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90. Getting out of our prisons Daily Meditation: How long will we continue to live in exile, cut off from real, authentic lives by our carefully constructed, meticulously arranged outer personas? We live most of our lives hiding our true selves under adult personas and facades that we wear like suits of armor. Early in life, we learned to present carefully composed adult selves that followed the rules and expectations of society, outer shells that would protect and hide our true inner selves from others. We developed outer images to protect the vulnerable real selves residing within us. We created and presented pleasant, attractive facades to protect ourselves from pain, loneliness, and possible rejection, and to gain acceptance, love, and respect. We began to think and then to believe these constructed shells were who we truly were and then we began to forget and lose touch with our real inner selves. Now, we are imprisoned by our facades, our carefully constructed personas that we have worked so hard to create and maintain. We have become imprisoned by what we fear, by our beliefs that others will reject us if they see our true selves. We have silenced our true selves and relegated them to small inner rooms which we rarely acknowledge and rarely, if ever, let others enter. To become free to live our lives authentically, and to live our lives as our true selves—vulnerable to pain and yet open to love, we need to acknowledge and let others in. We need to open the door and reintroduce our true selves, in all our glory and vulnerabilities and with all our and capacities for true love and true meaningful connections with our fellow humans beings. Body: We can begin to express our true selves without fear of rejection when we begin to accept who we truly are inside. Heart: When we accept ourselves in our own hearts, the opinions of others will no longer discourage us or deter us from being ourselves. Mind: Once we again get to know our true selves and accept out own thoughts and opinions as valid and important, we will gain confidence in ourselves and no longer be hesitant to be who we are, think what we want, and believe as we do. Soul: Once we have confidence in our selves, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our feelings, we will be whole again and ready and able to listen to our souls and to the Spirit that is always there to guide us.

Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul: A Daily Meditation  

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