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Most Sought Organic

Ingredients in Skincare

Introduction Organic ingredients have been long used in skincare. Women from the ancient times used various skin care products that were purely made with organic products that came from their surroundings. Some used animal byproducts like Milk and eggs. In the time of Cleopatra, Egyptians widely used olive oil and milk mixed to their bath so they can have flawless and even toned skin. This also helps with the overall hydration and moisture of the skin. They also used oil of fenugreek seeds to increase the skin’s youth and remove any signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

In the regions of Asia, China, Philippines, and India used powdered pearls to increase the glow of their skin and treat various skin ailments. In ancient china, royalties are supposed to have pale white glowing skin so they used intensive skincare products like pearls and rice flour. If you have a really pale and glowing skin, it means that you have a really delicate and well taken care of skin. It symbolizes social status since it emanates that you don’t have to work under the harsh rays of the sun in order to make a living.

Aside from Cleopatra’s gold facial mask for anti-aging, she also uses sour milk and saffron petals to brighten her skin and even out discolorations and dark spots. She uses Saffron petals for gentle exfoliation since using ultra sharp scrubs and exfoliators can only darken the skin with slight burns by friction. Saffron oil are still being used by L’Core Paris for effective skin brightening and for various skin complications.

Different flowers and herbs were also used by women for skin color like blushers. For face powders, women use flour.

Moisturizing as the foundation In skin care, moisturizing is one of the most basic foundation. By sufficiently moisturizing the skin, you will be able to maintain a healthy glow and improve pigmentation onto the skin. Keep in mind that too much moisturization has its own consequences. For instance, by moisturizing the skin, the epidermis softens up and the pores are helped by the moisture to produce more hydration from the inner layers of the skin. Having your skin soaked with hydration and moisture can make the skin lose its firm texture. This can result in the development of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

As a standard, L’Core Paris produces skin care products that are highly enriched with deep moisturizing components and antiaging properties. To prevent the dangers of developing signs of aging like lines and wrinkles, the anti-aging components will help tighten the skin pores. L’Core Paris uses all natural skincare ingredients like beeswax and coconut to deeply hydrate the skin. These ingredients can be found in most of the skincare products in L’Core Paris.

24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream and 24k Night Cream from L’Core Paris Gold Collection uses safflower seed oil and sunflower seed oil to deeply cleanse and unplug pores of the skin. Both the 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream and 24k Night Cream are infused with gold so it contains superior anti-aging and anti-inflammatory components to avoid premature signs of aging. The 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream is an ideal everyday use since it protects the skin from possible harms from the environmental pollutants and UV rays. Safflower seed oil and sunflower seed oil peels off dead skin cells gently from the skin and regenerates a brand new and more glowing, delicate skin. These products are also very rich in antioxidants from aloe vera and Japanese kudzu.

L’Core Paris 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream and 24k Night Cream:

L’Core Paris products are all made with superior organic skincare ingredients and nanotechnology. Knockoff versions of the brand have surfaced all around the web so it highly encouraged for the patrons to stick with authentic skincare products to avoid fake L’Core Paris rip-offs’ harmful chemicals damaging and rotting the skin.

Knockoff brands use substandard ingredients that are harmful to the skin and may only cause permanent damages to the skin, leading to additional expense. Consumers can always get their authentic L’Core Paris products from the official brand website and certified retail stores.

Anti-aging Components As mentioned earlier, almost all of the L’Core Paris products with standard deep moisturizing components also contain anti-aging properties to balance the nutrients being absorbed by the skin. This is to maintain elasticity and suppleness of the skin. As a standard anti-aging component, L’Core Paris uses olive oil to most of the L’Core skincare products to nourish and prevent anti-aging due to natural damages like UV rays and dirt accumulation. Safflower seed

oil and sunflower seed oil ensure the skin’s safety from developing these aging factors by gently exfoliating the skin and scraping off dead skin cells along with deeply set dirt.

Diamond Collection L’Core Paris specialized in formulating superior anti-aging skincare products with their all organic Diamond Collection skincare items. The items in this collection contain actual dusted diamond to gently pull the loose skin and clear out lines and wrinkles.

The most popular physical attribute of the diamond gemstone is its very hard and sturdy texture. L’Core Paris used the property to enhance skin tightening. The extra fine powders of diamond scrape off any dead skin cells and pollutants to avoid developing discoloration and premature signs of aging.

Two of the most best selling products in L’Core Paris cosmetics are the 60 Second Face Lifting Cream and the Wrinkle Filler Cream. These diamond infused L’Core Paris products can help the skin resolve its excessive lines and wrinkles. The 60 Second Face Lifting Cream is a cream based Mask that can clear the skin from any signs of aging in just a matter of seconds. This facial mask can provide drastic skin benefits after using it once. This made the cream really popular among the beauty enthusiasts.

Dimond Collection’s Wrinkle Filler Cream is conveniently designed to resemble a syringe to fill in any extra fine lines and wrinkles in hard to reach spots. This filler cream contains organic ingredients like Cassava Root Extracts, Jasmine Extracts, Water Lily

Extracts, and Sweet Almond Oil. Along with Diamond pieces, the Wrinkle Filler Cream’s formulation Cleanses moisturizes and tightens








nanotechnology and all organic components, the Wrinkle Filler Cream was able to work instantly/ and show immediate results after using it once. L’Core Paris’ Wrinkle Filler Cream is ideal for everyday use and for quick concealing of any signs of aging.

Diamond Collection’s Wrinkle Filler Cream also gradually treats the skin to erase aging signs permanently while it completely conceals the wrinkles and fine lines for a quick fix and use.

L’Core Paris’ 60 Second Face Lifting Cream:

L’Core Paris’ Wrinkle Filler Cream:

About L’Core Paris Cosmetics L’Core Paris is a luxury beauty brand that uses exotic and luxurious ingredients like gold, pearl, and gemstones. These organic and luxury ingredients are developed using only the most advanced nanotechnology to innovate a new age of beauty and skincare.

Authentic L’core Paris products are always available from the official retail stores and the official L’core Paris website:

Most Sought Organic Ingredients in Skincare  

Organic ingredients have been long used in skincare. Women from the ancient times used various skin care products that were purely made with...

Most Sought Organic Ingredients in Skincare  

Organic ingredients have been long used in skincare. Women from the ancient times used various skin care products that were purely made with...