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The Soundings November 30th, 2016

A letterCLub from our President Lewis Community Spouses


Volume 6 Issue 1

April McClung The weather outside is frightful (really I don't remember it raining this much the last two years we were here), but LCSC has so much going on to keep your spirits lifted! Our luncheon this month was so much fun! And, if you aren't in a sub club, you should consider joining. Sub Clubs make LCSC feel smaller and you can get to know a small group of people that are interested in the same things you are! They happen all through the month!

LCSC EVENTS Mark Your Calendars 

 November 24th December 24th: Gift Wrap  December 8th @ ALCC: Holiday Chic Luncheon  January 12th @ ALCC: Winter Wonderland Luncheon  February 9th @ ALCC: Love the PNW Luncheon  March 17th: A Night To Remember  April 13th @ ALCC: Spring Fling Luncheon  May 11th: Mad Hatter Luncheon

Our December luncheon is right around the corner. If you wear a dress, you'll receive an extra opportunity ticket. That's because we like to refer to December as Dressember. What's Dressember you ask?? Join us in wearing a dress every day in December to bring about awareness for human trafficking. The Dressember Foundation (, raises awareness and money for modern day slavery. People being forced to do things they do not want to do. Yes, it still exists. By wearing a dress a day we are leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women *All luncheons are subject to change (and children). Human Trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry. If you think we can't make a difference, you’re wrong. Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has! Join me in wearing a dress everyday in December (or at least when you get to choose what you will wear)! #itsbiggerthanadress

November 2016

The Soundings


Our 1st Vice President – Pam McFarland As we head into the Holiday season, I would like to wish everyone a time filled with Family, Friends, Fun and good Food!!! Special thanks to everyone who attended our November luncheon. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet a few new people, shop with our wonderful vendors, and laugh so hard during our games. What fun! I hope to see everyone at our December luncheon, and if you can’t make that one, be sure to put January luncheon on your calendar. Be on the lookout in January too as our Night to Remember tickets will go on sale January 1st. Happy Holidays, Pam

Amy Trimble – Our Recording Secretary Traditions This time of year always lends itself to rich traditions. In fact, there are so many people posting about their traditions on social media that I sometimes feel intimidated. I mean, one friend even posted a picture of her “traditional equinox dinner of tortilla soup and homemade bread, ya’ll!” I sat in my jammies drinking my second cup of coffee thinking, “Sister, you’re killing me here.” As a mom and military spouse, I worry about traditions. What will my children remember? What will be special to them? We move SO much; will they even have any traditions to pass down? Should I be creating more? Doing more? But then, about a week later I was sitting at my son’s Veteran’s Day assembly at school. I started thinking back to all the Veteran’s Day assemblies I have attended. As child after child got up to read about his or her veteran, I thought to myself, “Now THIS is the kind of tradition that matters.” Hearing that thunderous “BOOM” every day at 1700? That is something my kids will never forget. And those daily snippets of conversation with the guards at the DuPont Gate are surely going to remain with them long after we leave the military. Traditions exist to pass down a custom or belief from one generation to another. Don’t ever doubt the genuineness of yours, whatever it may be.

November 2016

The Soundings

December’s Luncheon


November 2016

The Soundings


LCSC Sub Clubs In Action PNW Explorers This month the explorers headed south in search of salmon with a hike on the McLane Creek Trail in the Capitol Forest. Chum Salmon migrated from the ocean, through the sound and marshes and finally up McLane Creek. We were able to view many salmon as they continued their swim upstream. It was truly amazing to experience something that you learned in Biology in real life. Tracy Harvey said, "Everyone needs to experience this at least once in their lives." Once finished with the hike thoughts turned to food and we had a nice lunch at the Falls Terrace Restaurant that overlooks Tumwater Falls on the Deschutes River.

Our next adventure takes place, Dec. 15 at Meeker Mansion in Puyallup. Check the Pacific Northwest Explorers Facebook page for more information.

LCSC Nailed It! Not Your Mama’s Craft Club This month our first craft was a corn husk wreath. This was such a great craft for our first meeting. We look forward to our December craft club meeting where we’ll be making holiday string art! Look for more information on our Facebook page, LCSC Nailed It! Not Your Mama’s Craft Club.

November 2016

The Soundings


The Sub Club Hub Join Our Sub Clubs! The Sub Club Hub We love the luncheons, we love giving back to your community, we love the mock dining-in, but have you tried one our sub clubs? A sub club is an amazing perk of being a member of the LCSC. These clubs focus on fun and fellowship with members who all share a common interest. These clubs are a great way to form lifelong friendships. Come on out and roll those dice, discuss great books, learn to cook new foods, or enjoy some of Washington’s finest wine amongst your LCSC friends! For this 2016-2017 year, we have an exciting variety of sub clubs to entertain everyone’s interests. Here is what we are offering this year:

Sometimes it is vendors exciting on to read of the *See a complete list of our page outside 13.

Be inspired to feel more comfortable in the kitchen. Cooking is an art and you can get as creative as you want! We will introduce recipes from our collective backgrounds. We want to look to our membership for recipes from their heritage and also if we have anyone particularly skilled in certain cooking/baking skills ask that you join us and share your talent! At our monthly meetings we plan on demonstrating at least one recipe, and then enjoying lunch together. So bring your appetite to learn and to eat! Please contact Cal Brokamp for more information!

same genre of book you always read. Sometimes just looking at the cover of a book makes you not want to read it. However, in our book club, we are a group of ladies from all walks of life who enjoy all different genres. Join us on the 3rd Tuesday of every month as a different book club member chooses a book, hosts with snacks, and we discuss our thoughts and feelings of the book we’ve just reading. Contact Kelly Nix for more info!

November 2016

The Soundings

Are you the next Monet or do you always end up with your finger stuck to the end of the glue gun? It doesn’t matter! The arts and crafts club welcome everyone! These crafty spouses will share their expertise and fuel your creative fire with crafts ranging from wreath creation to stained glass and decoupage. There is something for everyone in this craft club. We are still looking for a leader for this club, if you’re interested please contact us!

Bunco is a fun dice game to play - no experience necessary! Please join us at the LCSC Schoolhouse on the last Tuesday of each month as we socialize and eat beginning at 6:00pm and start rolling the dice at 6:30pm. We ask everyone to bring a dish to share and $5 to play. We play for prizes – 6 prizes to win each month! The hostesses each month buys the prizes, provides snacks for the tables, and drinks to share. It is a great way to socialize and make friends. Please contact Vicki Jurgensmeier and Joanna Scully for more information!

Each month, our host will pick a restaurant location to gather at which allows our LCSC Lunch Bunch members to experience different


cultures and tastes throughout the South Puget area. We meet the 3rd Tuesday from 11:30am1pm, with each member responsible for purchasing their own lunch. This is a great opportunity to learn the area, try new restaurants and cuisines, and make new friends! Contact Caryn Anderson for more information! Wine Club Come, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine amongst LCSC friends! We live in wine country, so let’s explore it! This delectable group will learn how to taste wine like a true wine snob and to pair hors d’oeuvres and desserts with the perfect wine selection like a true culinary pro! We hope to share reviews on bottles of wine, have tastings in our homes, or go to different wineries or wine bars where we can enjoy the fruits of the land. Contact Peggy Cleveland for more information!

The intent of the PNW Explorers is to explore all that the Puget Sound has to offer with your closest LCSC friends. Think adult field trips! Let’s hike, shop, and explore this amazing area together! Contact Peggy Cleveland for more information!

November 2016

The Soundings


Buy your Camp Lewis 100th Anniversary ornament at the luncheon. Only $10!

November 2016

The Soundings

LCSC Contact Information: Mailing Address: PO Box 33314, JBLM, WA 98433 Physical Address: 2081 S Division St, JBLM, WA 98433 (Old Clarkmoor Elementary School on corner of S Division & Bitar)

Phone Number: (920) 341-5275


LCSC Soundings November 2016  
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