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360째 LED Video Displays (First-to-Market Out-of-Home Media Platform) Product Presentation By Lawrence Chan

Agenda 1. DynaScan VS LCONZ360 2. 360째 LED Video Displays A. B. C. D. E. F.

Technology Product Highlights Interfaces and Software Product LineLine-up Awards and Certificates Application

3. Project Reference 4. Future Development 5. Contact Us


DynaScan VS LCONZ360 DynaScan Technology Corp. Subsidary of Chroma Group, a global leader in technology test and measurement instruments, automated test systems, power electronics and special materials.

Founded : July 1998 Headquarter : Taiwan Sales Network : US, PRC, Japan, Nederland Major Product : 360° 360° LED Video Displays

DynaScan VS LCONZ360 Leading Conzepts Limited Founded : 2006 Major Service : IT Consulting DynaScan Authorized Distributor (Hong Kong and Macau SAR) • Provide statestate-ofof-thethe-art platform and services for the emerging market of OutOut-ofof-Home Digital Media.


360° LED Video Displays • Unlike ordinary LED displays, DynaScan 360º 360º LED displays are cylindrical, allowing viewing from all angles, angles, helping to ensure your message is clearly seen by your target audience. • With 360 degree of usable display space, DynaScan displays offer an attractive, high contrast, high bright, and high resolution alternative to conventional two dimensional displays.

360° LED Video Displays • With a pixel pitch of just 2mm, 2mm, no other LED display comes close to delivering the image clarity of that a DynaScan 360º 360º LED Display can provide. • With no burnburn-in, lower power consumption, and a lifespan over 50% longer than that of plasma and LCD flat panels, panels, LED technology has proven itself to be a practical longlong-term solution for digital signage.


360° LED Video Displays TECHNOLOGY ~ Spinning LEDs • The core structure consists of a drum incorporating several bars of LED (R/G/B) modules. • As the drum spins, the system controls the lighting of each pixel at a precise location within 1/100th degree accuracy. • The system synchronizes the display with each rotation. • High resolution, high brightness images are created of this patented technology.

360° LED Video Displays TECHNOLOGY ~ Real Color Pixel • Traditionally, the Red, Green, and Blue primary color components are placed sideside-byby-side to create an RGB pixel. • With our unique display technology, the Red, Green and Blue LEDs are turned on at the same exact spot, yielding a crisp and sharp image visible from any distance.


360° LED Video Displays TECHNOLOGY ~ Ultimate Color Uniformity • The color uniformity is consistent and accurate with ±1.5%.




360° LED Video Displays TECHNOLOGY ~ LED MODULE • DynaScan incorporate Japan-based LED Modules as major component. Nichia Corporation is the world’s leading LED manufacturer. • LED pixel pitch in DynaScan product is just 2mm x 2mm (up to 1.7mm x 1.9mm). (Pixel pitch of general LED wall is 6mm x 6mm).


360° LED Video Displays TECHNOLOGY ~ PATENT • As a leading display manufacturer, we highly value intellectual property, as it is the foundation for allowing us to offer worldwide clients high-quality and competitive products. • DynaScan products are protected by many patents in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and China. Additional foreign patents pending.

360° LED Video Displays PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS • High Contrast • High Resolution – pixels as fine as 1.9 x 1.7mm

• High Brightness – 750 nits for indoor units – 5,000+ nits for outdoor units

• 360° 360° Panoramic View

• Displays Still images, Animations, and Videos • Plug & Play • Fast Installation • Low Power Consumption • MultiMulti-image Capability • Ground Stand / Ceiling Mount • Easy Maintenance


360° LED Video Displays INTERFACES and SOFTWARE

360° LED Video Displays INTERFACES and SOFTWARE

Multi-layout Selection, Can broadcast video, images, powerpoint, webpage, flash and external signals etc…

Remote Management, Auto-Updates, Broadcast Scheduling.




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Dia 4.22m

360째 LED Video Displays AWARDS and CERTIFICATES


360° LED Video Displays Applications 1. Information – examples include flight information in airports and waitwait-times for the next train. 2. Advertising related to the location to uplift sales – examples include inin-store promotions in a retail establishment. 3. Advertising by third parties – digital advertising companies that sell advertising space to local merchants/service providers, media resellers and national advertisers. 4. Enhanced customer experience – examples include digital signage in restaurant waiting areas to reduce perceived waitwaittime and recipe demonstrations in food stores.

360° LED Video Displays Applications 5. Influencing customer behavior – examples include post office digital signage that directs patrons waiting in line to automated stamp machines and retail digital signage designed to direct customers to different areas of the store, increasing the time spent on the store premises (dwell time). 6. Brand building – examples include NikeNike-town stores where digital signage in video form is used as a part of the store décor to build a story around the brand. 7. Follow through campaign information to store manager examples within chain establishment.


360° LED Video Displays Applications 6. Environment enhancing - such as using digital signage to increase the customer experience with the building itself, examples of this are where digital signage panels are used on the floor and react to how and when an individual moves over them. 7. Used in a corporate environment, environment, for example by disseminating information throughout a company via screens in reception areas and canteens.

Project Reference – Movie Promotion


Project Reference – Airport

Project Reference – Exhibition


Project Reference – Retail

Project Reference – Shopping Mall


Project Reference – Shopping Mall

Project Reference – Casino


Project Reference – Hospital

Project Reference – Theme Promotion


Project Reference – Theme Promotion

Future Development

DS0506 is the smallest model in the world. Demo unit installed in a FORD concept car.


Future Development

Other applications of DS0506.

Future Development

• Embedded cameras installed. • Come with Audience Measurement System, System, providing instantaneous and continuous audience data. • Based on innovative image analysis techniques, the system analyzes the stream of images provided by the camera and estimates the number of people passing in front of the media, counts how many people are actually looking at the media and provides their dwell time, attention time, and demographics. demographics.


Contact Us LEADING CONZEPTS LIMITED Tel : +852 2541 0516 Fax : +852 3013 8577 Email : Website : DynaScan Website :


LCONZ360 Product Presentation  

LCONZ360 Product Presentation

LCONZ360 Product Presentation  

LCONZ360 Product Presentation