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Today, M&M’S® chocolate candies are sold in more than 100 countries and are the most popular confectionery in the world. It’s no wonder Orange is so terrified. The slogan “The Milk Chocolate Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand” was introduced in 1954. M&M’S® were part of American soldiers’ C rations during World War II, and are still a part of today’s Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). One M&M’S® candy takes anywhere from four to eight hours to produce, depending on the variety. Two billion M&M’S® candies are produced every eight hours.

THE ORIGINAL “M&M’S® CANDY COATED CHOCOLATE” AD Just as many first-born children believe, Red thinks he’s the only one. And he was—that is, until Yellow was born, forcing Red to share the spotlight. To make matters worse, while all of the ladies swooned over Yellow’s handsome peanut-filled shell, management began printing “Plain” on all of Red’s packaging. He was devastated. Who cares if Yellow is half a shell taller than Red? Red is the original, the inspiration for everything. How could they do this? In his confidence-shattered state, Red became hungry for attention which is not safe when the only attention you’re scheming for is from those who are hungry for you. Even so, everything Red does is over the top, including his apartment—a desperate attempt to combat his “plain” reputation and small stature. It’s lavish, macho, and a little nostalgic, reminding him and his visitors of a time before Yellow showed up, when he was the alpha male.

Red was around when M&M’S® came in the original tube packaging used in World War II. The design made it easy to pour and ship, and it put a smile on the soldiers’ faces. OIL PAINTING OF RED Red imagines himself as royalty. He even had himself painted as an important historical royal figure.

HEIGHT CHART Red has little-man syndrome and he’ll do anything to gain inches on the other M&M’S® Spokescandies. He keeps a height chart tracking his progress towards his goal. Too bad he has a whole half a shell to go.

HOME GYM As the original M&M’S® Spokescandy, Red is also the oldest. He tries to keep up with the youngsters by pumping iron in his home gym.


Despite not having much going on up there in his big shell, everyone just adores Yellow. He even won Red’s heart—an enormous feat considering Yellow stole his spotlight so many years ago. His instant popularity allowed him to live an easy life, extremely dependent on Red. When Red says jump, Yellow jumps; when Red says run, he runs; When Red says ‘knit me a red sweater,’ he knits him a red sweater—all with a smile on his face. Yellow’s handsome looks; his tall, sunny shell; and his lighthearted charm make him totally irresistible to everyone, especially the ladies. His apartment embodies his lovable personality—simple, playful, and oblivious—with fun elements to occupy his happy-go-lucky charm.

The long-standing partnership with Kyle Busch has taken M&M’S® down victory lane over 29 times, winning his firstever Sprint Cup championship title in 2015. Yellow is excited that management is continuing this alliance for the next several seasons. He hopes he can get an autograph!

BALL PIT BUNK BED Yellow spends more time playing than sleeping in his very own yellow ball pit.

YELLOW’S PET MR. FISHY Yellow loves to watch his pet goldfish “Mr. Fishy” swim back and forth and back and forth. The only problem is he forgets to feed him— thankfully, Red’s on it.

INTERACTIVE PHOTOBOOTH Yellow loves to bring out Red’s playful side on camera.

“I MELT FOR NO ONE” BOOK The bittersweet memoir that Green speaks of during her 1997 reveal as a special guest with Dennis Miller of SNL.

Ms. Green has always been fabulous, even before she was in the spotlight. Behind the scenes she refused to adhere to the standard uniform; no way was she going to be seen in those outdated tennis shoes. She needed the freedom to express her style, and once she hit the limelight it only escalated. Hanging out with all men, she was constantly outnumbered so it was difficult to become an equal Spokescandy. Once Ms. Green realized she could use this to her advantage, it only took a couple eyelash bats before she had them eating out of the palm of her hand. She became completely irresistible to the other Spokescandies and chocolate lovers alike. This is evident in all aspects of her life—including her studio apartment. Ms. Green’s space is the epitome of her personality—fashionable, flirty, and EXTRA irresistible—with green highlights, zebra accents, chic décor, and mirrors at every turn to remind her of just how extraordinary she really is.

MAKEUP VANITY This is where all the primping begins to ensure that Ms. Green always looks fabulous. A variety of beauty products can be found, including green lipstick, eye shadow, and—of course—mascara for those luscious lashes.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT EDITION PHOTOSHOOT With exotic shoot locations such as Antarctica and New Zealand, Ms. Green has taken her curves all over the world. She the only model to don the back cover for 5 years in a row.

STATUE OF LIBERTY DISPENSER In 2007, a 50-foot statue of Ms. Green as Lady Liberty floated down the Hudson River. Candy dispenser reproductions of the lovely statue were created to preserve the stunt beyond just a moment in time.


With the biggest launch in candy history, we understand why Orange is the way he is. He was introduced during the 1999 Super Bowl with signs everywhere announcing “The Feeding Frenzy Has Begun.” You might as well have put an “eat me” sign on his back. Poor Orange has gone to great lengths to avoid his delicious demise. He even decided to undergo a surgical process to replace his crispy center with pretzel, in hopes he would appear less irresistible. Too bad M&M’S® Pretzel candies are equally as delicious. He is completely, utterly terrified of the outside world. Everything about his precautionary apartment is an attempt to ease his paranoia of being totally irresistible.

Ever since Orange realized that everyone wanted to eat him, he’s been obsessed with news clippings of M&M’S® growth and popularity, reminding him that it’s not safe out there beyond his bunker. Orange also keeps a map of the M&M’S® World locations to ensure he never sets foot near those stores (aka traps).

DELICIOUS DISGUISES Orange keeps a shelf full of disguises just in case he actually needs to leave his apartment.

X-RAYS OF ORANGE’S PRETZEL When Orange was born, he had a delicious crispy core and was eaten twice as fast as the others, scaring Orange beyond belief. In an effort to avoid being eaten, he underwent a surgical process and replaced his crispy core with pretzel. Orange keeps his post-surgery x-rays to remind hungry chocolate lovers of his transformation. Newsflash, Orange– people love pretzel too!

SECURITY CAMERA SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE WARNING: Orange can see your mouth watering for milk chocolate. Don’t try any funny business.

MAY THE BEST “M” WIN AD This 1995 ad reminds Blue of the only important thing: he’s the fan favorite.

Women want him and men want to be him. In 1995, 10 million Americans voted for Blue, beating out Pink and Purple to take Tan’s place in the package—and the spotlight. And with that, Blue was on the in-scene and the only M&M’S® Spokescandy voted in by the public. Imagine how he feels. He probably got more votes than the President of the United States. He’s the chosen one, and he knows it. Since Blue didn’t exist before 1995, he’s a lot more modern than the other M&M’S® Spokescandies. He doesn’t really know what it used to be like. There’s no such thing as the “good old days” or “back when so-and-so.” He knows the here and now. With an effortless cool factor, Blue’s apartment is the ultimate chocolate pad—smooth, contemporary, and confident. You can’t help but be mesmerized, hoping some of his cool will rub off on you.

“MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH, NOT IN YOUR HAND” ARTWORK Blue loves contemporary art, especially this artist’s take on the M&M’S® tagline.

CITYSCAPE VIEW Of course, Blue has the apartment with quite a view. Would you expect anything else?

PING-PONG TABLE Blue’s ping-pong table is equipped with a chalkboard to keep track of the score—and ensure Red doesn’t cheat his way to victory.

DIPLOMA FROM M. BROWN UNIVERSITY Contrary to Red’s fiction, Ms. Brown was the original, so it’s hard to believe that we didn’t know her until 2012—but management had other plans. Way back in the beginning, sensing her gusto and above average intelligence, M&M’S® management sent her off to an Ivy League school (M. Brown University, of course) to absorb as much business know-how as possible. Shortly after her graduation, she accepted an offer from M&M’S® management as CCO (Chief Chocolate Officer), where she had the genius idea to add color to M&M’S® way back in 1941. She earned her respect, our love and a seat at the head of the boardroom all on her own. While she enjoyed her time on the business front, she eventually wanted to go public, so chocolate lovers everywhere would know the real brains behind the brand’s success. Ms. Brown did what she does best and negotiated her way into the spotlight. She moved out of her giant corner office at Mars Inc., and walked into our hearts. Her apartment is a true selfreflection—sophisticated, intellectual, and tasteful—with dark wood, classy accents and low lighting. A place where she does most of her thinking, that is, only if it’s spotless. Make sure you put things back where you found them; she likes everything in its place.

M&M’S® management sensed Ms. Brown’s extreme intellect and sent her to M. Brown University to study business. She proudly displays her Ivy League diploma.

CONTRACT WITH VAN HALEN Despite the legend, it was actually Ms. Brown’s idea to have brown M&M’S® eliminated from Van Halen’s dressing room—a brilliant move to save herself from being eaten by rock stars!

VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE M&M’S® PRODUCTION LINE Ms. Brown has been around since the beginning, so she’s seen the evolution of the candy assembly line and has photos to prove it.

EXTENSIVE CHOCOLATE LIBRARY Ms. Brown spends most of her time with her shell in the books. Her beautiful wooden library includes her favorite works such as A Chocolate Eat Chocolate World and Chocolate: the Richer, the Better.

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