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Welcome Tina and Patrick Gilbert Owners of LCN USA

Letter from Owners LCN, under its new management, is both excited and pleased to focus its efforts on the success of the professional technician. Known in the industry for having the highest quality nail resins, LCN is a premiere luxury brand of hand, nail and foot care products that are uniquely formulated for the professional technician. As a professional brand, LCN products allow the professional technician to obtain superior results in their services and rituals from others in the industry. In the USA, LCN is building new, stronger relationships with its clients by expanding their product selection used in all hand, nail and foot care rituals including natural nail rituals; building a world class education program that offers expanded curriculums including both technical and business education; and by focusing on strong customer service. Use this catalog as your resource to insure you have the needed professional tools to deliver top quality services and the homecare product needed to keep your clients returning. Additionally come visit LCN at our website ( where you’ll find product information, education material, step by step rituals and other training videos. LCN understands its own success is not realized without the success of its clients. We invite you to explore LCN as your professional resource.

Tina & Patrick Gilbert 2

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> order number of the product > colour code > the amount We look forward to your order! Call us toll-free at 1.800.86.NAILS 1.800.866.2457 Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 5 pm EST or order online at: LCN USA Inc. 410 Prospect Street East Hartford, CT 06108 Phone: 860.761.3300 Fax: 860.528.0842

The world of LCN nails light curing resins bonders sculpting & fill products sealants & finishes glass gels barefoot by LCN ultima acrylics recolution nail polish magnetic polish colour charts

foot 6 7 8 -9 10 - 11 12 13 14 - 15 16 17 18 19 - 24

natural nail care builders top coats base coats hardeners quick dry other natual nail care products

25 25 25 26 26 27 - 28

32 - 33 34 35 36 36

spa spa hand & nail spa foot & body spa bali relax spa hydro & balance

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ognx ognx


man care man care


units & accessories

hand care hand care olive care

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brushes files fluids & equipment light units & drills tips & forms

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Recommended LCN product usage LCN resins are compatible with each other and allow for the utmost flexibility during individual application in the salon. Here, you will find our recommendations for the combination of the products according to the nail type. A nail analysis is the prerequisite for choosing the respective products.

for Normal, strong nails First modelling (tip or form) Bonding Extension Modelling Sealing

Bonder Sculpture Formatur or Tip Sculpture (all variants possible) Sealant or Glaze Gel (according to individual desire)

Refill Bonding

Bonder or LCN Bio Bond

Modelling Sealing

One Component Resin F Sealant or Glaze Gel

for Dry, brittle nails First modelling (tip or form) Bonding Extension Modelling Sealing

Bio Bond and Bonder Sculpture Formatur or Tip Sculpture (all variants possible) Sealant or Glaze Gel (according to individual desire)

Refill Bonding

Bio Bond or Bonder

Modelling Sealing

One Component Resin F Sealant or Glaze Gel

for Weak, oily, flexible nails First modelling (tip or form) Bonding Extension Modelling Sealing

Base Bond or Base Gel Xtra Sculpture Formatur or Tip Bondique (all variants possible) Ultra Shine or Sealant

Refill Bonding

Base Bond or Base Gel Xtra

Modelling Sealing

Bondique or Bondique soft Ultra Shine or Sealant

for Problematic Nails First modelling (tip or form) Bonding Extension Modelling Sealing


LCN Bio Bond and Base Gel Xtra (or Base Bond) Sculpture Formatur (max. 1/3 of the nail bed) Bondique Ultra Shine or Sealant

Refill Bonding

Bio Bond and Base Gel Xtra (or Base Bond)

Modelling Sealing

Bondique or Bondique soft Ultra Shine or Sealant

Consistency Colour

Properties, Application

Base Bond Base Gel Xtra LCN Bio Bond

• ••+ •

c c c

Bonder NEW Connex Plus

••_ •

c c

Contains 5% acid Contains 10% acid Primer free, enriched with urea and stabilizing L-Cystein, nourishing and strengthening the nail, light curing Standard bonding agent, solvent-free Contains alcohol/water, anti-mycotic, air-dry for 60s before applying to gel




Bondique Soft Bondique F Bondique Black Diamond Dermique Fibrique Express Repair One Component Resin One Component Resin F One Component Resin FF Sculpture Sculpture F barefoot by LCN

•• •••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••• ••••• •••• ••••• •••

p p cc c p c, o, p, pa c, o, p, pa, cc, nr c c, o, p, pa c, p c, o, p, pa, cp

Sculpture Formatur (F) Sculpture Formatur Naturelle (F)

••••+ ••••+

white Snow-white to natural white colour natural white colour


Glaze Gel Clear Glaze Gel Black Diamond Sealant Ultra Shine Polish Seal WILDE-PEDISEAL

••+ ••+ •• •• • ••+

c cc c, o, p, pa Blueish c c, p, pa

FM Pearl White FM Pearl White F FM Soft White FM-Naturelle FM-Naurelle F Glaze Gel French Top

••• ••••• •• ••• ••••• ••+

snow-white snow-white soft-white natural white natural white 3 colours

Camouflage Gels Colour Gels Glass Gel Colour Gels - 3D Design Colour Gels - Magnetic Colour Gels - Metallic Colour Gels - Miracle Glitter Colour Gels - Glitter Colour Gels - Light Glitter Colour Gels - Perfect Finish Glaze Gels

•••• ••+ ••••• •••••+ ••• ••+ ••• ••• ••• •• ••+

For a list of colours refer to the colour cards.

Bonds to nail/tip, elastic, good flow properties, limited modelling properties Bonds to nail/tip, elastic, very good flow properties, cannot be modelled Elastic, good flow properties, can be modelled Elastic, good flow properties, reinforced with black diamond dust Elastic, good flow properties, limited modelling properties Reinforced with fibres, cannot be modelled, bonds to nail/tip Elastic, very good flow properties, cannot be modelled, Refill Elastic, good flow properties, can be modelled Elastic, very good flow properties, cannot be modelled, Refill Hard, extremely good modelling properties, flows easily Hard, can be modelled extremely well, does not flow Highly elastic special gel for toenail prostheses

Finishing gel, high gloss, scratch resistant surface Finishing gel, shimmering gloss, reinforced with black diamond dust Standard sealant, high gloss, scratch resistant surface Blueish cold effect, UV-protection especially for Coulour Gels, nail art Especially for quick-drying of polished nails Flexible sealer for the toe nail reconstruction with UV-protection French products of a gel to paste-like consistency

Extensive assortment of effect, colour and glitter gels in different consistencies for any kind of nail art.








Product application for LCN light-curing nail resins



• •• ••• •••• ••••• + _

c o p pa cp cc nr

flows very easily flows easily medium flow properties limited flow properties solid tends to be more solid tends to be more fluid

clear opak pink pastel cool pink crystal clear natural rose


nails light curing resins LCN is the result of a technological breakthrough in cosmetic science. Designed as a non-acrylic alternative to conventional nail products, light cured resin has a smooth, honey-like consistency similar to gel. But its molecular structure, specially designed by German chemists and researchers, provides a stronger, longer-lasting nail treatment. For the past 25 years LCN HPLN (High Performance Light Cured Nail) Resin has been the finest resin available to both industry professionals and the individual consumer. LCN is now the world’s foremost and largest manufacturer of cosmetic nail resins. Spas and salons can count on LCN light cured nails to increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue, while individual users can expect a flawless, stunning manicure that stands out from the crowd.

LCN Essential System The LCN Essential System has been designed to meet the demand of technician’s who are switching to LCN from other systems and/or switching a client from one system to another. Base Bond (4.9% primer) is incorporated to ensure that client’s who have been wearing products containing acrylic will have greater adhesion to the broader LCN resins, which is acrylic free.

Bio Bond

Base Bond

One Component Resin F

FM Pearl White F

Glaze Gel

LCN Classic System The classic gel system, highly versatile, with no room for compromise. Highly resistant to breakage, this system has been universally approved for quality for more than 22 years, offering a high degree of product and customer safety. Ideal for extensions with either tips or nail forms and refills.


nails bonders The first step of any resin extension or overlay is the application of a bonding agent. One of the number one reasons that nails will lift is that they did not adhere properly to the natural nail bed. LCN offers several great options. For most nails we recommend our basic Bonder. It is a light-curing bonding agent for normal healthy nails. Bonder is LCN’s classic bonding agent and works with all our light-curing resins. Connex Plus is our bonding agent that is based on hydrophilic monomers with an additional AM-factor (anti-mycotic factor). This is an air dry bonding agent and should be applied to nails with high moisture content as an ideal adhesive base for all light-curing resins including the toes. And for problem nails we suggest using Base Bond or BioBond. Base Bond is a bonding agent that can be used for all LCN modelling resin. It’s great for extremely problematic nails. BioBond actually helps repair a damaged natural nail.

Bonder NEW

Bio Bond

Base Gel Xtra

Item# 21045 - 15ml

Item# 20546 - 10ml

Item# 20695 - 10ml

Bonder is our classic bonding agent with no harsh materials that will ensure perfect bonding to most nail types gently.

Bio Bond is LCN’s revolutionary new bonding agent that revitalizes and rejuvenates the natural nail. Designed to replace the Active Nail Bond and Nail Stabilizers systems, Bio Bond creates a regenerating layer between the natural nail and other LCN products. LCN Bio Bond has been enriched with urea and a modern derivatised L-cysteine, which contains keratin forming and strengthening amino acids with strong anti-oxidant properties. Other gel systems and acrylics can cause damage to the natural nail because, unlike LCN, they contain acid and other damaging substances. These damaged nails need special care, and also require a special adhesion in order for future extensions to remain intact.

Due to an increased acid content Base Gel Xtra impresses with its strong bonding effect. It is recommended especially for greasy and very moist nails or when switching from products containing acid to LCN light-curing modelling systems.

Base Bond Item# 21048 - 10ml Base Bond is a light-curing, thin bonding agent used for all LCN modelling resins, for extremely problematic nails. Base Bond contains a small amount of acid, which in turn provides maximum adhesion and is perfectly suited for switching clients off acrylics and other gel systems. For maximum results, use Base Bond over a thin layer of Bio Bond. Therefore, the natural nail will be perfectly protected and rejuvenated. After using for 3 months, should be replaced with an acid-free bonding agent such as Bonder or Bio Bond. Base Bond with its new macrotechnology replaces Base Coat.

Use Bio Bond under LCN Base Coat or LCN Bonder to create a bond that not only won’t break, but will actually help to repair and revitalize the natural nail.

Connex Silver Plus Item# 20114 - 10ml


Item# 20280 - 10ml Connex Plus is an air drying bonding agent with AM (anti-mycotic) factor. Connex is without the AM factor. Both Connex and Connex Plus increases the bonding capacity of all light curing resin systems. Connex is excellent for very dry and/or brittle nails.


nails sculpting & fill products Think STRENGTH, OPTIONS and QUALITY when you choose LCN building resins. Our flagship product Sculpture is the strongest building product available. Create incredibly strong extensions with Sculpture. And for unbeatable fills, try our series of One Component Resins. Test its strength and durability - we bet that you’ll find One Component stronger than any competitor’s building gel! As always, LCN offers solutions for any type of nail. Try Bondique, Dermique and Fibrique for problem nails!

our flagship product: Sculpture Sculpture F










natural rose clear







natural rose natural rose

Item# 20011- 25ml Sculpture Item# 20045 - 50ml Sculpture Item# 20007 - 100ml Sculpture Item# 20008 - 25ml Sculpture F Item# 20009 - 50ml Sculpture F Item# 20000 - 25ml Sculpture Pink Item# 20208 - 50ml Sculpture Pink Item# 20195 - 100ml Sculpture Pink

Item# 20291 - 25ml Sculpture Pink F Item# 20292 - 50ml Sculpture Pink F Item# 20276 - 25ml Sculpture Opak Item# 20277 - 50ml Sculpture Opak Item# 20307 - 25ml Sculpture Pastel Item# 20308 - 50ml Sculpture Pastel

Our strongest resin available. Great for sculpting a beautiful nail. Sculpture is not self leveling so it stays exactly where you want it. natural rose

Sculpture Formatur Item# 20047- 25ml Item# 20048 - 50ml Item# 20069 - 25ml Naturelle Item# 20094 - 50ml Naturelle

Item# 20538 - 25ml F Item# 20539 - 50ml F Item# 20619 - 25ml Naturelle F Item# 20620 - 50ml Naturelle F

White shades of UV sculpting gel for building out sculptured nails from the free edge or for creating the perfect French Look.

One Component Resin Item# 20012 - 20ml Clear Item# 20041 - 40ml Clear Item# 20038 - 20ml Clear F Item# 20042 - 40ml Clear F Item# 20362 - 20ml Pink Item# 20372 - 40ml Pink Item# 20228 - 20ml Pink F Item# 20202 - 40ml Pink F Item# 20017 - 20ml Pink FF


Item# 20018 - 40ml Pink FF Item# 20349 - 20ml Opak Item# 20370 - 40ml Opak Item# 20279 - 20ml Opak F Item# 20283 - 40ml Opak F Item# 20359 - 20ml Pastel Item# 20371 - 40ml Pastel Item# 20317 - 20ml Pastel F Item# 20318 - 40ml Pastel F

One Component resins are made with bonder, sculpture and sealant. They are great for refills and full sets with tips and overlays. One Components are self leveling with perfect control. They are easy to use without being runny.

nails sculpting & fill products Dermique Item# 20058 - 20ml Item# 20063 - 40ml Dermique is a 1-phase system (Bonder / Building / Sealant in one product) that has been dermatologically tested for customers who are sensitive to all and any light-curing resins. For an additonal benefit, use LCN Bio Bond as a base coat because it will additionally nourish and protect the nail. Use Dermique for full sets and/or refills for all your customers who have extremely sensitive nail beds and hands.

Bondique Bondique Black Diamond Item# 20534 - 20ml F Item# 20065 - 20ml Item# 20535 - 40ml F Item# 20066 - 40ml Bondique Black Diamond Item# 21084 - 20ml Item# 20067 - 100ml Item# 87228 - 20ml Soft Item# 87229 - 40ml Soft Bondique is a 1-phase system (Bonder / Building / Sealant in one product) Bondique is the ideal product to use for natural nail overlays as well as for refills when encountering weak / oily / flexible and problematic nails. For longer nails, we recommend One Component Resin for fills. Available in normal, soft and F. Bondique Black Diamond is 1-phase material Bondique in a transparent variation, enriched with fortifying diamond dust – for nails as strong and as beautiful as black diamonds. Bondique Black Diamond can be modelled, is elastic and is effective because of its strong adhesion.

Fibrique Express Repair Item# 20654 - 20ml Item# 20655 - 40ml

fibrique tip: Due to the microfibers in the gel, Fibrique Express Repair should have a thin layer of sealant applied over it if you wish to apply a Colour Gel over the product to prevent the colour from seeping into the layer of Fibrique. This step makes removing colour easy and allows the underlying layer of Fibrique Express Repair to remain untouched. Fibrique is not suitable for very long and very weak nails.

Fibrique Express Repair is a strong, thin gel that has microfibers embedded into the resin. These fibers make even the thinnest application incredibly strong. Repair cracked nails with a small amount of Fibrique Express Repair. Due to its thin viscosity, the resin fills cracks perfectly and provides extra strength at the stress points of extended nails. Fibrique Express Repair can also be used as an overlay product for natural nails. There is enough of a bonding agent already in Fibrique Express Repair that the use of an additional bonder is not needed. Seal with the sealant of your choice.


nails sealants & finishes


Glaze Gel Black Diamond


Item# 20015 - 15ml Item# 20006 - 100ml Item# 20134 - 15ml Pink Item# 20151 - 100ml Pink Item# 20064 - 15ml Opak Item# 20108 - 100ml Opak Item# 20118 - 15ml Pastel Item# 20345 - 100ml Pastel

Item# 21087 - 10ml

Item# 20230 - 15ml Item# 20716 - 15ml F

Our classic Sealant gives you a beautiful high shine finish. Sealant has a thinner viscosity than our other sealants. Available in clear, pink, opak and pastel.

Glaze Gel Clear Item# 20489 - 10ml Item# 20519 - 20ml Glaze Gel clear is a highest gloss finish available. It’s great for sealing any of our light-cured resins and especially great for a high gloss finish over any of our Glaze Gels! You won’t believe the shine!


High-gloss modellage finish, refined by its diamond dust particles magically conveys an exclusive shine and silky shimmer to your nails. Black Diamond Glaze Gel also persuades with its somewhat thick consistency. This is how the gel is prevented from running into the nail fold. For optimal processing.

Ultra Shine Item# 20365-1- 15ml Item# 20366 - 100ml Ultra high gloss gel finish with UV inhibitor. Developed to enhance any coloured finish and to protect colour stability against intense UV sunlight.

FM-Soft White Item# 20714 - 15ml Light-curing pastelly white shade for a natural, less beige French look. Please note: Looks very rosé in a full jar, however a small amount on the nail looks very natural.

For a classic permanent French Manicure finish. A more natural nail colour white than FM-Pearl. Also available in a thicker formulation - F.

FM-Pearl White Item# 20231 - 15ml Item# 20236 - 100ml Item# 20461 - 15ml F Item# 20462 - 100ml F For the classic permanent French Manicure finish in the standard thickness. Whiter than FM-Naturelle with a subtle pearl effect. Also available in a thicker formulation - F.

FM-Pearl White Brush on Item# 20549 - 10ml FM-Pearl White also comes in a practical glass bottle with brush. The consistency is slightly more fluid than the standard variant of FM-Pearl White.

nails sealants & finishes

glaze gels

Noble Shine

Elegant Line

French Top

Item# 20495-1 Aqua 10ml Item# 20495-2 Volcanic Fire 10ml Item# 20495-3 Blue 10ml Item# 20495-4 Purple 10ml Item# 20495-5 Golden Glow 10ml Item# 20495-6 Silver Shine 10ml

Item# 20521-1 Natural Beige 20ml Item# 20521-2 Soft Rose 20ml Item# 20521-3 Soft Apricot 20ml Item# 20493-1 Natural Beige 10ml Item# 20493-2 Soft Rose 10ml Item# 20493-3 Soft Apricot 10ml

Item# 20491-1 Noble Sparks 10ml Item# 20491-2 Silver 10ml Item# 20491-3 Gold 10ml

Clear gel with six different colors of shimmer. Transparent, soft and very beautiful!

This color series offers several options for creating a “nude” look – ideal for sealing any French design.

The consistency of these beautiful & brilliant white Glaze Gels make for the easiest French fill yet!

camouflage gels Camouflage Gels Item# 20525-1 Natural Beige 15ml Item# 20525-2 Cool Pink 15ml Item# 20525-3 Soft Apricot 15ml Item# 20525-4 Natural Nude 15ml Item# 20525-5 Soft Rosé 15ml At last, nail discoloration and unattractive damage is a thing of the past. Introducing Natural Camouflage Gels, the groundbreaking nail treatment product from LCN. Using Natural Camouflage Gels, the natural nail bed is restored to its original flawless, healthy looking color. Available in three colors to match a variety of skin tones.







nails glass gels Be blown away by the revolutionary LCN Glass Gel range! With eleven sublime and truly transparent colour gels, you can create beautiful special works of art on nails and nail extensions. The LCN Glass Gels have a firm texture and can be individually modelled or thinly layered according to the desired colour intensity. The French Look Glass Gel is also particularly striking. Inserts in the gel and special forms will turn your clients‘ nails into real eye catchers. With LCN Glass gels, your only limit is your imagination!

Glass Gel Item# 20708-1 Black Jack - 10ml Item# 20708-2 White Wedding - 10ml Item# 20708-3 Green Card - 10ml Item# 20708-4 Peacock Blue - 10ml Item# 20708-5 Lady in Red - 10ml Item# 20708-6 Orange Blossom - 10ml

Item# 20708-7 Yellow Stone - 10ml Item# 20708-8 Lilac Passion- 10ml Item# 20708-9 Pink Candy - 10ml Item# 20708-10 Brown Sugar - 10ml Item# 20708-11 Turquoise Ocean - 10ml

Glass gel is an amazing translucent sculpting gel that can be used to create unique nail art extensions. Use a layer of One Component Resin Crystal Clear over the whole design for optimum strength.

Glass Gel Foils Item# 20709-1 Circles Item# 20709-2 Hearts Item# 20709-3 Squares & more Item# 20709-4 Diamond Shaped





Create amazing texture in your Glass Gel designs by using Glass Gel Foils. Cut a small strip of foil and place it on a paper form. Sculpt out with the Glass Gel and you will be left with beautiful, subtle inlays in the nail extension.

Glass Gel Set

try out the glass gels!

Item# 20740 Kit contains: 5ml Bio Bond, 20ml One Component Resin F Crystal Clear, 5ml Colour Gel Glitter - Silver, Six 5ml Glass Gels (Black Jack, White Wedding, Green Card, Peacock Blue, Lady in Red, Orange Blossom), Two Decorative Foils, 5ml Ultra Shine, Protech Brush, Instruction Sheet.



barefoot Silver Plus Introducing Barefoot Silver Plus, a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail beautification. As the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic, light-curing One Component pedicure resin, Barefoot Silver Plus can be used in your salon to create beautiful long-lasting French pedicures and/or is able to restore either completely or partially restore a lost or broken toenail. It contains Piroctone Olimine, a proven anti-mycotic substance that is time released to keep working, even after the product is cured. Barefoot Silver Plus is a highly flexible resin -- ideally suited to the movements and stresses of the nails and feet. Because of this, Barefoot Silver Plus feels completely natural. Barefoot Silver Plus also possesses silver ions, which have a proven antimicrobial effect. As a result the already existing antimycotic components are supported even better. Available in four shades: clear, pink, opak, or pastel. Barefoot Silver Plus can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails. Use Barefoot Silver Plus with your favorite French whites, LCN Colour Gels or LCN nail polish for an alternative to the traditional French design.

barefoot Silver Plus Item# 21115-1 Clear - 10ml Item# 21115-2 Pink - 10ml Item# 21115-3 Opak - 10ml Item# 21115-4 Pastel - 10ml



Item# Barefoot Kit Kit contains: Barefoot UV Light Unit; Connex Plus, 10ml; Barefoot Silver Plus- pastel, 25ml; FM Pearl White F, 5ml; WILDE-PEDISEAL - clear, 10ml; Wooden Gel Brush, flat; Wooden Gel Brush, connex; White LCN Towel, Barefoot Carrying Case.

WILDE-PEDISEAL Item# 21119 - 10ml Item# 20670 Clear - 10ml Item# 20718 Pink - 10ml Item# 20720 Pastel - 10ml The perfect finish to seal toe nails. An elastic light-curing sealing gel for toe nail application with UV protector. Enriched with glitter particles which sparkle beautifully in the light and are visible even on toe nails. This clear gel follows the movements of the foot and complements the highly elastic Barfoot Silver Plus. This gel is easily applied even with difficult paronychial conditions and does not run into the folds. Its UV protection stabilizes a permanent French manicure and protects especially colour variations of Barefoot Silver Plus from the extreme exposure to light like for example tanning beds or sun bathing.


Light Unit

Connex Silver Plus

Item# 13004-1

Item# 20114 - 10ml

2 minutes timer and 2x 9W UV-A bulbs. Light unit separates to allow perfect curing of all toe nails.

An air drying bonding agent with AM (anti-mycotic) factor. See Page 7.


nails ultima acrylics ULTIMA ACRYLICS involves a technologically advanced powder/liquid system, a self-hardening approach to acrylics that ensures nail technicians and customers the highest level of durability. ULTIMA ACRYLICS are flexible, will not yellow, and nearly odorless compared to traditional, inferior acrylic products. That’s given – 1 why we’ve –2 – 3 our new – 4line of pure black pure green pure white pure blue ULTIMA ACRYLICS the same innovative approach as our beloved and esteemed gel products. Our dedication to combining scientific expertise with beauty industry glamour has resulted in a series of acrylic products that set new, modern standards for an old, trusted approach. Plus, all ULTIMA ACRYLICS products work hand-in-hand with existing LCN gel products like decadent top coats and other accessories. And as always, the acrylic line is available in LCN’s –5 –6 –7 –8 –1 –2 –3 –4 four refined, traditional colours and over twenty shades fun, and fabulous options in nailpure beauty. yellow pure brown pure red violet pure black additional pure green pure white for pure blueflirty,pure

LCN Ultima Acrylics Colour Powder Item# 20582-... - 15g – 8 –7

–1 pure black

–2 pure green

–3 pure white

–4 pure blue

–5 pure yellow

–6 pure brown

pure red

pure violet

––19 pure orange black pure

–– 2 10 pure green fuchsia powder

–– 3 11 pure white red marple

–– 4 12 pure blue electric blue

–5 pure yellow

–6 pure brown

–7 pure red

–8 pure violet

–– 19 pure orange black pure

2 – 10 pure green fuchsia powder

3 – 11 pure white red marple

4 – 12 pure blue electric blue

–– 5 13 pure yellow aquamarine

–– 6 14 pure brown misty powder

–– 7 15 pure red mulit-colour shimmer

–– 8 16 pure violet copper shimmer

–– 19 pure orange black pure

2 –– 10 pure green fuchsia powder

3 –– 11 pure white red marple

4 –– 12 pure blue electric blue

5 –– 13 pure yellow aquamarine

6 –– 14 pure brown misty powder

7 –– 15 pure red mulit-colour shimmer

8 –– 16 pure violet copper shimmer

– 11 – 19 red marple silver shimmer

– 12 – 20 electric blue gold shimmer

––15 23 mulit-colour light yellow shimmer

––16 24 copper leaf green shimmer

–1 pure black

–2 pure green

–1 natural beige – 6 –5

– 13 pure yellow aquamarine

–5 pure yellow

–3 pure white

–2 cool pink –7

– 14 pure brown misty powder

–6 pure –4 brown deep pink

– 15 pure red mulit-colour shimmer

–9 pure orange

–– 13 21 aquamarine pure lilac

– 10 fuchsia powder –– 14 22 misty darkpowder pink

–4 pure blue

–3 soft –apricot 8 – 16 pure violet copper shimmer

–7 pure–5 red deep apricot

9 –– 10 –– 11 –– 17 18 19 pure orange powder silver red marple green shimmer fuchsia pink shimmer shimmer

9 –– 10 –– 11 –– 17 18 19 pure orange powder silver red marple green shimmer fuchsia pink shimmer shimmer

–8 pure violet

–– 12 20 electric blue gold shimmer

– 11 red marple

–– 15 23 mulit-colour light yellow shimmer

The LCN Ultima Powder comes in beautiful colours and can be used for coloured inlays, 3D nail art and coloured designs. LCN Ultima Powder is perfectly formulated for the use with LCN Ultima Acrylics Liquid.

–– 13 21 aquamarine pure lilac

– 12 electric blue

–– 16 24 copper leaf green shimmer

– 17 green shimmer

–– 12 20 electric blue gold shimmer

–9 – 10 – 17 – 18 pure orange fuchsia powder green shimmer pink shimmer

––13 21 aquamarine pure lilac

––14 22 misty powder dark pink

LCN Ultima Acrylics Camouflage Powder Item# 20640-... - 15g–– 16 –– 15 23 24

–– 14 22 misty powder dark pink

mulit-colour light yellow shimmer

copper leaf green shimmer

– 17 green shimmer

– 18 pink shimmer

– 17

– 18

– 19

– 20

– 21

14 – 21 pure lilac

– 22 dark pink

– 23 light yellow

– 24 leaf green

– 20 gold shimmer

Ultima Acrylics Camouflage Powder enhances the Ultima Acrylics colour assortment with the addition of five new powders. They can be used to cover irregularities of the nail bed in order to achieve a perfect result. Furthermore, the French design can be – 21 – 22 – 23 – 24 – 18 – 19 – 20 enhanced perfectly reinforced and with Ultima Acrylics Camoupure lilac dark pink light yellow leaf green pink shimmer silver shimmer gold shimmer flage Powders due to the strong contrast between the nail bed and the free nail edge. –1 –2 –3 natural beige

– 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 pure lilac green shimmer pink shimmer silver shimmer gold shimmer aquamarine misty powder mulit-colour copper shimmer shimmer

– 19 silver shimmer

– 22 dark pink

– 23 light yellow

–1 natural beige

cool pink

soft apricot

– 24 leaf green

–2 cool pink

–3 soft apricot

–4 deep pink

–5 deep apricot

nails ultima acrylics

Acrylics Powder

Acrylics Liquid

Item# 20578 - 1 Clear 60g Item# 20578 - 2 Soft Pink 60g Item# 20578 - 3 Natural White 60g Item# 20578 - 4 Extra White 60g

Item# 20574 - 150ml

This state of the art powder applies perfectly, evenly and comes in four basic colors.

LCN Ultima Acrylics Primer Item# 20593 - 10ml LCN Ulitma Acyrlic Primer is created with methacrylic acid.

LCN Ultima Acrylic Liquid is a modern, violet-coloured liquid. When mixed with powder, the special and professional formula produces a modelling material which is easy to apply. Special ingredients provide the material with the highest possible flexibility and prevent it from yellowing.

LCN Ultima Acrylics Bond Item# 20587 - 10ml LCN Ultima Acrylics Bond is used as an acid free primer.

Professional LCN Ulitma Acrylics Set Item# 63066 Kit Contains: * Ultima Acrylics Liquid, 150ml * Ultima Acrylics Powder-clear, 60g * Ultima Acrylics Powder soft pink, 60g * Ultima Acrylics Powder extra white, 60g * Ultima Acrylics Bond, 10ml * Ultima Acrylics Primer, 10ml * Double Dappen Dish * Glass Dappen Dish with lid * Brush Holder * Acrylic modeling brush made of Kolinsky hair, flat * Acrylic modeling brush made of Kolinsky hair, pointed * Ultima Acrylic Buffer * Nail Oil, 16ml * Extreme File * High Shiner Polish Block * 2x Reusable Nail Forms (5pcs each)


nails recolution Permanent UV Colour Polish The LCN Soak-off gel lacquer - as durable as gel but can be removed again! The LCN Recolution System is a colour and modellage system in a perfect combination. The Recolution System consists of the following: > Recolution Bond - a clear bonding gel for colours and Recoltuion Clear > Recolution Clear - Soak-Off Gel Clear > Recolution UV Colour Polish - trendy colour selection > Recolution Sealer - light-curing Soak-Off high-polish sealer

You will need the following aids: > Nail Prep - an alcohol solution to remove oily film from natural nail > Nail Optimizer - Optimally prepares the natural nail for the permanent colour polish. Apply. Wait one minute and air dry, then apply Rocolution Bond and cure > Loosener - Solvent to remove Recolution > Buffer - and polishing block, white

The advantages at a glance: > Short drying time in curing device a UV and LED light unit, afterwards immediately smear-proof and resilient > Can be used as a Soak-off modellage system or as a modern colour covering system for natural nail > Elastic, scratch-proof and extremely durable > Can be removed with LCN loosener Recolution UV Colour Polish Item# 21061-... - 10ml Please note the respective colour number when ordering. Recolution French Gel Item# 21074-1 Item# 21074-2



– 305

– 269

– 136

– 259

– 59

– 263

– 614

– 147


– 607

– 611

– 615

– 613

– 605

– 621

– 87

– 610

– 616

– 600

– 604

– 620

– 619

– 612

– 35

– 601

– 606

– 608

– 618

– 617

– 264

– 609

– 114

– 602

– 603

Recolution Starterset Item# 21073-1

Super Shine Finish Cleaner Item# 64135 - 100ml

1xRecolution UV Colour Polish 10ml, -259, -263, -305, -269, - -59, -136; Recolution Bond 10ml; Nail Optimizer 10ml; Recolution Clear 10ml; Recolution Sealer 10ml; Nail Prep 50ml; Loosener 100ml; white buffer and polishing block

Use the new Super Shine Finish Cleaner to generate an even more perfect modellage finish. The nurturing super shine oil that dries simultaneously will ensure a bright superlative shine accompanied by the delicious fragrance of wild cherries.


Nail Prep Item# 21071 - 50ml Nail Optimizer Item# 21090 - 100ml Recolution Bond Item# 21054-2 - 10ml Recolution Clear Item# 21063-2 - 10ml Recolution Sealer Item# 21056-2 - 10ml Recolution Sealer Pink Item# 21075 - 10ml Remover Wraps Item# 36908 - 30 per roll The LCN Remover Wraps are used for the remover of Recolution.

nails nail polish LCN polishes are free of Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Formeldehyde, Toluene and Cetyl Alcohol. Nail Polishes Item# 43079-... 16ml Item# 43179-... 8ml LCN polishes are high quality polishes with an intensive nourishing formula. Please refer to the colour chart and note the respective colour number when ordering.

For the full range of nail polish colours, please see page 24 or visit


nails magnetic polish Get ready to be mesmerized by LCN’s new line of magnetic nail polishes! To create a truly amazing work of art, choose from eleven beautiful colors and four magnet styles. Simply apply your magnetic polish on the natural nail and hold the magnet over the wet polish for five to seven seconds. Then, watch the power of magnets transform the delicate metal particles into a stunning nail art designs.

Magnetic Polishes Item# 43524-...8ml One coat polish with metal particles that react to magnets to create designs. Shake the polish bottle well. Apply a thick layer of magnetic polish and hold one of the magnets over the wet surface of the polish for about 5-7 seconds to create the design as you watch! The magnet pushes away the polish below it to mirror the pattern! Please note the respective colour number when ordering. Item# 43524-1 Iron Magic Item# 43524-2 Amazing Mauve Item# 43524-3 Fuschia Attraction Item# 43524-4 Copper Seduction Item# 43524-5 Ferromagnetic Blue Item# 43524-6 Green Temptations

Item# 43524-7 Magnetic Moments Item# 43524-8 Nude Charm Item# 43524-9 Bordeauxlicious Item# 43524-10 Stunning Orange Item# 43524-11 Delicious Olive



Item# 43527-1 Diagonal Item# 43527-2 Star Item# 43527-3 Snake Item# 43527-4 Curve -3



Magnet Holder Item# 43535 Single without magnet.









Magnetic Colour Gels

Magnetic Polish Starter Kit

Item# 21106-...5ml

Item# 88036

The extraordinary LCN magnetic polishes are also now available as colour gels! Available in the following colours: (-1) never without purple, (-2) easy loving, (-3) go on silver (-4) magical, (-5) i lilac it, (-6) thrilling. See pg 13 for the Magnetic Colour Gel Colours.

Starter Kit contents: Your choice of eight 8ml polish colours and two magnets to create different looks.



Magnetic Polish Display Item# 88038

Set available!

Call for more info.



Colour Range

LCN is always introducing new colours to our collection. For the most up-to-date colour chart please see



ColourGelGels Colour 20605-.. Colour Gel – 5 ml, Art.-Nr.: 20605 –.. – 4 fascinating  grey  (N)

– 5 orange red  (N)

– 6 rouge  d’amour

– 32 ruby red (N)

– 35  pearl shine (N)

– 56 coral shine (F)

– 59 dark  cherry (N)

– 69  bordeaux (H / N)

– 82  classic   cold red (H / N)

– 84 red affair (F / H / N)

– 87  dark red (N)

– 106  light  orange (N)

– 110  natural  beige (N)

– 114 pink  passion (N)

– 136  blackberry  red (N)

– 147 light  rose (N)

– 148 lilac (N)

– 170  fuchsia red (N)

– 201 pretty pink (H)

– 203  azure blue (F /N)

– 205 ocean blue (F /N)

– 208  milk  chocolate (N)

– 209  dark  bronze (N)

– 234  sun yellow (F /N)

– 244  glue wine (N)

– 259 summer-  night violet (H /N)

– 260 sunset  orange (N)

– 261  hot  pink  (N)

– 262 sensitive  rose (N)

– 263  secret sensation (H / N)

– 264  magnetic field  (N)

– 265 frosted martini (N)

– 266 midnight rendezvous  (N)

– 267 fancy pink

– 268 wild heart (N)

– 269 california dreaming

– 270 flower  power (N)

– 271 c’est la vie (N)

– 272 mon chérie (N)

– 273 ooh la la (N)

– 274 déjà-vu (N)

– 275 blue laguna

– 276 caribbean  sea

– 277 aqua light

– 278 paradise green (N)

– 287 business grey (N)

– 294 tropical tulip  (N)

– 297 after party  (N)

– 298 red carpet 

– 304 mysterious green (N)

– 305 attractive  nude (N)

– 306 picnic in the park  (N)

– 307 city cruising (N)

– 308 come to the cafe (N)

– 309 summer in the city (N)

– 310 sweet serenade (N)

– 312 lovers lullaby (N)

– 313 I love LCN (N)

– 314 blue sky (N)

– 315  kiwi green (N)

– 316 amaze me! (N)

– 318  first date (N)

– 319  forever  yours (N)

– 320  match-  maker

– 321 fall in love (N)

– 322 in demand (N)

– 323 in touch (N)

– 324 in focus (N)

– 325 in style (N)

– 326  colour  me up (N)

– 327  some like  it hot (N)

– 328  spice up  your life

– 329  fan-  appleistic (N)

– 330 free spirit (N)

– 331 free your  mind (N)

– 332 sky high (N)

– 333 dreamcatcher (N)

– 500  light  turquoise (F)

– 501 pearl  turquoise (F)

– 506 sand

– 507 rosé teint

– 508 rose blush

– 509 light peach

– 510  fine gold


– 311 love me –  love my  polish! (N)



– 502  pearl  effect (F)


Colour Gel F 5 ml, Art.-Nr.: 20638-..



– 504 italian red


– 505 pearl  pastel



– 511 carat gold

– 512 golden  sheen

– 513  coral   sunset   (N)

– 514  truely pink (N)

– 515 nightfever (N)

– 516 light   denim

– 517 sunshine

– 519 pinkie  winkie

– 520 just nude

– 521 so in lilac

– 522 bloody   mary

– 523 strawberry  red

– 524 raspberry  metallic

– 525 light   mauve

– CH chocolate (F)

– DG dark green (F)

– EW extra white (F / H)

– LB light blue (F)

– LP light pastel (F)

– LY  light yellow (F)

– M  mint (F)

– N naturelle

– NA 5 silver (F /N)

– NA 6 gold (F /N)

– NA 8 black (F /N)

– NA 11 night blue (F /N)

– PB pearl blue  (F)

– PM pearl mint (F)

– R red 

– RN  rouge  noir (F /H)

– RO rose (F)

– T turquoise (F)

– VI violet (F)

– 518 forever   in love

Colour Gel Glitter 20615-..

Colour Gel Light Glitter 20611-..

Colour Gel Miracle Glitter 20608-..


Colour Gel Metallic 20625-..

Magnetic Colour Gel 21106-.. see page 18 for product descriptions


–2 –3


–5 –6

Colour Gel 3D Design 20637-..


Recolution 21061-.. see page 16 for product descriptions


light curing nail lacquer instructions NO ODOUR • 100% SOLVENT FREE • 44 COLOURS Including 2 French Whites, 10 Glitters, & 2 Metallics • 36.9% MORE product than the leading brand • WON’T THICKEN IN BOTTLE • Professionals Only Introducing Recolution, a system of stunning UV gel lacquers, including beautiful French whites and ONE amazing Clear building gel to lightly build nails and conceal minor nail imperfections- all from Europe’s cosmetic nail leader: LCN! Recolution manicures last well over two weeks and easily remove with LCN loosener. It applies smoothly and easily - just like an LCN polish!


Each step of Recolution cures for 2 minutes in a 36 watt UV light unit or 60 seconds in a skyPRO LED light unit

Use a file to shape the natural nails. Then use Nail Prep or Cleaner to degrease the natural nail.

Optionally, use a very fine buffer to lightly mat the natural nail. Remove dust particles with a brush.

For a better adhesion apply Now apply a thin layer of the Nail Optimizer and let air Recolution Bond, covering dry for 60 seconds, free edge and cure.

Now apply a thin layer of the Recolution UV Colour and cure. Follow with a second thin layer of colour and cure.

Now apply a thin layer of Recolution Sealer to conclude the process and cure this layer.

Wipe the surface with a cotton pad and Super Shine Finish Cleaner.


For optimal results and wear, please make sure to cover the free edge of the nail during all steps.


Nail Polish 43179-.. (8ml) 43079-.. (16ml) .. see page 17 for product descriptions Nail Polishes








–084*+(70) –087*(80)









–113*(30) –114*+(40) –117*(60)





–041*(20) –059*+°(90)









































































–NA8+° –NA11+° –NA15°

Er kunnen geringe afwijkingen zijn van de originele kleuren, deze zijn te wijten aan printprocessen. Geringfügige Abweichungen der Originalfarbtöne sind drucktechnisch bedingt.

*(xx) LCN Diese Farbe ist auch als range Lippenstift erhältlich. The polish is Deze kleur is ook als lippenstift verkrijgbaar. Lipstick is also available in thiswith colour. always expanding Cette couleur est également disponible en rouge à lèvres. seasonal trend colours. Este color and también está disponible en barra de labios. Questi colori si possono avere anche come rossetti. Please visit our online store Имеется в продаже и как губная помада. for+ the current polish Diesemost Farbe ist auch als Colour Gel erhältlich. Deze kleur is ook als colour gel verkrijgbaar. available. The Colour Gel is also available in this colour.


Cette couleur est également disponible en Colour Gel. Este color también está disponible en Colour Gel. Si può avere anche in Coulor Gel.. Такого же оттенка предлагается цветной гель.

natural nail care builders

Nail Serum Item# 43264 - 8ml Item# 43095 - 16ml

Nail Builder Item# 43263 - 8ml Item# 43096 - 16ml

Supports nail build-up with silk proteins, keratin, calcium, vitamin H and biotin.

Nail regenerator, pure plant compound containing Myrrh. Promotes nail growth, regenerating and moisturizing, An additional therapy for nail biters, due to its bitter taste.

top coats

Top Coat Item# 43370 - 8ml Item# 43104 - 16ml

Wet Look Item# 43365 - 8ml Item# 43105 - 16ml

Shiny top coat that helps to prevent chipping.

Extremely shiny top coat, ideal for nail art.

base coats

Base Coat Item# 43284 - 8ml Item# 43144 - 16ml

No More Ridges Item# 43378-1 white 8ml Item# 43379-1 white 16ml Item# 43378-2 pink 8ml Item# 43379-2 pink 16ml

Nail Silk Item# 43281- 8ml Item# 43098 - 16ml

Milky base coat, smoothes out any unevenness.

Ridge filler that smoothes very uneven nail surfaces. It is used as a base polish. Available in -1 white or -2 pink.

Base coat containing reinforcing nylon particles. Protects nails and prevents splitting and brittle nails.


natural nail care hardeners

Nail Hardener Item# 43268 - 8ml Item# 43091 - 16ml

Super Hardener Item# 43273 - 8ml Item# 43085 - 16ml

Nail Power Item# 43384 - 8ml Item# 43385 - 16ml

Nail strengthener polish, enriched with calcium and Vitamin E.

Especially hard, fast drying and shiny top coat.

Nail hardener with formaldehyde.

Speed Dry Item# 43261 - 8ml Item# 4386 - 16ml

Quick Dry Oil Item# 43366 - 8ml Item#42001 - 16ml

Quick Dryer Item# 44445 - 25ml

Extremely fast-drying top coat.

Fast drying liquid oil for all nail polishes.

quick dry

Spray to dry nail polish.

try this best seller! The perfect protection for every nail polish! Quick Dry Spray Item# 42003 - 150ml

Drop Dry Item# 64121 - 9ml

Polish Seal Item# 21046 - 10ml

Spray to dry nail polish.

Use the new nail polish rapid dryer Drop Dry to dry freshly applied nail polish in no time. The nail skin receives intense nourishment with vitamin E and valuable inca inchi oil.

Polish Seal is a UV curing top coat that can be easily removed with LCN’s solvent free removers. Polish Seal provides the nail polish with long-lasting protection and a high-gloss and scratch resistant surface. Suitable for both natural and artificial nails. Polish Seal hardens in just 3 minutes in a UV lamp or under a minimum 60 watt light bulb!


This is how it works: Apply nail polish and wait for 60 seconds. Afterwards apply 1 – 2 drops of DropDry. Only 90 seconds later the nail polish is already smear-proof. After another 5 minutes the nail polish is dry.

natural nail care other natural nail care products

Antisept Item# 43283 - 8ml Item# 43090 - 16ml Item# 70161 - 50ml

Nail Oil Item# 43265 - 8ml Item# 43093 - 16ml Item# 34022 - 50ml

Antiseptic solution for prevention and supplementary treatment of mycotic nail infections.

Give your nails and cuticles a treat with this luxurious moisturizing Nail Oil which is crammed full of vitamins A, E, F and extra proteins.

Cuticle Softner Item# 43267 - 8ml Item# 43088 - 16ml Item# 34015 - 50ml Cuticle remover, with tensides.

Diamond Power Item# 42992 - 8ml Item# 42991 - 16ml This formaldehyde-free high gloss nail hardener with real diamond dust is perfect for weak, thin and brittle nails. Real diamond dust ensures especially strong nails. LCN Diamond Power is free of formaldehyde and contains an additional UV shield. It gives the nails a special high gloss effect. The hardener is applied as a base coat, top coat or for a ‘glossy’ effect without another clear or coloured polish.

Nail Bitter Item# 43289 - 8ml Item# 43107 - 16ml

UV-Protector Polish Item# 43410 - 8ml Item# 43411 - 16ml

A special bitter additive to stop nail biting.

Clear, air-drying nail varnish with UV protection. Maintains the colour brilliance and protects all underlying colour varnishes or light-curing colour gels in case of strong UV radiation.

Nail Active Item# 43280 - 8ml Item# 43094 - 16ml

Nail Mask Item# 43380 - 8ml Item# 43381 - 16ml

Moisturizing care product with camophor for nails and cuticles with a stimulating and refreshing effect.

Nail mask with calcium and aloe vera. Apply the mask in the evening, leave on overnight and peel off in the morning.

Easy White Item# 43269 - 8ml Item# 43158 - 16ml Special polish, which significantly reduces the yellowing of the tips of artificial and natural nails.


natural nail care nail care pens Nail Care Pen Propolis Item# 44701

Nail Care Pen Tea Tree Oil Item# 44316

The LCN Care Pen Propolis contains high quality propolis besides soothing panthenol, bisabolol and jojoba oil. Propolis is a natural beeswax, which is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Propolis nourishes the sensitive cuticles especially softly and gently, and eucalyptus, camphor and menthol provide a pleasantly fresh feeling. Includes 3 replacement tips.

A care pen with tea tree oil. It prevents bacterial infection of the nail and creates healthy skin. Includes 3 replacement tips.

Nail Care Pen Keratin Item# 44573 Handy moisturising care pens with their own unique properties to keep nails and cuticles healthy and strong.

Nail Care Pen Item# 44313 Pen to strengthen cuticle and nail. Includes 3 replacement tips.

Replacement Tips Item# 44053 - 5pcs.

Intensive care for damaged nails. Keratin is the main ingredient of the Nail Builder pen. Keratin improves the elasticity and resilience of the nail and protects against drying out. Glycerine and panthenol also protect against loss of moisture and ensure a well-groomed cuticle. Includes 3 replacement tips.

Nail Care Pen Calcium Item# 44317 A rich nail and cuticle care product which nourishes the nail with calcium. Includes 3 replacement tips.

Display Nail Care Pen Item# 84853 Contents: Care Pen, Polish Corrector, Cuticle Softner, Care Pen Calcium, Care Pen Tea Tree and Nail Builder with Keratin. All products come in an assortment of four plus one tester for each product.

Nail Cuticle Softner Item# 44315

Nail Polish Corrector Item# 44314

Nail Cream Stick Item# 44286

Cuticle remover pen, includes 3 replacement tips.

Pen to remove nail polish, includes 3 replacement tips.

Moisturizing cream stick for nails and cuticles with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. Available in the following flavors: Mango/Vanilla, Strawberry and Lemongrass.

Nail Care Cream Item# 60411 - 15ml

Nail Cream Item# 34010 - 10ml

Natural Care System Item# 60412

Special polishing and sealing cream for natual nails. Also ideal for sealing the seam between artificial and natual nail. Contains carotene oil, proteins and D-panthenol.

Rich nail cream for smooth cuticles and nails.

Special polishing and sealing cream for natual nails. Also ideal for sealing the seam between artificial and natual nail. Contains carotene oil, proteins and D-panthenol. Contents: Natural Care Cream, 15ml; Polishing File, three sided; Nail Oil, 16ml; 1 Brush.


Thinner Item# 43006 - 10ml Thinner for all nail polishes.

hand care The comfort and beauty of soft, elegant hands are at the forefront of every skin care treatment. The LCN hand care line is the ultimate experience in luxurious hand treatments. Products are available for every skin type, refreshing dry skin with rich moisturizers and clearing troubled age spots. Each LCN hand cream, peel and treatment is specially formulated to achieve maximum results while being gentle and comforting for even the most delicate skin.

Intensive Marine Mask Item# 43409 - 450g

Reposan Item# 60422 - 50ml

Hand Peeling Multivitamin Item# 60868 - 50ml

Hand mask salt with Vitamin C powder to be mixed with water.

Regenerating skin protection cream for weakened skin. Contains shea butter, plant oils, D-panthenol and bisabolol.

Hand Peeling multivitamin is enriched with grape seeds, wild rose oil and vitamin complex of C, A, E and F.

Hand Mask Multivitamin Item# 60867 - 100ml

Essential Energy Item# 60495 - 50ml

Moisturizing hand mask with vitamin A, palmitate, vitamin C and vitamin E acetate as well as wild rose oil.

Skin mask for very dry, brittle and stressed skin. Contains manuka oil, allantoin, D-panthenol and peach kernel oil.

Hand Massage Oil Item# 34025 - 100ml Rich massage oil for hand and body, contains vitamins.

Peeling Cream Item# 60215 - 50ml

Gentle creamy peeling with a nourishing effect. Enriched with grape seed oil.

Nail Bath Concentrate Item# 60403 - 100ml Item# 60408 - 250ml Special deep cleansing bath for hands and nails containing moisturizing agents.

Cuticle Softner Cream Item# 42997 - 8ml The nail softening cream is so popular because of its mild fruit acid micro peeling which consists of glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid and lactic acid, which ensures that the skin cells are removed gently. Glycerine and panethenol provide the nail skin and cuticle with moisture, while peach core oil provides nurturing lipid components. The cuticle softener cream also contains Vitamin E-acetate.

Hand Mask Item# 62309 - 50ml Item# 60542 - 250ml with dispenser Rich hand extract with orchid extract.


hand care

Aroma Effect Peeling Honeydew Melon Item# 60732 - 50ml Item# 60669 - 100ml Item# 60739 - 500ml Sea salt crystals peeling oil, jojoba oil, peach kernel and soy oil. Suitable for the treatment of feet, hands and body. High moisturizing effect.

Summer Hand Cream Item# 64097-1 - 50ml The panthenol contained in the LCN Special Summer Hand Cream improves the skin’s moisture content. LCN special Summer Hand Creams are free of mineral oils and parabenes – simply delicious! Available in Cranberry & Goji Berry and Pomegrante & Sallow Thorn Scents.


Fruit & Yoghurt Mango Hand Cream Item# 60849-1 - 50ml

Moisturizing hand cream, mango scent, enriched with natural yogurt and vitamins A, E and F. Yogurt moisturizes the skin and makes it supple and soft. It promotes the synthesis of collagen and the firming of the skin.

Parraffin Wax Item# 70048 Strawberry 2 x 500g Item# 70042 Shea Butter 2 x 500g (in dispenser bags) Item# 70047-1 White Chocolate 500g Item# 70047-2 Milk Chocolate 500g

Fruit & Yoghurt Multivitamin Hand Cream Item# 60849-2 - 50ml Item# 60893 with dispenser - 250ml Nourishing hand cream with a scent of multivitamin enriched with yogurt and the vitamins A, E and F. Yogurt moisturizes the skin and leaves a soft and velvety feeling. It also supports to form collagen and tightens the skin.

Protection Bag 100pcs. Item# 61021 for hand Item# 61022 for foot

Plastic protective shoes for parrafin treatments.

hand care olive care The LCN Olive Care line draws on the knowledge of many years of history to bring a powerful line-up skincare to consumers. In ancient times, the olive was considered a gift from the gods partially due to its healing properties. Even the earliest records of Hebrews, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans mention the olive tree- for over 6,000 years people have used olive oil to moisturize their bodies. Olive Oil contains moisturizing and protective substances that are beneficial to the body, making it an ideal choice for daily body and skincare. Follow the examples of the gods and spoil yourself with the products from the new Olive Care line!

Olive Care Bath Tabs Item# 60876

Olive Care Hand Mask Item# 30439 - 50ml

Olive Care Soap Item# 60875

These special cleansing and moisturizing bath tabs with pure sea salt, magnesium and olive oil are a simple at home spa treatment for the hands and nails. In a warm water bath, dissolve the tabs and soak hands for 5-10 minutes. This leaves the hands perfectly prepared for subsequent treatments.

This rich Olive Hand Mask with moisturizing olive oil, olive butter and squalane lastingly hydrates sensitive and dry skin and restores its elasticity.

For continued moisture long after the full Olive Care treatment, LCN Olive Care Moisturizing Soap offers continuous moisture care in a hand soap. The Olive Care bar gives you softly scented moisturizing hand soap with pure olive oil every time you wash.

Olive Care Hand & Body Oil Item# 60810 - 100ml The LCN Olive Care Hand & Body Oil can be used as a final spa treatment to provide pretreated skin with a deep moisture experience. This luxurious moisturizing oil with the extract of Tuscan olive oil and the added ingredient of Squalane for the hands and body can be used as massage oil, bath oil or to enrich a neutral cream.

Olive Care Hand Lotion Item# 60809 - 50ml Item# 60884 - 250ml For your daily regimen, the LCN Olive Care lotion is a light hand lotion made from olives and absorbs quickly into the skin. A small amount of the Olive Care lotion can be used daily on the hands for constant moisture.

Olive Care Hand Peeling Item# 60874 - 50ml The LCN Olive Care Hand Peel moisturizes with pure olive oil, glycerin, and cellulose-peeling particles that gently remove dead skin cells and leave the skin toned and renewed.


foot Quality nail treatments don’t stop with just a manicure. It’s your feet that bear the greatest brunt of daily life, basic stress, and a long, hard day. The LCN foot care product line is specially designed to provide tired feet with the attention and pampering you expect from the world’s finest beauty supplies. Foot Cream Moisturizing Item# 60220 - 100ml Item# 60212 - 1000ml

This blue foot cream contains vitamins E & F. Ideal as a massage cream.

Footcream Nourshing and Refreshing Item# 60221 - 100ml Item# 60201 - 250ml Item# 60213 - 1000ml

This green footcream nourishes, due to its rich base. It relieves heavy, burning feet with menthol and camphor

Exfoliating Cream Item# 60341 - 100ml Item# 60240 - 1000ml Peeling for the foot with fruit acid, algae extract and green tea.

ICE Item# 60219 - 100ml Cooling and refreshing gel with alcohol and menthol. Relieves tired, burning feet.

Foot Cream Regenerating Item# 60222 - 100ml Item# 60200 - 250ml Item# 60214 - 1000ml

Shimmering Lotion Item# 64093 - 100ml

This red foot cream strengthens the tissue with marine elastin, the essential ingredients are carnation and rosemary to stimulate circulation.

A slightly tanned skin appears even more seductive when the skin has a light shimmer. Light-reflecting shimmering particles in the new LCN Shimmering Lotion give the body a seductive shine! Moisturising ingredients like seasilk, almond oil, elastin and collagen improve the skin’s structure and resistance, leaving the skin velvety smooth and lastingly moisturised.

Diamond Touch Item# 60985 - 100ml Fruity leg lotion with glitter. Contains aloe vera, vitamin A, E, F, sea salt, sorbitol and body glitter.

Night Care Item# 60454 - 100ml Item# 60455 - 1000ml Intensive foot treatment for use at night. Contains algae gel, macadamia nut oil, bisabolol and vitamin E.

Footbath Item# 60208 - 250ml Item# 60210 - 1000ml

This footbath combines refreshing-deodorizing, clean and moisturizing properties. The addition of an anti-fungal component provides perfect hygiene.

try this best seller! Basic Cream Item# 60358 - 250ml Item# 60224 - 1000ml A neutral cream based on natural oils to be combined with essential oils. Contains peach kernel oil and vitamin E.


Chapped Skin Balm Item# 60206 - 50ml Item# 60203 - 100ml Item# 60211 - 1000ml This vasaline-like balm contains vitamin E and F, bisabolol. When used regularly it helps walking without pain. Chapped Skin Balm is applied to extremely dry and cracked skin.

foot Fresh Up Item# 60498 - 50ml

Mykosept (Spray) Item# 60209 with dropper - 50ml Item# 30359 Spray- 50ml Item# 60205 - 500ml

Anti-perspirant, deodorizing, moisturizing foot cream containing neutral oil and panthenol.

Pedifresh Item# 60241 - 100ml Refreshing, perfumed foot deodorant spray, long lasting effect.

Cares and protects against mycosis and bacterial infections. Apply Mykosept to the nails and between the toes.

at home treatment!

Calludone Item# 60234 - 50ml Item#60235 - 500ml Mild callous softner.

Mykosept Plus is a clear polish with AM factor, containing the patented ingredient Piroctone, to treat and prevent nail mycosis. May be used on finger and toenails.

Mykosept Plus Item# 60257 - 3ml Bottle Item# 60218 - Pack with files and buffer Item# 83055 - Display 6 Pack



Reusable and washable foot protection cushions that prevent unpleasant blisters on the feet often caused by friction and pressure spots. Happy Feet Display Item# 63592 Happy Feet Display Contents: 4 boxes of 12 packages of foot gel cushions. Heel Protection, Heel Cushion, Ball of Foot Cushion, Sensitive Spots

Heel Protection Item# 63583 - 12 x 1 Pair

Ball of Foot Cushion Item# 63587 - 12 x 1 Pair

This heel protection prevents unpleasant blisters on the feet often caused by friction and pressure spots. Reusable and washable.

A cushion for the shoes made of soft, transparent gel. It is ideal to cushion the ball of the foot and reduces pressure on the balls. Reusable and washable.

Heel Cushion Item# 63585 - 12 x 1 Pair

Sensitive Spots Item# 63589 - 12 x 4 Pcs.

This gel pad heel cushion is suitable for the rear part of the feet. To relieve pressure in high heels or when standing for a long time. Reusable and washable.

The wafer-thin and anti-slip spots help in case of smaller pressure spots which are especially sensitive. They are glued into the shoe as needed. Reusable and washable.


foot citrus

Citrus Foot Cream Item# 30286 - 100ml Item# 30299 - 1000ml

Citrus Foot Mask Item# 30397 - 100ml Item# 30398 - 250ml

The LCN Citrus Foot Cream is light in scent but deep in moisture. Due to its carefully selected ingredients, our Citrus Foot Cream has a refreshing and moisturizing effect. Lemongrass oil and Lemon Oil provide a fresh fragrance while Avocado Oil enriches the skin with a variety of vitamins and fatty acids necessary for good skin health and d-panthenol provides deep moisture therapy, leaving the skin supple and soft. Use as a daily moisturizer or as part of a spa treatment following a foot bath with the LCN Citrus Bath Crystals.

An extension to the Citrus Footcare Line that protects and moisturizes to the max. The mask contains almond oil, an essential oil rich in Vitamin E, a key antioxidant that protects the skin against harmful free radicals, while Shea butter gives the mask deep moisturizing power. As part of a spa treatment, apply after the LCN Citrus Foot Peel and follow with a foot bath using the LCN Citrus Bath Crystals.

Citrus Foot Peeling Scrub Item# 30407 - 100ml Item# 30406 - 1000ml A real treat for your feet. Exfoliating particles gently remove dead skin cells and smooth rough, dry skin making it supple and soft. As part of a spa treatment, follow with the LCN Citrus Foot Mask


Citrus Foot Bath Crystals Item# 30298 - 100g Item# 30288 - 500g Item# 30368 - 5kg The LCN Citrus Bath Crystals make for the most luxurious of bath soaks. The sea salt crystals promote increased circulation while lemongrass and lime extracts help to tone the skin and relieve fatigue, leaving your feet feeling vitalized and smelling fresh. As part of a spa treatment, use following the LCN Citrus Foot Mask and follow with the LCN Citrus Foot Cream.

Citrus Fresh Up Spray Item# 30287 - 100ml After completing an LCN Citrus Foot Care spa treatment, make sure to keep the LCN Citrus Fresh Up Spray on hand to use through the day. This refreshing leg and foot spray contains a high concentration of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid whose metabolites are critical to cell growth and healthy membranes. Horse Chestnut extract help stimulate healthy circulation giving the spray an invigorating effect that is perfect for tired office legs.

foot red wine leaf

Red Wine Leaf Foot Cream Item# 60954 - 100ml Item# 60975 - 1000ml A luxurious foot cream rich in Vitamin E that moisturizes and protects using the unique properties of grape seed oil. Extracts of red wine leaves, horse chestnut and birch tree support the stabilisation of vessel walls, bringing needed relief for tired, stressed and reddened feet.

Red Wine Leaf Foot Peeling Item# 60952 - 100ml Peeling with red grape leaf, birch tree and chestnut. The red grape leaf oil has a nourishing and protecting effect. The extracts promote the blood circulation in the skin as well as relieve tired legs and feet.

Red Wine Leaf Leg Gel Item# 60956 - 100ml

Red Wine Leaf Footbath Item# 60950 - 100ml

Relaxing and strengthening gel for feet and legs. The light gel for legs nourishes and smoothes the skin with panthenol and allantoin without leaving an oily film. The extracts of red wine leaf, birch and conker stimulate the blood circulation in the skin. Tired and stressed legs feel lighter again.

Moisturizing foot bath. Relieving and draining with chestnut, birch tree and red grape leaf. Red wine leaf, conker and birch extracts clean the skin and prepares it gently for the treatment. The blood circulation gets stimulated and the skins surface gets calmed.

Red Wine Leaf Leg Splash Item# 60958 - 100ml Cooling, refreshing and nurturing spray for feet and legs. Extracts from red wine leaf, birch and conker as well as allantoin, panthenol and menthyle lactate make this spray to a real cheer. The spray cools and nourishes swollen legs.


silver Over 4000 years ago, the Greeks and Chinese utilized the healing properties of silver. Since the beginning of the 19th century, silver has been used for the treatment of burns and as a disinfectant. It has also been proven that silver is effective against fighting bacteria. The LCN Silver Line uses MicroSilver BGTM which serves as protection against the germs that cause viruses and fungi. MicroSilver BGTM strengthens the natural protective properties of the skin and destroys germs which produce an unpleasant smell. It protects injuries, soothes inflamed skin and has an antibacterial, regulative and stabilizing effect.

Silver Line Skin Balm Item# 30412 - 15ml Due to its consistency, the skin balm is suitable for very stressed skin areas. It contains additional jojoba oil and shea butter. Vitamin A and E acetate have a cell-regenerating effect and can improve the oxygen processing in the tissue. Panthenol is another ingredient which has a moisturizing effect and nourishes chapped skin. Titanium dioxide is well-absorbed and tolerated by the skin.

urea The new LCN Urea 10% Foot Series offers optimum care for very dry and sensitive skin. At 10% Urea, which is known for its excellent moisture-binding features, is the main ingredient of the products. Urea binds water in the layers of callus tissue, thus reducing the extra formation of skin cells. Overall calluses are scaled off faster and the skin becomes softer. The skin develops higher moisture content and renews itself in its normal rhythm. Urea 15% Foot Bath Item# 64165 - 100g Item# 64174 professional size - 1000ml Enriched with the physiological, natural moisturizing factor urea, Mediterranean salt and regenerating allatoine, Urea 15 % Foot Bath works like a wellness cocktail for stressed feet. Essential oils from oranges, pine needles and mountain pine leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

Urea 10% Foot Mask Item# 64125 - 100ml Item# 64173 professional size - 1000ml Urea 10% Foot Mask compliments the urea series for intensive care. Rich ingredients such as 10% moisturizing urea, almond oil, vitamin A and E and shea butter ensure that the protective coat of the skin regenerates faster, the skin is vitalized sustainably nutured and optimally supplied with moisture. The calming components such as panthenol, allantoin and bisabolol provide the skin with a special relaxation when it is applied. With this foot mask your feet will be spoiled to the utmost and made to radiate again.


Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream Item# 64163 - 50ml Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream containing 40 % urea reduces callusses with the help of fruit acids particularly fast and effectively without leaving an oily film and is supported by calming panthenol and nourishing bees wax and anti-inflammatory sage. Aside from its main ingredient urea, the cream also contains a special carbohy-drate complex and hyaluronic acid which is why it is optimally suited for daily use for stressed and chapped skin.

Urea 10% Express Foot Spray Item# 64127 - 100ml Urea 10% Express Foot Spray is ideal for the quick care in between or to round off a treatment. As a result of the moisturizing ingredients such as 10% urea, sachharide isomerate, proviatmin B5 and allantoin the skin becomes soft and palpably supple immediately. The carbohydrate mixture saccaride isomerate is an imitation of the human carbohydrate fraction of the skin and increases the water-binding capacity - even of very dry skin. Jojoba oil is extremely skin-compatible and intensly nurtures even chapped skin.

Urea 10% Foot Cream Item# 64120 - 100ml Item# 64172 professional size - 500ml Urea 10% Foot Cream is based on a special complex that consists of 10% urea, saccaride isomerate and provitamin B5 and is the ultimate moisture care for very dry feet. The cream provides intense moisture and has an anti-inflammatory effect, supported by glycerin and allantoin for an optimal mositurizig and calming effect of the skin. Due to its excellent in depth-effect, jojoba oil additionally regulates the moiture content, making the skin smooth and supple. The creamy textrue is easy to distribute and is absorbed quickly.

Soak Spray Item# 64119 - 50ml The new callus softner Soak Spray with 17% urea and lactose is ideal to prepare the feet for cosmetic and medical care. The product protects the skin and can shorten the duration of the treatment. Furthermore, the danger of the instruments slipping during the callus-stripping treatment is reduced. Allantoin and panthenol calm the skin, providing care at the same time. The callus softner is available as a handy spray bottle wihich enables optimum dosage and spraying of the parts that are to be treated.

spa Based on a philosophy of natural care for health and beauty, the LCN spa line incorporates elements derived from the highest quality plants, herbs and flora. These natural hand and foot care products contain ingredients derived from the water lily (to balance skin), white tea (for anti-aging properties), mint, tiger grass, the calming orchid and the soothing, moisturizing aloe plant. Each indulgent cream, butter, scrub and mask is made available with elegant packaging and the stimulating, refreshing scents of your own personal Eden.

SPA hand & nail care Cocoa & Pomegranate Delight Hand Cream Item# 51075 - 50ml LCN Cocoa & Pomegranate Delight Hand Cream is a velvety soft hand cream with cocoa butter, squalane, bamboo and pomegranate extracts that are quickly absorbed and is suitable for very dry and sensitive skin. The ingredients have a tightening, protecting and soothing effect. Apply to finish every manicure treatment or use for home care as needed.

Orchid Nail Polish Remover Item# 51098 - 100ml Item# 51104 - 500ml An acetone-free nail polish remover which actually moisturises nails. The new innovative formula does not contain any solvents that are considered damaging and has a seductive vanilla scent. Now, even removing nail polish is a special wellness treat!

Bamboo Cuticle Scrub Item# 51214 Soft and effective care for beautiful nails. A refreshing gel texture, enriched with smoothing silk proteins, bamboo extracts, moisturizing panthenol and vitamin E. Very fine peeling grains enriched with bamboo essences gently remove dead skin cells and improve the nail skin.

Bamboo Cuticle Pen Item# 51012 Apply this moisturising gel to the nail and cuticle daily to achieve strong healthy nails. Containing bamboo extract and shea butter, this is the ultimate natural health treatment for maintaining your cuticles, a key part of healthy, beautiful nails.

Avocado Nail Butter Item# 51001 - 15ml Give your nails and cuticles a daily health boost with this luxuriously rich vitamin cream containing natural avocado oil, known for its high content of vitamins A and E.

Milk & Orchid Hand & Nail Bath Item# 51000 - 150ml Item# 51013 - 300ml A manicure must-have, LCN Milk and Orchid Hand and Nail Bath is a moisturizing premanicure treatment made with orchid extract. Add a few drops to your manicure bath and soak nails for up to 5 minutes. The perfect start to your home manicure routine.

White Tea Hand Cream Item# 51002 - 50ml Item#51014 - 200ml A rich anti-aging hand cream made from extracts of white tea and orchid, the LCN White Tea Hand Cream protects against free radicals that cause premature aging. As part of a spa treatment, apply after the LCN Lemon Sugar Scrub for luxuriously soft hands.


spa Lemon Sugar Scrub Item# 51003 - 50ml Item# 51015 - 200ml Item# 51077 - 1000ml

Orchid Hand Mask Item# 51005 - 100ml Item# 51017 - 450ml Item# 51078 - 1000ml

The LCN Lemon Sugar Scrub exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin refined and toned. Valuable plant oils give the scrub a smoothing and moisturizing effect. Apply with a circular motion onto moist skin and massage gently. Rinse off with lukewarm water after the massage. As part of a spa treatment, follow with the LCN White Tea Hand Cream.

Infused with orchid extract and vitamin E, this nourishing hand mask moisturizes and protects your skin against the elements. Completely cover your hands with the mask then sit back and let the gorgeous scents of vanilla and orchid sooth your senses for at least 10 minutes!

SPA nail therapy SPA Nail Therapy Builder, All Nail Types Item# 44658 - 16ml Nail regenerator with centella asiatica (tiger grass) promotes nail growth and strengthens the nail.

SPA Nail Therapy Sealer, All Nail Types Item# 44660 - 16ml

SPA Nail Therapy Base Coat, Normal/Dry Nails Item# 44652 - 16ml

SPA Nail Therapy Base Coat, Weak Nails Item# 44654 - 16ml

SPA Nail Therapy Base Coat, Damaged Nails Item# 44656 - 16ml

Top coat for sealing natural nails. It contains green tea, vitamin E and orchid extract. The perfect finish for any manicure with additional care. Vitamin E prevents the nail from drying out and protects against breaking.

Base polish for normal to dry nails with lotus extract and Indian neem oil. The top layer of the nail is intensively moisturized and the nail regains its elasticity.

Base polish for brittle nails with kiwi and mango extract. The revitalizing and regenerating properties of the ingredients strengthen the nail and make it stronger. In addition a protective layer protects the nail against breaking.

Base polish for damaged nails with sesame oil and trace elements derived from wild rice. The complex of active ingredients restores the resilience of the nail and improves the nail’s structure.


Macadamia Nail Serum Item# 51092 - 16ml

Macadamia Nail Oil Item# 51094 - 16ml

This amazing serum is made with panthenol, madecassosides, melissa and barley extract and is infused with the healing essences from macadamia nut oil, Brazil nut, walnut and hazelnut oil. LCN Macadamia Nail Serum moisturizes and improves the elasticity of the cuticles, while regenerating and improving the metabolism of the overall nail.

The silky LCN Macadamia Nail Oil can be easily massaged into the cuticle, making dry and stressed skin supple and soft. LCN Macadamia Nail Care products contains the following nut oils: Macadamia nut, Brazil nut, Walnut and Hazelnut oil. In addition, a high concentrations of vitamin E and minerals combined with a highly effective combination of palmitic, palmitoleic and oleic acid produces an exceptional regenerating effect, while Jojoba oil smooths and improves the elasticity of the cuticles and their ability to retain moisture.

spa White Tea Body Cream Item# 51212 - 200ml A rich anti-ageing body lotion with the extracts of white tea, sea silk, murumuru butter, amaranth seed oil, panthenol and hibiscus. The skin is nourished intensely and optimally protected from free radicals and UV rays.

Almond Foot Lotion Item# 51010 - 150ml

Hibiscus Foot Bath Salts Item# 51009 - 50g Item# 51020 - 300g

SPA foot & body Sea Salt Item# 51040 - 3kg

This invigorating peppermint scented footbath contains real hibiscus extract and sea salt crystals. Add 10ml to a bowl of warm water and soak your feet for ten minutes to stimulate circulation and revitalize. As part of a spa treatment, follow with LCN Spearmint Foot Pack and one of the Peppermint Care moisturizers for a luxurious yet simple experience.

Mask Brush Item# 51116

Sugar Cane Foot Scrub Item# 51007 - 100ml Item# 51018 - 450ml Item# 51079 - 1000ml

Waterlily Massage Oil Item# 51016 - 300ml Peppermint Foot Butter Item# 51008 - 100ml Item# 51019 - 450ml Apply this intensive moisturizing peppermint and Shea butter foot balm once a day to treat extremely dry cracked feet.

A moisturizing and exfoliating product for silky smooth feet. The sugar crystals gently remove dead skin cells and moisturize while the mint oil cools and deodorizes the feet. Apply to the feet in a gentle circular motion. Wash off with warm water after the massage.

LCN’s SPA Foot Care lotion for legs and feet contains almond oil and aloe vera for the regeneration of the skins protective layer; especially suitable for dry skin. Apply a thin layer daily and massage into the skin.

Spearmint Foot Pack Item# 51011 - 100ml Item# 51021 - 450ml Item# 51080 - 1000ml Part of LCN’s SPA Foot Care line, apply a thick layer of the luxurious Spearmint Foot Pack made with peppermint and white clay to tired stressed feet. Kick back and enjoy the cool calming effect for twenty minutes before gently removing with a damp cloth, leaving your feet fresh and revitalized.

Cocoa & Bamboo Delight Foot Cream Item# 51076 - 100ml

A moisturizer for the feet with cocoa butter, squalane, Centella Asiatica, butcher’s broom and bamboo extract. The feet feel nourished, supple and soft without leaving a greasy film. The ingredients have a tightening, protecting and soothing effect. Apply to finish every pedicure treatment or use for home care as needed.

Cocoa & Almond Delight Body Cream Item# 51074 - 200ml This ultra rich body cream envelopes the body with hydrating and nourishing ingredients; cocoa butter, squalan, almond oil, green algae, lupine extract, quince extract, mangosteen, bamboo and pomegranate extracts. The skin becomes softer; sensitive skins feel soothed and refreshed and the skin appears tighter and is protected against environmental aggressions. Apply to arms and legs during manicure and pedicure treatments and use at home after morning and evening bath or showers.

Milk & Honey Body Lotion Item# 51006 - 200ml

Soft Sugar Lip Scrub Item# 51072

This luxurious milk and honey body lotion contains real honey and orchid extract as well as almond and avocado oil to regenerate your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth. Massage into skin after your bath or shower daily.

The Soft Sugar Lip Scrub is a wellness treatment for the lips containing natural sugar crystals that perfectly exfoliates the lips. The skin becomes incomparably soft and is perfectly prepared for subsequent care products. Use twice a week and follow with a recommended moisturizing product for the lips.



SPA bali relax “KABAR BAIK! - I’m doing fine!” is the motto of the Bali Relax for Hand, Foot & Body LCN SPA products. The series combines traditions from the Far East with relaxation, care and sensual fragrance. Ingredients of the Bali Relax SPA series include: Himalaya Salt, Muru Muru butter, Monoi de Tahiti oil, Ocean silk, Hibiscus extract and Glycolic acid and lactose.

All products are free of Parabens, paraffins and silicons!

SPA Bali Relax Massage Cream Item# 51179 - 200ml Item# 51181 - 450ml Rich nurturing and relaxing massage cream with Monoi de Tahiti oil, Muru Muru butter, ocean silk and Himalaya salt for dry skin. Application: Apply Bali Relax Massage Cream where needed and massage in.

SPA Bali Relax Peeling Item# 51167 - 100ml Item# 51169 - 450ml Salt oil peeling with Himalaya salt for tender skin. Muru Muru butter, Monoi de Tahiti oil and ocean silk provide moisture and increase the elasticity of the skin. Peeling and care at the same time. Application: It is applied to moist skin in light circular motions and afterwards rinsed with luke warm water.


SPA Bali Relax Cream Foam Item# 51182 - 200ml Deep penetrating cream foam with high-quality ingredients such as Himalaya salt, hibiscus extract and Monoi de Tahiti oil for velvety soft skin. Application: The hands are used to froth up the foam directly on the skin with water. According to the duration of the massage foam a feeling of wellness and cleansing effect compliment each other. Rinse the parts of the body that have been treated will with water.

SPA Bali Relax Foot Cream Item# 51173 - 100ml Item# 51175 - 450ml Intense nurturing foot cream with Monoi de Tahiti oil and hibiscus extract. Muru Muru butter forms a protective film on the skin and makes chapped feet gentle and supple again.

SPA Bali Relax Chapped Skin Balm Item# 51176 - 50ml Item# 51178 - 100ml Intense nurturing fissure balm with Muru Muru butter. Glycole- and lactose. Smooths the skin and sustainably reduces dryness of the skin. Application: Apply to dry skin patches as needed.

SPA Bali Relax Mask Item# 51170 - 100ml Item# 51172 - 450ml Mask with shea butter and Muru Muru with a deep penatrating effect for rough and dry skin. Hibiscus extract and Monoi de Tahiti oil nurture and calm the skin. Application: Cover the skin completely with the mask. Let the mask soak in for at least ten minutes. Massage the rest of the mask in or remove the excess parts with a cloth.


SPA hydro and balance Water is the most important element in the world - it is a cross cultural symbol of vitality, purity and renewal. The human body is made up of more than 70% water. The sustained storage of moisture in the body is the cornerstone of all LCN SPA Spirit of Water products and is used in combination with high-quality, nourishing ingredients. Along with well-known active ingredients in the LCN SPA line, the main active ingredients in LCN SPA Hydro & Balance products are based on an extract complex from the resurrection plant and an anti-photoageing active ingredient from the mayten tree (DN-AGE®), as well as an extract from the root of the imperata cylindrica plant. This combination of active ingredients protects the skin from extreme climatic conditions. It provides protection from dehydration as well as from heat and cold, and also moisturizes the skin. In addition, the combination of active ingredients used provide protection from oxidative stress, light ageing, as well as the forming of moles and wrinkles.

SPA Hydro & Balance Hand & Body Bath Item# 51142 - package of 12 units Item# 51143 - package of 24 units Nurturing hand and body bath that gently cleanses the skin and prepares it for further care treatments. With natural extracts from papaya, hibiscus, Japanese mandarin orange, paracress, Ozeangold®, white tea, water lily and orchid. Use: Add approx. 7.5 ml of the hand bath concentrate to lukewarm water. Bathe the hands 5-10 minutes in the solution.

SPA Hydro & Balance Hand Peeling Item# 51136 - 50ml Item# 51154 - 200ml Hand peeling with natural rice. Delicately removes dead skin cells and gently prepares the skin for further care treatments. With natural extracts from papaya, hibiscus, Japanese mandarin orange, paracress, Ozeangold®, white tea, water lily and orchid. Free from paraben, paraffin and silicon. Use: Apply with a gentle circular motion to moist skin and rinse off with lukewarm water after the massage.

SPA Hydro & Balance Hand & Body Spray Item# 51144 - 30ml

SPA Hydro & Balance Hand Lotion Item# 51131 - 50ml Item# 51152 - 200ml

Moisturizing spray for hands and body with natural extracts from the desert plant imperata cylindirca, the “resurrection plant” (myrothamnus), tamarind, papaya, hibiscus, Japanese mandarin orange, paracress, Ozeangold®, white tea, water lily and orchid. Free from paraben, paraffin and silicon. Use: Spray the hands and body daily as needed.

The natural extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica and the “ressurection plant” provide the skin with more than 24 hours of moisture, thereby protecting it from dehydration as well as from heat and cold. Ozeangold® keeps valuable minerals in the skin. The sesame oil provides the cream with a high concentration of unsaturated essential fatty acids, making it especially valuable. The significant and natural UV protection of the mayten tree can also be found in LCN SPA hand lotion. It protects the skin from premature ageing, moles and the formation of wrinkles and also supports cell regeneration systems. Free from paraben, paraffin and silicon. Use: Massage in daily as needed.

SPA Hydro & Balance Hand Mask Item# 51138 - 100ml Item# 51153 - 450ml Nurturing and moisturizing hand mask with natural shea butter, sesame oil, natural extracts from the “resurrection plant” (myrothamnus), tamarind and the leaves of the Brazilian candle bush (Cassia alata leaf extract), papaya, hibisucs, Japanese mandarin orange, paracress, Ozeangold®, white tea, water lily, and orchid. Free from parabin and paraffin. Use: Completely cover the skin with the hand mask. Let the mask soak in for at least 10 minutes. Massage the rest of the mask in or remove excess with a towel.


ognx [organics] The argan tree can be traced back 80 million years in Morocco. It yields a unique natural treasure: amber-coloured argan oil. It contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids and anti-oxidants, making it an ideal ingredient for cosmetic products. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which as a free radical scavenger has a distinctive anti-ageing effect. Besides reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the skin it is also said to have intensively moisturising properties. The anti-oxidants as well as the high vitamin A and E content form a protective barrier around the cells, which repels damaging environmental conditions and stress. The skin’s moisture content is increased and it takes on a younger, radiant look. The new LCN OGNX hand and nail care line has been developed especially to meet the needs of hands and feet. Dry and torn skin becomes supple and soft again and brittle nails regain their stability. LCN OGNX products contain 100% natural ingredients and are enriched with high quality argan oil. LCN OGNX products are suitable for sensitive skin as they are free of mineral oils, parabenes and silicones as well as synthetic colours and scents. The consistent use of plants, herbs and oils derived from certified organic cultivation enables the certification of the LCN OGNX line by the BDIH – certified natural cosmetics (Federal Association of German Industrial and Trading Companies of Medicines, Health Store Food, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics).

OGNX Hand Cream, Intensive Item# 30433 - 50ml

OGNX Hand Cream, Soft Item# 30431 - 50ml

OGNX Hand Mask Item# 30437 - 50ml

Hand Cream, intensive argan is the perfect solution for demanding and very dry skin. Argan oil combined with shea butter and high quality olive oil intensively and lastingly hydrates the skin. Use several times daily.

Hand Cream, soft argan is a real treat for stressed skin. This light and soft hand care is enriched with calendula extracts. The valuable calendula oil contains, beta carotene, lycopene and flavonoids, which are said to have healing properties. The cream also conatins jojoba and argan oil. Use several times daily.

Hand Mask, argan is for stressed hands needing intensive moisturization. LCN OGNX Hand Mask argan uses ancient secrets: valuable ingredients such as organic honey, grape seed and argan oil intensify the hydrating and nourishing effect of the hand mask. Apply LCN OGNX Hand Mask argan once a week and lightly massage into the hands.

OGNX Hand Peeling Item# 30444 - 50ml This gentle peeling contains certified organic argan with other key ingredients: Apricot kernel oil contains approximately 65% unsaturated fatty acids for an intense moisturising effect. Its lipid replenishing effects helps retain the skin’s moisture balance. Apricot kernel peeling grains are naturally gentle on the skin. The high percentage of vitamin E contained in LCN OGNX hand peeling argan protects the skin against free radicals. The skin is optimally prepared for subsequent treatment with ognx argan products.


OGNX Nail Balm Item# 30435 - 8ml LCN OGNX Nail Balm, argan provides special care to torn and brittle cuticles. Allmond oil and vitamin E deliver what’s required and make the affected parts of the skin especially soft. Vitamin E is said to increase the skin’s moisture content and promote cell regeneration. Argan and almond oil have an intensively moisturising effect. Apply to cuticles and lightly massage into skin as required.

OGNX Nail Care Pen Item# 30448 - 8ml The rich LCN OGNX Nail Care Pen contains moisturising oils of argan, almond and calendula. These oils have a lipid-replenishing effect, softening cuticles. Calendula has a soothing effect on irritations. Argan oil lastingly hydrates the skin. The valuable ingredients of almond oil protect against adverse conditions.

man care

The men’s cosmetics market is continuously growing and much has changed in the field of professional care products for men. There are many reasons for men to take care of their hands: an important business appointment, a job interview, or a wedding. Your hands are your calling card. Well-groomed hands and nails are as much a part of a well-groomed exterior as well-kept clothing. Men are appreciating what salons have to offer in an increasingly self-aware and self-confident manner. For athletically active men, it is essential to feel refreshed after a workout. LCN Man Foot Care products provide quick and effective help.

Man Hand Cream Item# 88003 - 50ml Rough and chapped hands do not have to be that way. This intensively nuturing hand cream has a high-tech combination of such active ingredients as ivy, rice bran, and sunflower seed extracts, as well as vitamins A and E that moisturize and provide longlasting care for men’s hands.

Man Leg Splash Sports Item# 88010 - 100ml

Develop lucrative additional business in your salon with the new LCN Man Line.

This deodorizing and nurturing foot spray with long-lasting effect is the perfect product for after a workout. The vital complex of peppermint, citrus, and cypress oils has a pleasant cooling, refreshing, and relaxing effect.

Man Hand Gel Item# 88005 - 50ml

Man Files Item# 88002

Man Foot Cream Sports Item# 88008 - 100ml

This easily absorbed and cooling hand gel provides refreshment when speed is of the essence. In addition, the ivy, rice bran, and sunflower seed extracts protect the skin from external environmental stress and revitalize the skin.

LCN has designed a file set especially for the structure of men’s fingernails. The 100/100 grit white file is used to quickly shorten the nail, whereas the polishing file gives men’s nails a high-gloss finish.

Sweaty feet belong to the past: This vitalizing and nurturing foot cream with Cell Active Men®, a combination of taurine, green algae, and Siberian ginseng, has a stimulating and strengthening effect. The anti-bacterial active ingredient of Farsenol plus® inhibits the onset of foot odors.


brushes acrylic

Acrylic Sculpting Brush Item# 20080-1 Thin Item# 20080-2 Medium Item# 20080-3 Thick Acrylic Nail Art Brush Item# 21021 Pointed Item# 21020 Flat

Acrylic Modelling Brush Item# 21026 - Size 6 Item# 21027 - Size 10 Item# 21030 - Size 4 This Kolinsky Hair brush is size 10 for building and sculpting acrylic. The brush holds more liquid which enables the creation of a larger ball for a more efficient application. The size 6 brush is perfect for creating free edges, nail art designs and 3D nail art.

Acrylic Modelling “Kolinsky” Brush Item# 21023 - Size 7 Kolinsky red marten brush for the application of powder-fluid systems, for use as a practical mobile brush.


French Line Brush Item# 21015

Gel Sculpting Brush, Exclusive Item# 20227

Connex Brush Item# 20087

Bonding Brush Item# 21019

Gel Modelling Brush Item# 20086 - Flat Item# 20085 - Pointed

Gel Modelling Brush Item# 20170 - Pointed, Plexiglass Item# 20169 - Flat, Plexiglass


brushes protech

Protech 1 - Colour Gel brush Item# 21028

Protech 2 - Gel Brush Item# 21032

Protech 3 - Colour Gel Brush Flat Item# 21043

The essential brush for applying Colour Gel. The fine bristles allow for perfect, streak-free coverage. For best results apply colour as a thin coat, cure and repeat.

The Protech 2 gel brush enables a soft modeling and application of light curing resins. The brush can be shaped perfectly. The Protect 2 brush has a fine, more pointed head than the Protech 1.

The essential brush for applying Colour Gel now comes with a new flat head. The fine bristles allow for perfect, streak-free coverage. For best results apply colour as a thin coat, cure and repeat.

Protech NA1 - Nail Art Gel Brush Item# 21031

Protech Brush Set Item# PROTECHSET

COSMIQ Brush Set Item# 21122

Made of a new synthetic fibre, Biotech; the Protech NA1 is ideal for use with 3-D design Colour Gels and Permanent Nail Art. The triangular shape is ideal for flowers and delicate patterns.

Contents: Protech NA1, Protech 1, Protech 2 and Protech 3.

Modelling turns easy with the COSMIQ Brush Set. For maximum flexibility while working we have extended our 2 successful Protech gel brushes with 3 more brush shapes. Contents: Protech straight, Protech 1, Protech 2, Protech slanted and Protech Bond in a practical aluminum box.

Nail Art Brush Set Item# 30041-1




LCN File Item# 30223 - 100/100 6 pcs. Item# 30222 - 100/240 6 pcs. Item# 30246 - 100/180 6 pcs.

Natural Nail File Item# 30269 - 150/150 6 pcs.

Golden Streak File Item# 44526 - 100/100 6 pcs.

Extreme File Item# 30602 - 100/180 6 pcs.

Polish File, 3 Sided Item# 30268 - 6 pcs.

White Banana File Item# 30255 100/100 Coarse 6 pcs. Item# 30253 120/220 Fine 6 pcs.

Zebra File Item# 30266 100/180 Fine 6 pcs. Item# 30267 100/100 Rough 6 pcs.

Glass File Item# 30279

Polish File, 4 Sided Item# 30618 - 6 pcs.

Zebra Jumbo File Item# 30257 - 100/180 Fine 6 pcs.

White Jumbo File Item# 30272 100/100 Coarse 6 pcs.

LCN Ultima Acrylics Buffer Item# 30615 - 220/280

Bow File, Yellow & White Item# 30315 - 100/240 6 pcs.

File Box Item# 60962

files Banana Buffer, White Item# 30226 - 120/240 6 pcs.

High Polish File Item# 30619 6 pcs.

Buffer and Polish Block, White Item# 30091-10 - 220/240 10 pcs.

Extreme Jumbo File Item# 30413 - 100/100 6 pcs. Item# 30414 - 150/150 6 pcs. Item# 30415 - 180/180 6 pcs.

try this best seller! LCN Ultima Acrylics File Item# 30621 - 100/180

Callous Foot File Modern Line Item# 30231-1 This best selling foot file is especially easy to handle and removes callouses thoroughly and carefully. It can also be soaked for 15 minutes in disinfectant.

LCN Manicure File Set Item# 30052 Contents: Profi file, thick, Profi file, thin Banana Buffer, Golden Streak, Polish File 4-sided.


fluids & equipment Purzellin Swabs Item# 30080 roll with 500pcs.

Clean & Care Item# 30024 - 500ml

Cleaner Pen Item# 44318

Fastner Rapid Item# 30038 - 2g Item# 30039 - 4g Item# 30040 - 10g

Brush Glue Item# 43433 - 10g

Dust Brush Item# 30044-3

Brush Cleaner Item# 30025 - 100ml

Brush Holder Item# 20591

Remover Wraps Item# 36908 - 30 per roll

Acrylic Purzellin Box Item# 30132

The LCN Remover Wraps are used for the remover of Recolution.

Cleaner Item# 30001 - 100ml Item# 30002 - 500ml Item# 30005 - 5Ltr.

Cleaner, Extra Dry Item# 20499 - 100ml

Super Shine Finish Cleaner Item# 64135 - 100ml

LCN’s muliti-functional degreasing and disinfecting agent for effective and hygienic nail preparation. Has a pleasant lemon scent. Aroma Remover Item# 30012-1 - 100ml Wild Cherry Item# 30012-2 - 100ml Strawberry


try this best seller!

Remover Item# 30020 - 100ml Item# 30023 - 500ml Item# 30026 - 5Ltr. Specially formulated nail polish remover contains no acetone. Moisturizing agents and vitamins to ensure that every stage of your LCN nail care promotes the health of your nails.

Use the new Super Shine Finish Cleaner to generate an even more perfect modellage finish. The nurturing super shine oil that dries simultaneously will ensure a bright superlative shine accompanied by the delicious fragrance of wild cherries.

fluids & equipment Gauze Item# 20044 Silk Item# 20025 Fiberglass Mesh Item# 20028 Fiberglass Gauze Dispenser

Dappen Dish with Lid Item# 20588 - transparent Item# 20589 - frosted

Pinch Sticks Item# 20595 - 5pcs. Shaping sticks to create a perfect C-curve. 5 different sizes in a practical pouch.

Spot Swirl Item# 30055-1

Work Gloves with Reinforced Tips S, M, L Item# 44517

Barefoot Light Unit Item# 13004-1

UV Tunnel Light Unit Item# UV9X4-110

Glass container with lid for the storage of acrylic powder and acrylic liquid.

Two Part Dappen Dish Item# 20590 For the storage and mixing of different powders.

light units & drills

skyPRO Item# 13118-3 The sensational LED unit is characterized by a better warmth management making it optimally suitable for permanent operations in salons. The individually adjustable time interval automatic function in combination with 14 high-performance LEDs guarantees execptionally fast curing in 60 seconds. The 90 second interval with its automatic performance regulation of 10 to 100% is just the right choice, particularly for customers who are sensitive. Haven’t you had this happen, too; Customer bumping their nails on the rim of the casing? This phenomenon is part of the past thanks to the movable hand rest of the skyPRO. The timeless design also matches every salon equipment.


LCN offers many precision devices and cutter attachments for use in fingernail cosmetics. Please call 1.800.86.NAILS and speak to a sales representative to learn about the different bits we offer. Quick File Plus Item# 16032-2


tips & forms

3D Nail Art Forms Item# 35042-1 rose Item# 35042-2 teddy Item# 35042-3 flower power Item# 35042-4 butterfly Item# 35042-5 seashell Item# 35042-6 heart

Transparent Forms Item# 20123 roll with 250pcs.

Paper-Forms, Reinforced Item# 20073-1 roll with 500pcs.

Nail Tip Type 100E Item# 31000-.. - 50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 31250 - Mixed Box 250pcs.

Nail Tip Type 300 Item# 34000-.. - 50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 34014 - Mixed Box 250pcs.

Nail Tip Type 700 Item# 33600-.. - 50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 33650 - Mixed Box 250pcs.

Nail Tip Type XL Item# 34027-.. - 50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-4) Item# 34028 - Mixed Box 100pcs.

Nail Tip, Clear Item# 34071-.. - 25pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 34072 - Mixed Box 150pcs.

Assorted Tips Item# 34033-.. Type 100E -50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 34043-.. Type 300 -50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 34039-.. Type 700 -50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 34041-.. French -50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10) Item# 34074-.. Clear -50pcs. Sizes (-01) - (-10)




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