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Lyman Parish Newsletter Lyman Parish ELCA

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June/July 2012

Kid’s Stuff

Greetings Donna and I recently attended the spring conference for our South Dakota Synod pastors. I reacquainted with old friends and made some new. An insightful Bible study led by a professor and a seminary student who is also an attorney, blessed us. I also learned that Bishop Zellmer’s leadership will help our ELCA review all the social statements so that they are more readable and applicable to our people and those to whom we witness.

God’s Global Barnyard Update Thank you to Everyone for brining the total collected to OVER $2000!

I‘ve seen people shaking and writhing in the fetal position, while sweating profusely from malaria; therefore, I was greatly pleased to hear that ELCA Christians are intrepidly engaged in medical ministries to help treat and prevent malaria. I met amazing young pastors, recently ordained. I heard plans for new mission congregations, including in South Dakota. God’s Global Barnyard, which is an ELCA initiative by youth and adults, provides thousands of farm animals overseas. (Our Lyman Parish has collected nearly $2,000, and the kids are learning leadership, as they decide the amount of goats, chickens and cows to purchase.) I’ve received some suggestions and feedback which are very important to me as we work together to serve, and I thank you for your candor. From local picnics to foreign missions, there is much ministry afoot. Martin Luther was right on about Christians being a “Priesthood of all believers.” Thanks be to God for each of us. We are all precious and vital. Amen Pr Jeff

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Lyman Parish Newsletter

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June/July Readers & Greeters Vivian– 8:30 am

Kennebec– 10:00 am

Presho– 11:30 am

June 24, 2012 July 01, 2012 July 08, 2012 July 15, 2012

Jim & Jody Smith Olaf & Julie Larson Gary & Ladell Sletto David & Nancy Fristad

Gene & Margie Halvorson Har & June Halverson Zeanna Halverson Kenny & Diane Hamer

Scott & Julie Muirhead Andrea Diehm Carl Brakke Doris Schnabel

July 22, 2012 July 29, 2012

Melanie Bowers & Laurette Scott Lorne & Carolyn Smith

Jean Ann Brakke Rose Wolf

Dennis Scott Donna Swanson

SD Synod Assembly Over 500 South Dakota Lutherans attended the Synod Assembly, held June 8th and 9th at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls. Keynote speakers included Linda Norman, Treasurer of the ELCA and Jay Gamelin, Pastor, Speaker and Musician. The Worship, fellowship and music of the assembly, renews the spirit and reminds one that we are part of something wonderful ! Lutherans Outdoors, St. Dysmas Prison ministry, Lutheran Malaria Initiative, World Hunger; all supported by the SD Synod! I am grateful that Kennebec Lutheran sponsored my attendance at this event, and invite you to consider attending the 2013 assembly! Visit the South Dakota Synod webpage for information on the Resolutions, videos and photos from this year’s event. And watch the same website for info on next years event! Crystal Brakke








1 Communion Service Vivian 8:30 am Kennebec 10:00 am Presho 11:30 am

8 Vivian 8:30 am Kennebec 10:00 am Presho 11:30 am

15 Pastor Jeff Gone Vivian 8:30 am Kennebec 10:00 am Communion Service Presho 11:30 am

22 Vivian 8:30 am Kennebec 10:00 am Presho 11:30 am

29 Vivian 8:30 am Kennebec 10:00 am Presho 11:30 am













11 12 Hilmoe Cemetery Board Mtg. Vivian Lutheran



July 2012 Parish Activities









7 Sew What Quilters Presho Lacey Halvorson & Jeremy Forthman Wedding


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June Baptism Anniversaries **Jacob Borah**Raena Borah** Rachel Chelster,** **Carly Uthe**Savanah Hendricks** July Baptism Anniversaries **Courtney Anderson**Grant Chester**

Mission Memo: St. Dysmas exists to be a Gospel presence in the two largest penitentiaries in S.D. Truly a “Mission Field in Our own Back Yard.” St. Dysmas is also a ministry of, and to, the congregations and individuals in SD and neighboring states. When individuals attend worship services at St. Dysmas, they come away with a renewed appreciation for their own faith journey. In Sioux Falls 25 visitors are allowed to attend worship every Thursday. At Springfield that number is 12. Total visitors for St. Dysmas in Sioux Falls was 866 for 2011. Truly the ministry of St. Dysmas extends beyond the prison walls! St. Dysmas members made and donated over 2500 stocking caps to the needy in South Dakota in 2011. Currently 14-16 men are kept employed in the prison, through donations of yarn to make these caps.

Lyman Parish Newsletter June/July 2012  

Newsletter for Lyman Parish ELCA, Kennebec, Presho and Vivian SD

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