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February 2012

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Ready, Set, Ridiculous!

From slamming down franks at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest we’re ever so familiar with to the unknown and quite disturbing baby jumping festival in Spain. The world has us competing to win at anything and everything. With ESPN 2 running out of things to show on Sunday morning at 4 a.m., you may be lucky and catch one of these profound competitions.

Top 10 funniest: 1. Air Guitar Competition: For those that love rocking out, sporting a Mohawk and have absolutely no real musical talent, the air guitar competition is for you. The epitome of useless talents has its rewards too, and if you can pretend you’re better than everyone at a non-existent instrument then you can win big cash and other prizes. In 2009, the winner of the competition won a cash prize and a real guitar. 2. National Texting Contest: For teachers who are pestering you about texting in class, tell them you’re training to be a world champion. Yes, our love for cell phone communication has reached the absolute ridiculous point of us competing on how fast we can type a message with no errors. This could entail some good spelling skills and hand-eye coordination, but what kind of accolade is that to receive? I’m the World’s best texter, I have meaty finger muscles, and can respond to my friends so fast it’s probably bothersome. 3. The Hillbilly Olympics: No, it has nothing to do with NASCAR, but it is certainly more entertaining. The Hillbilly Olympics are held each year in East Dublin, Georgia for the reddest of all rednecks to flex their

wire. the

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Editors in Chief Logan Marada Sanjula Mahathantila Photography Editor Khoi Nguyen

beer guts and show their skills in talents nobody should be proud of. Competitions ranging from a drunken tricycle race to the grand finale event: a belly flop contest into a very deep, unsanitary mud pit. 4. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (All other competitive eating included): I love waking up on the fourth of July and watching Joey Chesnut and Takeru Kobiyashi duke it out by cramming hot dogs down their mouth, but competing to see who can eat the fastest is a bit disgusting and absolutely unpleasant. Watching people big and small try to stuff down as much food as they can in five minutes makes me think of how depressing it is for people who don’t have food. I am not trying to be a guilty conscience, but isn’t a bit ridiculous we have turned a basic necessity into a game? Also, a random disgusting food record- Takeru Kobyashi holds the record for most cow brains eaten with a whopping 55 in 10 minutes (check on that).

Graphic byTrever Daniels

Design Editor Victoria Anderson Business Editor Cassidy Miller Reporters Brook DeMarque Magnus Lauritzen Courtney Lorenzen Kayleen Smith Halle Stichler Taylor Underwood Mikayla Weilage

The World Series of Unimportant Activities

5. Baby Jumping Festival: How is this legal? I was definitely thinking this when I first heard about this. This Spanish practice is held yearly and parents are allowed to have their kids “jumped” if they’d like to. A man in a devil suit jumps over the kids supposedly ridding them of their sins. Although, this isn’t as much of a competition as the others on the list, it’s ridiculous as a festival, and it’s all fun and games until you fall on a mattress of babies. 6. Beard and Mustache Contest: On November 12th, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, facial hair will rise! That’s right, even not shaving and grooming your hair into hilarious shapes, designs, and styles can win you money and a prestigious prize. It works like a dog show, separating each style into their “breeds,” and in the end they have an overall best in show winner. No shave November takes its competition to Vegas 2012. Be there, or shave. 7. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Reaching its peak in popularity in the mid 2000’s, the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors made its way to the big leagues. National tournaments were held and even televised on Fox Sports Network to see who the mightiest hand-gesturer is. Although, it’s a bit of a psychological game, it is more luck than anything. When I had checked their list of champions, nobody had ever won twice in a row, which kind of proves that nobody can really be good at the game. 8. Midget Tossing Contests: The art of midget tossing originated in Australia, and dwarves are sent flying wearing costumes and protective gear. Many have tried sanctioning the sport, but for some reason I guess throwing undersized people is too fun to stop.

Graphic by Taylor Underwood

9. Extreme Ironing Competitions: Has mom got you down from making you iron the laundry? Well make your chores more enjoyable, and join the worldwide sensation of competitive ironing. As opposed to ironing in your house, you will iron while kayaking, underwater, on a mountain, or even while biking. Although the sport is still small, many have actually taken up cleaning to the extreme. 10. Chess Boxing: “Mama Said Knock You Out!” In between, playing chess, you box against your opponent for a round, and continue to do so until you checkmate the opponent, or knock them out. This sounds like the perfect battle for brains and brawn. So, the next person you’ve got a beef with, put on the gloves, hit each other, and sit down to a friendly, thought-provoking game.

Story by Logan Marada

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Khoi’s Tech Corner

Ever wonder why your computer doesn’t run as fast as it used to? Well here are a few problems with some effective solutions.

Problem: Your computer has strange pop-ups or

Problem: Your computer takes forever to load



runs differently

something up

One solution is to uninstall what you just downloaded or go to trusted websites. One common thing that can be done is install a program called Malware-bytes, an anti-virus program. If you already have an anti-malware program, you should run it.

You may install a program that defragments the hard drive; a good program to use is Auslogistics Disk De-frag.


Over time a hard drive will have fragments in it as you install, download, and delete things. Parts of those files will still be left. What a disk de-frag program does is removes those fragments and organize your hard drive to make it load things up faster. It is like driving at Lewis Central and having to slow down for the massive speed bumps, but when defragged it becomes a finely paved flat road.


Some files and programs you download may not necessarily be trusted downloads. It is usually an executable file, meaning a file you have to run, which can do harm towards your computer. Beware and be careful of some items downloaded from the internet. Some downloads may possibly steal files, information, or hack your computer. Your computer can possibly turn into a zombie hacking machine hacking other computers or can just simply no longer function properly. The best tip is to run an antimalware program every week. Also some internet service providers bundle up with top anti-malware companies and you can get this software for free from them. Do some research and keep your computer safe.

Khoi Nguyen, Photo Editor for The Wire prepares pictures for the rest of the writers and designers on staff. Nguyen is also a help desk technician, which means you may see him around the pods helping make your computers work faster. In addition to his vast array of technical skills, he also plays a mean guitar, speaks two languauges and is the Vice President of the Lewis Central chapter of SkillsUSA. Photo by Magnus E. Lauritzen

That’s all for this issue. This is just a portion on what you can do to speed up your computer and keep it safe. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions for tech tips submit them to Lewis Central’s The Wire or email them to Your question may be featured in upcoming issues. Story by Khoi Nguyen




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The UFC hits the Omaha metro again for the first time since September 17, 2008. Although the fights aren’t the biggest headliners, they do bring some interesting bouts to the table. The main event features a possible title eliminator in the Welterweight division between Diego “The Dream” Sanchez, and Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger. Both fighters are coming off of a win; Ellenberger, the decorated Omaha hero, holds great credentials, making him a possible title fighter. He defeated former Welterweight number one contender, former Strikeforce Welterweight champion, and the #9 ranked Welterweight in the world, Jake Shields. Ellenberger was a bit of a run of the mill fighter, and he really put his face on the map with his last victory. Sanchez’s last win was against Danish kick boxer, Martin Kampmann. Ellenberger walked out to the song Coming Home by Diddy in celebration of his fight in front of his hometown. The crowd erupted in cheers and all gave him a standing ovation as he entered the Octagon. After the full crowd cheer came an arena full of boos while Diego Sanchez walked to the cage. He carried a cross, in ode to Jesus Christ. UFC president, Dana White, tweeted, “Diego must really think Jake is a vampire.” The crowd stayed standing for the entire fight, anxious for Jake to come away with the victory. The first round consisted of the two fighters trading strikes back and forth, Jake with the more powerful counters, giving him the edge as the crowd chanted “Jake” closing out the round. The second round began with Sanchez trying for a spinning back kick, with which he continued to try to utilize throughout the round. Ellenberger waited and picked apart Sanchez with clean shots. The crowd responded in screams with each shot, Sanchez got flustered and began snarling aggressively trying to hit Jake with a clean shot. Ellenberger patiently waited and scored a takedown, and ended the round with devastating elbows that bloodied up Sanchez. In the final round, Ellenberger had to simply hold on and finish out the round to score the decision victory. Sanchez didn’t go out easily scoring a big punch with about fifty

play by play

seconds left, sending Ellenberger to the ground. The crowd went ballistic screaming for Jake to get up. Sanchez pounded on Ellenberger for the last 30 seconds, but failed to finish him. Ellenberger walked away with the unanimous decision leaving a happy Omaha crowd. Both won $75,000 in a fight of the night bonus. The next headlining fight is a heavyweight bout between Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve and Dave Herman. Struve is the tallest fighter in the UFC standing at a near seven feet tall (six feet eleven inches), and tends to favor the ground game winning 15 of his 22 fights by submission, yet likes to stand and bang with his opponents. He takes on a newbie to the UFC, devastating striker, Dave Herman. Herman has only had one fight in the UFC in which he won in a slug fest with dangerous Jon Olav Einemo. The crowd seemed to enjoy both fighters favoring neither one. Einemo walked out to Macho Man by The Village People while wearing a pink scarf, perhaps using some psychological tactics to get inside of Struve’s head. The fight start with them exchanging kicks and punches, neither scoring big time damage. About three minutes in, Herman went for a wheel kick putting the crowd in awe. The two continued to exchange, but Struve caught Herman with an uppercut to the jaw sending him falling back into the cage. Struve got into full mount slamming his fists against Herman who desperately tried to block the strikes. The referee stepped in and stopped the fight giving Struve the victory. Other notable fights: The Ultimate Fighter Reality Show winner, Jonathon Brookins, won with a first round knockout over Vagner Rocha. Brookins celebrated with a backflip off the cage. Ivan Menjivar won with a rear-naked choke over John Albert. Menjivar got bloodied and battered at the beginning almost losing the fight early, but he escaped a ground position to get the back and choke out Albert scoring a submission of the night bonus. Stipe Miocic won with a devastating first round knockout over the Brit, Phil De Fries. Miocic received a knockout of the night bonus. Story by Logan Marada

Young and Reckless? Kim Jong-Un Takes Rule in North Korea North Korea; a country located in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. It is the last Stalinist country on earth, and in 2006 it became the last country to join the club of nuclear countries. Then on December 19th, state media announced that the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il died from a heart attack on December 17th. Over nearly two weeks of national honoring following the announcement of Kim Jong-Il’s death, a carefully planned ceremony took place, introducing Kim Jong-Un “Son of the old leader,” as the new dynastic leader. A tension filled pep rally followed on December 29th, where tens of thousands of North Koreans rallied to pledge their devotion to the new leader. Kim JongUn was never in the media spotlight. His father began pushing forward, and there was only one picture of him available outside North Korea. In that picture, he was eleven years old. The chef said in an interview made by the New York Times, that as a teenager, Kim Jung-Un was already his father’s favorite and looked just like him.

the wire.

It is described in the memoirs written by Kim Jong-Il’s former sushi chef how he met Kim Jong-Un at the age of 7, dressed in a military uniform and known as a “prince” among his father’s aides. South Korean intelligence officials and Washington Professors struggled for many years, to find out more about the boy. Though after many years of study, they could finally describe Kim JungUn as a young man of medium height, overweight, and prone to high blood pressure and suffering from diabetes, with character traits similar to his father’s. Kim Jung-Un is one out of five children that his father had with three different women. Analysts are divided over whether Kim Jong-un also attended the school in Switzerland. They say he was enrolled from 2002 to 2007 in the Kim Il-sung Military University, a leading officer-training school in Pyongyang, the capital, but was taught at home. Story by Magnus Lauretzin



Who Knows Coach Best? How well do you know your coach? You spend hours upon hours sweating and running drills for them, but at the end of the season, do you know the man behind the whistle? The Wire put these athletes to the test to answer these burning questions. Let’s see how seniors Mattie Misfeldt, Whitney Mehsling, LaMar Conner, and junior Alex Reed did.

THE QUESTION PreGAME SNACK? Favorite Color? Favorite Movie? Warm Up Song?

Girls Basketball

THE AnSWER Hanafan: Snickers and a Diet Mountain Dew

Hanafan: Titan Blue

Hanafan: Animal House

hanafan: Thunderstruck by ACDC

WHAT THEY SAID Mattie: Snickers & Diet Mountain Dew

Whitney: Diet


Mountain Dew


mattie: Titan Blue


whitney: Blue


mattie: Coach Carter


whitney: Burlesque


mattie: Raise Your Glass


whitney: Rack City



Winner: Mattie Misfeldt

The boy’s varsity lines up to honor our country’s flag.

The girl’s varsity practices to perfect their game.

10 5 The boy’s varsrity warms up before the game.

Boys Basketball THE QUESTION Favorite T.V show? Favorite Color?

THE AnSWER Miller: Sons of Anarchy

Miller: Navy Blue

Favorite Movie?

Miller: Braveheart

Warm Up Song?

Miller: All I Do Is Win- DJ Khaled

Winner: It’s a Tie

feat. T-Pain Ludacris Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross

WHAT THEY SAID Alex: Law & Order


Lamar: Sports Center


Alex: Navy Blue


lamar: Titan Blue


Alex: Benchwarmers


lamar: Remember The Titans Alex: Eye of the Tiger- Survivor lamar: Heart Of A Champion- Nelly


0 0 0 5 5

Story and photos By: Cassidy Miller

the wire.

The girl’s team practices perfect passes.

Coach Miller rallies his team.


What’s the Difference? A Side-by-Side Comparison of Super Bowl 46 and Super Bowl 42

Super Bowl XLVI, Indianapolis, Indiana- Giants 21, Patriots 17

Super Bowl XLII , Glendale, ArizonaGiants 17, Patriots 14

Four seasons after the Patriots got upset in Super Bowl 42 it was the Patriots’ chance to take their revenge. The Patriots were still favored in this game, but many more people considered them underdogs to the red hot Giants. The Giants’ season went downhill after a 6-2 start, where they lost five of their next six games. The only way they would get in the playoffs is if they were to win their last two games. The Giants succeeded in winning those two games, and their hot streak continued into the playoffs. The Patriots played a very solid season, cruising into the playoffs with a 13-3 record and a number one seed. The New York Giants were just too hot in the Super Bowl and got the comeback win in the 4th quarter. The Patriots suffer their second straight Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

This was one of the greatest games of all time. The undefeated Patriots faced the New York Giants’ team that barely squeaked into the playoffs. It seems that not a single person thought that the Giants had a chance. The game was very low scoring, mostly because the Giants’ great defense and average offense. Everyone started believing in the Giants when David Tyree caught and pinned the ball up against his helmet in the 4th quarter for 32 yards with 1 :15 left in the game. And when Eli Manning threw the ball to Plaxico Burress for a touchdown to go ahead 17-14, everyone knew that this was one of the greatest upsets of all time.

Super Bowl 46

Super Bowl 42

Giants: Win MVP- Eli Manning Passing (Eli Manning) - 30/40, 296 Yards, 1 TD, 0 Interceptions Rushing- 28 Carries, 114 Yards Defense- 2 Sacks, 1 Interception, 0 Forced Fumbles

Giants: Win MVP- Eli Manning Passing (Eli Manning) - 19/34, 255 yards, 2 TD, 1 Interception Rushing- 26 Carries, 91 Yards Defense- 5 Sacks, 0 interceptions, 1 Forced Fumble

Patriots: Loss MVP- N/A Passing (Tom Brady) – 27/41, 276 Yards, 2 TD, 1 Interceptions Rushing- 19 Carries, 83 Yards Defense- 3 Sacks, 0 Interceptions, 2 Forced Fumbles (Recovered 0)

Patriots: Loss MVP- N/A Passing (Tom Brady) – 29/48, 266 yards, 1 TD, 0 Interceptions Rushing- 19 Carries, 45 Yards Defense- 3 Sacks, 1 Interception, 0 Forced Fumbles

Story by Brook DeMarque

The Pool’s Prodigy

RJ Hemmingsen Has High Expectations When it Comes to Swimming

On February 11, Lewis Central’s swim team competed at the state swimming meet in Marshalltown, Iowa. One person in particular went in with high expectations. RJ Hemmingsen went to Marshalltown expecting nothing but first. RJ began swimming at the age of nine and puts in about 11 ½ hours a week. All of that work paid off, as RJ got second place in the 100 Meter Fly. While this is a very good place, RJ was not satisfied with this result. Nobody likes to lose, but RJ being only a sophomore, has two more years to train and become state champion. “I need to define my stroke more,” says Hemmingsen. RJ’s only prerace rituals are stretching and listening to music. The most important things motivating him are goal times and wanting to win. “Swimming is very serious, but it is still fun,” says Hemmingsen. Along with his second place in the 100 Meter Fly, RJ’s 50 Meter Freestyle Relay team finished fifth. Overall, RJ said it was a successful year. “My times dropped consistently, and my state place improved.” RJ is sure to be a force for the rest of his high school career and beyond. Story by Brook DeMarque

Photo by Megan Brayman

the wire.



Mayan Mania

Why We’ll Survive the 2012 Phenomena December 22nd, 2012 we will all live to see the day. After many outlandish predictions of the world ending, all of the computers crashing, and Jesus was coming back for the rapture, the 2012 phenomena shows to be much of the same, a bunch of hoopla. The belief that the world will actually end is based on a few general ideas; that the world will end from some freak storm due to global warming, the Mayan calendar ends, and Nostradamus has mentioned it. There are also a few other beliefs that have been floating around that a comet will hit us, our magnetic poles will flip flop the Earth, and that aliens will invade the planet. One of the biggest beliefs is that the Mayan calendar is ending and that shows the world ends, but it’s preposterous to think that people who believed in human sacrifice to a nature god hold the secrets as to when the world will end. The all-around quality of Central American life has been tarnished for years and years now, and it’s hard to think that they have the almighty correct belief, even if they are a wise group. The next big time predictor is the famous, Nostradamus. Nostradamus was around in the 1500s, which I think debunks his theories a bit. I He has been connected to the predictions of the 9/11 attacks, Adolf Hitler, and the Atom Bomb. Although Nostradamus is wise, and tends to sound right with all of his predictions, I like to think of him as a “human horoscope.” By this, I mean he will give a ton of open-ended predictions that are nearly inevitable, and they sound correct any time some at-large event happens. So, is Nostradamus correct with some of his predictions, maybe? It’s not a dependable source since all of his predictions could happen at any time. The most feasible stipulation that people tend to point to is global warming or even some sort of comet or asteroid hitting us. I think our world is in a downfall in quality, with countries like Syria, Sudan, and Greece falling apart it seems like the end of the world as we know it. Disregard the R.E.M. song reference. So, it’s very believable that this could happen, but in 2012, I think not. Earth is a very durable planet, and although it’s not good by any means that we’ve been destroying it, it’s not likely weather activity would destroy it or kill us off. Other theories of giant asteroids or comets hitting the


Special Feature

Earth doesn’t seem likely either. In 2009, an asteroid was blown apart by the Navy before getting close to hitting Earth. People work every day to watch out for anything possibly hitting Earth, and since there usually isn’t much going on for that job, I think they’re pretty alert when anything comes near. Among the ludicrous theories of aliens coming to abduct us, and the scientific savvy theories of asteroids hitting us or global warming occurring I still believe we will live to see another year. According to scientists, the Earth is only 4.5 billion years old, which is actually quite young for a planet. If anything, it seems that humans will be the ones to make us go. So, forget the Mayans, forget Nostradamus, and science. I believe we’re responsible for where we live, and we determine our fate. Story by Logan Marada

Fact or Fiction

I’d fin

What would you do on your last day Sophomore of Earth? ShyAnne Swedensky

ping shop ney o g mo , or f my iving Skyd end all o t like I’d no sp and ause it’s more... bec d it any nee



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tin Bi



Apocalypse The end of our days or the restoration of the Human Race?


Alexis Albertsen


Jacob Riedemann


Bailey Penner Play D Drag ungens a o n in ba ns, and s d wim con grea se...


Tyler Robbins Photos by Logan Marada & Alli James

the wire.

, I gu


g urnin ok b ries... o b a e Hold Twilight s e h of t



For the last year, conversation has been abuzz with rumors and superstitions all centering around December 21, 2012, the end date of the Mayan Calendar. For some, this date represents an apocalypse; a period in which the world will be thrown into utter chaos and violent upheaval. For others it signifies a moment of clarity and global transformation. Either way, all signs indicate that December 21, 2012 will be a date of change. The mythology behind the 2012 enigma focuses on the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar, a Mesoamerican time keeping system that mysteriously ends on December 21, 2012. Interestingly enough, that date also coincides with the winter solstice, the end of the Hopi Indian Calendar, and a predicted “galactic alignment” which is believed to occur when our solar system passes directly through the Galactic Equator. Although there has been some argument for other “end dates” as prescribed by the intricate and sophisticated Mayan calendar, including the alternate dates of October 28, 2011 and December 23, 2012, most experts who have studied the Long Count agree that the calendar does indeed end on December 21. But what is the true meaning of end? In the human mind, the etymology of the word “end” conjures images of finality and hopelessness. However, that is not the only interpretation of the word. It can also mean a new beginning or a definitive change, and that is what I believe the creators of this ancient calendar were predicting. Rather than a series of natural disasters that spell the end of humanity, I believe that the coming of December 21, 2012, bodes promise for the human race rather than misfortune. Both Mayan and Hopi elders teach that the end of the calendar is more akin to the beginning of a new era and rebirth of the world population rather than the apocalypse. In all actuality, it seems that we have a renaissance in our future rather than the coming of the horsemen. Although logic drives us to dismiss the idea of an apocalypse, why can we not accept a different, more ancient view- that December 21 will be a date of positive change? Story by Alli James


The Vow:

Crazy Laws And even funnier ways to get arrested

Story by Halle Stichler


When a traumatic car crash leads to an unknown past Paige (Rachel McAdams) is left with multiple questions to be answered, a big house full of people foreign to her and a handsome hunk of a husband, Leo (Channing Tatum) that has all the love in the world to give her. Once awoken from a coma Paige only comprehends memories from five years prior to that day. Still in love with the wrong guy and falling for her families lies once again, she fails to remember the love she once shared with Leo. Yet he refuses to give up on the love of his life; going to extremes only few would face.

Iowa -A man with a moustache may never kiss a woman in public. -Kisses may last for no more than five minutes. -One-armed piano players must perform for free. -Tanning bed facilities must warn of the risk of getting a sunburn.

Entertainment How far would you go for love? This is a typical sad love story at its best, leaving you with a bittersweet ending. Will she find the love they once had? I would suggest watching it, but not enough to spend too much money on it. It is pretty heartfelt, so only watch it if you enjoy a good chick flick. Story by Taylor Underwood

-In Cedar Rapids, it is illegal to read a person’s palms within the city limits. -The “Ice Cream Man” and his truck are banned in Indianola. -Horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants in Marshalltown. -In Mount Vernon, no person may pick a flower from a city park. -A man may not wink at any woman he does not know within the city limits of Ottumwa.

-Sunshine is guaranteed to the masses.


-If a child burps during church, his parent may be arrested. -It is illegal to go whale fishing. -In Lehigh, doughnut holes may not be sold.

Missouri Hawaii

-Billboards are outlawed -All residents who do not own a boat may be fined in Hawaii.

-In Natchez, Missouri, it is considered unlawful to provide intoxicants to elephants. -In the city of Purdy, Missouri, dancing -“Crimes against nature” are prohibited. is prohibited.


the wire.

Beauty Advice Tips Right from the can, Crisco is a big secret among beautiful women. Use it to remove makeup and as a highly effective moisturizer. Hospitals even use it to treat psoriasis and eczema. To make the whites of your eyes look brighter, use a light blue pencil under the eyes. Blue eye shadow lightly applied under the eyes works just as well Your nail polish will always be smooth and easy to apply if you store it in the refrigerator. Frosted nail polish will not separate. However, if it has hardened or is gummy, place the bottle in a pan of boiling water. The polish will be like new. Oily skin holds perfume scents longer than dry skin, so before applying perfume, rub a very thin layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your skin and you will smell delicious for hours. For run,

tights with a hairspray them.

Story by Kayleen Smith



Internet or Sleeping?

Lack of sufficient sleep - a major problem among teens As teenagers move through their teenage years, they all need increasing amounts of sleep – roughly around 9 hours every night, as compared to eight hours needed by adults. All students are mentally and physically affected by the amount of sleep they get every night. By not getting the sleep you need, physiological changes may show up during puberty. Yet as schools starts earlier and earlier as students get older, they still need more and more sleep based on their daily performance. Not only is the proper amount of sleep important for the brain to process information, but the time of the day also has an effect on learning. Research indicates that many high school students do their best learning in the afternoon. One study showed that afternoon reading produces the greatest increase in reading scores as compared to morning instruction. However, most exams, such as SAT’s and

ACT’s, are done during the morning hours. Another study showed that 20% of all high school students fall asleep in school. Additional research has shown that over 50% of students report being most alert after 3:00 P.M. In other words, most students are in school during the period they reported being least alert and are released from school at the time they most alert. In a recent survey of 20 students at Lewis Central, 11 people got 7 hours of sleep or more, and 9 people got 6 hours or less. A survey conducted on 11th and 12th grade students from Minneapolis and St. Paul Schools’ which have experimented with different school starting times, concluded that students with greater sleep lag in their school week has a big disadvantage in successfully achieving academically. The survey results showed that students with higher grades reported that they got more sleep and go to bed earlier on school

nights than students with lower grades. In August 1997, researchers at the University of Minnesota reported the results of a study of more than 7,000 highschool students, whose school district had switched from a 7:15 A.M. start time, to an 8:40 a.m. start time. Compared with students whose schools maintained earlier start times, students with later starts reported getting more sleep on school nights, being less sleepy during the day, getting slightly higher grades, and experiencing fewer depressive feelings and behaviors. As New York State United Teachers website says many high schools schedule their first classes between 7:30 and 8:00 am. For students having to travel long distances, they often have to leave home as early as 6:30 am. A half hour adjustment of a school’s starting time can improve a student’s sleep. However, a delay of one hour may be even more effective. Story by Magnus Lauritzen

Biology Fun Facts

Schools starting earlier and earlier are affecting the students amount of sleep. This causes problems in the both body and how you do in school. Photo by Magnus Lauritzen

Beyond Bill Nye the Science Guy

Story by Halle Stichler Biology is said to be the study of life, but to most high school students, it’s a boring, how-much-longer-do-I-have-to-be-in-here type of class. We all have to take it, but I often sit in class wondering when I would ever need information about the parts of a cell, how meiosis works, or what a nucleotide is. Though, I will admit that recently, I have been quite intrigued sitting in class, listening and learning. (I know, crazy right?) The meaning that lies behind “life” is quite fascinating, and if you listen long enough, you might actually learn something kind of *gulp* cool.

1.Blood type AB is the universal recipient, while blood type O is the universal donor. 2.Some tastes are determined by genetics.

8.There are 206 bones in the human body. 9.A Chihuahua is directly related to a wolf. The largest organism is a mushroom that is located in the Pacific 3. Colorblindness is most commonly found in males because it is located on the X chromosome. The 10.Northwest of the United States. gene for colorblindness is passed onto the daughter, who becomes a carrier for the defect, and in most cases, it ends up getting passed onto the daughter’s male offspring.


11.There is 10 feet of DNA packed into a single cell.

At the tip of your tongue, you can taste sweetness and at the back of your tongue, you can taste bitterness. On the sides of your tongue, you can taste both sour and saltiness.

12.There is 25 GB of information per inch of DNA.

5. With hemophilia, a protein necessary for normal blood clotting is missing.

13.Humans share 50% of their DNA with a banana.

have two X chromosomes, so one of the two X chromosomes is turned off by x6. Girls inactivation.

experienced an epidemic or famine, your own personal health 7. Ifcanyourbe grandparents affected.

an average meal, you eat approximately 55 million cells, or 14.Inabout 93,000 miles of DNA.

15.It took thirteen years to decode three billion base pairs of human DNA.

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Be happy being yourself. Only be who you want to be. As we grow up we realize all the struggles we face in life and sometimes, it doesn’t even seem worth the trouble. We come up against family, friends, sports, school, hobbies, church, and organizations. It just seems that with each obligation that is thrown on our plate comes a whole new bundle of stress. Quite frankly I don’t believe that people are happy with their lives these days. Sometimes I have to stop and think if I am truly happy myself. Think about it; what would you give up to be happy? It is said that although we may think we are so madly in love with our significant other, we truly cannot love another until we love ourselves. But why does that seem so difficult? Back in the older days men worked and women stayed home and cleaned. There weren’t really sports, hobbies or school to worry about. Now we are faced with so much that we hardly have time to do what we love, and we are obviously too busy to realize that we aren’t happy. We get so caught up. We forget who we are and only know what we are. Our minds are only on one track; skinny is better, get good grades, practice your sports, spend time with family, spend time with friends, don’t make bad choices. When you’re stuck thinking only what others want you to do, you forget what you want to do: be happy. It’s so much easier said than done. I’ll be honest though, you can’t just ‘get happy’ again. In order to be happy you have to live happy. That means do what you want to do, live how you want to live. In our day and age we are forced to think that if we do things a certain way we are destined to live good lives; lie. A good life doesn’t necessarily mean having wealth and a good career, not if you’re not happy. A good life means living your life, doing what you love surrounded by who you love. Make your life a good life.

Story by Taylor Underwood


Story by Kayleen Smith

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How jumping to conclusions affects others

There are many things that affect our way of thinking; one of those things is jumping to conclusions. And it’s not primarily our fault either, as human beings we’re designed to think that way. We are made to think something about someone even before we realize that we’re doing it. And when we realize it, it’s already changed the way you think. In high school, there are many ways in which students and faculty jump to conclusions. This is mostly due to the fact that students and teachers tie in together. When a student starts saying something, someone in the faculty is going to hear it. Ever wonder why they always know about Senior Skip Day? Because some people can’t keep their traps shut. High school is widely known for judgment, whether it’s from a student or teacher. Before we even realize it, we already have this predetermined opinion about someone based on what we have been hearing. Rumors are a good way to start this up. The rumor mill is something that is the most common around school. Rumors are started, then spread, and eventually ends up hurting someone’s reputation. It’s not that all students are bad though, it’s just there are certain individuals who give the rest of the student body a bad name. Just because something happened to one person doesn’t mean they should be defined by that one mistake or incident for the rest of their lives. If someone’s personal business becomes public, their entire life story is put out there. That’s like someone reading our little thought journals and putting it out there for the world to see so everyone will know every little thing in our lives. We are not going to stop judging people or even listening to the rumor mill that likes to stick its nose into someone’s business. But you can stop your opinion. Next time you hear something, be sure it’s coming from a credible source and not just Susie-Talks-A lot. Or you could possibly confront that person. Or better yet, don’t even bother caring about someone’s personal life. It’s none of your business anyway. Think how it would feel if you were in their shoes; and then imagine that times ten because honestly, unless it has happened to you, you couldn’t possibly know how it feels. That should be something you’re grateful for. Story by Sanjula Mahathantila

Forever is not so far away It is possible to be yourself either way

As much as we all want to believe that things will last forever, they never seem to last nearly that long, especially when it comes to relationships. It seems to me that through all the good times there will still be quite a harsh ending. Question is; will the good times be worth the final goodbye? Usually when we put so much into a certain thing we expect something back, but that’s not how it always works. Sometimes we put everything we have into something that could most likely disappear in just one moment, leaving us with absolutely nothing but a bad feeling. High school is faced with many choices; relationships are one of the many. The matter of the fact is many of us are so scared of getting hurt that we keep ourselves from being happy as well. If we continue fearing the pain of the horrid ending we can’t enjoy the time well spent with the ones we love. You’re not expected to run out and fall and love, but if you don’t know how to tolerate failure, then how are you bound to succeed? “Eventually, not just I, but everyone will find someone. It may be now or it may be twenty years from now.” says sophomore Samantha Wimmer. Studies show that 27 percent of people don’t believe in love

and in a society like ours I can completely understand. It’s difficult to put everything you have into something; it’s even harder to put everything you have into someone. Some people say that you don’t need someone to love you, that you can be just as successful in life regardless a significant other or not. Take Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry for example, they are single, yet highly successful. “If Edward can do it, I can do it.” says senior Connor Perlberg. With those that don’t believe in love there are also many that do and with reasoning and understanding as to why many do not believe in love it is the same way for those who do. It’s not wrong at all to believe in love, it just means that you have had experiences that have lead you to believe it is possible. There are going to be pros and cons in a relationship and forever may seem like too long sometimes, but given the right attitude, it is definitely possible to be happy in life. Being strong alone or being strong together is your choice. Just remember, “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.” Story by Taylor Underwood

We often like to believe relationships will last forever. Better yet, we often like to believe many things will last forever, however many times it doesn’t. Photo by Khoi Nguyen

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Settling for Less Now We’re Second Best The absurdity of modern America has brought people to a new low, and we won’t admit to it, excuses and excuses follow any accusation. We try to keep a false parity; we glorify the bad or try to make the good look worse so we look like we succeed as a whole. For example, The No Child Left Behind Act was created to give students equal rights in school, and to force some that wanted to be lazy on into a more challenging area, so they would work more and be better students. This didn’t go as planned, in fact this allowed kids to float by in school so they wouldn’t be held back and they could be as lazy as they wanted. It also made schools test us more, with more standardized tests and teaching criteria in place of hands-on activities like field trips, speakers, and videos. Has this simple act become one of the many factors that have taken children away from communicating with their parents and their peers? I believe this has taken a toll on the educational system; we have gotten so far away from learning things that ready us for the world, that we have no communication skills. We lose the purpose of being schooled, where we should be learning how to use biology class in the real world. Or instead of having to ask, “When am I ever going to use this?” you should be able to go outside and succeed using skills you’ve learned. With finals just getting over and just finishing watching Fight Club, I definitely feel like I’m in limbo between searching for a purpose of the mundane clockwork of school and meeting my own Tyler Durton so they can show me the purpose of everything. We’re thought of as the most powerful, dominant country in the world (or at least next to China) and everybody seems to hate us. I don’t exactly blame them, most people like to go home and eat chips on the couch for an hour watching shows like: Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and almost anything about some freak show on E! or TLC. So, this is the pride and joy of our nation; hoarders, pregnant teens, and awful singers. We live in a nation of 99 cent tacos, where social networking takes a priority over our family, where power is a bigger priority than the safety of our country, and “where losing your iPhone is more of a problem than losing your virginity.” This is just a mere image of the nation we’re becoming, America. We’re glorifying mediocrity and laziness, so we can be lazy ourselves and have a good time skating by and settling for less. We shouldn’t be living in a place where it’s looked down upon to be a “try-hard” and do your best at something. We should almost be competing every day so we can be a better country. So instead of settling for less, and enjoying misfortune, let’s make something out of ourselves and impress the world around us. Story by Logan Marada



Everyday Struggles

Goal out of control

This series will focus in on everyday problems and struggles that a young adult can encounter. In each edition, I will try to shine light on a new subject, or in this case, “struggle.” It is my hope that, through this series, I will be able to bring awareness and shine light on issues that impact teens every day. My body has broken out into a sweat and the room seems to be moving just enough to make me feel sick to my stomach. My head hurts and my body feels so weak, weaker than normal. I look at the clock, my body trembling. It’s only 6:42 p.m., but my body seems to think it’s time to go to sleep. I continue to drift off, not able to recognize the difference between my dreams and reality and every time I close my eyes, I find myself drifting farther and farther away from reality. “*Sophia,” my mother calls up to me, “come down for dinner!” I sigh and work up the energy to raise my voice just enough to be heard, “I’m not hungry!” I hear her sigh and mumble something to my stepfather, and then I hear movement and footsteps on the stairs. I’m about ready to break, unable to face the truth of my disorder. Suddenly, my eyes start watering, and the salty tears stream down my face. My parents come to my door and halt, the knob slowly beginning to turn. Before they can even pass the threshold into my room, my emotions flood out of me and I am in their arms, ready to seek treatment and admit to my problem. Growing up, I’d had an average life with my mother and stepfather, and two younger twin half-sisters. At age ten, my mother allowed me to start modeling, something I’d always taken an interest in. I remember the day I walked into the

How often do you see eating disorders in your office? Very seldom. What is the most common type of eating disorder you see in your office? Binging and purging. What are the most common reasons for an eating disorder that you see in your office? “It’s usually students that feel out of control, and they’re trying to gain control.” Many times, they’re not happy with other parts of their life and they feel controlling their eating habits is the only way they can gain that sense of control back.

modeling agency with my mother for a meeting with a manager. I saw all these young girls, so paper thin, gorgeous, and proper. Most of them were no older than me, but seemed to be disguised as young adults, with their makeup and hair all done up. I immediately felt the pressure, despite my age. It was intimidating, walking into a room full of other young girls wanting to be in an ad or commercial and willing to do anything to get the job. During the meeting, as my mother and manager began to talk I remember sitting and feeling so inferior to the girls I had seen. And then came the thing that changed everything—how I treated my body and how I started to feel about myself. When the meeting ended, the manager walked out with my mother and pulled her aside. She began to whisper something that was just barely loud enough for me to hear: “Hon, I think we both know that if your daughter doesn’t lose some weight, she’ll never make it in this industry. It’s cut-throat and we want to prepare her for it. I’d recommend putting her on a strict diet--” My mother interrupted her midsentence and looked at the woman in disgust. “I think we’re done here,” she said. I understood why she was trying to protect me, but the damage had already been done. I was already beginning of my path of self-destruction at the mere age of ten.

Over the next three years, I battled weight and did a lot of binge eating, where I wouldn’t eat for long periods of time. When I became so hungry that I couldn’t stand it, I would eat huge portions for a week or so. After I’d realized what I’d done to my body, I’d feel bad about myself and wouldn’t allow myself to eat for weeks at a time. Then as I started my freshman year of high school, everything became so hard to control and my eating habits were interfering with the way I communicated with those around me. During my freshman year, I quit my binge eating habits, but instead, adopted a new eating habit and became bulimic. I felt like I was able to eat whatever I pleased and I would not have to worry about it, because I knew I’d get rid of it as soon as I was done and it wouldn’t have the chance to, in my eyes, “make me fat.” Since my preteen years, I had blamed food for my weight insecurities, and the problems I was encountering physically, mentally, and socially. By the end of my freshman year, I weighed only 100 pounds, but still saw myself as bloated and with every bulge I saw on myself, my self-esteem dropped even more, which I didn’t even know was possible, considering the state of my self-esteem at the time. I was prepared to become as skinny and beautiful as the other girls, no matter what the cost. And now, being here in my parents’

Counselor’s Answers by Mrs. Mccomas Corner What do you suggest people do if they themselves are suffering from an eating disorder or if they know someone who is suffering from eating disorder? Tell an adult because help is always available. Do you have anything you’d like to say to someone who is suffering from an eating disorder? “Get help because teenagers’ bodies are still developing and it can cause so much harm.” It’s a serious issue and can affect your state of health drastically.

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arms, feeling the unconditional love and care flowing from them, I felt accepted for the first time in my years. The warmth of their embrace influenced me to come clean and recognize the truth and reality of my disorder and the life I’d been living. Counting calories, watching the scale, bashing my body—I didn’t want to live my life in that way, damaging and hurting myself. I realized that I was willing to let my desperation to be thin drive me to the grave. Looking back at it, when I would scan through Vogue magazines, with the thin and beautiful young women plastered on every page, I would look at the pictures and immediately start looking at myself and at my imperfections, wishing that I could be just as pretty and just a thin as those models. Throughout my preteens, the young women in those magazines were who I’d looked up to, and when I didn’t eat, I looked to them for inspiration, believing that not eating would make me as thin and beautiful as them. As I get older and come to terms with the truth of my past and the struggles I’ve encountered, I want to be a role model for young girls and speak out. Looking through those magazines, I no longer see the beauty behind being thin—I see, plastered on every page, unhealthy women feeling the pressures of society. Story by Halle Stichler

•The body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed naturally by only 5% of American females. •69% of girls in 5th-12th grade reported that magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape. •42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner. •81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat. •50% of girls between the ages of 11 and 13 see themselves as overweight. •80% of 13-year-olds have attempted to lose weight. Facts from:



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What’s the Weirdest Thing in your Trunk or Purse? Story by Mickey Weilage

Kudos To You!

LC Students Shine Bright Story by Cassidy Miller

Do you have weird things in YOUR trunk or purse? Well, some people at Lewis Central have some Good Job All-State Speechers: Taylor crazy things hiding out in their trunk and purse. Check it out! Stuart, Ellen Overholtzer, Shawn

Green hair spray. Freshman Grace Oberg

Shoes, because you never know when your shoes will break or when you will step in a puddle. Freshman Brooklyn Keegan

I have half a driveshaft, an engine, and my dashboard.

Photo submitted by Lorri Higgins

Junior Jaris Hogueison

Doggie ‘DooDoo’bags, pink twine, pink tool kit.

Media Specialist Donna Bush

Moore, Alex Tucker, Michaela Ruis, Morgan Jones, Suraj Mahathantila, Holden King, Alyse Higgins, Hannah Piercy, Carrie Miller, Alura Bingham and Kim Thomas took home the Readers Theatre banner for the first time in school history!

A SpongeBob wallet that has two pictures of cats playing volleyball with a quote stating “Teamwork works the best” and it holds two guitar picks and a bottle cap. Freshman Austin Harbeck

Know your Constitution Essay Winners: Alli James, Ryan Simmons, Molly Berringer, Derek Jenkins, Ellen Overholtzer and Tyler Raygor. We Tip Our Hats to the 2012 Snoball Court: and King Noah Anderson and Queen Bianca Zerwas. Project Lead the Way: Props to Debbie Toms, Kayla Redeker, Justin Maynes, Chris Shook, Gabby Alvarez and Tyler Culjat on outstanding student acheivement. Congratulations Wrestlers: State Qualifier Ethan Ruby Eight Place Winner Austin Lear Fourth Place Winner Ben Schweery Second Place Winner Zach Renshaw and State Champion Zeb Whale.

Photos by Mickey Weilage

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Congratulations: To the cast and crew of the LC production of Little Shop of Horrors.

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LC Wire - Issue 5  

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