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I ate a cicada today. I know that sounds crazy to say. But it flew in my mouth and it didn’t fly out. (I haven’t given up hope, though. Those little bugs can go underground for 17 years before they come back up. And I still feel a slight flutter in there.)

I ate a cicada today.

I peppered a leopard today while preparing a gourmet buffet. That spice was so hot she sneezed off her spots. (Has anybody got any good spot remover? They’re all over the place.)

I peppered a leopard today.

I leapfrogged a warthog today. The doctor thinks I’ll be okay. I just need new britches and one or two stitches. (I was wearin’ overalls. But they didn’t all make it over.)

I leapfrogged a warthog today.

I Ate A Cicada Today  

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