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OUR TOWN Written by Thornton Wilder

Directed by Corinne Hickey

THE STORY: Our Town explores the lives of people living in a small, quintessential American town. Covering a period from 1901 to approximately 1913, the play is set in the New England community of Grover’s Corners and is divided into three aspects of the human experience: Daily Life, Love and Marriage, and Death and Loss – each aspect reminding playgoers to notice and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Our Town was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1938. DATES:

Thursday, February 2 Friday, February 3


Harmony Hall 1660 Lakeview Avenue Dracut, MA 01826


7:00 PM

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS:  Complete audition forms  Provide headshot and resume (if possible) AUDITION FORMAT:  Readings from the script  Scenes provided upon request (after Jan.16) SHOW WEEK:

April 16-19


April 20, 21 & 22

CRITICAL ACCLAIM: "It is probably the finest play ever written by an American." —Edward Albee "Thornton Wilder's masterpiece... a classic of soft spoken theater." —The New York Times "Beautiful and remarkable one of the sagest, warmest and most deeply human scripts to have come out of our theatre...A spiritual experience." —The New York Post "No American play describes more powerfully how we imagine ourselves."- The New York Daily News "No play ever moved me so deeply." —Alexander Woolcott, The New Yorker If you have any questions, feel free to contact: Corinne Hickey at 978-835-9250 or

CAST OF CHARACTERS NOTE: There may be some doubling. Anyone who can sing will be welcomed for the choir scenes. For the most part, the ages are an approximation. All roles are available except the role of the Stage Manager. Wally Webb

(12), little brother of Emily.

Si Crowell

(12-15), Joe Crowell’s younger brother. He takes over his brother’s paper route.

Joe Crowell

(15), newspaper boy who became an outstanding student in high school and later at MIT, but died in World War I.

George Gibbs

(18-24), upright son of Frank and Julia Gibbs. He is a star baseball player who has always loved Emily Webb. When she dies, he is broken-hearted.

Sam Craig

(20-39), Emily Webb’s cousin. He went west to pursue his career, but returns for Emily’s funeral.

Simon Stimson

(50-60), he is the choirmaster at the Congregationalist church and the town alcoholic.

Charles Webb

(40-60), editor of the Grover’s Corners Sentinel and father of two children, Emily and Wally.

Frank Gibb

(40-59), hard-working town physician who goes out to tend to his patients at all hours. At the beginning of the play, he arrives home after just delivering the twins of a woman in Polish town, a section of Grover’s Corners.

Howie Newsome

(30-69), milkman who makes deliveries from a cart drawn by his old horse Bessie.

Joe Stoddard

(30-69), undertaker in charge of Emily Webb’s funeral.

Bill Warren

(30-69), constable who keeps law and order and once rescued a man from a snowdrift.

Professor Willard

(30-69), expert on the geological and anthropological background of Grover’s Corners. In a boring speech, he helps the stage manager describe the town and its history to the audience.

Stage Manager

(40-69), he sets up the stage, introduces the play, describes the setting, provides background information during the play, and sometimes steps into scenes to talk with the characters. In some ways, he resembles the chorus of an ancient Greek play or the omniscient narrator of a novel.

Rebecca Gibbs

(12), little sister of George.

Emily Webb

(18-24), intelligent, pretty, engaging daughter of Charles and Myrtle Webb. She marries a next-door neighbor, George Gibbs, but dies nine years into her marriage while giving birth to her second child.

Myrtle Webb

(45-50), devoted wife of Charles Webb.

Julia Gibbs

(45-50), devoted wife of Dr. Gibbs. She dreams of visiting Paris with her husband but never gets the chance.

Louella Soames

(30-60), choir member and friend of Myrtle Webb and Julia Gibbs. She is a busy body and criticizes Simon Stimson for his drinking.

Various Smaller Roles

Great opportunity for those who would like to try acting or would prefer a minimal amount of lines.

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