supporting our activities during these two weeks. This information and fuller details of all the working party activities can also be found on our website at Regards

Richard Trevitt

Waterway Recovery Group had its origins in waterways restoration working during the 1960s, but formally came into being in 1970. The aim was to be the coordinating force, not centred upon any individual project but backing up and assisting local groups on any worthwhile restoration project. Since then considerable knowledge and experience of restorations methods have been built up. The Waterway Recovery Group is now a subsidiary of the Inland Waterways Association and at present WRG owns a fleet of vans, and a range of plant including excavators, dumpers, pumps, mixers, winches, and other sundry equipment. Interested? Seek more info at: 11

navvies with pick and shovel), something for which the WRG guys (and gals) are well trained. Other tasks will include vegetation clearance, some tree felling (the minimum necessary), stonework repairs and general labouring. This work, although not increasing the current navigable length by a significant amount, is seen as a start in the restoration towards Well Heads Lane and beyond through the Hincaster tunnel. It is complementary to the major restoration work planned by the Lancaster Canal Restoration Project, their first phase being Canal Head to Natland Road. A Trust project team is currently working hard to raise the almost ÂŁ50,000 required to design the work and plan

The First Furlong! It may only be about a furlong in length (225 metres in modern parlance) but it will the first stretch of the Lancaster Canal to be significantly restored since the Northern Reaches of the canal were 'remaindered' in the 1960s. This coming July a working party of Waterways Restoration Group (WRG) volunteers assisted by Trust

members will spend two weeks digging out and relining the length from the existing water at Stainton Crossing Bridge (B172) to Sellet Hall Bridge (B173). We have worked with WRG volunteers before but not on a project as big as this. This will involve some serious digging equipment (not just

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(Continued from page 12)

the project. You could help with in this project! If you have any professional or technical experience and a bit of time it would be welcome – particularly in civil engineering and draughting. Please contact Peter Jones as below. An ecological survey is planned to identify any potential effects on the wildlife and minimise disruption. The finished result will be planned to look as natural as the existing watered sections and provide a

pleasant environment for visitors by foot, bike, canoe and the occasional boat. It is hoped to put further information onto the LCT web site but if you want to know more please contact Peter Jones on (01539) 739105 or at The working party dates are from Saturday 21 July to Saturday 4 August 2012 and if you would like to come along and help please contact the Trust via its Chairman Richard Trevitt on (01524) 846303 email at PJ

PRESTON GUILD CANAL FESTIVAL2012 Plans are progressing well for the Festival to be held at Haslam Park over the August Bank Holiday (Saturday, Sunday and Monday (25th, 26th and 27 August). Attractions already expressing interest are the Cuerden Birds of Prey, a storyteller for the children's den, circus workshop and puppets. Steam engines and motor vehicles are lining up to come and horse and carriages rides are being organised. Did I mention the funfair? In addition there will be activities for the youngsters: canoeing, jump jet simulator and model railways. Trade entries are coming in providing interest for the boaters. Caterers are booking in. All in all a busy time. Fortunately, there is lots of space in the park to fill. Boating entries are

coming in now that British Waterways have decided on the depth available to narrowboats through the Link. The purpose of the Festival is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Link and it is hoped to effect some enhancement of the Ashton Basin end of the canal. If any Trust members would like to help, please contact Trisha Buzzard (07802 438412). We need helpers for site management, campsite management, marshals, clean up brigade, security and general dogsbodies. Previous experience is not required - there is plenty of advice and guidance around and about...... Hoping to see you all there. Trisha Buzzard. (Continued on page 14)


first royal charter. The Guild was an organisation of traders, craftsmen and merchants. It had a monopoly of trade in the town and only its members could carry on a craft or business. Newcomers could only trade here with the permission of the Guild, and such approval was not given lightly. At intervals the Guild Merchant updated its membership lists, to ensure that people were not falsely claiming the right to trade in the town. Anybody who claimed to be a member of the Guild had to come to Preston and, in a public court, swear loyalty to the Mayor and the Guild Merchant. His credentials were checked and if he was eligible, and paid a small fee, he would then be admitted or re-admitted as a Burgess ( the name for a member of the Guild Merchant). There is some evidence of a Guild Court in 1328, but the first reliably recorded celebration of the Guild was in 1397, when it was already more than two centuries old. These gatherings for renewing membership were infrequent. It was soon accepted that they were needed only once in a generation. As a result, from 1542 onwards, Preston Guild took place every twenty years. The rarity of the celebration, and the fact that large numbers of people congregated in Preston for the occasion, made the Guild a special opportunity

(Continued from page 13)

History of the Preston Guild For those members not entirely clear just what the Preston Guild is all about the following extract is taken from their website at It is well worth a visit to get the complete story. “Preston Guild is a historic celebration dating back to 1179. It is the only Guild still celebrated in the UK and as such is unique. The 2012 celebration will be the first Guild in the 21st century and the first since the granting of Preston’s city status in 2002. Held only once every twenty years, the Guild plays an important role in the development of Preston as a thriving and important Lancashire city. The changing times mean that each Guild has its own identity but shares a heritage of over 800 years. Residents and visitors, artists and businesses, athletes and performers – everyone gets involved in Preston Guild. The Guild has a long history and has evolved over the centuries, but one thing that has always remained the central focus of the Guild is people -the people who plan it, participate in it, promote it and the people who tell their stories of the Guild to children and grandchildren. King Henry II granted Preston the right to have a Guild Merchant in 1179, when he gave the town its

for feasting, processions and great social gatherings. In this way the great festival which is the Preston Guild was born, hundreds of years ago, and continues to flourish today. (extract taken from Guild Website).


Preston Clean Up Nearly 30 people turned out to help the latest canal clean up at Ashton Basin in Preston last November. Trust volunteers were joined by members of the Lancaster Canal Boat Club and local residents and park users. Also present were Hazel Mayou, Volunteer Coordinator from BW and Steve Broomhead, Chairman of the newly formed BW Partnership in the north west. Two full skips of rubbish were removed from the towpath and the canal. Amongst the "finds"

Park over next August Bank Holiday in conjunction with Preston Guild celebrations. In the hope of achieving some improvement of the Ashton Basin, the committee are hoping to obtain external funds for enhancement of Ashton Basin to attract both boaters and the public to enjoy some quiet relaxation in the middle of the city. Thanks are due to all those who volunteered including members of the Lancashire Branch of the Inland

Above: Steve Broomhead, (blue fleece). Chairman of the BW Partnership and some of the other willing volunteers taking part in the clean up.

was an old moped fished out just below Blackpool Road bridge clearly the previous owner had got fed up with it, possibly because he failed his driving test! Other "trophies" were numerous tyres and countless plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles and tin cans. The clean-up was organised by the committee formed to manage the IWA Campaign Festival at Haslam

Left: One rather sorry looking moped awaits collection. it took 5 big strapping fellows to shift it ....

Waterways Association and Preston City Cllr, Robert Bosworth. Another clean up is scheduled for June 10th. TB 15

Spreading the Message The Trust currently has leaflet dispensers sited at Tewitfield, Crooklands and Stainton and these have proved very successful in publicising the work of the Trust and attracting new members. The dispensers are replenished on a regular basis by Trust members. Subject to approval by British Waterways it is hoped to install more dispensers, along the canal and we are looking for additional members willing to keep these stocked up. The proposed sites are at;- top lock basin at the junction of the canal and the Ribble Link; Hand & Dagger wharf, Salwick (Br 26); Jolly Roger boating centre, Catforth (Br32); Bilsborrow (Owd Nell’s); Garstang moorings (Br 62); Galgate (Br 86); Lancaster near the ‘Waterwitch’ public house; Lune Aqueduct; Hest Bank near Br 118; Bolton Le Sands between Bridges 122 & 123; Carnforth between the ‘Canal T urn’ and t he amenity block; Tewitfield marina; Holme south of Br 147 near the bench; Kendal in the vicinity of Changeline Bridge. Other than the sites at Holme and Kendal, there will be one dispenser holding our c o m b i n e d 16

information and membership leaflet. There will be two dispensers at Holme and Kendal the other to hold the Trail leaflet. Members adopting one or more sites would be supplied with a stock of the appropriate leaflet (s). How often visits will need to be made to replenish stocks is difficult to say, but a minimum of once a week is suggested. If any member is prepared to assist in this venture please contact David Slater on 01772 746914 or email; David Slater

20 LANCASTER CANAL GUIDE QUESTIONS Answers can all be found in ‘The Complete Guide to the Lancaster Canal’ (4th Edition) All answers are numbers. Any comments made concerning use of approximations, rounding up or down, mixed measurements etc. will be regarded as offers to compile the next quiz!!! How long is the canal? What is the navigable length? How many bridges are there? How many pubs are mentioned? How many marinas and boat yards are included? How far can you legitimately cycle? Total number of locks included? What is the maximum boat length on the main line? What is the maximum boat length on the Glasson Arm? How many attractions are mentioned? How many pages are there in the guide? How many buses between towns? How many food outlets mentioned? What is the minimum cruising time from Preston to Tewitfield? How many bridges have level access to the towpath? How many bridges have ramp access to the towpath? How many bridges have step access to the towpath? How many bridges have gate access to the towpath? How many bridges have stile access to the towpath? How many advertisements are included? Answers on page 24

Yet another Plea!

PAT Testing

Is there any amongst our members, or their families and friends, who is suitably qualified to carry out electrical PAT testing? We have several items of electrical equipment that legally require Certification at regular intervals. The cost of such work is ever increasing and if we could find such a volunteer it would be of great help to our finances. If you can help please contact any member of the Executive. (see back pages for contact details.) 17

BW Partnership The North West Partnership was formed (officially) last April when 14 members were appointed to the Board. The aims of these Partnerships, (there will be 11 across the country for each of the regional areas,) is to identify support - in both cash and kind to continue maintenance of the canal system after BW becomes a charitable trust (Canal and River Trust) in April this year. Several other partnerships have already been formed and the rest will come into force during the coming year. The North West board includes two active members of the Trust: Trisha Buzzard and Mike Macklin. Also appointed are Cllr Ken Hudson and Barry Cole. Ken Hudson is well known on the Lancaster Canal and Barry Cole, of course, runs the Kingfisher trip boat based at Barton Grange. Several meetings of the NW Partnership have taken place over 18

the last few months and towards the end of last year, confirmation was received from DEFRA that the Board have authority to continue their work for the coming three years. From a standing start the Board have identified two main challenges: the diminishing economic market available to provide funding and that the general public have limited awareness of the need for their support in order to keep the canal system up to an acceptable operating level. Both of these difficulties are being addressed by the Board and they are pledged to maintain the canals in their area these are the Lancaster, the Leeds & Liverpool, the Liverpool Basin and the Leigh Branch. BW have been at pains to ensure that Partnership members are fully aware of the task at hand and many opportunities have already been identified. Both BW and the Partnership realise that they are in for the long haul - but all are determined to achieve the task at hand. Information will be available on progress of other Partnerships throughout the national boating press and we shall certainly keep Trust members advised of progress in the North West PMB/MM

Kendal Torchlight Festival The Trust was well represented at the 2011 Torchlight in Kendal. The parade coincided with a working party weekend attended by the North West WRGgies. After working hard all day on Friday, they came along to Kendal to decorate the wagon kindly supplied by Ray Gibson sporting a mini digger supplied by Richard Uttley of RLT Construction. Banners around the wagon loudly displayed the name of the Trust and Trust members acting as marshals were able to distribute leaflets about the Trust to the many

thousands lining the route. We were fortunate again in the weather. We were able to speed around the town in about an hour and a half. The Levens Hall steam loco was also in attendance accompanied by Hal Bagot, Chairman of the Lancaster Canal

R e s t o r a t i o n Partnership. In view of the continuing success of the Torchlight parade, it is likely to be an on-going annual event. Perhaps next year we shall be able to show our success in putting some water into the Northern Reaches TB 19

Looking Back The Ebb & Flow of time! An extract from the Summer 1992 edition of Waterwitch and representatives from the parish councils of Burton, Holme and Sedgwick all attended. Another special guest was 9 year old Paul Foster of Class 2, Holme Primary School. In a competition set up in local schools by our PRO and Schools Liaison Officer, children were asked to suggest two names suitable for the Trust's trip boat. Paul's choice of Ebb & Flow met with the approval of the committee and he was invited to take part in the naming ceremony. As a

Can it really be 20years since the Trust launched its long awaited trip boat on the Northern reaches. Here, to celebrate this anniversary, is the article that appeared then in Waterwitch. How Health & Safety has changed! The boats are still occasionally used for maintenance Yet to be repainted as Ebb & Flow

purposes. “The longstanding intention of running a trip boat along stretches of the Northern Reaches has finally been put into practice. On a sunny Saturday, April 11th, Ebb & Flow were officially named by Hal Bagot of Levens Hall, who carried out the traditional ceremony by christening her bows with champagne. Ebb & Flow then proceeded on their maiden voyage in the direction of Tewitfield Locks with a distinguished complement of passengers. Hal Bagot, Cllr. Stan Lewis; Chairman of South Lakeland District Council; Cllr. Roger Bingham, County Cllr. John Trotter; David Smith, Branch Chairman of the IWA; Terry Horran, Lancaster Canal Manager

prize, he received an Easter egg and a traditionally painted canal mug. Ebb & Flow combined are a Hypozomatic boat made up of two sections, secured firmly with steel cables. This ancient Greek principle has been applied to a modern boat to allow flexibility to facilitate transportation. As a shallow draft vessel, it is particularly suitable for the low water levels on the Northern Reaches and this wi1l enable several stretches of the canal to be used once again by boat. The introduction of the trip boat to (Continued on page 21)


(Continued from page 20)

promote awareness of the restoration aims is a significant step forward for the Trust. As the 30 minute trip is free of charge it is attractive to families who already comprise a significant section of our current membership. Operational problems have already been encountered due to lack of volunteers to crew the boat. Hello Sailors! The Trust's new Hypozomatic Trip Boat "Ebb & Flow" is now in service. Running every Sunday afternoon until 27th September, except 14th June and 9th August from the Culvert at North Road, Holme Village from 1.30 p.m. to

Work underway on fitting out

4.30 p.m. No charge for the halfhour long trips, but there is a donation box to which all gifts will be greatly welcomed. Crewing is by volunteers. More are needed! If you fancy having a go we can train you to steer and run the boat trips. Rota for the next few weeks is: Sun 31st May - Mike & Joan Wilkinson Sun 7th June - Dave and Sheila Slater Sun 13th June - Nick Brown and Volunteers Sun 14th June - Festival Team 21

A poor quality photo as she turns

Sun21st June - Les and Joyce Bye Each day ideally needs 3 people to cover it, so please do help if you can. Can you help? We are still seeking life jackets for the boat. Under our Certificate of compliance we must have life jackets available to anyone who wants them. Because of the wide range of sizes that people come in, we also need a wide range of life jackets from adults size down to little ones for children. The Trust has been able to acquire sufficient to run the boat safely but this means that there may be times when we have to ask passengers to wait because the correct size jackets may be in use. If we had a stock of A light load!

various size this problem would be eliminated. So to the appeal - Do you have any surplus life jackets that we could have? Perhaps you have small ones that your children have grown out of? If so, we would be delighted to receive them for the boat.� DC

Frank Sanderson, a Trust member who runs the Old School Gallery & Tea Rooms at Preston Patrick, Crooklands, is always thinking up ways to publicise the Lancaster Canal and has recently issued a set of 4 ‘Country Walks’ based on the area around Crooklands. Priced 50p each they can be obtained at the tea rooms or by contacting Frank at (01539)566967 or at franksanderson@hotmail. com

Do you fancy learning to paint traditional Canal Folk art? If so, Frank, himself no mean artist, has offered to run a series of weekly drop-in art classes this Spring at the Old School Gallery. He will start off with the painting of the traditional Roses & Castles and no doubt expand to other subjects. No previous experience necessarily needed and all the required materials will be supplied on a cost only basis as and when required.

What could be simpler? For further details including dates and costs please contact Frank on (01539)566967 or franksanderson@hotmail. com 22

Letter to the Editor Mighty Man has his say! Dear David, Well I've been called many things over the years but never "Mighty Man" ! (I've certainly been dining out on it since I saw the article about Crooklands Stables in WW 145 & Cath Davenport's note in WW 147). Incidentally, the guy in the white overalls on the back of WW 146 is also me, not long after my wife and I had been to David Piper's yard to organize getting the boat to Crooklands and initial craning into the canal (I could probably dig out some slides of that epic if you're ever short of WW material). Worryingly, the "mystery man" at bridge 75 in WW 146 also looks remarkably like me but I can't remember having a blue & red fleece. I only hope someone else comes forward to claim that one as I appear in danger of being a regular feature! It's good to see that the Trust appears to be in good shape with a strong committee. I know what hard work it can be from my own committee years.

[Thanks Bill. Always very pleased to receive members’ pictures and supporting notes to keep us newer members up-todate. Jpegs are best though I can scan & convert slides to jpegs. Sorry Bill but the ‘mystery’ man at Bridge 45 is our esteemed Chairman Richard Trevitt; bit of a wind up I suspect from myself & the person donating the photo; no names; no pack drill as they say! Ed]


Canal & River Trust Update... The new Trust which replaces British Waterways will be called the ‘Canal & River Trust’ – please note the Canal & River is singular, not plural. The new logo, [reproduced below], and the name has had much thought, consultation and disc u s sio n wi th p oten tia l supporters, colleagues and experts contributing to this decision. We believe that we now have a name which shows clearly that the new organisation is a charity. The symbol too, evokes a clear response from people, appealing strongly to their view of the waterways as a haven for people and nature. We are confident that the work (done at no charge by Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design agency), will become popular and much loved. We are not about to embark on a costly nationwide rebranding exercise. Some preparation is


already underway with, for example, new vans being ordered plain white in preparation for new logos. The uniforms of operational staff will also continue to be blue in the same vein that they are currently. It has also been announced that we will be merging with The Waterways Trust, to pool expertise. In the future, TWT will focus on the management of existing museums such as the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port Work is continuing with us agreeing a funding package with Defra – rather than having an annual grant, we will enter into a contract over a 20 year period. The aim is that we will transfer to the new charity early in April 2012. BW are currently planning a series of events around the country which will be tied in to key projects to celebrate the transition SH


ritish Waterways

A last Update... Lune Aqueduct Restoration Scheme Update January 2012

Restoration work to the structure is pro gressing very w ell, wit h completion expected in early February, except the final dressing of the towpath, which will be completed when the weather improves in early April. All masonry work, such as the replacement of missing and loose balustrades and copings, as well as extensive re-pointing, has been completed. Other aspects of the works now completed are graffiti removal and bank repair work

stretching from the Lune Aqueduct to the Caton Road Aqueduct. Construction of an access ramp from the Millennium Cycleway up to the Canal towpath and a car park off Caton Road continues to progress. On the activities side, local artist Chas Jacobs has been visiting several local schools in Lancaster to paint murals and roundel waymarkers with the pupils. These pieces of art will be installed at various points on the Canal in Lancaster in April/May. Briefs for the new interpretation panels and Digital Memories project are currently out to tender, with consultants due to be appointed in early February. These elements of the project will aim to research and collect people’s memories of the aqueduct to be presented on a w e bs it e, a ud io t r ai l and 4 interpretation panels around the site and along the canal in Lancaster. A launch event is currently being planned, with Dukes Theatre helping with delivery of this. The event will take place in May and include a light project show at the Aqueduct, as well as performing arts and musical performances. With regard to publicity, the Mayor of Lancaster, Paul Woodruff, was shown around the site by David Hennessey, Lune Aqueduct Project Officer, and Steve Higham, BW Regeneration Manager. The Mayor

The Mayor of Lancaster, Paul Woodruff , visits the Aqueduct 25

(Continued on page 26)

was very impressed by the work that is taking place and offered his support to the project. We have also held several open days, inviting press and members of the public to the site to learn more about the work and the

Top: Constructing the foot path for the disabled. Left & Above: No, not a bungee jump but just doing a ‘Fred Dibnah’ to clean up the stonework.

history of the Canal. A crew from Granada Reports were present on one of these days, resulting in an excellent feature on the programme that evening. A Facebook site has also been set up, containing news Answers to Helen’s Quiz: (p17) updates and progress photos. 1. 57. 2.42. 3. 187. 4.56. 5. 18. SH 6. 16. 7. 23. 8. 75. 9. 70. 10. 24. 11. 80. 12. 19. 13. 33. 14. 12. 15. 23. 16. 53. 17. 58. 18. 39. 19. 21. 20. 19. 26

Open Day Visit to Lune Aqueduct, December 2011

Above: A new towpath under construction Above: Constructing a ramp for the disabled

Above: Pinning the embankments with steel rods Above: replacement of stolen balustrades

Above: All balustrades are now secured by a system of steel pins

Above: Newly widened steps 27

Hello! The Lancaster Canal Trust extends a very warm welcome to the following new members who have joined since the last issue of Waterwitch, and we hope to see you at some of our events: Richard & Karen Holt Barnoldswick Marian Bennett Kendal Robert Beale Kendal Rev Ray de Vial Kendal Alan &Alys Strathchan Lancaster Anne & Nevile Henderson Ambleside Roger Boot Nottingham Walter Butler Poulton le Fylde Ian Mackie Ledbury Clive & Cathy Brookman Piddletrenthide, Dorset. Peter & Sandy Barker Upton upon Severn Paul Baxter & Audrey Shaw Hest Bank Tony Hales Henley in Arden Howard Dickenson Kendal Ian Walker Croydon Ralph Williams Bradford David Joyner Preston Richard Gordon Kendal James Gordon Kendal Richard Eastwood Carnforth Maureen Olley St. Anne's Robin & Antonia Yates Kendal

Friends of Lancaster Maritime Museum Outing Saturday 23rd June 2012  Cost £48 p. person  Leaves Burton 8.00am  Carnforth (Wharton Road) 8.15am  Lancaster (Chapel Street) 8.35am  £10 non refundable deposit per booking required Return to Lancaster around 7.00pm

Please contact Ken Broadhurst for bookings & further information on (01524) 781604


100 Club Prizes: 1st £25; 2nd £15; 3rd £10. Winning Numbers since last Issue 1st 2nd 3rd July





















The draws for July, Aug and Sept were not made at the time due to the absence of the Treasurer on holiday/business. Four draws were therefore made at the October Executive meeting. The December Draw will take place at Feb Exec. Mtg. IMPORTANT NOTICE We currently have some 16 blank numbers in our 100 Club Draw. This means that that on average nearly 1 in 7 numbers drawn is likely to result in a blank number with no prize being given. Whilst this is good news for the Trust’s bank balance it means some members are missing out and we do not raise the full amout possible. If you are not in the Draw and would like to join please contact Cath Davenport for full details of how and when to join. Contact details are; Cath Davenport (100 Club Organiser) Tel (015395) 67250


LANCASTER CANAL TRUST Officers and Committee 2010/11 President

C.H.Bagot J.P. F.R.I.C.S.,D.L Vice - Presidents

John Gavan David Slater Chairman

Richard Trevitt 2 Fern Bank, Lancaster. LAI 4TT (01524) 846303 Vice - Chairman

Helen Thomas 7 Bay View, Over Kellet, Carnforth, LA6 1DR (01524) 735504 Secretary

David Currington 12 Sedbergh Road Kendal LA9 6AD (01539) 732599 Treasurer

Peter Jones 14 Blencathra Gardens Kendal LA9 7HL (01539) 739105 Membership Secretary

Alan Mather 15, Claughton Ave Bolton BL2 6US (01204) 521031 Public Relations Officer

Trisha Buzzard 07802438412 Waterwitch Editor

David Currington 12 Sedbergh Road Kendal LA9 6AD (01539) 732599 Working Party Organiser

Richard Trevitt 2 Fern Bank, Lancaster. LAI 4TT (01524) 846303 Grants Officer

Mike Macklin


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS & OTHER TRUST OFFICERS Beryl Bowcott Chairman Recruitment & Promotions (01772) 863418

Alan Mather Boat Operations Manager (01204) 521031

Sandra Henstock (L.C.B.C. Representative) (01253)764171

Affiliated Members Preston Patrick Parish Council Ramblers Association (Preston Area) South Lakeland District Council Water Farm Boat Hire Yealand Conyers Parish Council Westmorland & North Lancashire Long Distance Walkers Assoc.

Beetham Parish Council Burton-in-Kendal Parish Council Bury & District Anglers Association Catterall Parish Council Kendal Civic Society Lancaster Canal Boat Club Natland Parish Council Newton with Clifton Parish Council

Corporate Members Arlen Hire Boats


Waterwitch is copyright 2012, published by The Lancaster Canal Trust (Registered Charity No. 240957) c/o David Currington, 12 Sedbergh Road, Kendal, LA9 6AD The Lancaster Canal Trust may not agree with the opinions expressed in this magazine but encourages publication as a matter of interest. Nothing printed may be construed as policy, or an official announcement, unless so stated - otherwise the Trust accepts no liability for any matter in the magazine. The editor retains the right to edit any article or letter submitted for publication.

Visit LCT website at:

The deadline for contributions to the next edition of Waterwitch in early June 2012 will be 14th May 2012 Contributions may be e-mailed to Or by post to David Currington 12 Sedbergh Road Kendal, Cumbria LA9 6AD Printed by Kent Valley Colour Printers, Kendal. (01539)741344


Membership Application Form If you wish to become involved and/or be kept informed on the restoration progress of the Lancaster Canal then why not join the LANCASTER CANAL TRUST Fill in the membership application form below and post, together with the appropriate membership fee to: Mr Alan Mather , LCT Membership Secretary

15, Claughton Ave, Bolton, Lancs, BL2 6US

The Lancaster Canal Trust Membership Application Form Reg Charity No 240957



Family - 2 adults plus up to 3 children at one Address. Please provide Partner’s name


Concession - over 60 & students


Affiliates—Public bodies and Non-profit making organisations

£14.00 £150.00

Life Additional Donation


I/We enclose cheque/cash for Title:






Partner’s Name:




£ ..…..…

Please tell us if your details change


Post Code: Tel. No: E Mail address:

…………………………………...…………….. …………………………………………………..


I/we wish that the subscriptions & donations I/we have made to the Lancaster Canal Trust be treated as Gift Aid donations. You must be paying income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax the LCT reclaims on your donations in the current tax year please tick here ……... For further information on the Trust please visit our website at


Waterwitch #148 Winter 2011/2012  

Waterwitch - Magazine of the Lancaster Canal Trust Winter 2011/2012 #148

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