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LETTERS to the EDITOR How to submit articles

The Principal’s Message It is my pleasure to welcome you to Leake County High School (LCOH). As the principal of Leake County High, I, like many of you, have come to realize what a truly special place LCOH is. Whether you’ve been part of the LCOH community for three or four years, three or four months, or this is your first opportunity to be a part of our family, you are now part of a special community that places a high priority on quality teaching and learning, a community where good character matters, and a community that, above all else, values its children. To those students and parents who are new to LCOH we extend especially warm welcome and best wishes for an exciting and continuous productive year in our new school. We hope that you will quickly feel at home and become involved in the activities of our school. Continued Chambers

LEAKE COUNTY GATORS ANNOUNCE START OF A SCHOOL NEWSPAPER Yes Gators, we do have a paper! We want this paper to be all about you. Members of the Journalism Club began to meet in October for three days a week during the break period between second and third period. They voted and we are proud to announce “The Gator Gazette” as the name to carry the student news. The Gator Gazette name narrowly beat out the Gator’s Digest. The students in journalism have spoken. The second place name, The Gator’s Digest, will be represented in the portion of the paper which will feature student’s creative writing. This paper is student-driven. Stories, pictures, drawings, interviews, news items, sports, upcoming events, awards, surveys, and puzzles are all welcome. “Letters to the Editor” will also be welcomed on issues that touch the lives of our Gators. We welcome your input. Submit your writings and ideas. This is your paper. Treat is respectfully.

Football Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL? In our very first year under a new coach, Coach Anderson, we made it to the playoffs. Way to go GATORS! We look forward to next year after we have had some more training. Successful practices will bring successful results. We will be having ongoing practices, minicamps and weight lifting to get ready for next year. Look out for great things at next years’ district games. Here come the GATORS!


If anyone has any upcoming events let the Gator Gazette staff know. Shows?

Basketball Basketball season has begun. We are a young, strong, and talented team lead by Coach Day for the girl’s team and Coach Bloodsaw for the boy’s team. We look forward to playing many games with our rivals. We expect to be in some really tough, close contests. We hope our talent will lead us to some good things to happen this year. We are ready to run up and down the court, look for good shots and pass off when there is nothing open. If we manage to miss we will strive to get that ball to set up for another shot.

A VICTORY for the Lady Gators!!! Gators 73 Union 68 Way to go Lady Gators!

Hunting / Fishing

Don’t forget to purchase your MS Hunting / Fishing License. Deer Season has opened! Bird Season has opened Anybody have any stories about a hunting trip to include here?


Stories? Chambers. (Cont.)

Do you have any stories about the latest fish you caught or even about the one that got away? We would like to read about it here.

Submit a story to the Gator Gazette.

Chambers As I begin my first year as principal of LCOH, I will continue to work diligently with parents and faculty to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning community characterized by both child-centered instruction and childcentered decisions. We place an emphasis on academic excellence, trust, respect, community-involvement, excellent communications, and recognition of both student and staff achievement. I am committed to working in collaboration with you to continue to develop and implement this shared vision. Working together as a team we will move forward in our mission this new year to create a nurturing, disciplined, and challenging environment in which all students can learn at optimum levels and become responsible members of society. We have so much to be proud of as a staff, family and community.

The Senior Trip By Roddrick Mann

University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles

On Saturday, November 12, 2011 the Senior Class took an interesting trip to the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). They were celebrating their annual “Black and Gold” Day. The Seniors who attended this trip were accompanied by a few lucky Juniors. We were accompanied by Mrs. Jennings and Mr. Tisdale. They were our chaperones. The campus was beautiful and full of life. Mr. Tisdale took us on a walk through Fraternity and Sorority Row. There were many people outside grilling. The smell of char grilled chicken was everywhere. We continued our walk to “Eagle Walk”. There we watched the University of Southern Mississippi Band and the Golden Eagle Football Team. The game was so alive. The sights and sounds were inspirational. Each side of the stadium chanted “Black” and “Gold.” We unfortunately could not stay for the whole game, but all in all it was a great day for both the Seniors and Juniors who were privileged to attend.

Goe s out to the LCHS Cafeteria Staff for all of the Tasty and Nutritious Meals you prepare daily.

PUZZLES, GAMES, BRIAN, TEASERS The Twelve Words Crosswords

Across 4. Prove it, explain why, Back up, Give me reasons 6. Piece by piece, take it apart, Break it down, Examine 7. Copy, Outline, Follow the Path of, Draw a line over 8. Tell why, Give reasons, give details, tell about it 11. Judge, Break it down, Grade, Rank, Test, Assess, Score Down 1. How are they different? 2. Plan, Make it, add Up, Create, Develop 3. How are they alike? 4. Important stuff, brief description, list many points, short version 5. What do you really mean? hint, Read between the lines 9. Make a guess, tell what you think, what will happen next? 10. Tell about it, Paint a picture with words

MOVIES NOW Students of Leake County High

EVER from Billboard Magazine

1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn


The Godfather (1972)

2. Madea Christmas


Gone With The Wind (1939)

3. Howl’s Morning Christmas


Star Wars (1977)

4. House Party


E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)


Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937)

MUSIC SINGLES Now Students of Leake County High

Ever from Billboard Magazine

1. Otis: JayZ & Kanye West’s

1. Queen’s: Bohemian Rhapsody

2. You: Da One: Rihanna

2. Led Zeppelin’s: Stairway to Heaven

3. Animal: Neon Trees

3. Josh Groban’s: You Raise Me Up

FUN THINGS TO DO NOW Students of Leake County High

EVER from People Magazine

1. Hang Out

1. Travel

2. Text a Friend

2. Go to an Amusement Park

3. Go Shopping

3. See a Live Show on Stage

4. Go Out to Dinner

4. Go Out to Eat

5. See a Movie


You have to be a Gator to swim in our Swamp. Hit the road frog!

Leake County High School 2011-2012 Basketball Schedule

Dec. 9 J.V. UNION @ LCHS 5:00 Dec. 12 Jr.H. Girls/Boys @ Scott Central 4:00 Dec. 16 J.V. Boys @Lake 5:00 Jan .3 J.V. Girls CLARKDALE @LCHS 5:00 Jan. 9 Jr. H. LEAKE CENTRAL @ LCHS 4:30 Jan. 10 J.V. Boys ENTERPRISE @ LCHS 5:00 Jan . 12 Jr. H. @ Leake Central 4:30 Jan. 13 J.V. Girls PUCKET @LCHS 5:00 Jan. 17 J.V. Boys @ Union 5:00 Jan. 20 J.V. Boys SCOTT CENTRAL @LCHS 5:00 Jan. 24 J.V. Boys LAKE @ LCHS 5:00 Jan. 27 @ Clarkdale 6:00 Jan. 31 J.V. Girls @ Leake Central High 5:00 Feb. 3 JV Boys @ Enterprise 6:00 Feb 6, 7, 9, &10 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT @ Union TBA CLUB SPONSORED EVENTS? Submit your important dates to the Gator Gazette

FIELD TRIPS ? Submit your reminder dates to the Gator Gazette

Leake County High School Calendar December




19-21 2nd Nine Weeks Tests (21st 60% day) 22

Christmas Holidays Begin


100% Professional Development County Wide


Students Return from Christmas Holidays


Martin Luther King Holiday


Progress Reports


100% Professional Development County Wide


Presidents' Day Holiday


3rd Nine Weeks Tests

12-16 Spring Break April


100% Professional Development County Wide


Good Friday Holiday


Easter Holiday

16-20 Progress Reports May

21-23 4th Nine Weeks Tests 23

Last Day for Students

GRADUATION COUNT DOWN On December 16th there will be 155 Days, but only 113 school days until Graduation Day for the class of 2012

The GATOR GAZeTTe Would like to announce the BIRTH of Abigail LEATRICE Woodard Daughter of Mr. Woodard November 30th, 2011 She was 6lbs. 15oz. Winter Holiday- December 22nd -January 5th Christmas- December 25th Kwanza - December 26-January 1st Hanukah- December 20th – December 28th New Years Day- January 1st Valentine’s Day February 14th


Awards First Nine Weeks Superintendent’s List 7th Grade Keerick Odom 8th Grade Kayla Wooten 9th Grade Justin Wooten 10th Grade Kayla Alford Kecicia Dickinson Khala Peavie Brandi Stroh


First Nine Week’s Principal’s List 7th Grade

8th Grade

10th Grade

Jante Andrews

Chloe Fulgham

Crystal Blan

Wallace Bass

Sharon Patrick

Miranda Flacker

Keviyun Hutchins

Jennifer Robertson

Kayla Fortenberry

Destinee Johnson

Diamond Whittington

Chiri Pierce

Dovonte Jones Jayla Kennedy Brianna Wells

Ashley Ragsdale 9th Grade

Steve Cockroft

Brandon Williams

Artesia Richmond Nyjalik Ware Zachary Williams Courtney York

11th Grade

12th Grade

Courtney Body

Aleiaha Bloodsaw

Madie Brantley

Darra Cooks

Chelsey Brown

Deante Gates

Christine Cockroft

Yasmine Gill

Kanavis Denson

Olivia Griffin

Jaqueline Handy

Diamond Kelly

Aleea Holifield

JerMichael LeFlore

Destini Johnson

Estefania Olmedo

Kristen Monk

James Overstreet

Dearius Shepard

Vanecia Williams

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT MANY CONGRATULATIONS GO OUT TO: STATE TEST PASSERS: Algebra Alyssa Beason Marquala Coleman Jemery Garcia Charles Johnson Devin Pierce

Biology Marquala Coleman Daejan McBride Tonne Odom Antonio Parrot Nigel Phillips Marquita Rushing


Damiyanna Smith

Audreshia Ellis

Deondria Spivey

Jeremy Johnson Antonio Parrott

US History Rain Dotson Brianna Bass

TWELTH GRADE Trelan Lasiter Cordorius Earnest



Markeith Jones

Tonne Odom

Judith Leach

Jeremy Millsap

Dekendrick Rushing

Delanius Cook

Adrienne Browns

Jessica Smith

SEVENTH GRADE Destine Johnson Monteise Clark Brenda Graffree

EIGHTH GRADE Larry Nick Weaver


Jeremiah Boyd Triplett


Jordan Johnson

NINTH GRADE Derrick Jones

Shawn Parrott

Kendarius Cook

Jermery Garcia

Malcom McDonald Marcus Evans Vanetta Brookshire

Test Preparation Tips Tips for Studying for a Test in any Subject This saying seems to fit… By the inch is a synch, and by the yard it is hard Procrastination and cramming are a student's worst enemies Get started and set goals for yourself Reward yourself for achieving these goals. Students should read and reread their text books for content knowledge Students should read and rewrite their notes every day not just the day they are given Review them and make sure you understand everything Ask Questions in class to fill in the parts of the notes you don’t remember A change the study environment to can help you to remember you notes effectively. Having different places to study can help trigger your thinking for remembering notes. Students should keep a personal planner to held schedule study time Turn memorizing lists memory into a game like a Rap or a poem or a funny phrase to help with memorizing

Test Taking Tips Bring at least two pencils with good erasers, Bring a watch to help you keep track of your time. Keep a positive attitude through the whole test and try to stay relaxed. If you start to feel nervous take a few deep breaths to relax When you first receive your test, do a quick survey of the entire test so that you know how to effectively budget your time. Pace yourself don’t rush. Read the entire question and pay attention to the details

Creative Writing & Poetry The Black and Orange

The Fight By: Crystal Blan

Transformation By: Deante Gates South Leake High has changed to Leake County High. The names changing in the Leake County School District has the communities asking why? Some people in the community were joyful, and some even cried, but in order to have a smooth transformation sometimes everyone cannot be satisfied. Old legacies were lost. Now, new ones have to be found. Blue and White is no longer here, Black and Orange is. One might start to get angry or even shed a tear, but hopefully, soon you can embrace the fact that the “Wildcats” are gone and that the “Gators” have arrived.

Clouds keep out the sunshine, The darkness hides her fears

Sitting beneath the pines, faking smiles to hide the tears.

It tortures her to hear the name. It brings her to her knees to be treated as a stranger.

Twelve months and everyone is so tame, The fast cars and races are just the danger.

That helps her to forget for only a little bit, But reality causes her to cave in.

The choice was to get up and take the hit knowing that her biggest mistake was letting herself become pinned.

A PeRIODICAL RIDDLe You throw away the outside. You cook the inside. You eat the outside. Then you throw away the inside. What am I‌

By: Tatyana Carpenter

JAMES’ Finest Chocolate Cookies From the Kitchen of James Whitehead 1.

Preheat oven to 375,


Mix flour, baking soda, and salt into a mixing bowl and set them aside


Blend Fleishmann’s Margarine and sugar into another bowl until light and fluffy.


Add an egg and vanilla and beat with a blender until mixed.


Slowly add the dry mix from step 2 into this mixing bowl.


After combined add chocolate chips. (Pecans / Walnuts) optional.


Drop the raw batter in rounded tablespoons 3 inches apart onto a ungreased baking sheet.


BAKE for 12 minutes until light brown. Let them cool for 2minutes.


Call Me to sample taste them. Well, you don’t really have to call but I do like cookies so…


Submit your story to the Gator Gazette How to submit an article: The GATOR GAZETTE needs articles from you. Good news articles should include but are not limited to your article answering the following questions: • • • • • •

WHO is it about? WHAT happened? WHEN did it happen? WHERE did it occur? WHY is this important? HOW does it affect us?


Creative Writings are also needed o Poems, Short Stories, etc.


Pictures /Drawings/Original Cartoons

TOP 5s music, movies, etc.

Response stories about famous people in the news o In your own words not clipped from anywhere else.

Club Events or Activities

Historical IN-THE-NEWS anniversaries (IN THIS TIMEFRAME) o Birthdays, Anniversaries, and such


Include your name on all submissions PLEASE REMEMBER: no article or item can be published which is not respectful to all involved. The next Due-Date for all articles will be the first Friday of February. Look for the next periodical around Valentine’s Day!

The Gator Gazette - 1st Issue  

Leake County High School Newspaper 1st edition

The Gator Gazette - 1st Issue  

Leake County High School Newspaper 1st edition