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The Senior Issue

Senior Issue 2013

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The North Star


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The seniors have always been a tight class. Although they’ve been through many hardships in the past, they’re one big family and are leaving high school with stronger bonds than ever. Photo by Sieloff

May 9, 2013

L’Anse Creuse High School - North 23700 21 Mile Road Macomb, MI 48042

This year, the Varsity Football Team came a long way from where they began four years ago.

Photo by James Coller ‘13

The senior class float was creative and reflected just what the football team did to Anchor Bay! Photo by James Coller ‘13

Volume XXXVIII Issue VII

The senior homecoming court was filled with happy candidates and cute couples. Photo from Jacob Puma ‘13

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Senior Issue 2013

The North Star

Where are you going to college? 257 seniors polled

Central Michigan University 11 students

Compiled by Jacob Puma ‘13 Saginaw Valley State University 6 students

Ferris State University 5 students

Michigan State University 19 students

Northwood University 2 students Grand Valley State University 6 students

Oakland University 9 students

Macomb Community College 107 students

Davenport University 1 student

Baker College 3 students

Hope College 1 student Western Michigan University 14 students

William Penn University 1 student

Columbia College Chicago 1 student

University of St. Francis 1 student

Rochester College 3 students Wayne State University 4 students University of Michigan - Dearborn University of 1 student Detroit Mercy 9 students University of Michigan Eastern Michigan 11 students University 1 student Adrian College Bowling Green 3 students State University Lake Superior 2 students State University 1 student Findlay University 1 student

Miami University of Ohio 1 student Marymount Manhattan College 1 student American Academy of Dramatic Arts 1 student Notre Dame de Namur University 1 student

Arizona State University 1 student

Valparaiso University Indiana State University

Southwestern University 1 student Lincoln University 1 student

University of Alabama 1 student

Fontbonne University 1 student

Lee University 1 student

Senior Issue 2013

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The North Star

What was your favorite part of high school?

“My favorite part of high school has been going to the football and basketball games with my friends and showing our Crusader pride regardless of the outcome.” Cody Barlow “My favorite part of high school was being in Leadership class. It has opened my eyes to so much I wasn’t aware of. I have met some amazing people and have had experiences that have changed my life. The life lessons I have learned from that class I will stay with me forever.” Nikki Clausen “Spending my senior year winter break in Disney World with my best friend, Emily Ronnisch.” Shauna Radtke “Taking senior pictures at George George Park.” Ashley Lech

What are you studying? 128 students polled Compiled by Jacob Puma ‘13

“The art program.” Carly Mourtos


Compiled by Emily Ronnisch ‘13

“Marching band.” Darby Barbe “Meeting all the friends I made in choir and drama.” Josh Bryzelak “The surprise assembly for Dave Jackson.” Emily Croce “When the hypnotist came in for the Psychology classes.” Mitchell Deschryver “Playing on the hockey team was really fun because even though I wasn’t that good, the team still supported me.” Devin LaPorte “Visiting colleges on weekends.” Mitchell Zink “Playing on the baseball team.” Alec Duffiney “Senior year Homecoming week.” Jordan Roskopp “Being able to see my friends every single day.” Brandon Sargent “The French program. We’ve all been together for the past four years.” Cecilia Hentkowski


“My favorite part of high school was getting to see my friends every day. I liked how each hour had different people in them and I could see everyone throughout the day.” Courtney Matz “My favorite part of high school was playing number one doubles for varsity tennis with my best friend Katelynn!” Kennedy Lovelace “My favorite part of high school was being in the music programs at LCN.” Alex Zambelli “My favorite part of high school was meeting new people during freshman year and going to my first homecoming football game and dance.” Gabrielle Buffa “Band camp was spectacular, most fun days of my life. I love it more than breathing.” Jillian Hill


“I loved all of my teachers.” Bryan Wilson

“Meeting Mr. Pfaff, and playing chess with him.” Jay Ehlmann “’Meeting new people.” Kelly Sutter “Going to the London trip with band.” Rachel Werthmann “Participating in sports and attending after-school activities like sports games.” Alyse DeVos “Choir trip to Disney World.” Menka Jovanoska “The Friday night football games.” Shellby Haubner “Meeting a group of amazing people that changed my life at Camp Cavell.” Alyssa Meade

“Transcendentalizing every day. It’s an AP Literature thing; you wouldn’t understand.” Jeremy Schornack “Being on the powderpuff cheer team.” Tyler Crescenti “Senior year spring break.” Jacob Perry


“My favorite part of high school was being on the Girls’ Varsity Swim Team because it helped me figure out who I am as a person.” Abby Girard

Culinary Engineering

“Performing in ‘Chicago’ the musical.” Amber Reeves


“Joining the swim team.” Mackenzie Ripari


Criminal Justice

“Meeting my best friend, Courtney Gilbert.” Angela Hemphill


“Meeting new people that became life-long friends.” Courtney Gilbert


“My cruise that I went on junior year.” Stephanie LePoudre

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Senior Issue 2013

The North Star

LCN’s Community Service Leaders Alexandria Zambelli 809.20 hours

Alexandria Zambelli accumulated a whopping 800 hours of community service. She did this by volunteering whenever and wherever she could. This mainly included church and rehearsal events. “I always feel pretty good after helping others. Completing all of these hours was definitely worthwhile. Using time and giving it to others is very rewarding,” said Zambelli. Zambelli believes that the 40-hour minimum is not difficult to reach and is good to have as a graduation requirement.

Caitlin Papa 517.50 hours Caitlin Papa is a perfect example of a student with a wealth of knowledge spreading it on to those in need. She has accumulated the majority of her hours through tutoring for Mu Alpha Theta and Atwood Elementary. “I really enjoyed working in the community. It was a privilege to work with all of these people I’ve met and I know I will always remember them,” Papa said. Papa said it was worthwhile to help out the community. “I became a better person serving the community and I loved seeing the look on someone’s face when they saw that I was willing to help out.”

Erica Presnell

508.50 hours

Erica Presnell accumulated a total of 508.5 community service hours. She said it was one of the best experiences of her life. Her favorite act of community service was going on mission trips with her church to many different places, especially Puerto Rico. “Doing community service made me realize not to be selfish,” said Presnell. As for the graduation requirement, Presnell said that the 40 hours needed for graduation is necessary.

Samantha Polonis 498.00 hours

Samantha Polonis acquired 498 community service hours, mainly by helping out at church events, as well as helping out at local plays and musicals. “Community service is one of the best experiences a teenager can ever have. There is so much you can give and receive by doing things for people who need the help,” said Polonis. Polonis believes that there should be a higher requirement than the 40 hours needed. “All of the lives you impact and the smiles you create keep you going and makes sacrificing your time worthwhile,” she said.

Steven Stanislawski

484.00 hours

Steven Stanislawski accumulated a numerous amount of community service hours. He worked primarily at the Salvation Army to obtain his service hours. He said he felt really good while helping others and that performing these hours was worthwhile. As for the 40-hour requirement needed for graduation, Stanislawski said that it needs to stay in place. He said that it was not hard to meet this requirement.

Senior Issue 2013

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The North Star

Seniors spend the time and effort helping those in need

Jacob Relph

460.50 hours

Compiled by Brandon Alafriz ‘13 & Brittiny Shepherd ‘13 Photos from seniors & The Quest Files

Jacob Relph accumulated a lot of his community service hours through band events, camp counseling, plays, and other activities of that nature. “After completing these hours, I usually felt exhausted and worn out. I definitely thought the hours were worthwhile, especially the camp counseling. I would love to do it all again; it was truly amazing,” said Relph. Even though he surpassed the amount of hours needed to graduate, he believes that there should still be a minimum amount needed to graduate.

Brittiny Shepherd

406.55 hours

Brittiny Shepherd donated a lot of her time and effort to the Go Green! Club. She also accumulated a lot of her hours through Link Crew and the Know Resolve suicide prevention walks. “Doing these community service activities made me feel good, because I knew it meant a lot to other people being able to help them out,” Shepherd said. Forty hours of community service is needed for graduation, and Shepherd strongly agreed with that guideline. “Students should want to do things to help out the community. Doing community service gets students involved in activities,” she said.

Ashley Kling 396.10 hours Ashley Kling accumulated almost all of her hours through helping out at her church, as well as the school. Kling said after completing her hours, she felt accomplished and really good about herself. “It feels amazing to help even one person because you made a difference in their life. Completing these hours was definitely worthwhile, because I learned something new through each experience and I help at least one person,” said Kling.

Jacquelyn Marion 372.25 hours Jacquelyn Marion acquired the majority of her service hours doing what people usually think of when hearing the words “community service”: working to find foster homes for animal rescues, volunteering at animal shelters, tutoring, and helping out at band events. “Helping out the community is something everyone should want to do. At the end of the day it is rewarding to do something for someone else,” Marion said. If there wasn’t a requirement for the amount of service hours needed to graduation, Marion believes that this generation of teenagers wouldn’t participate. “With the requirement of 40 hours needed to graduate, it shows how to help others and the sacrifices it takes,”she said.

Menka Jovanoska 319.15 hours Menka Jovanoska acquired her hours by working at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Link Crew, and tutoring. After all of her work was done, she accumulated 350 hours. “I felt good and proud knowing I was making a difference in my community. It helped me learn more about myself and my community,” said Jovanoska. Jovanoska said she benefited greatly from her community service experience. “It not only benefits others, but colleges love to see students who dedicate their time to worthwhile causes,” she said.

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& s l a V 4.12

s l a S

The North Star

Senior Issue 2013

Compiled by Alexis Carlson ‘14, Jessie DiBattista ‘14, and Nicole Voight ‘13 All photos provided by seniors and Quest files

1. Kyle Kostenko ACT: 34 College: Bowling Green State University Major: Music performance Biggest accomplishment: Second chair clarinets All-State Band


f I had to sum up my four years in high school in just one word, that word would have to be lessons. I’m not strictly speaking of the standard math or science lessons, and often, we tend to forget that our lives mean more than just academics. The lessons in life that need to be learned are often the ones that are the hardest to learn. These lessons tear us down until we barely even recognize ourselves, but this tearing has a point. At rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. For me, life during these four years tore me down, but in all honesty, I’m glad. I’m glad to not just be the academic or the musician. I’m so much more than just a grade point average or an ACT score; I’m so much more than the number of friends I had or the clothes I wore. I spent four years learning this, and though it was never the easiest experience, I’m glad to have learned it. And so, when you think that you’re never going to use anything you learned in high school, that’s not necessarily true; take a second to think about who you are now compared to who you were and realize that you’ve learned more than you possibly imagined you could.

2. James Coller ACT: 33 College: The University of Michigan Major: Mechanical engineering Biggest accomplishment: Developing a material testing program for Ford Motor Company


alking into high school, I set the bar high for myself. I knew right from the start that I wanted to be a valedictorian. Now, four years later, here I am. It has been four long years of hard work, determination, late nights, and lots of caffeine. (Has anyone ever seen me without my Mountain Dew?) I hope every one of you will leave here with the same passion and drive that I have to go out and change the world. We have the potential to make an impact, Crusader Nation. Now, let’s make it happen. We set the bar high for those behind us in both academics and athletics, now let’s keep that momentum alive. Excel in everything you do, put forth everything you’ve got, because we are a Nation that abides by the 212 philosophy. Let’s make an impact, and show the world what Crusaders can do. Carpe diem.


Senior Issue 2013

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The North Star

3. Elizabeth Michno

ACT: 27 College Michigan State University Major: Accounting Biggest accomplishment: Made varsity tennis my freshman year.



e did it! The day has finally arrived. While I am elated to say those words, I also know I will miss this chapter of my life. We started out just four short years ago, and now we can look appreciatively at what they have taught us. As I reflect upon the past four years, I think of the friendly smiles and the variety of personalities. I am reminded of the caring teachers that diligently prepared me for college and challenged me to succeed. I also realize it would have been difficult without the support from my family and my faith. While high school was the time to discover who we are and what direction we want our life to take, graduation puts us on a new journey. We will be entering new hallways and greeted by new smiles. We each behold a different future, but it is exciting to know that it is ours to determine. Congratulations, Class of 2013!

4. Mackenzie Garrett

ACT: 28 College: The University of Michigan Major: Political science Biggest accomplishment: Being accepted to The University of Michigan


ith the last day of school, prom, and graduation coming into view, I can finally relax and get excited, for there are no more tests or late-night studying left for my high school career. I know I can say for myself and my fellow classmates that it feels good to finally reach the end of our journey we started back in freshman year. Through all the sports games, clubs and activities, and friendships made, I have made enough memories to last me a lifetime. Although I am sad to be leaving the place I’ve become so familiar with over the course of the last four years, I am thoroughly excited to go off to college this fall and start the new chapter of my life. I will never forget, though, all the lessons learned and people I met in high school, because they have helped to shape me into the person I am now. The end is finally here, and I’m proud to be graduating with the class of 2013!

5. Maxie McNair

ACT: 24 College: Wayne State University Major: Pre-medicine Biggest accomplishment: Being a class valedictorian



hen I started high school, I didn’t know what to expect. Coming from a much smaller middle school, I felt slightly overwhelmed, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to make any friends. As time went on, I got accustomed to the size of the school, my nerves calmed, and LCN became like a second home. Over these last four years, I have become friends with a lot of people, and I have got to know and develop great friendships with many teachers. It will be hard for me to leave everyone and start the next chapter of my life at an even bigger place with even more people to get to know, but I am excited. Everyone has worked hard these last four years, and we all deserve to move on to bigger and better places/things. I can’t wait to see what everybody goes on to do, but I know every one of us is destined to do something great!

4.0779 6. Trevor Taggart

ACT: 33 College: Colorado State University Major: Zoology Biggest accomplishment: Juggling life, work, four AP classes, and extra-curriculars


hese last four years at LCN have been trying, influential, and overall, enjoyable. I won’t forget any of the people I have met nor any of the memories captured: band camp, homecoming, drama. Each and every moment that I have spent at LCN and Pankow will be cherished and replayed in my movie or memories that stream past my mind as the days pass. There could be little more for which I could ask, more so than what I have already received from life thus far, and I am proud to be able to state that I am number six of over 400. The thought is breath-taking.


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The North Star

7. David Spehar

Senior Issue 2013

ACT: 31 College: The University of Michigan Major: Chemical engineering/Pre-med Biggest accomplishment: Starting the Chess Club at North


s my final year at High School-North draws to an end, I can’t help but reminisce upon my years. There is no doubt in my mind that I an NOT the same person from 2009. The people that I have met and associated with, the classes that I’ve taken and my teachers have had such an influence on me. They all have shaped me into whom I have become today. Also, I am more confident in myself and hope I have also made a change in the freshmen. I will miss high school and other underclassmen through my various leadership positions.

4.046 8. Kristen Alberti

ACT: 27 College: Michigan State University Major: Broadcasting Biggest accomplishment: Being student of the week in the Macomb Daily in third grade.


have learned so much from high school; not just from the curriculum, but from all of my experiences here, as well. I already know I’ll miss having the same routine every day, seeing all of my best friends in all of my classes, but most importantly, being able to confide in all of my favorite teachers anytime I please. Although our class has been through a lot together, I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to see us all grow closer in my four years here from all of the things we’ve been through. When Dave Jackson died, the whole school came together as one, and I don’t think I will ever forget that experience. I’ve made so many bonds with so many great people in this school, and I wish you all the best of luck. Congratulations, Class of 2013! We made it!

9. Cody Barlow


ACT: 28 College: The University of Michigan Major: Biology Biggest accomplishment: Making the top 14


would have never guessed high school would fly by this fast. Even though I am excited to get out and pursue my dreams, I am going to miss everyone. The friends I have made will last a lifetime and the memories will be forever. From the sporting events, homecoming, spirit week, and much more, I enjoyed all high school had to offer. As we go our separate ways, remember that you have the capability to do anything you set your mind to. Live your dreams and make this world a better place. After all, remember we are the class of 2013 and can do anything. It’s time to start the new chapter of our lives.

4.0406 10. Brandon Sargent

ACT: 27 College: Marymount Manhattan College Major: Acting Biggest accomplishment: Being accepted into Marymount Manhattan’s acting program


s much as students complain about coming to school every day, I know I will truly miss this place. LCN is the place where I was able to see my friends every day and create memories. After a long four years, all of my friends and I are going off to different colleges, and I will miss them more than anything. Because of everything I’ve learned at LCN and in Pankow’s Acting class, I was accepted into my dream acting school. I am so excited to be living in New York City next year! I am so thankful for such a great high school experience, and I can’t wait to see where my life takes me.


Senior Issue 2013

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The North Star

11. Caitlin Papa

ACT: 27 College: Michigan State University Major: Veterinary medicine Biggest accomplishment: Being accepted to Lymann Briggs College of Medicine at Michigan State University


oing to LCHSN has been a wonderful experience, and I can’t believe four years have already gone by. I have made friends with people I never would have thought to talk to, and I am glad I did. If you be yourself and go out and get involved, you will make more friends than you ever thought you could. Don’t miss out on any opportunities that are presented to you. Don’t let others change who you are; be yourself, and your true friends will be revealed. Enjoy your four years in high school because it goes by fast.

12. Jenna Ehrle


ACT: 34 College: Case Western Reserve University Major: Chemistry/Pre-med Biggest accomplishment: Excelling in both academics and athletics



or the last two years, I have been anxious to move on from high school to college. I’ve always thought of this new phase of my life as my future, but it’s already here. So now I can’t help but look back at the past four years and see just how full of memorable experiences they have been. I’m grateful for my time in the MST program because it taught me to challenge myself, to set goals, and to work hard to achieve them. I’m also grateful for the teachers who pushed me to do my best. Playing volleyball was a big part of my high school experience. It taught me to be both a team player and a leader and brought me closer to some great friends. When I look at my high school experience as a whole, I can see that it has shaped who I am today and has helped me feel prepared for my future. Congratulations and good luck, Class of 2013!

13. Ellen Socha

ACT: 31 College: Wayne State University Major: Undecided Biggest accomplishment: Being co-valedictorian and surviving MST


igh school was such a great time. It started off a little rocky, but as I got to know people, I had much more fun. I’m a little sad to be leaving, but also excited to be moving on and starting a new chapter in my life. It’s going to be a challenge, but I learned some great skills that will help me along the way. These four years were great, and hopefully the next four will be even better.

14. Nikolas Ciaston


ACT: 27 College: The University of Michigan Major: Mechanical engineering Biggest accomplishment: Eagle Scout



ell, it’s finally here! Our graduation. I can definitely say that the time has flown by, and now here we are on the brink of discovery in our new lives. I believe that throughout my high school career, I have been preparing for this moment. From my countless extra-curriculars to my advanced classes, I believe each of them has taught me something important-but my friends are what transformed me. Without my friends, high school would be miserable. So I say: cherish your friends who love and support you! Without them, you would not be where you are today.

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Senior Issue 2013

The North Star



The Senior Standouts were nominated by and voted on by LCN and Pankow staff members. Compiled by Brittiny Shepherd ‘13 Photos from seniors, Quest files and by Kim Kozian


Kristen Alberti

y l a e H Shane Scientist

Musical Studious

David Walter Kyle Kostenko

Thomas VanAcker

Senior Issue 2013


Caitlin Papa

Professional Dependable Literary

James Coller

page 11

The North Star


Mathematician Alvina Yousif

Trevor Taggart


Amber Reeves

page 12


Erving Collier

Athletic Boy

n i l k n o C r Tyle

The North Star

Senior Issue 2013

Community Service


Farrah Hernandez

Adison Bucec

Sportsmanship Athletic Girl

Marisa Olek


Senior Issue 2013

School Spirit

The North Star

page 13



Ashley Kling

Jacob Puma


Brandon Sargent

David Bercel-Dicker


Allen Klaus

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The North Star

Where has th


• New millennium begins • Start kindergarten • Nokia cell phones made it possible to communicate in color • Playstation 2 released • “Sims” game is released • Billboard Top 100 #1 song Faith Hill “Breathe”


Senior Is

Compiled by Kristen Alberti ‘13 & Jacob Pallach ‘13 Photo by Jared Lazarus/MCT

Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman


Photo by Kirthmon F. Dozier/MCT


• Billboard Top 100 #1 song Nickelback – “How You Remind Me” • Red Wings win the Stanley Cup • Enron, the largest company in the U.S., declares bankruptcy

• Twitter is launched • Pluto is demoted to Usher, Lil Jon and Ludacris dwarf planet • Started middle school • Tigers lose to Oakland in the World Series • Billboard Top 100 #1 • Facebook is launched song Daniel Powter – • Billboard Top 100 #1 song “Bad Day” Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris – “Yeah!”


Photo by Lionel Hahn/MCT

2001 • Wikipedia launched • George W. Bush elected as forty third president • 9/11 attack on U.S. • U.S. invades Afghanistan • Apple launches iPod • Billboard Top 100 #1 song Lifehouse – “Hanging By a Moment” President George W. Bush Photo by Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News/MCT

• War with Iraq begins • MySpace is launched • Cell phones can connect to the internet, send email and take pictures • Billboard Top 100 #1 song 50 Cent – “In Da Club”


• YouTube is launched • Regional summer power outage occurs • Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans • “Sims 2” game released • Billboard Top 100 #1 song Mariah Carey – “We Belong Together”


ssue 2013

he time gone? Photo by Handout/MCT

Wii System

Photo by Gary W. Green/MCT


page 15

The North Star


2008 • Debt expands to $1.4 billion a day, economists warn of slowdown • Red Wings win Stanley Cup • Lions go 0-16 • Billboard Top 100 #1 song Flo Rida ft. TPain – “Low”

Photo by Nebinger-Gorassini/MCT

• • • •



Earthquake hits Haiti Apple debuts iPad Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico Billboard Top 100 #1 song Ke$ha – “TiK ToK”

• Juniors beat seniors in powderpuff game • Mayan calendar ends • Football team ends three-year losing streak • Tigers make it to the World Series • Billboard Top 100 #1 song Gotye feat. Kimbra – “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Flo Rida Photo by Handout/MCT

• • • •

First iPhone released The Wii comes out Playstation 3 comes out Billboard Top 100 #1 song Beyonce – “Irreplaceable”


Photo by Mark Cornelison/Lexington Herald-Leader/MCT


Photo by Michael Ainsworth/MCT

President Barack Obama

• Barack Obama elected forty fourth president • Water discovered on the moon • Start high school • “Sims 3” game released • Billboard Top 100 #1 song Black Eyed Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”


Apple iPad

• 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan • Osama Bin Laden is assassinated • Most seniors can get their licenses • Billboard Top 100 #1 song Adele – “Rolling in the Deep”

• Boston Marathon bombing • Prom • Graduation • Senior all-night party • Billboard Top 100 #1 song (to date) P!nk feat. Nate Ruess – “Just Give Me a Reason”



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Senior Issue 2013

The North Star

Senior Athlete Standouts Senior Athlete Standouts were chosen by the coaches of each respective team. Compiled by Chris Waechter ‘13, Kyle Deriemacker ‘14, and Shane Healy ‘13

Boys’ Basketball

Girls’ Tennis

The senior standout for varsity girls’ tennis is Courtney Warren. “She is a talented tennis player who plays the best player from every school we go up against. With that challenge every day, she stays focused and determined,” said Coach John Broder. She was named First Team AllCounty and First Team All-MAC White Division last year.

The senior standout for varsity boys’ basketball is Tyler Conklin. “T.C. played consistently on both ends of the floor the entire season, as he earned the welldeserved honor of Macomb County Player of the Year,” said Coach Jay Seletsky. Conklin will be playing college basketball for Northwood University.

Hockey One of senior standouts for varsity hockey is Gage Mazzetti. “Gage Mazzetti has been in the program three years and has had two great years at the varsity level. He led the team in points this season,” said Coach Jon Nader. The other senior standout for hockey is Gage Minkley. “Gage Minkley has been playing varsity for three years and has been the backbone for the defense for the last three years,” said Coach Nader.

All photos by Sieloff and James Coller ‘13

Boys’ Tennis The senior standout for varsity boys’ tennis is Nathan Peer. “He’s a great leader and a very good friend. I’m going to miss Nathan. I was happy to have him as a player for my last year of coaching tennis,” said Coach Randy Payne. He was awarded All-County, All-League, and was MVP of the team last year. He is also the team captain.

Boys’ Soccer

Girls’ Basketball The senior standout for varsity girls’ basketball is Marisa Oleksiak. “Marisa was simply one of the best players I have ever coached,” said Coach Bob Johnston. Oleksiak was named the MVP of the team and the league, First Team All-County, and she also had an All-State Honorable Mention.

The senior standout for varsity boys’ soccer is Alex Masakowski. “Alex definitely leads by example. He doesn’t say much, but his heart and determination motivate others around him. His experience as a life-long defender definitely showed his resilience in many key situations throughout the season,” said Coach Elmir Sabanovic. Masakowski was the team’s MVP and he made the AllDistrict Team.

Senior Issue 2013

page 17

The North Star


One of the senior standouts for varsity lacrosse is Brandon Backus. “Brandon, one of the captains, is a midfielder. He has committed to Fontbonne University for academics, and also to play lacrosse. Brandon is a big part of the offense this year. Brandon’s game/field smarts will enable him to assist in many ways,” said Coach Rob Melling.

Another one of the senior standouts for varsity lacrosse is Robert Nolan. “Rob, also a captain, has not committed yet but has the ability to play college at a D2 or a D3 school. Rob’s offseason work will make him a threat on defense to stop the opposing players. Rob has leadership skills and is the talking captain this year,” said Coach Melling.

Girls’ Swimming The senior standout for varsity girls’ swimming is Una Korajac. “Una has been one of the best swimmers I have ever coached. She always worked hard and tried her best, not only for herself, but also for the team,” Coach Mike Owensby said. Korajac helped lead the team to the Dual-Meet Championship and the Division Meet Championship as a junior. She has earned All-County, All-Conference and All-Academic honors.

Boys’ Golf The senior standout for varsity boys’ golf is Peter Parski. “He has a tremendous passion for playing golf and will do some pretty great things in college,” said Coach Bob Johnston. Parski will be going to Lake Superior State University for golf.

Volleyball The senior standout for varsity volleyball is Emily Nieman. Nieman was a three-time All Region Player. She is going to SVSU on a scholarship to play volleyball. She was a four- year starter at LCN. She is the all-time LCN leader in digs in her career, in a match, and in a season. “Her greatest attribute is her consistent effort and emotional stability. Volleyball is a sport of huge momentum swings. Players like Emily help the team remain calm in the face of such adverse conditions,” said Coach Gary Malburg.

Football The senior standout for varsity football is David Bercel-Dicker. “The first time I met him, I knew that he was going to be a great player for us. David was the leader for our team that brought L’Anse Creuse High School-North to its rightful place amongst the best in Macomb County,” said Coach Anthony Kiner. Bercel-Dicker will be playing college football at St. Francis.

Boys’ Swimming The senior standout for varsity boys’ swimming is Nikolas Ciaston. “Nik has been one of the most enjoyable swimmers I have ever had the pleasure of coaching,” Coach Mike Owensby said. Ciaston has swam on the team for four years. He has also earned All-Academic Award for all four years he has been in the program, as well as an All-American Academic Award. Ciaston helped the team become Dual Meet and Division Meet champions three out of four years.

page 18

The North Star

Baseball The senior standouts for varsity baseball are Shane Healy (top) and Nick Ivone (bottom). They are both second year players on varsity. “Shane is the ace of the pitching staff this year after a strong junior season on the mound and the plate,” said Coach Jeff Dropps. Healy went 4-0 on the mound during his junior year, and recorded 40 strikeouts with a 1.98 earned run average. Healy was selected as All-District and AllCounty pitcher after his junior year. “Nick is our leadoff hitter and has great speed, and a strong arm,” said Coach Jeff Dropps. Ivone hit for a .368 batting average during his junior year, and led the team with 39 hits. Ivone was also named to First Team for the MAC White Division.

Girls’ Golf The senior standout for varsity girls’ golf is Kaylee McPharlin. “Kaylee is the consummate athlete. She is a natural leader and true competitor!” said Coach Sharon Hicks. McPharlin was a MAC Blue League Medalist and received an Honorable Mention All-County.

Girls’ Bowling The senior standout for girls’ varsity bowling is Alyssa Meade. “Alyssa had an outstanding bowling career at LCN,” said Coordinator Brian Thomas. “I am looking forward to following her collegiate career.” Meade averaged 204.3 in the MAC Red. She was the league MVP and a runner-up at the state finals.

Senior Issue 2013

Girls’ Soccer The senior standout for girls’ soccer is Victoria Maniaci. “Victoria is the best keeper ever to play at L'Anse Creuse North,” said Coach Scott Boice. She will be attending Miami University in Ohio this fall to continue her soccer career. She has eight shutouts over two seasons and had an assist from goal in 2012. Victoria is excellent at getting down to shots in the corner and tipping/deflecting high shots. She leads the team from the back and never stops communicating,” said Coach Boice. Maniaci was named the Team MVP in 2012, All-District in 2011 and 2012, All-Region 2012, AllState Division 1 Honorable Mention 2012, Defensive Player of the Year 2011, All-County Second Team 2011, MAC All-Academic in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and All-State Academic in 2013 with a 3.956 GPA.


The senior standout for varsity dance is Hunter HarrisonWojcik. “Hunter is an outstanding team leader, and as the captain of the dance team this year, showed what it takes to guide her teammates to an outstanding season of dance. We wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors,” said Coach Donna Harris.

Softball The senior standout for varsity softball is Erin Schuch. “Erin is our senior standout. She is a vital player in our success this year,” said Coach Mark Forbert.

Senior Issue 2013

page 19

The North Star


Another senior standout for track is Jordan Butler. “Jordan runs in one of the most difficult events in track and field and he is one of the best in the county. He is a true competitor who never backs away from intense competition,” said Coach Sharon Hicks. Butler qualified for counties in the hurdles, placed sixth in the 110 high hurdles at the MAC Blue Division Championship, and he was the number six point-scorer last year. Butler was also named Rookie of the Year for hurdles.

One senior standout for varsity track is Darryle Johnson. “Darryle is a fearless leader in track and field, constantly looking to improve in any event! He has demonstrated great leadership and dedication to his team!” said Coach Sharon Hicks. Johnson qualified for Counties in the 400, placed fourth in the 400 at the MAC Blue Division Championship, and was the number seven point-scorer last year.

Cross Country The senior standout for cross country is Trevor Creagh. “Trevor has earned numerous awards throughout his career, including All-League (MAC Red), All-County, three-time Individual State Qualifier and Sunkist Athlete of the Month. Among his numerous awards between cross country and track, his most impressive accomplishment is becoming only the fifth runner in the history of Macomb County to be named All-County four consecutive years, including a County Championship,” said Coach Jason Hubbard.

Cheerleading The senior standout for varsity cheerleading is Lizzie Vanlerberghe. “Lizzie is an outstanding athlete with great physical strength and dedication to cheerleading since freshmen year,” said Coach Carlene Harrison. Vanlerberghe made the MAC Blue and MAC White All-County Team along with the All-District Team.

Boys’ Bowling The senior standout for boys’ varsity bowling is Jordan Bingham. “Jordan was a pleasure to have in our program. He brought a lot of energy to the team, and worked hard on his game and improved tremendously during his high school career,” Coordinator Brian Thomas said. Bingham plans on bowling on the college level as well.

Wrestling The senior standout for wrestling is LaMonte Baker. Baker was the only LCN wrestler to advance to the state finals, where he would eventually place sixth overall in his senior year. He also made it to states during his junior year. Baker has wrestled since his freshman year. While the team has gone through many changes, Baker’s commitment and hard work did not change. He continued to excel as a student athlete throughout high school. Baker’s coach, Austin Delargey, was unavailable for comment.

page 20

Senior Issue 2013

The North Star

Compiled by Nicole Voight ‘13 & James Coller ‘13 may s. It to do e s s cla er your t in ord Holt o t u o b o v n yg ol tuall gh scho lot,” De s only c a ion lp a e hi re to e su tory lik ures he w quest k a t a • “M e mand , the lec ays a fe nw s b my e 12 not n exam re are al e.” m o o r r e f l u h e` t s wel aid. “T a lec d wa b Burk rself e n s v i i t o ou `12 rece r you Jac d ab have atka,” edule fo ’re going I talke e w c you Siro advi a sch best sor, Mr. o make nd when e h • “T r profes ce was t study a i o e gine “His adv going t t work.” e a . r said en you’ ds and n h e i of w with fr to be

• “N e Seb ver take asti mor a n who le lif n Rajew ing clas e to s wake ki `12 ses or cla s s up e • “I arly, aid. “You ses on F think rid s fresh h o en joy i ave you ay,” men the best t r . take a ” is wh dvic t “It is hem too en first s e that I c a t l a know lot easi ightly,” K arting yo n give in e com u e r h r cla v t o o re in w in catch s -up t much yo lax and Smolar ses, don g u can he w stud ’t ek ` y 1 hole seme handle, less onc 2 said. rath ster. er th e you ” an p layin g

The North Star’s




• “E n limit joy colle s,” sa ge! P of tr ying id Alex ush your B s s a bu nch omethin ugdals elf but k o ki ‘1 now g with f tim n e 1. w. yo , e ways but trust s or you You ma “Never b ur y m ea m b s witc be h e easy b e, it wi ay not h yo fraid h appy l u l a ur m a t v ll b eo ! Con it will be w e okay. ne to be ajor gratu It or gi • “E latio v ns, s th it. Ju may not n st re said ery day, enio mem alrs!” A v ber t think lexis S enture f te o r you’ you hav mpien om your re co e no c ‘ 1 omfo 2. “ ch n chan ces t vinced a ance of Audition rt zone, ” r h m let fe e f ar ho at terrifi out of y aking. T or thing e s o a ld yo d u ba you in h ur league lk to peo you ck.” ple . Tak igh s choo e l, an the d ne ver

• “The best advice that someone has given me about college was to not be hesitant to ask your professors questions,” Stephanie Napiorkowski `12 said. “They are not as intimidating as they look.” • “Make sure you look up how good the professor is before you take the class because I have some really questionable teachers,” Alexander Jacobson `12 said. • “Try to get involved with at least one club or organization, try something new or find one that relates your interests, it’s a great way to meet new people,” Holt said.

Senior Issue 2013

page 21

The North Star

Compiled by Lizzie Vanlerberghe ‘13, Darian Hillaker ‘13, & Brittiny Shepherd ‘13

a e r ’ u o y w o n k u o Y . . . n e h w r o i n e s “…you have a fond memory of the principal we once had, that will never be forgotten at LCN.” – Jordan Bingham

“…you Snapchat your teachers.” – Jordan Roskopp

“…no matter what you do-band, soccer, or academic achievements-the senior class is the first to congratulate you on your accomplishment.” – Matt Candela

“…you have your parents call you out to plan an elaborate prom proposal.” – Wayne Cook “…you have at least one LCN staff member’s “…you get to stand in the front of the number in your phone.” student section at football games.” – Sara Lesniewski “…you can joke around – Ashley Kasgorgis with teachers like friends.” “…212 means more than just a number.” “…you’re in the doghouse with your – Devin LaPorte – Jordan Frame “…you start doing senior teachers because you’re never in class.” “…you can quote countdown.” – Courtney – James Coller “…you sneak out and Dave Jackson.” Smelley “…the closest family you have is in don’t get caught.” – Alex Masakowski “…you remember what it’s like to have fourth hour.” – Matt Zmick – Trevor Taggart Dave Jackson around.” – Ashley Lech “…you get stuck in the “ zones are more like ‘chalparking lot.” “…you can walk into a teacher’s “…you count how many days lenge accepted.’” – Taylor Gentz room and talk to them about anyyou have left.” - Dominic – Rachel Sakelaris thing.” - Abby Girard Aiosa “… you’ll miss Joe Nan’s “… you haven’t been to first hour on “…we all come together as a class because class.” time once this semester.” other schools try to start stuff with us.” – Taylor Zablocki – Anthony Calandra – Jacob Puma

“…you’re walking through the halls and you’re the only ones not rushing to get to class.” – Lauren Wojcik

“…you get to go to senior-only parties.” – Brandon Black

page 22

The North Star

Senior Issue 2013

Dr. Dixon says farewell... Dear Class of 2013, There is so much for the seniors to be proud of this year that a farewell letter cannot begin to do justice to all your accomplishments. The uncountable personal victories, goals met, contests won, and intrinsic triumphs will not even fit into your yearbook. The records broken, the standards set, and the example lived by your class are all a part of your legacy, the now permanent fiber and culture of our Crusader Nation. Your impact and contributions will not fade, will not be forgotten, but will instead be often viewed as a turning point, not just for our school but for the entire district as well. While it is near impossible to determine how we impact and influence all of those around us, there is certainty in the fact that your class has impacted, has influenced, the underclassmen, the staff, the community, and generations of Crusaders to come. Your class introduced others to a level

of excellence, respect, and achievement that had eluded thousands that preceded you. There are always glimmers of greatness from time to time, but your class did more than glimmer, you shone brightly, consistently and changed the way that business is done at LCN. You changed the expectations and hopes of those around you and absolutely for the better. As we part our ways for now I can make you the following promise, that if you remember your time at LCN half as fondly as those you leave behind will remember you, then take satisfaction in a job well done. Your class has had higher academic achievement than any other class in the history of L’Anse Creuse, won more titles, received more honors, broken more records and did it all with a smile and absolute humility. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your experience. Photo by James Coller ‘13

-Greg Dixon

Principal Greg Dixon applauds the students participating in the Hunger Games assembly during ACT week.

Senior Issue 2013

The North Star

page 23

Class sponsors give their best wishes... Dear Class of 2013, The end of the year is always tough for teachers as they are forced to say goodbye to their students. Nonetheless, we have to do it year after year. As your teachers and class sponsors, saying goodbye to the class of 2013 feels exponentially worse. We have watched you mature and grow over the last four years into young adults eager to graduate and spread your wings. It is hard to believe that four years have already passed us by. Through your hard work and powerful class leadership, this class has a list of reasons to celebrate its successes. As freshmen, your homecoming float took a close second place and in your junior and senior years you had back-to-back victories. Your fundraising activities were not only profitable, but also brought the school body together by packing the gym at LCN’s first and second Annual Dodgeball Tournaments. It’s not all fun and games for the Class of 2013. You showed the entire LCN community that you are an academically gifted

class when your ACT scores were the highest in history for our district. One of the biggest highlights of the last four years is yet to come…Prom 2013. You have dreamed about it, planned it, and you are soon about to experience it. The event is set to be an amazing and magical evening to celebrate the last four years of your hard work and accomplishments. It will without a doubt be a celebration that is unique and deserving only to the Class of 2013. According to the State University of New York in Buffalo, “Saying goodbye is one the most avoided and feared human experiences. As a culture, we have no clear-cut rituals for ending relationships or saying goodbye to valued others.” So whether it is moving from home, transferring jobs, or breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, saying goodbye to friends and family often feels like the same sadness one suffers from when a death occurs. As the final days of school approach us, we will feel the sadness and be forced to say good-bye to you as you begin your new journey in life. We are proud not only of all your accomplishments, but also proud to be

called your teachers and class sponsors. Congratulations to everyone in the Class of 2013. We know that you will continue to be leaders wherever your path takes you and that your experiences here at LCN will prepare you for whatever comes your way. Way to go Class of 2013! -Silvana Audia and Karol Henckel

Photo by Jacob Puma ‘13

Class sponsors Silvana Audia and Karol Henckel write a nice parting message for the seniors.


52900 Garfield Rd  Macomb Township  Michigan  48044 (586) 416–DOJO (3656)

Now located on the southeast corner of 24 Mile and Garfield

page 24


cannot believe that graduation is finally here. It seems like just yesterday I was a lonely freshman first walking through the doors of L’Anse Creuse North and meeting the great Dave Jackson. It is unbelievable how much has changed since that hot summer day way back in 2009. We have all found our challenges here, we faced them together, we now we can finally say we’ve defeated the most difficult one of all: graduating. Within the halls of LCN, change has been constant over the past four years. We have lost teachers and administrators to retirement, moving, and unfortunately, death. We have gained new energy in young staff members, some only a few years older than us. Our halls visibly look much different than when we first walked in. Students have come and gone, but one thing has remained the same: our Crusader Pride. This is what has carried us through it all, and it is that same pride and values that will carry us through the next part of our journey in life. Over the past three years, I have had the honor and privilege to report all

The North Star

Senior Issue 2013

A parting note from the editor-in-chief

of the news of Crusader Nation to you, our loyal readers. It has been a roller coaster of emotion, but I have genuinely loved every minute of it. When I first became involved in the LCN Publications department, in my sophomore year, I knew that I would want to make a difference in our school. As I became the news editor after just one semester in journalism, I fell in love with The North Star. Then, after becoming editor-in-chief that summer, I completely redesigned the paper and made it my own. Over the past few years, I have spent countless hours working behind the scenes on this paper. Whether I was compiling story ideas, crafting my own stories, editing everything else, redesigning pages, or just completing other business tasks, I have eaten, breathed, and slept The North Star. Additionally, I could be seen almost constantly at various school functions with my Nikon D-90 in one hand and my trusted iPhone in the other trying to cover all things Crusader Nation from every possible angle. Now, here I am, 14 issues later, and

still madly in love with the publication. It has truly been a magical experience running such a well-known publication in the State of Michigan. I am truly going to miss running the paper. To be honest, I do not know what I will do with myself anymore! Before I go, I would like to offer some last words of advice. In my four years here, I have experienced more than I ever imagined I would. High school has truly defined who I am, and who I hope to become. First, never let an opportunity go by. High school has blessed me with countless opportunities to broaden my knowledge and experience new things. I urge each and every one of you to explore every possible opportunity, because you never know what can become of it. Second, don’t waste a moment. We have all witnessed horrific tragedies that have struck the nation in the past few years. These should have taught us that life is too short to watch go by. Get out and live your lives. Don’t watch from the shadows. Become involved, find your passion, and thrive. Live for

the moment; don’t wait for the future. And third, be yourself. I know this is totally cliché, but I need to say it anyway. I know too many people who have changed who they are just to fit in with the crowd. I am one of them. I admit that I changed who I was so I could fit in, and now I regret doing it. Be yourself and you will find the people who you fit in with naturally. It may take time, but in the long run you will build much stronger and lasting friendships. Each and every one of us has something special to offer this world, so don’t waste it by masking it with something you’re not. To all of my fellow graduates of the class of 2013, I would like to thank you for an amazing time. Whether we have known each other since kindergarten, or since last week, you have made my high school experience extremely memorable. We have the potential to make one heck of a mark on the world; now let’s show it what Crusader Nation has to offer! Once a Crusader, always a Crusader. Good luck, Crusaders.

-James Coller

From our staff... Congratulations, and best of luck to the Class of 2013 from the entire staff of The North Star! It has been a pleasure reporting all of the accomplishments of the senior class, and getting to know so many of you. Trevor Frye ‘13, Chris Waechter ‘13, Kyle Deriemacker ‘14, Anthony Benacquisto ‘13, James Coller ‘13, Jacob Puma ‘13, Kaylee McPharlin ‘13, Darian Hillacker ‘13, Mackenzie Garrett ‘13, Lonny Beasley ‘13, Adviser Kim Kozian, Jacob Pallach ‘13, Jenna Alred ‘13, Brandon Alafriz ‘13, Brittiny Shepherd ‘13, Shane Healy ‘13, Nicole Voight ‘13, Cordero MacNear ‘14, Vinnie Scarpaci ‘13, Jessie DiBattista ‘14, Alexis Carlson ‘14, Gigi Guarino ‘13, Emily Ronnisch ‘13, Brianna Wilson ‘13, Kristen Alberti ‘13, Lizzie Vanlerberghe ‘13, Emily Tanzy ‘13

Photo by Morgan Rutz ‘13

Senior Issue 2013

The North Star

page 25

Columnists have their final word Puma’s extra point

Wow. That word sums up how I feel about this year’s athletic teams. We truly went above and beyond what anyone expected in every sport and the fans that were supporting our teams were amazing as well. In the fall, the football team kicked off the school year with a New Crusade. A whole new twist to LCN football lead the Crusaders to a 7-2 regular season record, the first home playoff game and the first playoff win in school history. Not only did the football team make noise in the fall, but also the boys’ soccer team and the volleyball team had success, as well. After beating our rival Anchor Bay in the playoffs, the seniorled volleyball team fell in the district championship to state champion Dakota; however, they are still backto-back MAC Gold champions. And, of course, our senior girls had a huge victory in the powderpuff game to make them the first 2-0 team in LCN history. A great fall sports season led to another promising winter sports season. An emotional beginning to the boys’ basketball season started with the DJ Tip-off Classic, along with some early games against state champion contenders. Crusader Nation stood behind the team for every game during the season proving to the whole MAC league that we not only have a great basketball team, but also one of the best student sections out there. The boys were a buzzer-beater away from another trip to Calihan Hall. Their season ended in an overtime game against state runner-up Detroit Southeastern. The varsity girls’ basketball team also had another winning season led by six seniors. In their first year in the MAC Blue, after winning the Gold last year, the team finished with one of the best records in all of Macomb County. Not to mention, they also won the MAC Blue, making them back-to-back MAC champions.

Just saying...

There are two things that I will miss more than anything now that we are graduating: Friday night lights and the Crusader Nation roller coaster. From 0-9 to 8-3, we seniors saw it all on the field. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the team that made LCN history, multiple times. I also loved being part of the student section. Starting cheers and leading the roller coaster is something I will cherish forever. It truly has been an honor writing a monthly sports column for The North Star this past year. I hope everyone who read my articles enjoyed them, and maybe even agreed with me. I can’t believe we are already graduating. It’s been an amazing ride. Best of luck next year in college. Whether you are playing a college sport or just going to be a fan, have fun. To the juniors and the rest of the underclassmen: make the most of your high school career. It really does fly by. I have one last request for everyone reading this: in whatever you do, do it the way Mr. Jackson would have wanted it done, with a 212 degree effort.

-Jacob Puma

I remember when I couldn’t wait to be a teenager. A high schooler, to be exact. I was envious of my older cousins and my friends’ older siblings. They had their own cars which meant they had freedom to go wherever, whenever. They got to dress up in pretty dresses and go to school dances. They could get jobs and earn money to buy whatever they pleased. I wanted more than anything to be in their shoes. To an awkward, obnoxious, middle school kid, being a teenager seemed like the greatest thing ever. Not quite an adult, but not exactly a child. It sounded perfect. No one ever told me that high school is possibly the worst punishment to ever happen to any human being ever. For the past four years, I have done endless amounts of homework, gotten little to no sleep, and tried to maintain a somewhat active social life. High school has been the most stressful time period in my life so far. I’ve didn’t exactly enjoy my four years at LCN, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t learn anything. Yes, of course we’re here to learn but I’m talking about the stuff you can’t find in a textbook. I think we all gained valuable life lessons and memorable experiences, both good and bad. I find it a little funny that the knowledge that sticks with us for the rest of our lives isn’t always what we went over in a classroom, but rather what we learned from our personal experiences. I don’t think I’m going to remember how to foil polynomials or all the symbolism in “The Great Gatsby”, but I’ll remember not to put off anything important until the last minute or not to say anything bad about anyone because there is a 99 percent chance they’ll find out. I’m not saying that everything we learned in class is completely insignificant. I just think that there are some things that are a little more important to know to survive in the real world and we don’t realize how important these

lessons are until long after we graduate. Although I found my high school experience to be anything but delightful, I am grateful for it. I’m grateful for the friends who have come and gone, because they each taught me something different. I’m grateful for the teachers who taught their students everything they know, even the things they didn’t put in the curriculum. I’m grateful for people like Dave Jackson, who went above and beyond, not only as an educator but as a human being. It’s truly the little things that make or break your final decision on how your high school years went. So this is it. No more pearls of wisdom from me. (I shouldn’t call it wisdom; it was more like whining.) To anyone who has taken time to read what I had to say: I would like to thank you. I would also like to thank Koz for letting me have this column so I could publicly voice what was on my mind. I’ll also take this chance to say congratulations to my fellow seniors. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

-Lizzie Vanlerberghe

page 26

The North Star

Senior Issue

A final farewell from your teachers and mentors... Dear Class of 2013, Congratulations to one of the most memorable classes I have had in my 14 years of teaching. I met many of you as you struggled through your sophomore year of Chemistry. You were an inspiring group of students – hard working, dedicated, thoughtful, comical, and full of personality. I had the pleasure of having several students for a second year of AP Chemistry where we shared tears, swapped life lessons, and explained that artificial plants do not produce oxygen. I hope you acquired a basic knowledge of Chemistry and established effective study skills along the way. You are a remarkable group of students who made it easy to love being a teacher. I am genuinely excited to see where life takes you and ask that you: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein Good luck in all of your future endeavors! Mrs. Sara Strozewski (Stomp on your soul Stro) Congratulations, Class of 2013! This class is near and dear to me because I started at LCN at the same time you did as freshmen. It will be bittersweet watching you all graduate this year! Thanks for making LCN a better place for the last four years. I can’t wait to see what you will all do to make the world a better place in the next four years! ~Mrs. Sarah Youngs (aka Miss Ruiz) Mes chers étudiants, Enfin! Le jour est arrivé. Je suis très fière de vous. Je trouve dans chaque personne parmi vous quelque chose de spéciale. Je suis très contente et triste au même temps de vous dire mes adieux. Vous avez beaucoup changé en quatre ans et je vois devant moi des jeunes adultes prêts à commencer leurs vies. Je n’ai aucun doute que vous réussirez et que les rêves que vous avez deviendront bientôt la réalité. Bonne chance! Tenez bien! Ce n’est pas au revoir…C’est à tout à l’heure. Je vous aime, Madame Marie Howard Dear Class of 2013, It is hard to say goodbye to such an amazing group of young men and women. I am excited for each of you to begin your journey in life. I want to thank you for making Crusader Nation a better place. Your hard work, school spirit, leadership, and integrity are to be commended for your true 212° effort. I want to include a special thank you to my second hour Leadership Class. Being with each of you every day for the past school year has been a true honor for me. I looked forward to second hour every day and I am fortunate enough to have been your teacher. For each graduate of the Class of 2013, never doubt for one single second just how wonderful and truly amazing you are. Life is not measured by the amounts of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Here is to hoping that you have a lifetime of those moments. With Crusader Pride, Mrs. Rosa Hough To the Class of ’13, As you embark on the next chapters of your lives, please keep in mind all the lessons you have learned from kindergarten until now, most importantly the ones you learned in kindergarten: Share everything (except answers, that’s cheating), Play fair, Don’t hit people, Clean up your own mess; and among other great ones, I will leave you with this one which sums it up best, Live a balanced life-learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. Good luck, work your butts off, and accomplish everything. Peace out, HUB (Mr. Jason Hubbard) Dear seniors, It has been a pleasure to witness all of your accomplishments academically and athletically over the past four years. Leave here with pride, and always remember: Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm!! Good Luck, Coach Jay Seletsky Dear Choir Seniors, HEEELLLOOOO, HOOWW AHR UUU. (You know what that sounds like.) I have known many of you since you were in middle school. You have enriched my life as much as I hope that you have learned from me. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect, applies to everything that you do. You will be missed. Love to all, Mrs. Evey Simon

As you begin your journey into the world beyond high school, take to heart the pearls of wisdom from Henry David Thoreau, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” peaceMrs. Kitty Reifert ~Congratulations to the Class of 2013~ Although your time at LCN has passed, this is the beginning of the rest of your life. You can be whatever you want if you follow your dreams. Instead of living life virtually, live life to the fullest. The world is yours! I wish you the best, Mrs. Valerie Woonton Dear Seniors, All my best to you as you continue to explore all the possibilities life has to offer. Work hard, work smart, but always do your best to keep a smile on your face. And don’t get so serious about getting to the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey! I will miss you so come visit :-) Ms. Linda Lovins Dear Class of 2013, It hardly seems like you have been members of Crusader Nation for four years.  For many of you, it feels like we were just together in Ninth Grade English discussing the journey of Odysseus, analyzing Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, and writing countless argumentation papers. Now your graduation is approaching. Congratulation and best wishes for success in your future endeavors! As you move forward please remember: “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Arthur Ashe - Mrs. Lalla Jones

Congratulations and Best of Luck to the entire Senior Class. To ALL my students; remember these hintzeisms… • Wishes don’t make dreams come true, decisions do. • “Reality” is NOT a T.V. show. • Artists don’t color, We Render! • Ability… is what you’re capable of doing. • Motivation… determines what you do. • Attitude… determines how well you do it. Lou Holtz Don’t be strangers - You are always welcome in my world! Michael Hintze Graphic Arts and Design Technology (Formerly Visual Imaging Technology) The Frederick V. Pankow Center Dear Class of 2013, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do and hope you enjoyed your time here at LCN. Vielen Dank und mach’s gut!  Herr James Ekdahl “Crusader Connection” seniors, You guys came together to create another great season of the show. I’ll miss the leadership, creativity and all the comments on my clothes. Seriously, it’s been fun. Best of luck to all of you out there. Manny (Mr. Brian Manninen) To the Identity students of Fall 2011 and 2012 in Mrs. Esshaki’s Class: Whether you are a fan of Holden Caulfield or not, you will remember this passage: “Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around - nobody big, I mean - except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.” J. D. Salinger The Catcher in the Rye May your adventures into young adulthood be rich with memories: travel, get to know other cultures, learn about the world, make traditions, do positive work in the life you make for yourself, and be safe! These were amazing semesters! Class of 2013: “Always do what you are afraid to do.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Hope to hear about the positive work you are doing out there in the big world. Best of luck in all of your endeavors. Mrs. Sheila Esshaki

Congratulations Class of 2013 You’re a star - so dream big, shine bright and reach far. Congratulations on your High School Graduation. I wish you only the best. ~Dr. Carla Postell

My dearest little cupcakes, As you venture off into the unknown, away from the comfort and security of LCN, I want you to remember a few things. First, you are more powerful than you realize. Do not be afraid to fail because if you are, you will never grow. Do not shackle your potential; rather, unleash it and set the standards for who you are and what you want to be. Live with integrity and dignity even when others are not watching. Someone is always watching. Love and be loved. Share the gift of your time, your attention, and your genuine interest in others. Listen with an open heart and an open mind. Be kind and respectful of yourself, and of others. Live life to the fullest! And as e.e. cummings wrote, “i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)” Love you! Congratulations! Miss Hammes To the graduating seniors of the Pankow Performing Arts Acting Program: It has been an honor and privilege to work with you these past four years. You were my first auditioned class four years ago and I am so incredibly proud of all of you. Wherever you may go I wish you success and happiness. Remember: Act well your part, there all the honor lies. Mr. Kirk Erickson Congratulations to the Class of 2013! There are many “kids” from this class that I have had the pleasure to see grow from young 11-year-olds into responsible, talented, and caring young adults. I have enjoyed our last seven years together, and I hold those memories very close to my heart. I wish you all nothing but the BEST life has to offer. Please keep in touch! Remember to always keep art in your heart… Best wishes to all… With love, and a few tears… Mrs. Jennifer Duffield xo Congratulations to the Class of 2013, Enjoy your journey through life, the good times and bad, the challenges and the rewards. Take time to appreciate the people in your life and the opportunities given to you. There will be bumps in the road. When times get hard, persevere. Better times are right around the corner. Put your best effort into all you do and embrace “personal growth opportunities”. I wish you all success and happiness in life. To my students, thank you for making it such a great year. I loved having you in class and will miss you. Best wishes, Ms. Betsy Mergos Dear Seniors, What memories we share. The trials and the joys of the past four years have helped prepare you for life. As you leave the halls of LCN, you take with you memories that will last a lifetime. Some day, in the distant future, you will reminisce about these years. You will talk about Dave Jackson, the boys’ basketball team, painting huge panels for an art festival, having your phone taken away in class, making pottery, making jewelry, and the wonderful friendships you made. I do hope you can look back on your years and remember the good times! I have a special shout out to my advanced Pottery classes … I will miss you all! Fondly, Mrs. Patty Willoughby

Dear Seniors, I feel honored that I was able to watch such an incredible group of kids grow and mature over your high school years. I am positive, from what I witnessed, that each one of you has the ability to accomplish whatever it is you aim to achieve in your future!  Dare yourself to make a difference in this world while always staying true to yourself!!!  Much love, Ms. Kathy Abbott Seniors, Congrats on your upcoming graduation. Blah blah “life,” blah blah “the world,” yada yada “work hard.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way; Thank you for the dedication and commitment that got you to where you are. The only advice I wish to impart is: “Always strive to be someone that others respect.” Mr. Brendan Pfaff

Senior Issue

The North Star

Congratulations Class of 2013!

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page 28 Compiled by Kristen Alberti ‘13, Jacob Pallach ‘13, and James Coller ‘13 Photos by LCN Seniors

The North Star

A look back

Senior Issue 2013

The North Star - Senior Issue 2013  

The Senior Edition of The North Star celebrating the Class of 2013!

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