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Lewis Central High School Classroom Checklist  

Essential question(s) posted for unit Daily guiding question posted and used to check for understanding o Consideration for content and process when checking for understanding  Enduring understanding, essential subject matter, facets, and transfer goal should be considered. Expectations and supports are posted o Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) o Classroom syllabus o Procedures o Building Improvement Goals o Five Star o Emergency location and exit information Room arrangement o Supports student collaboration or can easily be moved to support collaboration o Space is utilized to place a priority on student learning space o Safety considerations are apparent Items easily accessible o Lesson plan o Seating chart o Substitute folder

Items for consideration: 

Displays of Student Work and Instructional Supports o Displays of Student Work  Clear purpose – show case quality work, support learning process, etc.  Neatly organized  Labeled support purpose  Rubric and/or checklist included in display  Utilized during instruction o Anchor Charts  Support procedures, strategies, or thinking (facet)  Utilized during instruction

Classroom Checklist  

LCHS Classroom Checklist

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