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twenty seven Years, Seventy five Countries, TWO hundred Employees, Three Thousand Products: competence in beauty

competence in beauty

competence in beauty

Content History 02 Research and Development 06 Security + Tests 07 Our clients 08 Our philosophy 09 Product diversity 10 MARKETING 14 EDUCATION 16 EXHIBITION 17 Advertising + PR 18 Mercedes-Benz 19 Awards 20 Lifetime archievement 21

competence in beauty




HISTORY Founding As a company for dental technology

Further development of light-curing resins for Finger nail sculpting (LCN Light Concept Nails)


In 1914 the Wilde family founded a dental factory named Wilde in the rheingau region of Germany. In the 60s more than 500 peo-

Founding of WildeGroup

ple were working on synthetic products for dental prosthetics. Based on this knowledge the idea for the foundation of Wilde Cosmetics was born. The light-curing resins were used to extend and strenghten finger nails. This was the birth of the Brand “Light Concept Nails” which during the following years developed into the Brand “LCN”.

competence in beauty


hisTory Milestones 200 employees in > Research > Development > Marketing > Sales

Export in 75 countries

1986 Bonder, Sculpture, Sealant 1988 One-phase gels · 1993 Connex 1994 Fibrique, Nail Ground, Nail Stabilizer · 1995 Bondique, WildePedique · 1996 Connex connects with Keratin fibers of the nail 1998 Dermique · 2000 Connex Plus Since 2003 Research on skin intolerances · 2004 Remove & Care · 2005 Significant reduction of curing warmth · 2006 WildePedique Plus, Active Nail Bond 1 & 2, Orchid Nail Polish Remover 2009 Solution Base & Closing Gel, Building Gel, Fibrique Express Repair 2010 BioBond, Approx. 200 Colour-, Glitter-, 3D and Glass gels 2011 X-TAME, Recolution, COSMIQ


competence in beauty

employee Experience, success, professionalism and service. Our employees identify themselves with the company and always act in its best interest.

competence in beauty

Research Expertise and experience lead to innovation

The LCN department for research and development sets standards worldwide in the area of light-curing resins. On-going product research and development ensure that the LCN range remains up-to-date and state-of-the-art scientifically.

competence in beauty

Safety LCN stands for innovation and the

All LCN light-curing nail resins fulfill the

highest product quality, particularly

requirements and are in accordance with

in the area of light-curing resins.

European cosmetics guidelines and the German cosmetics regulations.


light-curing nail resins have been evaluated by independent institutions by means of an

Zer tifikat hat den Ausb


erfolgreich ab



Die Teilnehm erin / der Teilne hmer hat da erworben, da mit ein Wiss s aus der Qu en alitätsphilosop WILDE COSM hie der ETICS GmbH hervorge hÜchs

epicutane test and have been assessed as non-irritating to the skin. The quality of LCN products has been established for decades.

competence in beauty


Clients With these individual LCN concepts you have the possibility to offer your customers additional services and products, if located in a perfume shop or a shop-in-shop institute, and therefore generate a higher profit without any additional costs. LCN Full-Service > planning, furnishings


DOUGLAS LCN offers perfect solutions for the highest standards.

> conditions > sales support

competence in beauty

Philosophy You - our client - are the measure of all things. Your needs are always at the focus of our attention and our actions. This is the foundation for a cooperative relationship. In doing so we do not see ourselves merely as a manufacturer and seller, we offer comprehensive and on-going training options for all product areas and applications. Our employees are members of a team who treat each other with respect and in doing so securing the success of the company.

competence in beauty

Diversity of products // Professional nails

LCN offers a large selection of light-curing nail resins for a perfect nail modelage. The LCN range contains basic- and specialized

permanent make-up

products, as well as over 200 color gel varieties. In addition, the LCN product range offers 3d design gels, nail art products,


specialized products for problem nails, nail care products, over 100 nail polishes, as well as 360째 Full-Service offers in form of

amazing lashes sugaring

optimal salon-equipment.

competence in beauty

Product diversity // retail Developed by professionals, recommended by experts – LCN offers professional care

hand & nail care


products for retail. Under the brand label LCN innovative and high-quality products are being offered for end consumer in the

foot care

facial care

areas of hand and nail care, foot care as well as facial care, decorative cosmetics and permanent make up. The high quality


body care

of the products, the use of high-grade ingredients, their good compatibility and the constant development of innovative,


market-oriented products are the highest priority at LCN.

competence in beauty

Selected, exclusive LCN nail design studios with a pleasant atmosphere, generous space and exclusive fittings.


premium center

MARKETING national > 15 employees sales – back office

Shopin-shop Karstadt Offer your customers services and LCN products in your perfumery or in a department store of the Karstadt Gruppe, and generate more profit without more additional costs.

Nail studio

> 15 employees sales – field representatives > 10.000 customers international > 20 employees export > consultation of 45 international distributors > 75 countries > worldwide more than 250.000 salons



competence in beauty

basics hand/ naIl/ fOOT


LCN ConCeptS // Professional & Retail Products in the categories hand- and nail care, foot care, facial care and make up: > uv gels > hand and nail care products


> foot care products


> permanent make up > units & accessories > hygiene & disinfection > salon furnishings > advertising means and sales support


skin care

NAIL DESIGN competence in beauty


EDUCATION The LCN BeautySchool offers a wide range as well as individually plannable training programs. In order to meet the high standard of the LCN BeautySchool our trainers take part in a special training program and are obligated to continued training. With a high priority in theory and practice. > profound education > wide variety of training opportunities



> LCN power workshops > customer loyalty due to professional know how

competence in beauty

EXHIBITION The LCN brand, which has received several national and international awards, always attracts with it’s impressive exhibition stand a lot of attention and interested visitors. Special highlights at exhibitions

Beauty Düsseldorf 2012 Impressions of this year’s trade fair booth

form the presentations of innovative LCN trend novelties from the areas of decorative and care cosmetics. In 2012 LCN was awarded the special prize of the Beauty forum readers’ Choice awards for the overall company concept.

competence in beauty Eigenanzeigen

just Das neue COSMIQ One Component Resin F und COSMIQ Glaze Gel mit kostbarem Mondsteinstaub – die exklusiven Veredelungen zweier Bestseller.

neue woche

Advertisement / PR

WILDE COSMETICS GmbH · Rheingaustraße 19 a · D-65375 Oestrich-Winkel · Tel.: 0 67 23 / 60 20 - 0 · Fax: 0 67 23 / 60 20 -15 · · Ein Unternehmen der WildeGroup RZ_AZ_Cosmiq_210x297mm_2.indd 1

18.01.12 14:18

The national as well as the international trade & general press regularly report on LCN’s world of products. As a result of intensive PR work, LCN achieves a high level of brand awareness in the relevant target groups, generating a high demand in products.

Frau vON heute jolie bunte

rock the roads …

competence in beauty

powered by

WILDE COSMETICS GmbH · Rheingaustraße 19 a · D-65375 Oestrich-Winkel · Tel.: 0 67 23 / 60 20 - 0 · Fax: 0 67 23 / 60 20 -15 · · Ein Unternehmen der WildeGroup

Partner // Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz represents quality, success and tradition. In line with the philosophy of the automotive manufacturer the cosmetic brand LCN presents the first nail polish, exclusively produced for the new MercedesBenz SLK.

competence in beauty READERS CHOICE 2012


Overall company concept

Product of the year

and the winner is ... Awards LCN has

been awarded several presti-

gious beauty awards in the course of years. In 2011 LCN was awarded twice with first READERS CHOICE 2010 Beauty Forum Award


READERS CHOICE 2012 Beauty Forum Award

place in the Beauty Forum Readers’ Choice Awards. The bestseller LCN Bondique won first place in the category “uv- gel sculpting material”. In addition LCN was awarded first place in the category “special award for an overall company concept”.

competence in beauty

lifetime achievement award Michael Kalow and Bettina Hillemacher are being honored for their lifetime achievement at the Beauty Duesseldorf March 2013 - Two entrepreneur, one professional career: brother and sister, Bettina Hillemacher and Michael Kalow receive the Award „A Life of Beauty“ at the international Trade Show Beauty Duesseldorf. The Duesseldorf Trade Show Organizers honor with this Award exceptional personalities who render outstanding services in the Beauty

WILDE COSMETICS GmbH · Rheingaustr. 19 a · 65375 Oestrich-Winkel · Telefon: 06723 60 20-0 · Fax: 06723 60 20-15 · · Sitz: Oestrich-Winkel · Amtsgericht Wiesbaden HRB 17557 · Geschäftsführer: Michael Kalow · Ein Unternehmen der WildeGroup

Art.-Nr. 63809-GB


LCN Corporate Overview